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There is an esteemed left-wing and vitriolic website known as ‘The Stirrer’.

And it did not like my piece the other day confessing to the Thought Police that I have been incited. In particular, it highlighted this passage of mine:

In its mechanics, to put it politely, homosexual behaviour is like putting nature’s square peg into nature’s round hole. It simply is not what nature intended. The very fact that one has to describe this behaviour so abstractly highlights the inherent revulsion that is part of the nature of homosexual behaviour.

According to the The Stirrer, it is nasty stuff. That’s too bad. I can only imagine the rage if I had gone ‘technical’ instead of abstract.

Anyway, speaking of nasty stuff, The Stirrer is the proud owner of an article titled ‘Bernard Gaynor’s penis‘. Remember, these guys like to pride themselves as ‘progressive’. I think obsessive and envious are better terms…

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Another aspect of homosexuality to bear in mind is this:

    If every man was homosexual, and every woman was lesbian, the human race would become extinct.

    That in itself tells you there is something wrong with this particular “attraction”.

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  2. Chrys Stevenson is the author of this waffle claims to be BA but I couldn’t careless, normal demeaning love gay rights rhetoric, thinks that this waffle gives her standing in the Gay commonunity. I guess she got some giggles over a coffee. I wouldn’t even bother commenting on her bloggs, unless you can use Breaker Morant argument rule 303, tit for tat. Joh Bjelke-Petersen tac, let them bury themselves with no reply and sue like the gay wode is doing to you.

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  3. Well. The Gaystapo and Nanny Oz are prepared to ‘get technical’ in the roll-out of safe, inclusive schools programs. Gaystapo activists busy, busy in the schools are going raise the questions that childhood innocence does not even ask and then answer those questions in explicit and PC terms. Children who are grossed out, who feel violated and imposed upon will be dealt with as bullies and ‘at risk’ for homophobic behaviours. Their names will go onto the school enemies’ list.

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  4. Homosexual marriage represents a public policy distraction, in some terms; but in doing that, its effect is to give social ‘endorsement’ to a practice that is at once absurd mis-plumbing of human organs, and a genetic dead-end. It is socially inert: it contributes nothing to the future of the community, but in fact has to deplete it: not providing the children who will be the taxpayers and consumers, inventors and investors who will create the wealth for our retirement; its a narcissistic indulgence that is socially parasitical. That’s why it should be opposed. Of course, it also creates a larger private place for the ‘cinderella syndrome’ abuse of stepchildren, and simplifies predatory pederasty. It shams the term ‘marriage’ in the hope that no one will notice that it represents nothing as noble as the raising of children, but is there to remove the stigma of something that is a social black hole ( pun intended).

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  5. Yes, it is amazing that we can’t talk (and actually don’t want to talk) about the defining act of homosexuality or same sex marriage.

    It is disgusting and wouldn’t be wished on anybody.

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  6. My article during the election about homosexual marriage and some local history reached over 836,000 and I received over 7,000 nasty, vile, pornographic, and ugly responses.

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  7. ‘Progressive’ yeah right to the garbage bin!! I do pity these people who don’t understand the truth or hide behind the lie to justify their behavior. Keep going Bernard it’s people like you who are actually being truly kind to these poor unfortunate souls.

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  8. The progressive movement is so named because they prefer to ‘progress’ toward socialism rather than have a violent revolution to get there. Their goal is the same as the revolutionary communists, but they differ in their methid of attaining it.
    Not my idea of progress at all.

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  9. I take your point about ‘progressives’ If this is progressive what the heck is regressive.? They sound like very nasty people.

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