The Diversity Police

The Thought Police are infinite. They know no bounds. And with their unlimited power, they have the capacity to take on all the big issues and make our society perfect. Like ensuring ‘tolerance’ for the religious beliefs of terrorists: very often the same beliefs that resulted in terrorism in the first place.

From the Anti-Discrimination Commission Queensland’s very own website:

Religious discrimination: A correctional facility did not provide a practising Muslim prisoner with Halal meat while he was in prison. If he wanted to eat meat while he was in prison, he would have to eat non-Halal meat like everyone else. But because of his religious beliefs, he could not do that.

Why is this example here? Well, it’s because our laws are insane. Raymond Akhtar Ali is in jail for murder, or as the Brisbane Times put it:

Ali is serving a life sentence for savagely bashing his newborn daughter to death in 1998 before cutting her body in half and burying it at his Logan Village home.

He was later awarded $3,000 for having to eat vegetarian food for four months. And now the prison has its own special halal kitchen just for him. The former Queensland LNP Attorney-General, Jarrod Bleijie, appealed this decision but lost on the basis that the law protected people like Ali. Instead of doing its job and repealing this insane law, the Liberals then did nothing. That’s insanity too.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. The laws are not insane. The serve the purpose of political and cultural subversion of Australia. They serve the purpose of locking the majority demographic of Australians out of their national heritage and institutions. For now. In a little more than a generation, the Muslims will be the largest demographic. The political elite is counting on this.

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  2. Nothing would seem to be too difficult for the political elite to honour and to be seen to honour Islamic religious beliefs. They don’t treat any other religion like that. Christianity of example. Nothing is too low for the political elite to despise and to be seen to despise Christian faith and morals. But Australia must respect the Muslim beliefs of even the Muslims in prison.

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  3. I don’t suppose Christian soldiers posted overseas get vegetarian rat packs on Fridays, by chance?
    Besides the clear issue of positive discrimination…was he or wasn’t he being fed? And is he or is he not serving out a sentence of punishment? It’s not as though he has an allergy to vegetarian fare!

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  4. all animals in Australia are halal slaughtered anyway. The abbatoirs employ muslims to pray while the throat is cut, then they wait until the animal bleeds to death. No stunning happens, just throat cutting. Of course, on top of that, the butcher, the abbatoir, the packaging, the delivery truck, the delivery man, the butcher shop, the butcher, the knife he uses to cut the plastic, and anyone who might look at the meat has pay to be halal certified or it is not acceptable for a muslim to consume. Or he can say grace for the same result.

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  5. Muslims don’t even need to eat halal – there are exceptions when they can not. Wtf

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  6. Why can he not eat non-halal meat like everyone else in prison?
    For one, he lost all rights when he took a life.
    For two, before halal certification & practices came along here in Australia how did moslems survive? Bismallah of course!!
    Otherwise eat vegetarian who cares.

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    • Why is he getting special treatment he murdered his own baby he is in for life that means NO special treatment for LIFE

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