The Thought Police are the Fun Police

Apparently, fireworks are not ‘culturally sensitive’. And Australia Day isn’t either.

So the Fremantle City Council has scrapped both. Now it will spend $100,000 on something else. On a different day altogether.

It will probably be a Powerpoint presentation on why our grandparents were the worst and a severe talking to from David Morrison.

Sounds like fun.

Anyway, this is from WAToday:

City of Fremantle councillors have voted to scrap the port town’s popular Australia Day fireworks event from 2017 after deeming the celebration culturally insensitive. 

The council will instead host a family-friendly event to celebrate being Australian on a different date yet to be finalised. 

I like this bit best of all:

“There has been a growing movement that January 26 is increasingly becoming a day that is ‘not for all Australians’,” Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt said. 

If Australia Day is not a day for all Australians, then no day is. On the brighter side of things, if Australia Day is cancelled by the Thoughtful Fun Police, then presumably the concept of the Australian of the Year will be dismantled as well due to it being ‘racist’. And although the Thoughtful Fun Police will have wiped away this nation’s happy little smiles, it would be rather enjoyable to remember David Morrison and Adam Goodes as the last blokes to win this racist award.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. One thing I will say for the Muslims – in their own nations they certainly don’t need media muppets to hose down their debates, keep it PC or police the official narrative. They don’t need the Islamic equivalent of Nanny Oz to tell them what to think. They air their views freely on television.
    Muslim TV Channel Fails – Funniest Video

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  2. It must be tirelessly pointed out to our Australian version of the swedists that Islam is a state within a state: it has its majority demographic and ethnicities, its has its own law, religion, dietary regulations and food processing and institutions which bind it together in terms of its customary law and its Sharia Law both internationally and in its host nations.

    This should go without saying that, as a state, Islam is hostile to other existing states – such as the Australian state – which is being celebrated on Australia Day.

    Australia is our state. And the political elite of the Australian state are denying Australians loyal to our Australian state and its heritage our day of national celebration. They are denying us this for the reason that our state : Australia and loyalty to our state : Australia OFFENDS another and hostile state : Islam.

    If these weasels and ferrets in government/s do not hear the roar of Australian anger over this – they will become bolder. They are working according to an international plan and there is no placating them.

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  3. Regarding the indigenous my opinion is different I truly believe the real excuse is muslums
    We have celebrated this for how long and ONLY NOW IS THERE A PROBLEM.

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  4. when is this rediculous way of thinking going to end ???Australia! ! You are losing me and many others!!! This s*** makes me sick

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