Nothing to see here (or Bill Byrne’s a first class goose)

There should be no doubt whatsoever that the murder of Mia Ayliffe-Chung should be classed as an incident of Islamic terrorism.

The accused murderer, Smail Ayad, called on Allah as he wielded the knife. Or, as Queensland Deputy Police Commissioner, Steve Gollschewski said during a press conference:

“It is alleged that the suspect used the phrase ‘Allahu akbar’ during the attack and when arrested by police.

“Police are not searching for anyone else in relation to the incident at this time.”

Enter Bill Byrne, the Queensland Minister for Police:

“It is important that the public understand this is not about race or religion. It is individual criminal behaviour.

Investigators will also consider whether mental health or drug misuse are factors in this incident.”

Bill Byrne is a first class goose. He does not have the mental capacity, intestinal fortitude or courage to fulfil his important responsibilities. He should resign in shame.

And the political class should understand this very well: if they are going to ignore the very real danger that faces Australia, they should not be surprised when people start taking the law into their own hands.

I don’t want to see that happen. It will only further fray the fabric of our society and see the rapid deterioration of our public institutions. But it is bound to happen if our politicians continue to wilfully and obstinately allow organisations such as the police to succumb to political correctness.

Anyone who has paid the slightest attention to the Lindt Cafe inquest will know that public confidence in the police has been greatly damaged. It will only be restored if action is taken to protect Australians from the phrase Allahu Akbar and those who speak it.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Like most Politicians their multicultural minders are Muslim and Homosexual friendly. These minds are in most cases Muslim and Homosexual, it is the only way to progress in the Political and Public service.

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  2. We definitely live in perverse times! The ideology of islam leaves nothing to the imagination = Persecution in our world fits mainly under a specific theme, including hatred for churches and other Christian symbols; apostacy, blasphemy and proselytism laws that criminalize and punish with death those who offend islam; sexual abuse of Christian (and other minorities’) women and girls sold into slavery; forced conversions to islam, theft, plunder for jizya (capitation tax), expectations for Christians to behave like Dhimmis (or slaves).
    All this persecution spans different ethnicities, languages, locales, from Morocco to Indonesia and increastingly in the west, and they are all bound by the Islamic ideology of sharia law. Sharia banking should not be allowed in the west; nor mosques; and we should not recognize islam as a religion, only a totalitarian regime.
    It makes a mockery of our laws and limits our freedom to live and let live.

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  3. I saw the interview with Pauline Hanson on the J-stream Sunday night. Sixty Minutes of the yada yada, I think, was our scheduled programming. Anyway, Liz Hayes was the one who had to front the schmo screen and schlep the script for the sheeple out there in TV Land.

    Instead of having a public debate on the conflict between the two legal codes and all the live action this generates between Australian constitutional law vs Sharia Law, we have to sit through our regularly scheduled programming. We have to see this conflict of laws and cultures set out for us by the media muppet in terms of personal likes and dislikes, feelings of love, hatred, acceptance and rejection.

    The interview came down to : Does Senator Hanson hate Muslims? Wait for it Australia. What are her thoughts on this level of personal preferences? Maybe she doesn’t particularly like Muslims but she really goes for Hindus. Maybe the Chinese are more her thing.

    Why does the debate have to be conducted on the level of personal preferences anyway? Like – Does she personally know all the Muslims in Australia and on the whole does she like them or not? Does she think Farouk and Walid should be popular Australian boys names or does she think we should stick with Bob and Mike. Does she go to Iftar dinners? When she gets take-away does she ditch the fish and chips and go for kebab and falafel? Or does she like sushi?

    A more socially retarded focus for an interview could not be conceived.

    The reason why Australia is forced to go through this type of discussion is because of the ‘diversity is our strength’ mantra.

    The only hope for getting this debate on the conflict of laws into public fora is for the conflict to appear in the Victim / Entitlement hierarchy. Let us say little Mandu at the Muslim school is having gender issues. He wants to wear the hijab and undergo genital mutilation. He calls for Safe Skoolz to provide him a Safe Place, give him trigger alerts and help him transition to a girl.

    Then when the Safe Skoolz programme gets into it with the mosque over little Mandu’s transition – then maybe we will get to hear Senator Hanson’s view on the conflict of laws.

    But don’t count of the Safe Skoolz programme teaching the youth any history about how societies undergoing conflict of laws of the type we are having Down Under do not last long enough to write their histories about how successful they are in their diversity and kumbaya.

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  4. LOss of confidence in the Police as a result of the Lindt incident follows closely, very closely, a massive loss of confidence in the political class.

    You could well be right that people may start taking matters into their own hands. There is a general sense of helplessness at the hands of our Lords, Ladies and Masters and a growing groundswell of anger at the highhanded contemptuous way we, the voters and teaxpayers, are being treated.

    This country needs a conservative party to counterbalance the plethora of leftists swinging all the power and cash their way. We either get a counter balance or everything comes toppling down!

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  5. Bill Byrne is incapable of making appropriate declaration about the recent incident at Home Hill! He is right to say that it has nothing to do with religion or race! However, he has failed to recognise that Islam is a pseudo-religion political socio-pathic ideology masquerading as religion or race!

    We are not very impressed with the way police force, certain government departments and certain politicans who are downplaying this incident by distancing it from Islam and playing political correction games with us. This has increased unacceptable terror risk level in Australia by giving them “free cards” to do what they want!

    We already know that a phrase “allahu Akbar” is enough to be classified as terrorism! So why are they treating it as “mental issue” etc. This is nothing but leftists’ reasoning to sympathise with them instead of victims!

    So how long before our government is going to take actions!

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  6. Yes, while the police are trying to close the court for the terrorist murdering of their Chinese Police Worker. Thanks officers but we will not rest until they are all gone. Calm we will be but we will NEVER GIVE UP OUR FIGHT FOR FREEDOM.

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  7. Bill Byrne does not have the testicular fortitude to call an Allahu Akbar event by its correct name – a killing in the name of Islam. The fact that the police have assigned a motive to his crime does not change this.

    Of course, if the minister were to treat this murder according to factual evidence, the ZOG media machine will call him a ‘hater’ and an ‘Islamophobe’. That much is a given. But as the minister of police he is expected to do his job and not cover-up crimes related to Islamic convictions.

    I am sure the Yahzidi sex slaves were raped / murdered by Islamics with similar motives to the Home Hill murder – but Allahu Akbar seals it as Islamic crime.

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