Catching up…

I started writing again in August. But, as you may have noticed, transmission has stopped again.

Basically, I have been tied up preparing for my case challenging the constitutional validity of the Anti-Discrimination Act (NSW) 1977. It is set down for hearing in the New South Wales Supreme Court of Appeal on 8 and 9 November this year and it will have significant implications for all anti-discrimination laws in Australia. If all goes well, this matter could effectively kill off 18C before the politicians ever get around to voting on whether to tinker with the words ‘offend’ and ‘insult’.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is that when you have been hit with at least 31 complaints it takes weeks just to prepare the paperwork. So I will probably be offline for the next week as well. And by the time this matter is heard in November, I will have printed out nearly 30,000 pages of material.

I guess this is proof that anti-discrimination law is not only an attack on free speech, but it is responsible for the deforestation of the Amazon as well.


When I return to writing it will be with a bang. I have a cracker of a story ready to go about the latest PC-ification of Defence and I thank all those Defence members who have contacted me recently.

But in the mean time, I will just say two things:

  1. Cate McGregor’s recent resignation from LGBTland over his criticism of Safe Schools is proof that the Rainbow Brigade is entirely intolerant. But it is important for conservatives to understand one thing: McGregor is not conservative. Unfortunately, he has been held up as some kind of conservative beacon in this farce. The truth is that McGregor wants to replace the current transgender propaganda being thrust down school children’s throats with his own. So let’s not be fooled by the good cop/bad cop routine. If conservatives are going to win this battle it will only be once the transgender agenda is removed from schools entirely.
  2. This is the man who initiated the process to unlawfully terminate my appointment as an officer in the Australian Army. Yes, he’s wearing high heels. Enough said…


Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Maybe the ATO should be looking at the retired senior officers salaries to ensure they are paying the correct taxes.

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  2. In HIS case, I make an exception 🙂

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  3. Cate is a Political Correctness Officer for Nanny Oz. I think of this as a ‘subvert the goyim’ type of job.

    He has to put on his yenta outfit, wax his mo and his pitz, stick his feet in his high heels and get himself on the J-screen (small) to yada yada the ‘Diversity is our Strength’ mantra and schlep the ‘marriage equality’ script.

    Now that he has vacated LBGTQland we’ll expect to see regular coverage of Cate’s new turf assignment.

    I would bet any money that Cate’s brief is to outflank the Rainbow cadre and make their agenda look moderate to the Blue Pill minions. Cate will probably be working to give us a scenario where pre-schoolers learning about sodomy in sex ed will look normal and conservative.

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  4. The sign should read:
    “Modelling Green’s COMBAT BOOTS”

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  5. Looks like those feet are made for walking another LBGTQ social engineering programme right into the Australian schools. Not even a velvet smooth express pedi disguises the violence of sins that violate the innocent.

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  6. Another nail in the coffin of Australiana, imagine running across the fields of the Middle East in high heels, might ladder his stockings, OH DEAR !

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  7. Morrison is an embarrassment to anyone who has served in the armed forces.

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  8. How embarrassing is this for Australia. Our Australian of the year in high heels. What on earth is he thinking?

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  9. Are these people for real?
    The lunatics really have taken over control of the asylum.
    Our country and our values are spinning wildly out of control.
    How the hell did we allow this to happen?

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