Boys and girls

This picture book would be a cheap and effective replacement for ‘Safe Schools’. No confusion here…















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Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. “Boys and Girls” are, well, boys and girls – and we can’t have that in Victorian schools.

    This from the UK where across the North the Muslim rape gangs roam free and traffic British school girls with the help of the civil government, law enforcement’, social welfare, the health authorities and (lest we forget) – the lying media.

    ‘Male Privilege’ has now landed in Oz and takes its rightful place alongside ‘White Privilege’, ‘Islamophobia’, ‘Homophobia’ and its fellow travellers down the Long March Through the Institutions.

    In the ‘respectful relationship’ curriculum, the Male Privilege educators are going to lead the chant: ‘girls can be doctors and can be strong’ and ‘boys can cry when they are hurt and can mind babies’. Boys are going to have to do ‘crying’ sessions.

    This is not to say that girls can not study and practice medicine or that boys can not be big brothers to infants and small children.

    When you read about the context of the entire ‘respectful relationship’ programme it is clear that boys will be punished for masculine behaviour and girls will be rewarded for masculine behaviour.

    I am still searching for public information on this Communist brainwashing in the Australian Luegenpresse.

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  2. I am 100% behind Bernie in his ideas on these subjects.
    and really cannot understand how any Aussie can possibly
    be so out of this world and unknowing of their own
    probable future danger if they don’t wake up and stop
    being stupid or political do-gooders or whatever?

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  3. The safe schools is NOT safe for our children and any government that backs this needs to go NOW LET CHILDREN BE CHILDREN..Daniel Andrews you and the other evil people have no right to over rule the parenting of our children you and all those are nothing but EVIL SCUM.

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  4. Oh those were the days! The world has become so sick and sad 🙁

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  5. My grandson likes football, trampolines, wrestling,fishing, playing with his dog ..and girls(he won’t admit to the last one, he is only 12). My grand daughters think that they are little princesses..they play with dolls, all sorts of girls toys…and learning how to cook. They start school next year, and the year after. If some socialist grub starts to push the ‘safe schools program’ at them…to try to change their perception of themselves…there will be a transformation that occurs…a nice gentle ‘poppy’ might just get cranky.

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  6. I’m well to the right in the political spectrum, but I think this is ridiculously sexist and very limiting for the reasonable aspirations of many girls.

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  7. Although somewhat stereotypical, it sure would be better than the so called “Safe Schools” curriculum. I think the famous line said by a little kid from the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie Kindergarten Cop sums it up well: he said “Boys have a penis, girls have a vagina!”

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  8. Yes there is about 1% that are not like that in the above portrayed and that’s why the other 99% must be forced to change don’t you all know.

    Sure there are people who are nasty to others who maybe seen to be different, but as any true Christian does no harm to such people, yes Christians have standards that are set for the good of all based on foundations like morality but the fact is that PC is a Law in it’s self and the Law only condemns, it’s a dead work following such madness of men, only the Holy Spirit can work in man for the greater good of all and that’s the path that leads to glory and all other paths only lead to madness, enslavement and destruction.

    Political Correctness is surly a work of Satan, the one who deceives the whole world and leads all astray.

    When people submit to PC they are worshiping the Beast (mans works) because they are empowering it and rejecting the Holy Spirit.
    666 is the number of man and will always be one from the number 7 that represents perfection and the reason why the number 6 is represented 3 times is to do with confirming such as a fact in the Bible.
    Remember Jesus said to St Peter do you love me, and on the 3rd time remember that response ? and then yes, then go feed my sheep and who is it that Jesus is sending out amongst ?

    The day will come when all will be seen for who you are and who you serve, Bernard Gaynor may just be one of the great men that will go down in History to be admired, virtue is not a Sin.

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  9. If you brought that book for show and tell to the Safe Skoolz programme, you would be in the naughty corner for ‘hate’ speech and bullying the other 10 genders in the classroom. And they will report you to Principal PC.

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  10. So simple yet so true!

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  11. I don’t agree with the LGalphabet safe schools program but this idea is sexist to the max. A nice satire though … about as far right as their ‘safe schools’ program is to the left.
    The safe schools program needs to fix the original issue of bullying not this sexual grooming that it is.
    What about kids who are bullied for obesity, wearing spectacles, medical conditions, social disadvantages, financial circumstances, racial & religious differences, language skills, learning disabilities… the list goes on.

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    • This is exactly what generations grew up with!!! No problems then!good one Bernard!

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    • There are other ways to address bullying instead of shoving this rubbish down our kid’s throat and confuse them. They can decide whatever when they are older. leave our kids alone.

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  12. This is grand Bernie.
    This is the level of understanding of most out there. Well done ???

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    • Gee Bernie I can only hope that it is understood where our world is going if this rubbish continues. Kids have enough confusion in their lives without this rubbish is taught in school. How dare they!! It’s up to parents to do for their kids, they are in school to learn the 3 R’s not be brain washed in believing there is something different about them. They can decide whatever when they are older. For now leave our kids alone to be kids and enjoy their childhood. I am so angry about this. I will not hesitate to sue who ever is responsible if my child develops enxiety over this crap.

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