The threat we face

There is no doubt that Australia is facing an embryonic insurgency, driven by Islamic beliefs. This unfortunate and disturbing truth was highlighted once again with the recent arrest of two teenagers who police allege were planning an imminent beheading in Sydney.

In addition to this latest incident, we’ve seen in just the last few months:

  • Ihsas Khan attack and almost kill a Minto man in broad daylight in September. Khan was known by police and the attack occurred on the 15th anniversary of September 11.
  • Two backpackers were slain by Smail Ayad in August while he yelled ‘Allahu akbar’ in Home Hill.
  • The US Congress released a report in August showing that Australia was the third-top target for Islamic State terrorist attacks in the world, with eight planned or executed attacks since 2014. However, Australian media report that the number of attacks (planned or carried out) is even higher at fifteen.
  • Again in August, a Lakemba-based childcare network was raided amid concerns that it had siphoned off more than $27 million of taxpayer funds and sent them to the Islamic State.

The Australian government will rely heavily on advice from intelligence analysts as it develops strategies to counter this insurgency. And this advice will be based on an assessment of the threat, looking at its capability and intent.

In regards to the current capability of the threat, Australians can be confident that this advice will be sound. Australia’s intelligence agencies are very good at understanding capability and they have the means to monitor it closely, even if they cannot stop every attack.

All the available evidence shows that the Islamic insurgency in Australia has a low capability. The events of the past few days demonstrate this.

The two teenagers were arrested after purchasing bayonets at a gun shop. One of them is the stepson of a convicted terrorist. They were arrested outside a mosque after conducting pre-attack rituals. And both of them were known to police for attempts to join Islamic terrorist groups overseas, refusing to stand during the national anthem at a school assembly and for carrying signs in public calling for beheadings.

In terms of a terrorist attack, the best description that can be given to this one is that it was a complete cluster. In fact, it is difficult to conceive how a planned attack could be any easier to detect and thwart.

There was no attempt at secrecy. There was no attempt to source weapons covertly. And the attack was to be launched from the most obvious place possible: a mosque. If this is the best effort that those involved in this embryonic insurgency can muster, then it will not go far.

However, even with this low level of capability, deadly terrorist attacks have occurred in Australia. Most of them have been conducted by those already on the radar of policing and security agencies. That they slipped through should be of great concern, demonstrating weaknesses on the security side rather than the strength of this insurgency.

However, those involved in this insurgency do not need a great capability to cause a fatal impact: all that is needed is a knife and a mobile phone.

So even with this low level of capability, the safety of Australians is largely dependent on the numbers game. Police and security agencies have already admitted that they do not have the resources to monitor all known threats. Safety cannot be guaranteed and the victims will be those unlucky enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

That is going to be our future, even if threat capability does not increase. Most Australians would agree that this is not good enough, even if they will accept increasingly disruptive controls over ordinary aspects of life to counter a threat that is easily recognisable and allowed to continue operating largely unhindered in our midst. But if the government is not going to address this insurgency by targeting it at its source, then the consequence will be that the rest of us face ever more intrusive and disruptive security measures in an attempt to maintain public safety.

Unfortunately, one thing is almost certain: the capability of the threat will increase. Practice makes perfect and every failed attack will drive a learning cycle within the individuals and networks that form this insurgency. Furthermore, it is well-known that criminal organisations like outlaw motorcycle groups have seen a surge in Islamic membership. These organisations will develop threat capability, as will the return of hardened Islamic State veterans from Iraq and Syria. There is also an increasing risk that our own agencies will ‘grow’ capability through politically-correct recruitment programs.

Both Defence and the Australian Federal Police have made public commitments to recruit from the Islamic community. This is fraught with danger, posing a risk to morale and a reduction in our national capacity to monitor and counter threats, while providing opportunities for those involved in the insurgency to develop capability. And with a politically-driven imperative to increase Islamic recruitment, there can only be a corresponding drop in vetting standards.

Additionally, the capability of those involved in this insurgency in relation to supporting functions like recruitment and funding has already proven sophisticated and effective. One should plan for the ‘sharp end’ of the insurgency to develop in capability to match the skill shown on its logistical side.

As such, it would be entirely complacent for Australians and our government to assume that the botched attack in Sydney this week represents the future. It does not. It represents everything that is likely to change as this insurgency continues: its capability will only increase, supported by a growing network of mosques across Australia that represent ‘bar’ in this deadly but politically-correct game of ‘tiggy’.

A key indicator that capability has increased – especially planning, coordination and strategy – will be when the targeting of attacks changes. At the moment, violence is focused against random individuals and crude attacks on law enforcement officers. Over time, a growing insurgency will look to undertake large scale mass attacks, insider attacks on police and Defence facilities and targeted assassinations of public figures, especially those who are prepared to speak against the growth of Islam in Australia.

Fortunately, our policing, security and intelligence agencies will likely have the means to monitor, understand and assess this capability as it grows and Australians will be informed if it does.

However, this does not mean that all attacks will be stopped.

The second limb of the threat assessment is intent: an understanding of the motivation to carry out attacks and the strategy behind them.

Unfortunately, when it comes to an assessment of intent, Australia is not so well placed. Our policing, security and intelligence agencies are wholly unprepared to assess intent. In fact, there is not one single officer in any Australian agency tasked with the job of understanding why two teenagers were motivated by Islamic teaching to behead an Australian this week.

Not one.

And that is why everyone in senior positions, from the Prime Minister to the head of ASIO, has in recent years rejected the suggestion that there is an inherent problem of violence with Islam and instead asserted that it is a peaceful religion which terrorists fail to understand. Unlike the ‘professionals’ with their heads in the sand, Australians are not so convinced. Half the nation now supports policies to restrict all Islamic immigration.

To demonstrate why blind faith in our security agencies’ assessment of Islam is hopelessly misguided, one only needs to understand the strange situation we find ourselves in.

The assessment we have been given is that violence occurs firstly as a result of a misunderstanding of the peaceful tenets of Islam. A secondary issue inflaming the situation is said to be factors of our own making, such as a national failure to integrate the Islamic community due to our own prejudice against it.

In relation to the second point, we are also supposed to be a nation that has rejected others as well. However, other migrant groups have not resorted to violence and Australia is much more open and ‘multicultural’ now than it ever has been. So, on any objective assessment, it must be acknowledged that the violence we now face is not actually due to any secondary factor of our own making at all. And that leaves only a misunderstanding of Islam as a cause of violence.

However, to believe the claim that Islam has been misunderstood, one must accept two things:

  1. Australia’s security agencies have assessed Islam and concluded on the evidence that it is peaceful. This would require dedication of analytical resources which has simply not been provided.
  2. Australia’s security agencies have then taken the evidence for that assessment and sat on it, failing to produce any coherent information operations plan that would undermine the violent but misguided beliefs of those who are strongly motivated to follow Islamic teachings as perfectly as they can.

In other words, if you truly believe that our government understands Islam and that it is peaceful, then you must also believe that Australia’s policing, security and intelligence agencies are guilty of gross incompetence by failing to outline in any rational way the peaceful tenets of Islam to those motivated to be good Muslims and who believe that to do so involves the occasional beheading of random strangers.

You can say ditto to that in regards to the entire political leadership of this nation, as well as the imams, muftis and sheikhs who have somehow managed to watch on in silence as a violent heresy has taken hold of Australia’s Islamic community.

However, the good news is that our national security agencies have not incompetently failed to use the peaceful teachings of Islam to prevent violence. Instead, they have incompetently assumed that Islam is peaceful. The failure to use peaceful Islamic teachings is a mere side effect of the fact that they don’t exist at all.

Islamic violence is based on the example of Mohammad himself (who was one of history’s most successful warlords). It is aided and abetted in Australia by politically-correct thinking that results in counter-productive deradicalisation programs and a paralysis of thought, language and action that is rendering it impossible for our government to meet its first duty: safety of Australians.

So let’s look at this insurgency’s intent and understand it properly.

Firstly, one thing is clear: while capability may be low, it certainly cannot be assessed that intent is. There is a deadly intent to attack. It is so strong that it even seems to hinder capability, supressing any rational thought as to how the attack may be carried out successfully.

In the short term, that is good for us. However, we cannot assume that this intent will continue to be effected in such an irrational manner.

Another aspect of this intent is that it results in a desire to attack without any regards for personal safety. Indeed, part of the intent is that the perpetrator even die in the attack.

This makes no sense except when viewed in the light of Islamic teaching. From the days of Mohammad, those who died while fighting in jihad are believed to be given exalted places in heaven. If sex sells, it is certainly selling in Islamic eternity as well: 72 virgins and all that jazz.

As such, it is also important to understand that while this deadly intent is resulting in irrational decisions about how attacks are carried out, the intent to carry out attacks is not irrational at all. It is based on an understanding of Islamic teaching, history and Mohammad’s example and is entirely consistent with all three.

There is no way to counter this intent except by destroying faith in Mohammad and Islam. That’s because this intent is driven precisely by a faith in Mohammad and Islam. And it is this fact that our police, security and intelligence agencies completely fail to understand, as well as the politicians who direct them.

It also means that a key indicator of intent is Islamic fervour. When it grows quickly, warning bells should ring. And where it is present in any group, there will be a tendency to violence.

Another aspect of intent relates to the strategy for violence. These attacks do not occur simply as an end in themselves. They are a means to something greater: the imposition of Islamic rule in Australia.

And it is also on this point that we have a complete misunderstanding of the nature of the threat’s intent and its scale.

The entire Islamic community believes that it is Allah’s will that Australia should become Islamic and that they have a duty to participate in this process. This belief exists regardless of whether one is labelled moderate or extreme and it is a common unifying belief across all the varied (and often conflicting) Islamic sects. Further, every school of Islamic thought also accepts that in certain circumstances there is a righteous place for violence in order to achieve Islamic rule.

Thus it is wrong to view the Islamic community as split between those who support violence and those who do not. Rather, this community should be viewed as split into camps differing over whether the conditions justifying violence have been met.

When one understands this, one also gains a true understanding of the threat we face. It is not simply a threat from the violent. There is a political wing to this threat as well that uses non-violent means to advance the cause of Islamic rule. Of great concern, there is also a huge potential for violent intent to grow in scale as more of the Islamic community accept that conditions justifying violence have been met.

For the uneducated, Islamic violence is justified if the Islamic community is seen to be subjugated or Mohammad’s teachings are rejected. Violence and subjugation are also justified against non-Islamic minorities living under Islamic rule.

Importantly, as an Islamic community grows so does the expectation that its demands will be met. As such, any rejection of those demands will be deemed more serious. Additionally, every time the demands are placated it will only fuel further calls for Islamic rule and Sharia law.

The unfortunate reality is that while ever there is an Islamic population in Australia there will be conflict. When the Islamic population is very low (as it was until recently), this conflict will primarily be political, in line with Mohammad’s example while he was in the minority during his early years in Mecca. However, as the population grows so too will violence and in an exponential rather than linear fashion. This will also be in line with Mohammad’s example as he grew in power in his later years in Medina.

A true assessment of the Islamic insurgency we face would therefore conclude that its current capabilities are low but likely to increase and that there is scope for its deadly intent to grow significantly in scale.

And that means one thing: if we are having trouble keeping people alive on our streets now, we don’t want to let this insurgency fester any longer. Now is the best time to face it and defeat it. The best way to start would be to restrict all further Islamic immigration.

For those who claim that such measures are only likely to inflame the situation, I leave you with a crude but brutally truthful analogy.

Australia’s relationship with the Islamic community is like a woman caught up with a deadbeat boyfriend. She knows he is violent and in order to protect herself gives in to his every demand.

We all know that such a relationship cannot last and that concessions given today are unlikely to stop atrocities tomorrow.

Given that is the case, why on earth would Australia want to get into bed with Islam when it could end the relationship today and avoid a future of pain and misery…

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. My comments relate purely to estimating the genuine existential threat to this country from Mulsim extremism. Bernard, your opinions, beliefs and thoughts are genuinely held and for that I respect them. However:

    Muslims represent 2.2% of the total Australian population of 23 million. 37% are Australian born. Islam is not the fastest growing religion by population in Australia, Hinduism is.

    Let’s say 50% of all Muslims are women, leaving 1.1% of Muslim males who represent a potential threat.

    52% of males fall into the realistically threatening age range of 15 – 44 years. So that is 1.1% x 52% = 132,000. Of these men, an unknown number are radicalised to the point of representing a genuine threat to Australians. Let’s be super conservative and say 20% – so maybe 25,000 Muslim men are motivated enough to be a threat to the country. The real number is much lower than that, in my view about 7,500 – 10,000, not all of whom are motivated to actually cause physical harm. But that is my opinion.

    But let’s say 25,000 qualified Mulsim males are motivated to do harm in the cause of radical Islam.

    My questions are as follows:

    1) With the considerable resources available fo the Australian federal government (AFP, ASIO, etc) do you believe that this threat can be successfully contained to individual, lone wolf attacks (which I believe are likely) or will a series of large co-ordinated attacks be probable II believe highly unlikely under normal circumstances)?

    2) Do you believe this ‘qualified’ group of 25,000 radicalised Muslims can grow? With a restricted actual immigration policies (not the articulated policy – almost none of the promised 12,000 additional Syrian refugees have been brought in), is it possible for this group to become significant enough in numbers to be a threat?

    3) Do you see any probability of a concerted conspiracy between the variations within Islam: Sunni (and its variants), Shi’a (and its variants) and Sufi (which really isn’t a part of this extremist narrative)? Does this internecine war between the cults not further dilute the possibility of a concerted conspiracy to commit a major attack?

    4) I am old enough to remember the scathing commentary and general feelings of antipathy when Australia accepted boat people from Vietnam in 1970s and 1980s, followed by Pauline Hanson’s “Asian Invasion” claims in 1990s, which she is rehashing for the Muslim Invasion in order to win her Senate seat back. Do you believe that in time Muslims will also be integrated into Australian society?

    5) You’ve stated that “The entire Islamic community believes that it is Allah’s will that Australia should become Islamic and that they have a duty to participate in this process”. I only need one example of a Muslim to laugh at that statement to prove it wrong. I have a dozen examples. In fact, I cannot find one Muslim who agrees with it, the response is usually “I can’t see my Aussie mates giving up the beer and a BBQ”. In all seriousness, does your statement sit up there with: “If anyone, even your own family, suggests worshipping another God, kill them.” That comes from the Christian Bible (Deuteronomy 13:6-10). Or do you genuinely believe that the vast majority of Muslims feel duty-bound to see Australia become converted to a Muslim state.

    Thanks Bernard, I’m genuinely interested in thoughful debate on this topic. Disclaimer: I’m a Catholic, father of three, with no Party affiliations past or present. I’ve travelled extensively to the Mid East (mainly 1990s) as well as Asia, and have a degree in history, politics, and a postgrad in management.

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    • Steven,

      You write well but seem to pretty much miss the point of the article. Focusing on a mere overstatement ie. All Muslims is the old philosophical tactic of distraction or diversion by drawing attentionto an insignificant point that has miniscule bearing on the main point, which is – There is no way to counter this intent except by destroying faith in Mohammad and Islam. That’s because this intent is driven precisely by a faith in Mohammad and Islam. And it is this fact that our police, security and intelligence agencies completely fail to understand, as well as the politicians who direct them.
      It doesn’t take all Muslims to fly planes into buildings, killing thousands. Or AK 47s into a nightclub in Paris and kill hundreds, or drive a truck into a crowd killing many innocents as we have seen overseas
      On our own home soil, It was hundreds of their congregations around Australia that were intercepted at airports eagerly on their way to Syria and Iraq to participate in the vilest atrocities imaginable (burning people alive, beheadings, genocide, killing gays, sex slavery etc.etc.) so vividly portrayed in our daily media. Yet they still lined up to go.
      We have seen the front page atrocities of some who made it through such as the holding aloft of the severed heads of their mutilated victims.

      It was numerous members of their congregations forcing girls from age nine into marriage with men, and forcing females to undergo genital mutilation, yet we hear boo about this from the Imans.

      It was members of their congregations that have injured police and killed police co-workers on our streets, with at least one gun being obtained through a Mosque, and took part in the taking of innocent lives in the Lindt cafe seige and been prevented from other numerous acts of terror in Australia only by the interception of our security and police services, saving hundreds of innocent lives.

      Simply creating diversions such a Hinduism being the fastest growing religion versus Islam is another mute point. Though perhaps technically correct Hinduism does not come with the tenets of Islam which are shared by all “practicing” Muslims including ISIS, Al Queda, Boko Haram and others whom all cite from the same texts ie. The Quran and Haddith. – Read from “The Heretic” by Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

      You quote from Deuteronomy and you may as well have included Leviticus because between these two books of the old testament come some of the worst tenets long dropped by Judaism and Christianity but still practiced within Islam today eg. Stoning to death of adulterers, killing gays, and apostates etc. etc.

      I think Bernard’s claim that “destroying faith in Mohammed and Islam is the way ahead”, is unachievable simply because it is unpractical. A more practical and achievable aim would be to achieve some reform of it’s worst tenets as has been achieved in Judaism and Christianity whom no longer aspire to commit the atrocities of Deuteronomy or Leviticus. However to achieve this peaceably requires mature public debate which incorporates Muslims, even in the first instance if we need to drag them along screaming. After all we are talking debate, not beheadings, not killing gays or Apostates, not genocide, the outcomes we see from Islam being practiced in the extreme, though still by tenets outlined in the Quran and haddith.
      Bernard is correct to demand forensic analysis of the tenets of Islam being indoctrinated into young minds and reaping the horrific outcomes as described above and there will be more and possibly worse to come in the future.

      Our politically correct establishment has repressed any of this from happening as Bernhard correctly outlines. It is why so many of us are frustratingly turn to the likes of Hanson and blogs like this to get any say on it at all as serious public comment on the matter is repressed.

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  2. This is one, if not the best assessment of this reality I have read so far. I have long been trying to get a conversation going on this subject through making comments on many of the news services such as ABC, The Daily Telegraph, Sydney Morning Herald etc. However they all let us down towards getting a debate going that gets focus on the core issue as this author alludes to. It is the indoctrination of young minds in the word of God as stated in the Koran and filled out in the hadith that provides the fodder for the so called fundamentalist. It is this indoctrination of all young Muslims that puts them a heart beat away from beheading, genocide, extermination of apostates, and killing gays etc. etc. Firstly until we get this happening to the extent we can genuinely get Muslims integrating into our society ban immigration of Muslims until as the Author suggests the only option becomes war.

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  3. The Islamisation of Australia is wrapped in the schmo-screen (probably that should be – the hummus screen) of poster Muslims who front the media and schlep the political correctness script for the elites.

    The ALA should waste no opportunity to stick some hot English mustard in the hummus and publish both censored and unremarked factoids for the poor minions who must toil for the evil Gru and Dr Nefario.

    There should be an award for most vomit inducing Poster Muslim of the Week (PoMoW).

    Couldn’t this website take nominations?

    Nominees should get a scores in the following categories; do-gooder publicity, virtue signalling on Twitter, number of charity spiffs they attend, stupid awards, number of pageants and gongs followed by their equally stupid grand standing acceptance speeches. And of course the CV. There should be a rating for the number of status jobs (both honorary and remunerative) occupied by the Poster Muslim where he/she/xe is given an office to act as an Islamophobia educator and provide the razz-a-ma-tazz for all the trendy, libtard causes like global warming, safe skoolz, marriage equality, open borders for all migrants (except, of course migrants of White European heritage – obviously we can ‘t have more of those). In fact these categories should be separately scored.

    For example, the Poster Muslim who is carbon shaming the fatties who have a footprint the size of a yowie and advocating for safe skoolz would be a more voimit inducing than a Muslim who is just sporting a gorgeous hijab and tweeting about her support for refugee children.

    In all of this swill, it will have to be tirelessly pointed out that none of them will use their Poster Muslim status to criticize the imams (who really do represent Muslim culture and law in Australia), I refer to imams who are calling on Allah to destroy the enemies of Islam, calling for bans on Christmas which is a Satanist observance (wouldn’t you know it), calling for the death penalty for homosexuals and adulterers (among others) and so it goes.

    Grok this goyim:

    The hummus-screen has been put in front of the schmo screen to keep the real Islam and its political objectives out of the public consciousness. And, of course, no amount of hummus, do-gooding and grandstanding conceals ROTHERHAM.

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  4. Let us get the real experts to advise us on terrorism,immigration,multi-culture, the Muslims we see on the ABC writing our policies, advising your politicians. Foxes looking after the hen-house

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  5. Everybody reading this needs to forward this piece by Berine on to every politician or political aspirant they know. This is the most logical, non phobic explanation for stopping Islamic immigration I have seen. It puts the facts and the thinking behind the analysis in plain simple terms that any lefties cannot deny. It’s time the likes of our PM woke up to what’s going on and this piece of writing cannot be disputed. Well done Bernie, it’s now our job to get this in the faces of those who make the important decisions for us all.

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  6. Just to refresh ourselves on how tolerant and n’sync with multicultural diversity is the ‘religion of peace’ [cough] Islam – here is a record of the mayhem that ensued over a free cultural expression (film) perceived to be critical of Islam:
    Ugly Face of Islam in Sydney Australia

    Multicultural PC, ‘Diversity Is our Strength’ mantras, religious tolerance and kumbaya is strictly for Kaffirs.

    Islam is stridently critical of all things Dar Al Harb (aka Australian) and highly intolerant of Australian law and social order. All of this is totally acceptable to the Australian political elites. What grinds their gears are those jacked up Kaffirs who express intolerance of Islam or criticise Islam. That is Islamophobia and could land you in court as a hater and a deplorable.

    As for Islam, they have a free pass to be as intolerant, racist, hateful, violent and xenophobic as they want.

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  7. A BITCH, ready to whelp, earnestly begged a shepherd for a place
    where she might litter. When her request was granted, she
    besought permission to rear her puppies in the same spot. The
    shepherd again consented. But at last the Bitch, protected by
    the bodyguard of her Whelps, who had now grown up and were able
    to defend themselves, asserted her exclusive right to the place
    and would not permit the shepherd to approach.

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    • Go have a look at your courts, local council offices and government offices. You will find out who is running this country and making the decisions, policies, and laws. Look for the tee towel.

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  8. Great article Bernard.

    Australian politicians are getting in bed with Islam because they they think they will get Muslim votes out of it. They are inserting a cancer into Australia so that they can get elected.

    ‘There is no way to counter this intent except by destroying faith in Mohammad and Islam.’ Correct and very much so.

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  9. Australia needs to deliver a mission duty statement .

    Just like the General stateside did.
    If you do this we will do this.

    We need to start being proactive instead of reactive.

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  10. When you consider how many videos of beheadings are online, & realise it takes less than 5 minutes, I submit this for your entertainment. 500,000 moslems with knives. 1 will kill 12 people per hour. Let’s say 10 minutes, that means a mob could kill 3 million per hour. 6 hours work = 18 million. Who’s left to fight this murderous horde. If you think this can’t or won’t happen, just think ‘rush hour’ morning and evening in all our cities. Do you think anyone will be prepared to go to war on their way to or from work? Can the police stop this horde? No. What will our Government say “that these are ‘radicals who are misunderstood and it’s our fault they ‘have’ to kill us. All through Europe, right now, the population is feeling the threat of Islam. The authorities pass laws to protect these invaders. Do we also want to end up having our population replaced by crazed murderers & rapists. This is not radical islam, this is Islam and all it stands for. Soon we will need to ‘take up arms to defend ourselves’ or die unarmed. Our government & the PC mob with their sexually confused ‘friends’ still cannot grasp the fact that there is no place or right to live for all of them in an Islamic world. Islam is a cancer that needs eliminating or exterminating. The other result is we cease to exist as islam does not tolerate unbelievers.
    Christianity tolerates all and desires to help people be the best they can be. Islam is totally self focused and has neither mercy nor forgiveness in its teachings. Be warned, the truth is everywhere, open your eyes and ears, see for yourself just how ‘peaceful islam is’.
    For the uninformed, islam does not mean peace, it means subjugate. Do as we say or die. To islam, killing us is their mercy.

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    • We can’t take up arms John Howard and the buffoons took them from us!

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      • And we need to get them back.

        All Australians have the right to defend themselves and the means to be able to do it.

    • I think this sort of fantasy thinking fails to advance any insights. It reminds me of Australian companies who want to sell into China: If we only sell to 5% of the population, that’s 300 million customers! We’re gonna be rich!

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  11. Australians can deal with the Muslim insurgency. And Australians are dealing with it and organising against it. They are rejecting Islamo correctness. And they are paying out on Kaffirs who enable the Muslim colonisation of Australia.

    Today at a major retailer, I saw an exasperated manager at the customer service desk going through a small trolley of food items to satisfy a customer that she was not buying any halal certified products. I’ve already worked that out. So I came over and showed her stuff I was buying and I was very clear to the management that it was non-halal and that is why I was buying it. People stopped and listened to the exchange. When the Boss arrived to sort out this spontaneous expression of Islamo-phobia, those passing by laughed and made jokes at his expense. Clearly the customer service manual didn’t cover this type situation. No body was going to listen to the privacy policy or the surveillance message from the management. One bloke came right up to the desk and told the customer service manager: ” I am not paying any food tax to the mosque “. He was told that offensive language would result in security being called. So he decided to get into the cue so customer service could assure him that all his foodstuffs were non-halal.

    Why is it offensive to tell a retailer you are not going to pay a religious food tax and you want help finding the items that do not carry the tax?

    A few ladies in hijabs walked quickly past and chose not to comment, which is just as well. If they were offended by this frank exchange of Australian views at the customer service desk – that is their choice. Are they paying a religious food tax to a non-Islamic religion? I’ll bet you anything they didn’t have any kosher products in their trolley.

    Can you imagine the SHTF if, for example, all foodstuffs in Australia had to carry a religious food tax payable to the Vatican? The Jew Luegenpresse would completely cough up its collective furball.

    It is the political elite who are the enablers of the Muslim colonisation of Australia. Kaffirs (like this retailer) who toe the party line should expect to deal with people who are not going to pay for Islamisation.

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    • By wearing a Hijab or any Islamic headbag these women are saying to the world. “Look at me, look at me, I agree with Muhammad that I am STUPID!
      Sahih Bukhari
      Volume 1, Book 6, Number 301:

      Narrated Abu Said Al-Khudri:

      Once Allah’s Apostle went out to the Musalla (to offer the prayer) o ‘Id-al-Adha or Al-Fitr prayer. Then he passed by the women and said, “O women! Give alms, as I have seen that the majority of the dwellers of Hell-fire were you (women).” They asked, “Why is it so, O Allah’s Apostle ?” He replied, “You curse frequently and are ungrateful to your husbands. I have not seen anyone more deficient in intelligence and religion than you. A cautious sensible man could be led astray by some of you.” The women asked, “O Allah’s Apostle! What is deficient in our intelligence and religion?” He said, “Is not the evidence of two women equal to the witness of one man?” They replied in the affirmative. He said, “This is the deficiency in her intelligence. Isn’t it true that a woman can neither pray nor fast during her menses?” The women replied in the affirmative. He said, “This is the deficiency in her religion.”

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    • Great post. More people should do this. Australia MUST BAN HALAL it’s against our religion.

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  12. A very well thought out and balanced dissertation.

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  13. The only solution is closed borders…so we must take control of the Australian Government. With four One Nation Senators, they are already giving ground…I spend hours every day in promoting One Nation…and as a grassroots backup… Next step..Queensland elections..we must focus hard on the number one enemy..The Watermelon people, green on the outside, red on the inside..and getting rid of Analstasia will send a HUGE message to the rest of the country.

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  14. The deadbeat boyfriend is much like the result of Political Correctness manipulation technique that brainwashes simple minded dolts.

    It’s very sad that what’s term progressive and even the bastardisation of the word evolved that’s now relating to people in how it’s used nowadays.

    Satan is at work in all this new age dribble and people are swallowing it all hook line and sinker, because they and even the Church are asleep at the wheel and only looking to themselves for Salvation.

    The world will reap what it sows and we are seeing what a sickly tree produces.

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  15. Yet again the view you explained,is the truth. We are really fighting for our
    Children’s future, and or very lives, !???

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  16. The best way to counter the growing mohammedan threat is to place Australia under the Kingship of Christ – to subjugate all Australian laws to God’s laws and the laws of His One, True Church – and also to formally consecrate the entire country to the Immaculate Heart. Fighting mohammedan madness with more neopagan Australian multicultural democracy is sure to fail. We can learn a lot from Gabriel Garcia Moreno, the legendary president of Ecuador, who first consecrated his country to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary – then made freemasonry (a form of satanism) illegal, and also limited immigration to faithful Catholics.

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