Queenslanders, New South Wales is watching you…

Queenslanders, watch out.

The New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Board (ADB) is watching you. It’s observing you. And it’s not happy with you at all.

Actually, it’s not just Queenslanders that the New South Wales Thought Police are monitoring. With the backing of the New South Wales government, it’s observing people all over Australia, no doubt, in an attempt to find any hint of heresy. In fact, their operations may well be global.

But don’t just take my word for it.

This is from a letter that I recently received from the Acting President of the New South Wales ADB, whingeing about many things, including:

“The disproportionate amount of time and resources required of ADB staff in reading, reviewing and responding to … the widespread public criticism of the ADB by you and your social media followers … are an unreasonable impost on the public resources allocated to the ADB to carry out its statutory functions.”

Now, I’m not sure why the ADB is allocating public resources to monitor the views of people who follow me on social media. But I do agree entirely that such a use of public resources is unreasonable.

In fact, now that the ADB has seemingly admitted to using taxpayer funds to visit my Facebook page (which I operate from Queensland), read the comments there and even respond to them, I think it would be entirely reasonable for the New South Wales parliament to hold an inquiry into the creepy conduct of the ADB.

Why is the ADB monitoring my social media followers?

Why is it responding to their comments?

And how, exactly, is it ‘responding’ to these comments?

It’s a very important question. I have not seen a single instance of an ADB response to any comment that I, or any of my social media followers, have made. And that means any response has been made by an unofficial ADB social media account.

It could well be that the New South Wales Thought Police are operating secret accounts to try and drum up complaints.

Don’t be surprised if that is the case. It’s happened before. Garry Burns, complainant extraordinaire, has admitted trying to leave comments under a fake name on my website.

And in Canada, the Thought Police there came unstuck in a big way when it was revealed that the Canadian Hatefinder-General, as he was appropriately named by Mark Steyn, spent his time drudging up complaints using numerous fake aliases.

So don’t be surprised if the New South Wales ADB is stupid enough to do the same thing.

To paraphrase an old saying: the same old, tired and clapped-out bureaucrats are committing the same old, tired and clapped-out attacks on freedom. And we’ll keep defeating them in the same old, tired way too. There is every reason to believe that the ADB will meet its Waterloo later this year.

The good news is that the ADB’s admissions in writing don’t help it at all. But they are rather useful for me.

For instance, the New South Wales ADB has no statutory power to utilise public resources to monitor political commentary in Queensland.

However, it does have a statutory role to investigate complaints. And it should investigate complaints fairly, justly and in a procedurally-correct manner, regardless of political debate.

However, at the precise moment that the ADB has accepted complaint number 32 against me from a self-described serial litigant who has also incited others to complain so that he could profit from my financial detriment, the ADB has gone off the deep end about the criticism that it receives for things like its support of homosexual marriage and its frequent consultations with the Sydney Beat Project.

It all sounds rather like the ADB is not only biased against conservative views, but is commencing a malicious investigation into me as well.

Finally, if you are interested in interacting socially with the ADB, its Facebook account is here and its Twitter account is here. Send it my love…

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. In the US it’s called entrapment. The Americans have at least got that right.

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  2. How far is their reach…watching Queenslanders and they are not happy? Well I for now a recently adopted Queenslander as far as I am concerned the N.S.W. ADB should just go and F*** themselves. What a pitiful and pathetic bunch of w****** they are. Gee I hope I didn’t say anything discriminatory,besides I don’t discriminate against anyone…I treat everyone equally…I hate everybody equally!

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  3. I have trodden on dog turds of more public utility than the NSW ADB.
    What a miserable bunch of bottom feeders. Happily soon to be consigned to the dustbin of “stupid” history.
    “The fish that Dr Evil (John West) rejected”. I fart in your general direction NSW ADB, your mother was a hamster and your father smells of elderberries.
    (Apologies to hamsters and elderberries)

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    • Good onya John Laird.

      You stole my lines mate.


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  4. ADB is just Typical of Nazi and Communist type of bastards who’s criminal intent knows no bounds and that’s why morons like so have to come the heavy shoving people around, because they fear being seen for what they truly are, Filthy degenerate Grubs.

    Our Aussie forefathers did not fight WW2 for some ponce creep show coming the raw prawn and dictating such insane dribble, due to likes of only 3% population, who have some sort of phobia problems.
    What next, we will have to support the whims of some 3% mob of degenerate ISIS bunch of toss pots as well? who washed up on our shores and despise your average Aussie, just as much as the other bunch of fruit loops.

    Political Correctness must be what unites idiots and fools, it’s ironic that the two biggest morons in the world today are somehow in bed with the same passion for Political Correctness, the rainbow fruit loops and Fundamentalist ISIS type of crack pots, left to there own devices one mob would shoot each other dead and the other mob would all die of AIDS etc.

    Maybe degenerates must be happy poisoning others minds, just as PCness does and don’t mention to them respecting that others have opinions, because such people just can’t hack that and remember that the truth always hurts such people and yes I am mindful of such things that people have problems with, but to be fair, stupid is, as stupid does, but we have our rights not to have such Vampire’s breathing down our neck 24/7 because it truly gets on your goat after a while and sure I know that a person who is demon possessed, can only see things there own way and that’s why they go overboard with all there stupid nonsense.

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  5. I’ve sent them an email advising they’d better start following me since I hold them in high contempt!
    To the barricades!!

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  6. The ADB Thought Police live in a strange land.
    They seem reluctant to act against people who behave like this bearded gentleman who is making quite unkind anti-democratic, and what could be construed as threatening, declarations.


    He says our freedom of speech in Australia allows us to criticise Islam whereas he does not see that the very freedom of speech he is enjoying is allowing him, and others, to criticise our democratic, Australian way of life. If we said as much in an Islamic state we could be immediately jailed or executed. How many Islamic countries are there in the world which are not failed states? So many Islamic failed states, as we read in the press, are either at war with each other or plotting terrorism in countries which not only wish to live peacefully but which also reach out to help nations in need. Islamic countries contribute little to world aid needs, and because of their poverty their people escape, when they can, to the democracies which have a capacity to help them. (They are seldom offered sanctuary by other Islamic nations.) However, because of their ideology so many find it hard to accept the laws of the land and to assimilate within democratic processes. Many of them seek to undermine the countries which gave them sanctuary. This is not opinion or criticism for the sake of criticism but objective fact. What other religion is the cause of so much societal disruption, terror and loss of freedom in the world than Islam? One who fully implement its manifesto is highly likely to be become a threat to democracy. This video exemplifies this.

    Now, with this as a backdrop, let us return to the diligent ADB Thought Police…
    What do we see? Instead of the ADB Thought Police attempting to support a healthy, discussion on how to best to protect and strengthen democracy against such evident attack, we see they are keen to stifle freedom of speech by the very people who have fought for democracy and who strive to support the continuation of democratic values.

    I think we can all say what success would look like in whatever arena even if we are not experts in that area. If Islam is a religion that produces so few economically sustainable nations, and can be so cruel and dismissive of those outside its ideology, and which prefers to have so much control of its citizens, then there is no reason for sensible people to be attracted to it. Plainly and simply it looks like a very unattractive and unsuccessful ideology. It is obvious the ADB Thought Police have no values that can be rationally sustained. Perhaps they should be known as the ADB Thoughtless Police. They must go to bed very sad, every night.


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  7. In the pyramid of the global surveillance state (GSS), I would think the New South Wales ADB is fairly low down in the feeding hierarchy. But I am sure the Political Correctness officers at the ADB get their piece of the action from Comando Zuck to stamp out thought crime here in Oz.


    These Soros paid whiners and the whole cadre of the professionally offended would be the other side of this schtick.

    I am just waiting for the day when a

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  8. Fair is foul and foul is fair – the three weird sisters: Nanny Oz, Aunty Oz and Yenta Oz meet at the crossroads tonight. Bernie’s blog goes right into the cauldron along with the eye of newt and tongue of dog and the most politically incorrect liver in the history of England’s theatre. Well done.

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  9. It would appear as though these clandestine government groups are the new ‘Bully’ of the future. Please give us politicians who recognise this and wipe them out, saving the taxpayer millions. No loss to the community, but a loss to weak groups wanting to push their ways onto others.

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  10. What does stand out in all this is that a NSW statutory body appears to be spending its time “monitoring” Bernard Gaynor as though it were an agency of some dictatorship while at the same time the government of NSW is supposedly a coalition of conservative center right parties. It is a disgrace that such a government allows its servants, public servants, to behave like a leftist thought militia. There are a few closet left leaners within the Baird outfit, not necessarily ministers but junior types such as Matt Kean up at Hornsby that, it may be suspected, wiggle ministerial tails not to intervene where intervention is clearly necessary.

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  11. What an absolute travesty, an illegal victimisation of you, and a monumental waste of OUR money! these cretinous faceless nobodies from the regressive left are totally out of control, if you are a white anglo saxon christian you are the whipping boy. If black, yellow, LGBTIQ ei ei o, moslem etc you are a protected wierdo misfit freako- the country is stuffed until a revo wipes all these parasitic bloodsuckers out…

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  12. I live in Sydney and find it incredible that we can be so scrutinised what waste of time and resources spend the money on health or education for our indigenous friends.

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  13. Maybe the NSW ADB should shorten their acronym to SS .. just saying
    Seems like fascist totalitarian behaviour on their part.

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    • Maybe they should drop the NW & B, and end up with SAD. Sad!

      North & West of the Border – SAD.

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