18C complaint against Labor MP Linda Burney

Yesterday, Federal Labor MP, Linda Burney stated:

“It astounds me that the people that are advocating for the removal of 18C are basically white men of a certain age that have never experienced racial discrimination in their life.”

These words are clearly racist and they make offensive and insulting connotations about white men. So I have lodged a complaint of racial vilification with the Australian Human Rights Commission. And I expect Gillian Triggs to take it seriously.

Let’s start with Burney’s claim that white men opposing 18C have never experienced racial discrimination in their lives.

On this point, she is clearly wrong. In fact, a report stamped with the Department of Defence logo and released in 2013 states this about Anglo-Australian males and the large numbers of them who sign up to serve this nation (as I did):

“Such a demographic profile is no longer desirable or sustainable”

Yes. You read that correctly. A Department of Defence report states out loud and proud that it is undesirable for so many Anglo-Australian males to join the Australian Defence Force.

That government-sanctioned statement is discriminatory against all white men, regardless of whether they oppose 18C. It is also an insult to the many Anglo-Australian males who sacrificed themselves for Australia.

And with statements like that, I am prepared to bet that targeted persons are actually receiving enlistment bonuses to join the Australian Defence Force because they are either non-white or non-male. And I don’t make that bet idly because that is exactly what the ‘DiggerNet’ is reporting. But even if it’s a mere rumour, the words in that report are still racist and discriminatory against white males.

So all white men have experienced discrimination and similar discrimination is not hard to find in other government agencies, businesses, and in media reporting.

In fact, the entire PC world operates on the assumption that white men are somehow evil and to be removed from all positions of influence and power.

Linda Burney’s statement carries all sorts of other offensive and insulting connotations about white males.

It blatantly advocates for the complete disregard of the political views held by white males.

It even insinuates that white men are racist and for that reason oppose 18C.

And it is ageist and sexist to boot.

Further, it racially discriminates against non-white persons who oppose 18C. And there are many of them. Opposition to 18C is not a race thing; it’s a freedom thing.

Now, I want to make some points about my complaint.

Firstly, I hope it fails. In fact, like many other Australians, I will be cheering when the Australian Human Rights Commission is finally abolished and such complaints can no longer be made. I hope that this complaint will assist in the process of highlighting why 18C is such an inherently bad law.

But it must fail for the right reason.

It should fail because Linda Burney should be free in our democratic nation to make such statements, regardless of the offence they cause. If she wants to build political support by opposing white males, then our democracy should let her. And voters, rather than an activist human rights organisation, should cast judgement on her political leadership.

In other words, this complaint should fail not because it is deemed trivial but because it is deemed that 18C itself is an unlawful law that infringes the implied constitutional protection of freedom of political communication.

However, just because I hope this complaint fails does not mean that I am not taking it seriously either. And it is not a trivial complaint under the parameters of 18C. It is also a litmus test of Gillian Triggs and the activists running the Australian Human Rights Commission.

That brings me to my second point: if we are to live in a nation with laws like 18C, then they must protect everyone equally.

At the moment they are used as a political weapon against those who express conservative views. And as there is no guarantee that Malcolm ‘Other Priorities’ Turnbull will actually do anything to dismantle the political police force that goes with these laws, then conservatives must start doing whatever they can to even out the playing field.

The sad reality is that activists believe that these laws are only there to protect them.

They have built a narrative where they are the only ever victims.

They have crafted a story in which only their emotions count, and where the only emotion conservatives can be labelled with is hate.

All of this has occurred because conservatives, for understandable reasons, decided that they would not contest the world of human rights. In effect, this has allowed them to be stripped of human rights altogether.

It’s time to fight back and end this one-sided game. That’s why I lodged this complaint.

It’s all well and good for the Australian Human Rights Commission to accept complaints from Aboriginal women and against white males. But will this same commission accept complaints from white males against Aboriginal women?

Who knows, is the best answer I can give at the moment. When I find out more, I’ll let you know too…


UPDATE: Cartoonist Paul Zanetti has also lodged a complaint against Linda Burney and it seems he was even quicker off the mark than me, writing this earlier today:

This morning at 7:30am AEST, I lodged a formal complaint with the Australian Human Rights Commission against the Labor MP Linda Burney for public comments she made yesterday designed to intimidate, humiliate, offend and insult myself, and very likely others, on the basis of my sex, race, colour and age.

Paul goes on to write:

If you’ve also experienced racial discrimination in your life, and you’re opposed to section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act, and you’re a white, middle aged male, I encourage you to google ‘Australian Human Rights Commission Complaint form’.

You can easily do it on your phone while waiting for a bus, train, Uber ride, in line at the supermarket checkout, in your GP waiting room, during TV ads…fortunately the AHRC has made the complaint process a very quick, painless, simple exercise.

It takes just minutes to click, fill and submit.

I encourage you to take advantage of it.

After all, this is what Racial Discrimination Commissioner has publicly advocated we all do if we’re offended.

There’s no cost and an officer of the AHRC will contact you shortly to assist you.

Read his full article here.

(Thanks to readers Henry and Robert).

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Sir,
    This is completely off-topic, but I would like a simple answer to a simple question.
    When I drive around any city, town or village in Australia, I notice the myriad Christian churches (old and new) everywhere I go. I note that most (if not all) clearly state their “team” for wnat of a better word. ie, they are a Methodist church, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Uniting, Baptist, Catholic, Anglican, Seventh Day Adventist, Jehova’s Witness, etc.
    Why then, is it nearly impossible to find out, if the Mosque next door is a Sunni Mosque, a Shia Mosque ? Does a list of Mosques in Australia, and their sectarian allegiances exist ?
    If not – Why not ?

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  2. The Overton Window has definitely shifted. In fact, the entire frame has blown out of Aunty Em’s house and whirled away into the tornado. It will probably fall on Oz with a mighty thud.

    I was downtown the other day listening to an American Black (probably a tourist) hustle a young Aussie millennial who was more interested in her Iphone than his rap. When this became apparent, of course, he tried to guilt her by calling her ‘a racist’. Without missing a tweet, she look up and said: ‘so what. Isn’t everybody?’

    Stuff you hear at the next table.

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  3. “This is the same Bernard gaynour that was fired by the army for saying homophobic things, comes from the hard Christian Right, is a member of the political party ALA which is currently aligned with Geert Wilders and is currently in the process of raising his political profile. He is leveraging the political good fortune of Australia’s first indigenous female senator to further his nefarious political ambitions. He is the bottom feeders bottom feeder. He will force this poor woman to sit down with him to apologise for this bullshit claim then he will launch legal action against her when he rejects conciliation.
    What a scared little boy he is to be so afraid of so many groups that are different to him. Pathetic. Crafty but pathetic.”


    Will you let this post through?

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    • Thanks. I don’t normally let through blatant falsehoods but this time I’ll do it to expose it. And there are many it this diatribe, but I’ll focus on just one.

      I was not fired from the Army. The Federal Court found that the former Chief of Defence Force (current NSW Governor) and the former Chief of Army (current Australian of the Year) unlawfully terminated my appointment as an officer. It also accepted that there were no adverse findings against me. So, once again, it is the ‘progressive’ left who have been founding wanting in both justice and lawfulness. Not me.

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      I’m very offended by this racist and gender comment, why are white middle aged men seen as the evil in society??

      You’ve guessed right, I’m a white anglo male, and I’d like to know why it’s alright for some to use this disaster of 18C for their own gain and “victimhood”. But, when my race and gender, age, again, get attacked by nuff nuffs like this idiot then why is it that we are perceived as evil?
      Don’t white, middle aged men have rights not to be insulted too? Or is that just for you little snowflakes?

      Too many personal agendas interest in politics like this, the law should be for everyone!
      Govern for the people, all of them.
      GET RID OF 18C !!!

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  4. There is a revolution going on by the silent majority. It’s against Political Correctness.

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  5. Tweets
    Michael Mazur ‏@mi_mazur 54s55 seconds ago
    @MarisePayne, “Such a demographic profile is no longer desirable or sustainable”. Pull down the hundreds of ww1 monuments in country Oz ?
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  6. I have been attacked for being white by a mob from when I was 9 yo and moved up north of QLD on the first day of school when lunch time came and had never even spoke a word to anyone yet. I don’t know what you call that but it was just a traditional thing they did to prove who was who to try to dominate over you and get there way over you with fear tactics, that was there culture in the day, it’s just something somewhat like the Romans culture and it was Christianity that was the only true cure for such beastly savage conduct.

    I have had mainly old people insist that I was a Jew because of my sir name for years, I have pointed out that I am a Christian and 6 forefathers were all devout Catholics that I know of and some even Priest, but to no avail they all still insisted I was a Jew. It’s never bothered me at all, because I know better than they do.
    To be called a Jew is the ultimate insult to me being a dedicated Christian (who totally believes in who Jesus Christ is) but because I know they are ignorant I let it slide.
    I informed them that the word is “Hebrew” not Jew THANK YOU VERY MUCH, and there is no such thing as a Jewish race, just as there is no Christian race.
    I had one atheist bloke try to attack me 3 weeks ago because I pointed out such to him as the facts.

    Another thing nowadays is the claim that a person is anti-Semitic, if they are not totally submissive of the Jews, but they reject the idea that the Arabs are a Semitic people as well.

    Under Political Correctness you have no rights to point out what is what in depth or they flip out and think that you are being negative or racial prejudice and I have only pointed out the facts of the mater and it’s got nothing to do with hate of prejudice at all.

    So as Andrew Correll has put forward, maybe I am one of the ones that does know of such first hand and I am in my 50’s that’s looked down as what ever the PC crowd look down on and reject to have the right to speak out.
    But I hope to speak out against what I know about Nazi or Communist traits that the new age Political Correct crowd fool heartedly embrace till the cows come home, I wont tolerate their degenerate ways at all because it works to lead all astray and just into enslavement.

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  7. My suggestion is to replace “conservative views” with “contrarian views”….

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  8. Full Support.

    It is a matter of principle and , despite the lefts agenda, you are actually defending their rights to speak up, as the rights of all NON lefties. Please pursue this all the way

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  9. Good luck either way and you are absolutely right and all white men that go to enlist should file a compaint …s i read the other day Turnbull with AFL team has asked them to make positions available but only for muslim men .. how is that not discrimination ?

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  10. “It astounds me that the people that are advocating for the removal of 18C are basically white men of a certain age that have never experienced racial discrimination in their life.”

    This is a blatant discriminatory statement and incorrectly stereotyped white men who had never experienced discrimination. This is not an factual statement!

    This is unacceptable in view of raging debate relating to section 18C. Now many people’s eyes are being opened to see that this piece of legislation which was intended to protect ordinary people but has become an offensive weapon against ordinary people. Now a growing number of people are demanding abolition of all anti-discrimination legislations, abolishing HRC and relevant agencies.

    Gillian Triggs should be sacked not because she failed in recent section 18C case but also has lied at least three times before the senate committee a couple of weeks ago. We are also demanding that her tenure be terminated and never be employed in any government position nor government funded job like university.

    May I suggest that we make complaint about Linda Burney as ex parte to show that there are several people making complaints too!

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    • If HRC’s Jillian Triggs has lied to a Senate Committee, then surely that should be a punishable offense? This disgraceful woman went after three Qld Uni students for three years and then failed when the judge threw her claims out as being “vexatious”.

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      • To be accurate, Triggs did not refer this complaint to the court. However, she had the power to dismiss the complaint and refused to do so. She also completely failed to inform the students of the ‘conciliation’ conferences she oversaw. These three students went through hell due to the failures of Triggs.

      • THis lady is dangerous..She is politically motivated and continually denies facts and believes she is untouchable!! She is driven by some agenda that belies belief..when she says she and her organisation are for human rights she surely cannot be taken seriously!! Why has this organisation been let to get to this state of affairs under her guide..shame on Rudd/Gillard/Abbott/Turnbull..She’s a fake..get rid off her..

  11. 18C is dangerous and undemocratic.

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    • I am clearly in a minority on your webpage which appears to be purely a fan club. How is what Linda Burney said racist under any circumstances? Fact – you are advocating for the removal of 18C. Fact – you are white men of a certain age. Likely fact – you have never experienced racial discrimination in your life. And if you have then speak out about it in an intelligent fashion. If you are fighting for free speech, this is a very hypocritical & childish way to go about it.

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      • Do you think a boy writing on Facebook “stopping segregation with segregation” is racist or discriminatory? Those behind 18c did. That makes a person of colour referring to “white men of a certain age” in a disparaging manner terribly discriminatory in my book.


  1. All of a sudden Triggs finds the delete button - Bernard Gaynor - […] Rights Commission informing me that, to use the language of Queen Gillian, it didn’t think my complaint against Linda…

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