The progressives vent

You have to hand it to the ‘progressives’. Logic might not be their strongest point, but they are, at least, consistent.

Predictable. And very, very consistent.

Take yesterday for example. Linda Burney made some offensive and insulting statements about white males. So I lodged a complaint with the Australian Human Rights Commission. And then a volcano went off on Twitter. That’s the place where journalists take their cue for ‘news’ these days. It probably explains why pretty much all of them got Brexit wrong. And Hanson wrong. And Trump wrong too.

That’s because Twitter is basically an echo-chamber of the ‘left’ where normal, ordinary folk with normal, ordinary and common-sense views should tread warily. Venture onto Twitter and say something like, ‘I’ve lodged a complaint against Linda Burney due to her offensive and insulting remarks about white males’ and you’ll unleash the hate.

We’ll start with the PG responses and then jump into the gutter from there.

First of all there were the memes. And, I admit, they were even mildly amusing:

Now, I can take a joke. But the problem with these tweets is that they demonstrate the hypocrisy of the ‘progressives’ even at their mildest. That’s because ‘progressives’ support the ‘Thought Police’. And the ‘Thought Police’ are the ‘Fun Police’ too. These guys tut-tut seriously about jokes as you can see from this government-funded campaign to stop racism, run from on high by the Australian Human Rights Commission:


In a nutshell, according to the ‘progressives’ all of the tweets above, funny as they may be, are casually racist because they mock an attempt to stop racist remarks. Further, can you imagine the outrage if the situation was reversed? Imagine if I had used Linda Burney’s language to describe Aboriginal persons, she lodged a complaint and then was bombarded with such Twitter commentary? The police would be called. It’s happened before…

And then there’s the mild abuse that came through:

I particularly like the tweet below. I think it’s having a go at me because I took action against a politician dividing the people into ‘us’ and ‘them’ by using words that some would describe as intolerant hate speech against white males. It also goes onto complain about the ‘desensitised’ and ‘mindlessly obedient’ masses who turn a blind eye to such behaviour. So, in effect, Gary Fitzgerald is really venting his anger by tweeting about himself. Well done Gary!

It got worse from there:

Just in relation to the last tweet, I’ll let Aunty ABC do the talking. This comes from an article written by Andrea Ho in 2013:

“Harden up, it’s just words; get over it.”

I’ve spent my life hardening up so you can have a soft time making easy jokes and engaging in comfortable, casual bigotry.

But I’ve got over a great deal this week, including the hurdles of politeness that made me hold my tongue to keep the peace, excused your ignorance so as not to offend you, cried in the toilet rather than stick up for myself.

I’ve had so much practice at being hard, I’m now prepared to reciprocate with some hard words of my own.

Here they are: you are racist.

Thanks Andrea. I think you just said everything that needed to be said about the progressive left. And whoever could have guessed that it would be from a platform carried by the ABC?

Some of the ‘feedback’ I received about my complaint was simple, blatant anti-white racism:

The tweets from @nitmarluk really stood out. Yesterday he was attacking my 18C complaint on the basis of ‘free speech’:

However, this articulate warrior for ‘free speech’ has not always had the same priorities. It seems his love for the idea of unfettered expression was only developed recently and he has previously strongly opposed any change to 18C:

Of course, some responses were more helpful. For instance, I received a fair deal of cheap, free and easy legal advice about S18D (the clause that’s supposed to ensure 18C is not used as a tool of political suppression):

I thank these experts and simply ask why Gillian Triggs and the Australian Human Rights Commission haven’t read this section that allegedly protects fair public comment? After all, over $500,000 in ‘go away’ money has been paid in the last few years to complainants, including for complaints that are based on zero evidence, as found recently in the case against three uni students from QUT.

And I also offer this response: the failure of Gillian Triggs is not so much based on the fact that she administers an inherently bad law, but that she also administers it in a completely biased manner. She, and her team of activists, decide at a very early stage what is fair and reasonable and it differs completely from the commonly understood meaning of those words held by the rest of the English speaking world.

Just sayin’.

Others were a little more concerned that this complaint was a waste of taxpayer funds and that the Australian Human Rights Commission should dismiss what they deemed as a ‘vexatious’ complaint:

Now, I tend to agree but would go much farther. Gillian Triggs and her entire circus is a waste of taxpayer funds, but we’re lumped with them. So I don’t see why ordinary, conservative and common-sense people should simply let the Australian Human Rights Commission be used as a tool of oppression against them anymore. Hence my complaint which I expect to be taken seriously.

Besides, here’s what these same people have had to say about the complaint against Bill Leak and calls to ‘reform’ 18C:

The media also got involved, expressing their outrage at my complaint. Allan Clarke is the ‘Indigenous Affairs’ reporter for BuzzFeed. He seems surprised that ‘white men’ would lodge an 18C complaint, as if somehow this law is only supposed to target people like me:

Actually, I can understand his astonishment: this law was designed for precisely that reason and it is just another reason why it should go.

Other media figures expressed their usual condescending contempt for anything that that disturbs the PC bubble:

They are a perfect representation of a wider media class that is still struggling to understand how millions of people just voted Donald Trump to be the next US President. See:

Here’s a tip: ordinary Americans are sick and tired of the sanctimonious, condescending and patronising moralising from the self-imposed elite. And so are Australians.

Perhaps the strangest of all comments from the media ‘elite’ came from the Bernard Keane, that bastion of enlightenment. This is what he had to say:

Now I don’t know what’s going on inside poor Bernard’s head, but it seems to me that he rather hates himself. And so, in order to gain some consolation, he condescendingly moralises to others in order to achieve some small internal feeling of warmth and superiority. It’s all rather sad really but it’s clear from his tweet that Keane has lost all civilisational pride in the West. And with people like him setting the progressive media agenda, it’s no wonder the mainstream press has lost the ability to see what’s great about our culture and heritage.

It’s also no wonder that ordinary men and women are revolting all over the Western world against this type of despair and defeatism.

Finally, there were some real weird tweets sent my way.

For instance, I think @LittleBertie01 and @MSMWatchdog2013 will be a little shocked at the fact that they actually seem to be endorsing sexual assault (and then joking about it). But then again, maybe they’re not shocked at all:

Then there was this:

Thanks @pteModil for making it blatantly obvious that you think 18C only works one way. I have lodged a complaint against an Aboriginal. And a woman. And it was after she made offensive and insulting comments about white men. Either this law works to protect us all, or it should be scrapped altogether.

And last, but not least, came this doozy:

Now, I almost agree entirely with Lou’s statement. But it’s not ordinary Australia that’s immature. It’s Australia’s ‘elite’ and twitterati who not mature enough to discuss racial issues. So they have lumbered the rest of us with 18C and then labelled anyone who wants to remove it ‘extreme’. It makes any debate impossible.

It also means that if you are kicked out of a computer lab because of your race and make any statement about it you’ll face years of legal action. But if you make a complaint about blatant and offensive statements regarding white men, then you’ll cop vitriolic abuse from hateful ‘progressives’.

18C and other equally woeful anti-discrimination laws have been imposed on us by the political class, they’re administered by activist bureaucrats and they’re protected by a condescending media. Ordinary Australians don’t need these laws and we are mature enough for this debate. And we’ll have it as soon as the moralising elite let us.


I’m not sure if the government has launched helpline yet for ‘progressive’ bullies who have been called out on social media. However, I bet it’s on the way. In the meantime, if you have found one of your tweets on this page and are feeling bothered, you may like to visit this helpful webpage hosted by the Australian Human Rights Commission. While you’re there, say g’day for me and ask them when they’re gonna get around to acknowledging my complaint.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Unbelievable comments here from people who obviously cant think for themselves ,its obvious that Bernard can and does out class them every time ,as for the outright haters the joke is on you ,you are a Disgrace but what do we expect from people with such low IQ’s Go Bernard Go !

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  2. In all honesty I found all of the people who have complained against someone making a legitimate complaint to the HRC hilarious. Their contradiction of what they support is the sort of doublespeak that 1984 warned us of. Personally I believe Australia could do worse than dismantling all of these government funded “we know whats best for you bodies” thereby saving many billions of dollars from the public purse. I question why we have people with dictatorial powers over the citizens of this country. Can any one explain to me why the average Australian cannot work out for themselves what is acceptable or not. Can any one explain to me what caused these dictatorships to be set up and by whose authority were they set up. Perhaps all of these bodies need to be sent to the people by way of a referendum as to whether they in fact are representative of the people or whether they are the dictatorships that I believe them to be. Will I be prosecuted for having the temerity to question their existence? How much is the taxpayer contributing to theses monolith dictatorships? What is the total cost both directly and indirectly? I somehow feel that the costs far outway any POSITIVE results for the overtaxed people of Australia. I want dollar cost to be made public and published on every Member of the Federal Parliaments website and on the and published in every newspaper in Australia, not just the major city newspapers. Please enough is enough, get rid of these intrustions in our lives at the earliest possible point in time.

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  3. Yet another great article, Bernard, which amply demonstrates the hypocracy of the “left” when their laws are used against them. 🙂 18C must go!

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  4. The Nazis are venting too!

    The German Alt Right makes great Hitler vids which send up the ‘Nazi root of all evil’ meme. Here is the one where der Fuhrer finds out that Trump won the election. Very funny.
    Hitler finds out Donald Trump won the 2016 election (actual scenario)

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  5. That is totally true, that it’s a fact that the elite who are not truly mature enough to discuss racial issues, so they lumber out such PC Laws so as to hide behind such draconian dribble.

    Australia and USA leadership do fear all the Political Correct Nazi types, who are just dupes for Communist dribble and that influence is leading our nations down the drain in every way they can, to destroy the very foundations that created our healthy democracy.

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    • I believe these people live in there dreamy dreamy land, where life is good a the top. Until one of their own turns on them, and all their dreams are shattered and they cry foul. Revolutionary road to tyranny.

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  6. These twits have given me the best laugh I have had in ages, I cannot believe the uneducated naive comments. Samantha Maidens twit says it all about ignorant leftist wankers. Bernard they cannot stand it that you only have to engage 1% of your brain power to show this lot of rubbish they are only halfwits at best. Dangerous halfwits though who need a smack.

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  7. Fully support you Bernard… this rule works both ways!, she is blatantly rude to white males!! We will sign and share,,,,, the revolution is coming!,,,,,

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  8. Stick with it, 18C must go. Your doing the right thing and even these lefty snowflakes will be better for 18C to go.

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  9. Thanks Bernie for bringing this to the fore. 18C needs to go. You and a very few others are true heros.

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  10. Better not to forewarn these people. Or educate them. Let them scratch their heads in bewilderment when events like trump occurs.

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  11. Do not forget that the laws on racism are to be applied equally to all in Australia.

    Politicians should lead by example, its a 2-way street.

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  12. The winning tweet goes to pewpewmcgoo who wrote:”Whitey mcpoopface”. Thank you Bernie so much for fighting this fight. The revolution is coming.

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  13. how do i lodge a complaint against Bernard Keane his comment is very racist and can you help me?

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  14. The last refuge of the weak and language challenged, filth and abuse. One wonders what these cretins have learned in their short lives, other than to use Twitter.

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  15. I have never had a Twitter account. Nobody can express themselves accurately and concisely with a word limit. Ditch the account Bernard and let them Twitter ad nauseous.

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  16. Bernard Gaynor,

    You have much support.

    As Brexit has shown and now the Trump movement, we are with you….

    The silent majority!

    The hypocrisy, ignorance and mind boggling stupidity of the feral and violent hypocritical left, feminist nazis, pro Islamic fanatics etc have shown their true colours when they don’t get their way…

    Keep the good fight going and don’t let the fools get you down!

    Sincere thanks and Regards,

    Eva Janssen

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