What goes around comes around…

Like me, Paul Zanetti wants to see 18C and similar laws shredded.

But like me, Paul Zanetti also understands very well that there is no guarantee under Malcolm ‘Free Speech is not a Priority’ Turnbull that this will happen. Turnbull is more focused on the bread and butter issues that affect ordinary Australians. Things like climate change, hosting Ramadan dinners with Waleed Aly and homosexual marriage.

And given that is the case, we need to assume that 18C and the anti-discrimination industry with their battalions of political police enforcers will be around for some time to come.

So that means we need to do everything possible to ensure that the current rules are made to work for us all. That’s why I lodged a complaint against Linda Burney for her offensive and insulting statements about white males. Paul Zanetti has as well, as reported in today’s Australian:

Cartoonist Paul Zanetti, who was taken to the HRC for a cartoon in the Kalgoorlie Miner that made a similar political point to Leak’s and has been an avid campaigner against section 18C, yesterday lodged his own complaint.

Zanetti said he complained against Labor MP Linda Burney, who said people advocating the removal of 18C were “white men of a certain age that have never experienced racial discrimination in their life”.

Zanetti, who wants $10,000 in compensation, said he was ­offended as it was an untrue statement, noting he had been targeted as a “wog” because of his ethnic background.

“My complaint is no less or no more vexatious or frivolous than the complaint against Bill Leak or the complaint against myself or the complaint against QUT,” ­Zanetti told The Australian.

“It is a genuine complaint. I will take it all the way. I’m prepared to negotiate within a dollar, I’m not completely hard about it; I’m flexible.”

I thoroughly support Paul’s complaint because it is going to expose the systemic and structural bias in this anti-discrimination industry. I’m willing to bet that statements made about ‘white people’ are not deemed racist and that the Racial Discrimination Act (Cth) 1975 does not protect them at all…


Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Australian Brendon O’Connell jailed for 3 years in maximum security for hurting the feelings and giving offense to a member of the super priviledged tribal elite. He is now seeking political asylum in Iran.

    Dr Henry Makow, the Jewish Canadian researcher and author of : “The Illuminati, the Cult That Hijacked the World” features his story in today’s post.


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  2. When we arrived in OZ forty plus years ago, I was told in the vernacular to “Go back you F**king Pommy Bastard”.
    Now that was offensive, when you consider that I am second generation East African of Gaelic extraction.
    But that is nothing compared to being stereotyped as a white person of a certain age that had never been racially vilified.
    The truth and hurt is even harder to take when I am forced to confess that I am white and male after all.

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  3. No Bernard,
    Your complaint will be dismissed because it is invalid under sections 18c and 18d.
    Nothing to do with the colour of your skin

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  4. Let the White males into the victim hierarchy of whinies whose plight requires lawsuits,pc actions, entitlements, guilt industry payola, federal money and reparation schticks.

    In terms of present clout only a female transgender, bi-racial African-Indigenous Muslim, climate-change refugee ticks all the boxes. Did I mention that the African side of this gene pool is cooking with gas in terms of the Ethiopian antecedents. Unfortunately xe auctioned the bar of soap that once was great grand-pa on e-bay.

    Let the White men on the gravy train and they will trump all of the above pre-approved victim categories. Whitemanism as a new pc greivance will draw the ire of all the racial, religious, gender, economic, environmental phobias, isms and priorities. They will go to the front of the gravy train and make the apex whinies cough up their furball. They come with their own pronoun and environmental plight. What’s not to like?

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  5. Good on you both….wish i was a male and i would join you both…good luck

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    • I’m not a male and I would still join you. We all, male or female, black or white, yellow or brown have to stand up against all this PC silliness that is regressing our lives. Human Beings have better things to be doing than answering to ‘racist ‘BS.

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