A Minister of the Crown tweets…

Philip Dalidakis is the Victorian Minister for Trade, Small Business and Government. He has the title ‘Honorable’.

And yesterday he took time out of his busy schedule to tweet this:

For those who don’t have Twitter, the information on my page states that I am ‘pro-freedom, pro-family & pro-Australian’. The information on Big Phil’s page states that he is member of the Andrews Labor government. So, thank you honourable minister, but I don’t think I need your advice when it comes to styling myself on Twitter.

The good news for the good minister is that after his little outburst I have now heard of him. However, a quick google search shows that Phil’s anonymity is not so widespread in Victoria; he’s copping flak for his decision to decree that Christmas Day won’t be a public holiday this year. ‘Minister Grinch’ is what they’re calling him down there.

And I’ve got even more bad news for him: I’ll be headed to Victoria just after Christmas as well, doing my bit to spread a little bit of Queensland there. I’ll be sure to send him a tweet while I laugh it up in Melbourne.

Given the Honourable Minister’s current difficulties it does seem rather strange, to say the least, that he’d be wasting his time tweeting profanities to me in Queensland. But Phil’s got his reasons.

So far as I can tell, they run in this order:

  1. Phil supports 18c.
  2. But Phil does not support a white man like me lodging an 18c complaint.
  3. So Phil has launched a twitter tirade in the name of free speech.

Now you have to give it to Phil because it all makes perfect sense in a very imperfect way. He supports a totalitarian law that exists only for special people.

It’s that simple.

And in Phil’s world everyone is special except those who holds conservative and common-sense views, especially if they are white. Or male. Or both.

Of course, the actual, specific logic of Phil’s argument is non-existent. He has no argument. He just has abuse. In fact, abuse is the entire substance of the pro-18c and anti-discrimination industry’s stance. They want to be able to abuse who they see fit and they want to silence any dissent.

This has all been exposed in recent weeks. Any pretence that 18c or the other anti-discrimination laws are ‘fair’ has gone out the window. We now know that the progressives want ‘equality before the law’ replaced with ‘what-privileged-minority-group-are-you-from-before-the-law’. Further, it’s clear that 18c and similar laws have nothing to do with stopping real hate speech, as Phil should well know given his Jewish background. 18c has been entirely impotent against Islamic leaders calling for jihad against Jews and the rest of us. But it has done a pretty good job of dragging average uni students through years of hell. Phil is strangely silent about that.

The direction of 18c is entirely predictable. Jihad ranting whackos are not white males with Christian/conservative views but they do want them exterminated. So jihad ranting whackos are allowed to flourish under 18c.

Conversely, uni students who express disdain for the concept of racially-segregated computer labs show a disturbing dose of white male conservatism. Hence they are a target for these laws.

And, horror of horrors, if a white conservative male dares to lodge a complaint against racially-charged statements about white conservative males then the entire system goes into meltdown. That is precisely not what 18c is for.

Well, I will remind poor, horrified Phil of this: with his beloved 18c in place I have three choices.

I can be silent. Given I’ve served this nation on operations to defend ‘freedom’ I’m not really prepared to do that.

I can debate the statements about white conservative males and risk the likely scenario of a complaint being lodged against me. I’m not really keen on that idea either.

Or I can lodge a complaint of my own. And that’s what I’ve done.

Predictably, someone has gone off like a pork sausage on a hot summer’s barbeque. Unpredictably, it happened to be a Victorian government minister who simultaneously insulted Queensland as being the, ahem, land of wankers.

I’m sure he’ll regret his words because they are entirely inappropriate on so many levels. After all, Victoria is the land of Safe Schools which is funded by the government that Phil is part of. And it is so ‘pro-wanker’, as Phil would put it, that it teaches primary school kids about masturbation.

Thanks for your input Mr Dalidakis. It’s highlighted your real self, your hypocrisy and your lack of substance. In fact, your words describe you very well.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Philip Dalidakis, what a slithering piece of work. Why is he not called to account for his attacks??? Oh that’s right. It’s the left that matters, not its perverted hypocrisies…

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  2. The AHRC should go. The editorial of The Australian (Nov 22, 2016: “Fighting for human right of freedom of expression”) is incorrect when it states that the Commission does “not generate jobs and growth, as Malcolm Turnbull and others point out, these are important issues if our nation is to thrive socially as well as economically and be a true liberal democracy.” And yada yada.

    The AHRC certainly does generate jobs. It has spawned an entire Political Correctness Industry of PC officers, cultural sensitivity trainers, white privilege educators, gender construct consultants, gender transition counsellors, multicultural enforcers and directors. These have been unleashed upon schools and workplaces across the nation. Not to mention its entire network of The Offended who busy themselves watching, dobbing, reporting, complaining, hectoring and shaming.

    The worst of it is this industry’s commitment to brainwashing school children to ‘report’ on their parents for being extremist, Islamophobic, racist, anti-Semitic, homophobic or whatever.

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  3. When it comes to child abuse Victoria leads the way , Reina Michaelson Young Australian of the year previously 1999 or thereabouts , exposed some heavy things about abuse of children ,seems many in high places despite their moral standing are at the pits of child abuse and Ritual Murder of Children.

    I will also continue to expose the safe schools program, and their lowly creator or puppet should we say, who’s work will be done when the racist flag on the parliament building is gone and replaced with a Red One, My work here will be done, Wow !! can you believe that ?? it proves to me Liars Criminals and Traitors are in Power for this is worse than child abuse its Downright Criminal.
    Yes Chest Binding Penis Tucking Masturbation ,sex aids ,all for school kids ,and of course Boys and girls can come dressed as the opposite sex if they so desire ,and they can even offer counselling and advice in regards to transition into transgender ,Wow they have the Marxist’s agenda down pat ,time we spoiled their party in a big way and booted them out.

    As for what’s his face the one who this story was about ,and Bernard’s Commitment to free speech, and Rights Truth Love and Freedom, not hard to see who’s side I am on and yes the 18c rule {it’s not law}is nothing more than a tool to silence truth ,which is the enemy of any so called Government and obviously Free Speech is often truth ,and that’s why it needs to be silenced, from their dimwit lying perspective that is. Its also being used against so called Anti-Semite’s Who unbelievably offend the So called Jews LOL.

    But people only need to look around, do some research to find out who is running the show,Media Banks Hospitals Schools Ect because then they’ll find who put these rules in place and what they have to hide ,and as they themselves say ” If they knew what we say about them they would kill us openly ” Research what the Talmud Says about Jesus Mary and everyday people who’s families are Christian going back to 1788, TALMUD .

    Anyway that’s my little rant for the truth ,because I have a right to say what I like within reason! especially when it is true, unlike some court in 1988 in Canada saying ” www Truth is No defence” think about that, and thanks again Bernard Gaynor for standing up for Families and for Free Speech ,as they Say ” I Don’t always agree with everything you say , But I’ll fight to the death to hear you say it ” Come On Australia spread the word Free, Free Speech out with 18c rules .

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  4. When will Victorian voters wake up to the thuggery of guys like Mr D who in all probability is just another Union thug. His uneducated tweet is a clear indication of his socialist attitude and their aggressive behaviour if you disagree with their domination. They don’t understand or have never learnt the meaning of the word Democracy and Free Speech.

    George Orwell said it all in his story about 1984.
    “Freedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear” George Orwell.

    Bernie is a great example of that freedom ! His reply is a gem and what every thinking person should be doing to defend our freedom. Neither politicians or governments have the right to stand over or put down any citizen’s free speech. They work for us, not the other way around !

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  5. What make someone come out with nasty trash foolish dumb statements like that, when holding such a position in Government.

    One must be a real degenerate to have ago at what’s just true democracy in action.

    The Poor bugger may just realise, that it’s the end of the line for this so called ALP we now have in Australia, as the traditional ALP voting people are just starting to wake up to some of the cunning deceptions.
    Ones as such as this honourabble old mate, have gone way to far with all this full on Sodomite pandering nonsense and when the poor deluded under 30’s who have been so easily brainwashed, do truly wake up to the cunning deceptions of honourabble types that such a filth monger will be set running for the hills.

    I have seen no one that is totally against Gays at all in Australia, but we all have a right not to be disrespected or to be silenced by moronic Political Correct Nazi type thugs and if people stand up against such PC Nazis, don’t all people have every right to do as such and if one thinks not, surly such are truly dictatorial or Communistic thugs for sure.
    I believe we are under attack from the stealth and cunning of such evil degenerates who are working to destroy all healthy democracy’s.

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  6. I would like to call him deplorable but I wouldn’t want to give him any credibility. It’s only a few years ago and those comments would have cost him his “job”.

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  7. Another pip-squeak! No wonder the country is going downhill!

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  8. We agree it is an issue of CHILD ABUSE without knowledge to parents let alone consent! The SSP must be abolished as this Gov. is on borrowed time. Taking Christmas Day out as a public holiday smells of vilification of CHRISTIANS.

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  9. Mr Gaynor as you have stated you are ‘pro-freedom, pro-family & pro-Australian. Is the Honorable Philip Dalidakis suggesting wanting freedom makes a person a wanker, if you are pro family you are a loser and likewise if your pro Australian it is being a moron. That seems to be the essence of his post. If that is the case he has offended me and everyone else who holds those same values. Also is the demand you stay in Queensland a threat? It sounds very much that way to me. When you go down to Victoria I would be careful and make it known you are concerned as you never know what theses kind of people will organise to have done. He sounds dangerous.

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  10. Well done, Bernard. Now we can see why Victoria is in the mess it is in .., “honourable” ministers wasting time tweeting offensive abuse ! Thank you,

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  11. Islamics calling for jihad against the Jews tends to fall into that category of youtube vids which offer the candid mind a look into the rabbithole at some depth.

    My personal favourite is “Al-CIA-DUH Jewish Al Queda Exposed Adam Gadahn AKA Adam Pearlman, Grandson of an ADL Board Member”

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  12. My goodness, the Honorable Philip Dalidakis certainly does not seem all that honorable…not very intelligent either. Come on Mr Dalidakis, we expect more from ministers than potty mouth cheap shots on twitter. Lead by example, please!

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  13. Vic. MP Philip D. is an embarressment so also his Gov., with the child abuse of children and youth under SSProgram.

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    • They say people get the government they deserve but what have Victorians done to deserve the Andrews government ? A probable answer is to have a Liberal opposition so close in policy terms to Victorian Labor that folk down there either can’t or won’t pick between the tiny litlle differences that separate the two parties.

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