What bomb?

About a month ago a man drove a van filled with gas cylinders into the carpark of the national headquarters of the Australian Christian Lobby.

Then he set it alight in what appeared to be an attempted bombing. I say ‘attempted’ loosely. The ‘incident in Deakin’, as the ACT police called it, resulted in extensive damage to the Australian Christian Lobby building.

This ‘incident’ briefly attracted media attention but since then there has been complete silence, except from Miranda Devine who penned this pertinent piece in early January. I suppose the ‘incident in Melbourne’ has distracted reporters.

We have no details about the man’s name. We have no details about why he set a van alight outside the Australian Christian Lobby. And we have no information at all about the motives for this ‘incident’. All of this is so, even though this man ended up in a Canberra hospital and the police have admitted to speaking with him ‘briefly’ while he was dosed up on painkillers there.

In fact, it is not clear at all whether the ACT police even declared a crime scene. Or if they will lay charges.

All we have is a short statement released the next day. It made about as much sense as any bureaucratic statement from a government organisation these days.

Firstly, the ACT police claimed that this attack was not religious or politically motivated. Then they went on to state that they will investigate the ‘incident’ including any previous threats to the Australian Christian Lobby.

So the ACT police have ruled out any religious or political motivation before even investigating the political or religiously motivated threats to the Australian Christian Lobby.

That’s rather like putting the cart before the horse. But I don’t want to tell the professionals how to do their job.

Instead, I’ve asked ACT police media for an update. Hopefully they will respond, although I am rather inclined, like the ACT police, to arrive at early conclusions: at this stage I’m ruling out any likelihood of a response, possibly due to religious or political reasons.

These were the questions I asked:

  • What is the name of the person involved in this incident?
  • What is his condition and has he been released from hospital?
  • Have any charges been laid in relation to this incident and what are they?
  • Was a crime scene declared at the scene of the incident?
  • What details can ACT police release in relation to any motivation for the incident?
  • Can ACT police release any other information about this incident?

If I hear anything I’ll let you know. And if I don’t, well, I’ll let you know as well.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Why make a comment? But I will.
    1.) Congratulations to Bernard G. for a 110% effort.
    2.) re ACT episode: note that we are talking about the ACT police and consequently the ACT government,which is further to the left than Lenin. So what would you expect?
    3.) Re the Melbourne episode: what is the political complexion of the Victorian government? That collection of left-wing PC queers was the only thing that allowed Turnbull to scrape in by one seat; so no doubt he is going along with them in gratitude.

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  2. This is an outrage and demonstrates the contempt that the fascist power brokers now hold for mainstream Australia. Keep fiddling while Rome burns and there will be a reckoning.

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  3. Bomb! What bomb? Since a Christian organisation was bombed, count on the FNN (that would be the collective Fake News Network) to drop this outrage down the memory hole. The police will get round to looking into it when they get round to it.

    Look on the bright side, fellow Goyim and Deplorables, we will be spared a sermon from the moral high ground by our fave poster Muslim, Waleed.

    Last week the FNN which was all over the pro-abortion Womyn’s March on Washington and gave everybody in pussy ears a soundbyte somehow missed the annual March for Life (Jan 27). This pro-life event with a strong Christian presence usually attracts approx. 1 million. Should the FNN deign to mention the event (count on it, they won’t) they’ll be calling the independent Christian news sites which reported 1 mill attendance: ‘fake news’ because it was only hundreds of thousands (don’t you know).

    Can’t stand the FNN. Off. Off. Off. Public BS. Central BS. National Broadcasting Cucks. American Broadcasting Cucks. Hooters. In the rise of ethnopolitics, let it be asked: did jeu know who owns the networks and the lugenpresse?

    Here is Milo laying out ‘ownership’ for Dave Rubin on the subject of the ultimate taboo at 42:50.

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  4. Bernard you should write an article on the incompetence of the Melbourne cops and the fiasco on Flinders street. Once again high-ranking cowards have turned our Police forces into the Red Army of 1941: Rigid, confused and afraid to take any initiative lest they get punished by their overlords. What is going on? First the Lindt Fiasco and now Melbourne!

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  5. They like to keep us in the dark and only tell us what they want us to hear. Same with the Melbourne car slaughter, no mention that the perpetrator was a Muslim convert, even though he said on Facebook that he was a Greek Islamic Kurd and made threats to take people out.

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    • And no mention that he was yelling out ‘Allahu Ackbar’ as he drove around in circles outside Flinders St station.

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  6. I along with a majority of Australians support our police. But how can they expect support when they treat us as poorly as they have over recent issues. Come clean coppers, dont take the public for granted. When you are seen to lie to us or make unsubstantiated statements shortly after an incident, especially regarding terrorism, then in my eyes you are devoid of respect for me. My respect for police hierarchy will likewise be diminished.

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    • Alvan when you become a member of the Police you have to bow down much more to what the Government push nowadays, Political Correctness is now god and now totally over shadows the Police service and the prime objective is now all about image, due to fear of the Media powers of hype and spin, that the new age insensateness degenerate bogans sadly now idolise, truth and reality is far from such clowns who have been brainwashed and clearly can’t see past there own nose.

      Political Correctness was the key to the power that Hitler and the Communist used, so as to destroy the peoples freedom of speech, without Political Correctness they would never of had the power to do the evil of what they did, because people lived in fear of speaking out against such PC dictating madness.

      Political Correctness truly is a pox on a Nation.

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  7. Some further questions might be :- What time was the explosion? What time did the burn victim present at the hospital? Who took the victim to the hospital? I have seen unconfirmed reports that despite very serious injuries the “victim” walked 4.5 Km to the hospital and that nobody reported seeing him on the way

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    • Ken,

      One wag said that the Police didn’t pick him up on the way to the hospital because he wasn’t speeding.

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  8. We are all waiting for answers.Perhaps they feel that it’s too close to their “home” to give us a truthful answer.Or maybe because it was against a body speaking to Christian beliefs that it wasn’t politically correct to make a comment.Whatever the reasoning we at least deserve some comment in the matter from our elected leaders.

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  9. You can make a freedom of information request (?)

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