Multicultural marriage

You can’t have ‘multiculturalism’ without accepting other cultures. That should seem obvious but maybe it’s not so clear to the deluded ‘Left’.

Or maybe it is. Maybe they want everything that other cultures have to offer.

Like child marriage.

Today’s Australian newspaper reports that a seven year old girl has now been placed on an airport watchlist in order to protect her from her father and his desire to marry her off to his cousin overseas:

“The Federal Circuit Court has placed the name of a seven-year-old Sydney girl on the airport watchlist after her mother expressed fears that the child’s father was planning an arranged marriage between the girl and her cousin…

…She told her mother that she had been promised in marriage to a cousin, who lives abroad. She had already been taken to meet him and he had given her sweets.”

The report doesn’t mention the word ‘Islam’ or ‘Muslim’. But I’d bet that this situation involves both.

Regardless, the multicultural reality is that if we are to accept Islamic culture we need to accept child marriage too. I say stick that up your burqa.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. I have held this Mantra for decades and I wish EVERYONE particularly Politicians delete the word MULTICTURISM, Multicultrural etc etc from their vocabulary when talking about Australia.

    Australia IS NOT, NEVER HAS BEEN and NEVER WILL BE a Multicultural Society.

    Australia may well be a Multi-Racial society determined by the government of the day.

    Australia has only one culture and that is the Australian culture. Bring your religion, your colour to this great land but when you arrive you either assimilate into the AUSTRALIAN CULTURE of piss off from where you originated.

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  2. Child marriage to near relations (cousins) is definitely the province of Islamic cultures. This should be considered a conflict of law with Islam until demonstrated otherwise.

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  3. Is this an issue of Islam or something else? Note that the child was able to inform the mother who then went ahead and reported the matter and arranged protection. So the mother clearly does not feel bound or oppressed by the same societal laws as the father (and thank goodness for that). Which infers that the father’s behaviour is quite possibly at odds with those social norms. It could be more a domestic dispute. Meanwhile think about how many Australian women were murdered by partners and ex-partners last year (1 a week on average and mostly from Anglo- celtic backgrounds). Uneducated angry power-mad men are not the province of Islam alone.

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    • Islamic law (Sharia law) mandates killing apostates, raped women, women who don’t obey the family orders, gays, and people who don’t convert. Islam mandates men to control and own their women.

      You are insulting all Australians, and Australian customs and law which have always forbidden and punished murder, by suggesting it is accepted. Your comments about Anglo-celtics is racist and unacceptible.

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    • Your contortions to divert from islam by suggesting there is any other group of people where a father would try to marry a seven year old girl to her cousin, or that it is an ordinary domestic dispute, is laughable.

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  4. I came to Australia in the early nineties from the Christian minority of Iraq, over the years I realised that the way multiculturalism in Australia and all western countries has been managed and applied on the society is caotic and disastrous, if this multiculturalism thing is not controlled asap and re-planned by honest, decent and patriotic social engineers with the input of honest intelligence personnel it will soon become the biggest conspiracy against the western civilization and it’s way of life that is based on Christian doctrines !

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  5. Islam is a Damocles sword hanging over our way of life… even the left signed up originally to Multi Ethnic immigration and not Multi Cultures. However none will admit the grave mistake.

    The Trump action on Immigration is brutal but necessary; as hard braking is to the passengers in a car in an emergency.

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  6. For a woman to put on Islamic dress symbolises submission to a culture that either will, or may, subject her or her daughters to fgm.

    So when we see little girls in Australia thinking it cute – well, they are little, to wear colorful head dress symbolising Islam, that’s the beginning to later total subjugation by males, eventually leading to fgm of all the women, for there are, after all, some 200Mn women to whom this outrage has been done.

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  7. Please start a petition we can all sign

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  8. Do Procurement Laws not cover these deviant animals?

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    • I too have been wondering the same thing. If one becomes involved with prostitutes or sexual deviations of various kinds and has to have a discussion with police, one word wrong can lead to a charge being laid, and yet, here we see this sort of thing never mentioned.

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  9. Everyone who comes to live in our Country must assimilate and respect our law. They must teach their families to as well and leave the beliefs that contradict with our way of life, behind.

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  10. 18c introduced by Labor, is a blatant attempt to muzzle Free Speach, in line with the ideology of the Left, that thinking for one self and freedom of expression and ideas, does not comply with their group think. The QUT student case was an appalling example of how 18c can be misused, and reinforces the need for it to be repealed.

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