Malcolm in the Muddle

Malcolm Turnbull is likely to become Trump road-kill.

Trump has changed politics completely and forced politicians the world over to suspend the dithering and take sides. And it seems likely that the side that will emerge victorious is that of the ordinary normal person (translation: that would be conservatives).

Unfortunately for Malcolm, his instinct is to dither and dither leftish. It is not likely to bode well for his future and may well result in the end of the Liberal Party as we know it: in the current environment a coalition of liberals and conservatives has no future.

Trump’s first week has been nothing short of a conservative revolution with his ban on immigration from a number of Islamic countries now a pivotal moment for the Western world.

Labor and the Greens will react by moving further to the fringe Left. This will keep their rabid supporters happy, even as they descend into civil war over such idiotic things as whether feminist protests oppress trans women (translation: that would be blokes flouncing about in high heels and the answer is of course and, more importantly, who cares).

Meanwhile, conservatives will push for change now that the politically-correct shackles of lunacy have been cut loose by the American President. All of sudden, it is now permissible to bluntly state the obvious: Islamic immigration is not in our interests.

And it’s already happening. This is from George Christensen on Sky News yesterday:

‘I think Trump has got it right and it’s something I have been saying for a while.

‘Suspend the refugee intake and look at those countries with a high level of radicalisation and simply ban immigration from those countries into Australia.’

The backbench MP says he would be willing to ban entrants from countries from western countries like France if the ‘department of Immigration concludes there is a high level of radicalisation’ present within the populace.

‘If the Department of Immigration says there is a high-level radicalisation in France then I have no problems with saying no more French nationals in Australia.’

The man on the street is likely to support that statement. But for the politically-correct liberals within the Liberals who live in the media bubble, it is heresy.

So Trent Zimmerman has fired back:

Liberal MP Trent Zimmerman has rejected his Coalition’s colleagues call to suspend or ban people based on their nationality, saying Australia’s immigration policy has been ‘phenomenally successful.’

‘The suggestion we should ban people on the basis of what country they come from goes to the heart of banning people accord to their nationality.’

‘Leaving aside whatever moral obligations we have to assist people in these dire situations, the facts are overwhelmingly refugees who come to this country make an extraordinarily positive contribution to our society.’

There is a delicious irony in an openly homosexual Liberal MP supporting suicidal Islamic immigration. We can always count on the Left to provide us with a laugh.

The stage has been set for war within the Liberals. And so far Turnbull has been caught like a deer in the headlights.

Malcolm is desperately seeking for a way to fend off criticism from the progressive media who are demanding that he oppose Trump, while simultaneously hoping to please the conservatives within the Liberals who have put him in power and who want Trump-like action to rectify the progressive disaster that has overtaken the West.

Unfortunately for Malcolm, such a solution cannot be found and he won’t be able to muddle his way out of the middle.

It is a time for sides, not fence-sitting. At the end of the day, Turnbull, Zimmerman and the like are probably going to find that they have more in common with Labor and the Greens than the Liberal Party membership. And conservatives in the Liberal Party are likely to question why they continue bothering to hand out how-to-vote cards for fakes.

2017 will be an interesting year.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Given that so many of our parliamentarians have no understanding of our legal tradition, despite being lawmakers, are we really, I mean REALLY supposed by all this??

    If you asked them what the golden thread was, that would think it had something to do with their parliamentary superannuation than the basis of criminal law!

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  2. It is not their nationality or the color of their skin,immigration should be stoped, if you lived in Mt Druitt,Blacktown you would see these people are not fitting in with our way of life,they are violent people.

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  3. We need help in the political arena, This idiocy can not continue. So many will die, trying to save our country. The reason is, because too many still have no idea what is going on globally.By the time they wake up it will be a last ditch attempt to do or die. We need the actions of a Trump, Stop the infiltration is Islam. We are in conflict over so many issues, it is divisive and defeatist.

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  4. The genesis of the progressive ‘millennial’ media is a result of left-wing indoctrination in the schools and universities. Turning off the tap of this indoctrination is extremely vital if western civilization is to survive the century intact. I dare say turning off this tap of brainwashing is more important than stopping illegal immigration (not saying we should turn a blind eye there). Ultimately if we do not attack this hydra we are flogging a dead horse. Trumps can come and go, but if the schools are producing brainwashed ‘progressive’ millennials, then we are only delaying the inevitable. Time for a new curriculum and an end to propaganda in our schools.

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    • It is no surprise that there is a high demand for private schools and that low fee private schools are popping up all over even in low income areas.

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      • Accurate! and this is why the Liberals fund private schools. Yes the intent is good, but ultimately it is a knee jerk reaction and a stop gap-solution that bypasses the real issue. Ultimately they need to confront the Marxists who have infested the public school system. Failure to do that means parents will fork out more and more so their kids can receive a half decent education. In addition to this the number of anarchic and indoctrinated millenials will increase.Politics aside, school is a place for students to learn: Science, numeracy, literacy and some history/geography. School should not be a platform for educators to impose their will and indoctrinate their students.

    • So true, for as of school year 2014, Holocaust Education is part of the curriculum in public schools Australia wide.

      As a result, by design, white Aussie kids leave school addled with guilt, not much good for anything, by design, while multicultural kids can remain smug, giving them a huge advantage in functioning as effective human beings – jobs, social relations, marriage, having kids, you know, everything.

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  5. only problem I see with this, as a voting block Labor + Greens are to big to ignore, and with a split in the coalition, surely some left leaners will defect to the other side taking their voters with them. whats worse, dithering Mal or full blown lunatic Shorten ? can you imagine the damage Labor would do to this country AGAIN

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    • mal has already stuffed this country ! or can’t you see that ? there is no more handy money for the libs,so they look to the people who can least afford a cut in the pittance they get..

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    • Malcolm is so dangerous and I believe the UN or Saudi or maybe even Soros are paying him off to destroy the party so that labor can open the borders and we will be invaded by fighting age Muslims same as Europe. This is part of their Agenda and we have already had multiple terror attacks plus so many foiled by the Federal Police thank god but still Turnbull and Shorten and the Greens plough ahead and have no thought foe the safety of Australia or Australians.
      Look at the ridiculous bail laws. 6 now dead in Melbourne and more critical thanks to the judiciary bail system and another murder in QLD also by a man on bail. The police strongly protested both decisions. The persons responsible for this should be put on trial as accessories.

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      • Hear hear Pat, so glad someone else can see it.

      • I have serious concerns about PH. Especially when i see the news story where she is cozy with both Ashby and Kate Mcgregor. How can we trust a political leader that keeps changing her mind and saying that she couldn’t do without her offsider. She has only seemed to expel candidates who have spoken out against LGBTI’s and that proves that it is the COS running the show especially when in 96 Pauline didnt agree with gay marriage or homosexuality.
        “I don’t change my tune, whichever way the polls are going. If you look at what I said 20 years ago, it’s exactly what I’m saying today. I’m a type of person who can make a decision. The past makes you more aware of what not to do in the future.”– Paulines words in Sunday mail Today.

        What about back in 1996 when she said that she thinks homosexuality is unnatural and that she disagrees with gay marriage and that asians will overtake Australia. In her own words are these still her views and if so she needs to get over her homosexual COS and get her real views out in the public space or stop lying to the public.

        Next in the Daily Telegraph Pauline said.

        “Hanson has been cautious about overtures from some Australian Liberty Alliance candidates who have sounded her out.
        “One of them came to me and told me that he could bring a thousand grassroots members with him. But I told him straight out he would not be getting a seat at my table,” she says.
        “We don’t need him. Their grassroots members are welcome and they are already coming across. But none of their original candidates has anything to offer us.”

        To me this means that she wants all of us supporters but doesn’t want the really true conservatives like Bernie or others because they will show her less than conservative nature like having no policy on SSM. Instead she drags the bottom of the barrel and chooses but one ex ALA candidate who is also very far from conservative. Locals in that electorate of Gympie are vowing not to vote ON solely because that ex ALA candidate is endorsed. But as PH stated, “But none of their original candidates has anything to offer us.” that is certainly true for that candidate.
        So in ending all i can say is if you are a conservative supporter then please please be very very certain and sure that you want to vote for PHON which could turn its back on Islam problems and Pauline will continue to be a puppet and a voice for the LGBTI community as her COS is now.
        We really need to stick with the true conservative like Bernie, George Christensen and Cory Bernadi.


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