Paul Syvret says Muslims are the Jews of 1930

Paul Syvret in today’s Courier Mail, working himself into a lather about Trump:

Quite simply the similarities between Donald Trump’s America and the rise of fascism in Germany are so stark as to be unavoidable.

This is writ large in his regime’s moves to persecute and marginalise a significant proportion of the population based largely on their religion.

In short, the Muslims of the world today are the Jews of the 1930s.

Paul’s really outdone himself there. The Islamic State has sent rivers of blood across the Middle East and in Western nations and Syvret’s jumping up and down about Trump.

That’s typical, and so is Syvret’s failed grasp of reality. Maybe we should chip in and buy him a copy of Islam and Nazi Germany’s War. Here is a brief summary:

In the most crucial phase of the Second World War, German troops, fighting in regions as far apart as the Sahara and the Caucasus, confronted the Allies across lands largely populated by Muslims. Nazi officials saw Islam as a powerful force with the same enemies as Germany: the British Empire, the Soviet Union, and the Jews. Islam and Nazi Germany’s War is the first comprehensive account of Berlin’s remarkably ambitious attempts to build an alliance with the Islamic world.

Drawing on archival research in three continents, David Motadel explains how German officials tried to promote the Third Reich as a patron of Islam. He explores Berlin’s policies and propaganda in the Muslim war zones, and the extensive work that authorities undertook for the recruitment, spiritual care, and ideological indoctrination of tens of thousands of Muslim volunteers who fought in the Wehrmacht and the SS.

Islam and Nazi Germany’s War reveals how German troops on the ground in North Africa, the Balkans, and the Eastern front engaged with diverse Muslim populations, including Muslim Roma and Jewish converts to Islam. Combining measured argument with a masterly handling of detail, it illuminates the profound impact of the Second World War on Muslims around the world and provides a new understanding of the politics of religion in the bloodiest conflict of the twentieth century.

Meanwhile, this is what Poor Paul Syvret had to say when conservative New South Wales politician, Fred Nile, was blocked from entering the US for President Trump’s inauguration by the Obama administration:

Nothing to see here

And this is what Poor Paul Syvret had to say when it looked like our government would deny Dutch politician, Geert Wilders, entry to Australia:

Nothing to see here

And this is what Poor Paul Syvret had to say when pro-life campaigner, Troy Newman, was denied entry to Australia:

Nothing to see here

That’s right. There’s nothing to see here because Paul Syvret has double standards when it comes to border protection. He’s all up in arms over Trump but entirely silent when conservatives are denied entry.

Considering that we are on the subject of what things look like, here is a picture of Nazis reading about Islam and the Jews. According to Poor Paul Syvret’s logic that booklet is probably fair and balanced.

SS NAzi read about Islam

And here is another picture of the people Poor Paul Syvret claims are living under imminent threat of genocide today:

Islam today

All I can say is c’mon Paul, you’re taking the fun out of all of this. You’re supposed to make it hard for people like me to out you as a goose. And then you go ahead and do it all yourself (again).

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Paul Syvret believes that Allah will never change his mind about all infidels being put to death.
    Koran 33:61 Cursed where ever infidels are found, they will be seized and put to death. Such has been the way of Allah with those who have gone before them. And you shall find no change in the ways of Allah.
    He believes that evil should always be rewarded with evil.
    Koran 42:40 Let evil be rewarded for evil.
    He believes that cutting the head off an infidel is an acceptable practice.
    Koran47:4 When you meet the infidels in the battle field strike off their heads.

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    • Jews do not go around blowing people up for a reward of 72 virgins no Christians are killing muslims

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  2. Anti Semitism ? I have always thought the Arabs and the Jews were both Semitic peoples.

    When one mentions the Jews that means they are of that type of the Jewish religion, it’s not a race end of story.

    When one mentions the Moslems that means they are of that religion, not a race.

    I believe there are many different types of such Jewish and Moslem religions and with knowledge of such types sure helps to understand what you are dealing with.

    Even now in 2017 I get people calling me Jewish even when I point out that I am a dedicated Christian, Political Correctness does not point out such facts because it’s position is does not believe in such things, the only position is the radical line pushed at the time to advance the atheist Satanic cause, the whole point of the Satanic Political Correctness is to cause chaos and that’s what we are seeing going on in the world nowadays, just look at the USA now that such degenerate PC morons are trying to cause chaos.

    Political Correctness is a cancer ! for years it’s cunningly been working to undermine and destroy, bankrupt, bastardise, and corrupt everything in the name of Satan that leads the whole world astray.
    Fact is a lot of people can’t see that such a system as PC does not truly value anyone to question it’s motives and it treats all people like mushrooms.

    We have some so called christen groups coming out of the wood work pushing ‘End of times’ and other religions play on this as well, and I have come across people with this madness as well, they are happy to push to cause havoc, war and hell on earth, but they believe they will be raptured up, they believe that they will not go through the hell fire, so they are willing to claim that the ‘means justify the ends’, just like communist and PC morons do and to have a one world government established in the State of so called Israel.
    But the fact is that true Christianity is Israel ! who do they think they are going to serve ? Jesus Christ is the Beginning and the End ! and Israel truly in fact means ‘the Servants of God’ and the Jewish religion is not true Israel, because they rejected it due to the Political Correct games played on them 2000 years ago that deceived them of that fact.

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  3. When we helped the Jews Flee none of them were committing terrorist attacks in Western countries there no no risk to our country helping them.

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  4. Most people do not understand the relationship between Islam and the nazis. The photo of the nazi soldiers is of the 13th Waffen SS Handschar (name of a local knife used by the Ottoman police) division formed in late 1943 from Bosnian moslems. The division had the distinction of being the only SS division to mutiny after the less than sensitive training they received. Even the Nazis had problems it seemed lol.There main reputation was of terrorising and murdering christian Serbs in the partisan wars in Yugoslavia. They wear the distinctive moslem fez,collar tabs are of a scimitar and swastika. There are photos of the grand mufti of Jerusalem with this division along with photos of him and Himmler.
    Paul Syvret’s comparison is idiotic at best, lacking any moral or historical accuracy. Islamic immigration and its associated anti-semitism is seeing the Jews of Europe flee to Israel in increasing numbers where as moslems are fleeing moslems and a retarded islamic culture in the Middle East and seeking a better life but bringing their cultural religious baggage with them.
    Lefty idiots abound it seems.

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  5. Bernard has some your photo’s here been censored

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  6. The problem is, that people are actually reading the articles by the likes of Paul Syvret – and believe him.

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