Two days ago I wrote that Trump was likely to steamroll Malcolm Turnbull. To be precise, this is what I said:

Malcolm Turnbull is likely to become Trump road-kill.

Trump has changed politics completely and forced politicians the world over to suspend the dithering and take sides. And it seems likely that the side that will emerge victorious is that of the ordinary normal person (translation: that would be conservatives).

Unfortunately for Malcolm, his instinct is to dither and dither leftish. It is not likely to bode well for his future and may well result in the end of the Liberal Party as we know it: in the current environment a coalition of liberals and conservatives has no future.

I know a week is a long time in politics. But it didn’t even take that long. Less than 48 hours later it has emerged that Trump trumped Turnbull in their recent chat in which he also apparently hung up on Big Mal. This is from the Sydney Morning Herald:

“…Mr Trump blasted the Australian Prime Minister, boasted about his mandate and the size of his inauguration crowd and said that “this was the worst call by far” of all his calls with world leaders.

The Prime Minister on Thursday refused to disclose details of his phone call with Mr Trump, though he insisted he stood up for Australia in every forum.”

And this is what the President of America tweeted:

Turnbull’s time is up. This will finish him.

On the one side he’s got the lefty elitist media now calling for him to stand up to Trump and asking why he’s so weak. His media mates have deserted him for someone with a bit more ‘progressive’ spine.

But on the other side he’s faced with the fact that every conservative in Australia is rolling about laughing.

Malcolm is stuck in the middle and in today’s world politicians go there to die…

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. “Muslim ban” is a short way of saying: “tsunami of barbaric, murderous, decapitating, primitive, rapist, inbred, paedo, intolerant, terrorist, acid-chucking, stoning, ultra-sexist, alcohol-banning, destructive, bombing, etc etc etc HELL-BEASTS”.

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  2. Trump is admired by patriots and nationalists the world over for his principled stand on American immigration law. He doesn’t have to make new laws – merely enforce the existing ones.

    The same should be true here.

    As people, Americans and Australians are on the same page with border security and enforcement of immigration law.

    My family recently came here to visit me. Believe me there was plenty of immigration and vetting at the Australian airport. And these are people who applied for the required documents before they ever left for Australia.

    Why is there one law for people who, with good will for Australia and Australians, people who honestly declare and document their intentions with regard to immigration and another law for people who bypassed Australian embassies in many countries which are religiously and culturally appropriate for them – countries in which there is no conflict with their religious laws? Those in detention might indeed be refugees, but they chose to bypass Australia’s front door refugee and immigration policy.

    Turnbull is wedged in a cleft stick of his own making. And Donald J gave him the wedgie. But will this be his wake up call? Turnbull should doing for us what Trump is doing for the US. The two leaders should see eye to eye on our respective national interests – which lie together on this issue.

    Australia should be enforcing our own immigration law and look for the US to do it.

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    • Absolutely agree Lynda, turncoat should resign & install someone like Cory Bernardi who has some nous

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  3. It would have been great to see Abbott talking with instead. I’m sure that would have been a completely different kettle of fish

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  4. Malcolm is in the middle of a muddle!

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  5. It beggars belief that the coalition could think for even a second that this imbecile could lead a united party and be a decisive leader at that.
    He’s a waffler, a ditheter, lacks strength and coherence, has zero vision and is completely ineffectual. Her has zero backbone to take the left-wing media head on and call out partisan opinion where it masquerades news.
    Either they do him within the next 3 months or the party may never recover.

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    • As an American it appears the Australian PM was struck by the ‘Trump Train’ … He hit the Political Tracks running the Monday after his Inauguration and all the stops are off ….

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    • But he “bought” his way in, so that’s OK !!!

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