Our victory!

Today the New South Wales Court of Appeal handed down a judgement that effectively ended three years of progressive totalitarian action against me – and all Australians who dare to express conservative views. This victory could not have come without your support. As such, it is not mine. It belongs to all of us.

I issued the press release below a short time ago. Now I am off to celebrate with my wife and family. The bubbly will flow tonight…





The New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Board and the New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal have received a blunt court ruling today that ends their unlawful and unconstitutional actions against non-New South Wales residents for their views regarding homosexual marriage.

The New South Wales Court of Appeal found that these actions violated the Commonwealth constitution. Unfortunately, the ruling still allows costly action against New South Wales residents who dare to express conservative views on marriage and family.

The judgement also ends almost three years of costly legal action and effectively terminates 32 complaints that had been brought against me by serial homosexual complainant and self-described ‘anti-free speech’ activist, Garry Burns. The Court of Appeal decision states in relation to the complaints against me:

“It follows that there is no operative power to refer such a complaint from the Anti-Discrimination Board to NCAT, nor for NCAT to determine a complaint which has been referred, nor for NCAT’s order purporting to determine such a complaint to be enforced.”

Until this ruling was handed down, I was facing the prospect of fronting a kangaroo court and fines of up to $1.6 million. These fines would have been payable to Garry Burns.

As a result of the ruling, former Victorian political candidate, Tess Corbett, has also been spared contempt charges that may have resulted in her imprisonment.

It is clear from today’s ruling and recent revelations about the operation of the Australian Human Rights Commission that the entire anti-discrimination industry is operating outside the law. This industry is best described as a political police force for the Greens.

A Royal Commission is warranted into the operations, motives and actions of the henchmen who have become a self-anointed ‘Thought Police’ of Australia and the various states.

I will not hold my breath waiting for that to occur. But I have instructed my legal team to commence legal action against the New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Board as soon as possible.

I have good reason to believe that this will be successful: after all the Acting President of the New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Board has admitted in writing that her organisation has breached its own statutory obligations under the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 (NSW). The Board failed to provide me with information in relation to its ‘investigations’ into me.

As such, it is appropriate to note that in this lengthy farcical saga the only people to have breached New South Wales anti-discrimination law are those who enforce it. It should not be a surprise at all that this is how ‘Thought Police’ operate.

I also hope that the New South Wales police will now take action against Garry Burns for his decision to contact Islamic organisations and to offer them my personal family details. This has caused great stress for my family and forced us to move residence for our safety. The New South Wales police have declined to take any action on the basis that I was subject to anti-discrimination complaints.

Finally, I thank my wife, family and the thousands of Australians who have supported me. I could not have defended myself without their generosity and assistance. This victory belongs to all of them.

And I must thank God as well. He has truly protected me.


Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Thanks Bernie. Your long task of restoring freedom of speech is greatly appreciated.

    We appreciate your battle and victory even more as we have seen what happens if freedom of speech is suppressed by the recent events in the UK. Britain First’s party leader, Paul Golding was recently imprisoned and fined for fronting up to an islamic hate preacher who said it was okay to keep sex slaves.

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  2. Happy Day! Let the momentum roll against 18C.

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  3. Fantastic news!! Congratulations Bernie,the Legal team,and all logical,stable-minded Australian’s! Well Done!

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  4. I cannot believe Australia has gotten to this ugly place.. My family escaped Poland in 1946 because of this kind of crap…Left wing marxist and anti populist politics…

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  5. A huge thank you Bernie , from all of us you have proven sanity and common sense can beat the lost in the wilderness tribe running our over staffed and incompetent bureaucracies .
    Please become Australia’s Donald Trump. Kind regards

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    • Australia’s Donald Trump?
      Surely you wouldn’t wish that on him…….

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  6. Australia owes you a tremendous debt for putting everything on the line for our freedom. Thank you.

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  7. Congratulations to you and your family Bernard wonderful news

    Gary Burns offering your family’s address to Islamic organisations in his attempts to incite hatred and fear needs to be prosecuted. If the NSW Police do not prosecute then questions should be asked as to why not? The law should not be biased. I for one will watch this space with interest.

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  8. Team Gaynor wins. All is well in the world. Well done Bernie.

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  9. “The New South Wales police have declined to take any action on the basis that I was subject to anti-discrimination complaints.” Off course the lazy overpaid tools would take no action, taking action? Heaven forbid! That involves proper police work! We need a new leader to purge 80 percent of our police force. Time to bring some tough cops from the US.

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  10. Thank you for being willing to take on a Goliath. Fantastic win. Congratulations!

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  11. Thank you for your faithfulness to your country and your fellow Australians. We are in awe of your courage in taking up this challenge from Australias enemies,

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  12. Well done Bernard….I hope that sticks it to him and the anti discrimination bunch

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  13. Fantastic news Bernard. So happy for you and your family. Enjoy your celebrations. You deserve it.

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  14. Well done. That celerbration tonight is well over due so enjoy it. A great win, and a start to dismantling the government funded, politically correct terrorist organisations set up to silence Australians.

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  15. It’s a good day mate and a huge change is happening throughout the whole world!
    I’m proud of my great country and I will support all patriots around the world!

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  16. A Great day for you and Australia I wish you well in your claim for costs and compensation.

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    • this is great news – go out and let your hair down

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  17. Bernard, we supported you because you were brave enough to fight back against the hideous oppressive practices of the thought police; the serially “offended”. You and you alone have stood your ground for what is right for all of us. I am sure that I speak for many who are so very grateful.

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  18. So pleased for you Bernie. Well done. Drink up. Xx

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    • Congratulation Bernard….justice prevails.

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    • Awesome…finally the wheels of justice have been restarted by you.lets hope it spreads mate.

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    • This is great news Bernie…so glad for you

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    • Congratulations you are a legend Bernie and an inspiration to all to stand up and fight for what’s right for humanity. Suck eggs Gary
      Burns. thanks Joy Prins

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