Cory Bernardi set to lead conservative Australia

The rumours have been building for some time now. Cory Bernardi will launch a mainstream, viable and credible conservative party. If he does it will be for one key reason: the Liberal Party has left Bernardi and its conservative base hang out to dry, while it goes gallivanting after the Greens, retweets and ABC affection.

Last week several outlets announced that this would occur shortly. Now every journalist is running ‘exclusives’ claiming it will all happen tomorrow.

It seems likely: all my sources have been saying the same thing.

Of course, if Senator Bernardi does launch tomorrow there will be something else that will give this new party an incredible electoral advantage: it will be the only mainstream, viable and credible conservative party in Australia.

That used to be the Liberal/National coalition. Then it embraced climate change targets, pushed gay marriage, racked up debt like it doesn’t matter on the taxpayers’ credit card and crowned Turnbull king. So it gave up any hold on the ‘conservative voter’ market a long time ago.

And this market is not a niche one. It is the largest slice of the electorate and where all the growth is.

Hanson, Katter, Xenophon, Palmer – all these figures (and the parties that they lead or led) are reactionary and ego-centric. They may have good instincts on occasion but they also get it wrong. Furthermore, because they lead authoritarian organisations, members get no say and are left to watch silently when the leader sails the ship towards the rocks.

However, it is true that these parties can garner support on occasion. But they are still not stable or conservative and they live only as long as the fan club holds it together.

All the indications are that Bernardi will not be launching a fan club. He will be leading a conservative political party that will endure long after him. This will empower members, drive confidence and ensure stability. It is exactly what Australia needs and what conservative Australian voters have been thirsting for.

Brexit and the election of Trump mean that Bernardi has timed this perfectly. The last major political force to rise in Australia was at the end of World War Two when the Liberal Party of Australia was born. That was 70 years ago. So it is no exaggeration to say that the present moment is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

And it would be no surprise either if Bernardi’s actions kill off the Liberal Party as well.

It no longer has a purpose except as a career path for professional politicians. Nothing highlights this more than the fact that Bernardi’s move is likely to end the aspirations of the leading Liberals from both sides of the party divide: Turnbull and Abbott.

These men represent polar-opposite ideological views in an irreconcilably fractured party that has been held together by no other force than personal ambition.

Turnbull has presided over a party contemptuous of its members and their wishes. Many have already abandoned his ship. If Bernardi walks, much of the rest of the conservative base will as well. And that leaves Turnbull running a diminished organisation that truly is no different than Labor, with one exception: it will be led by a man who proves every day that he has no conviction of character.

Labor may be a disaster but at least we know that whoever leads it will unashamedly back its disastrous policies.

Turnbull prefers to dither around his train wrecks and that is just embarrassing.

And that leaves Abbott.

Conservative Liberal members were irate when Abbott was ousted. But they were also irate at him for selling out just when he arrived at the top. They would have forgiven him after the coup if his mea culpas looked genuine. But it appears that Abbott is continuing to sell a flawed message: conservatives need to stick with guys like Turnbull if they want something done.

Abbott still doesn’t get it. Conservatives know that working with guys like Turnbull is precisely why things don’t get done.

So Abbott’s pitch is really about his own self-interest. He wants conservative numbers to bolster his own position.

Abbott more than literally led conservative Australia. He was the PM that promised conservative hope and then delivered little. It was not because he lacked the numbers. It was because he lacked the courage. And now he has given up all claim to the title of Australia’s conservative leader by maintaining the illogical line that conservatives need to support Malcolm Turnbull’s ever more liberal Liberal Party.

If Abbott remains with Turnbull he will become the leader of the irrelevant and compromised conservatives. Any conservative politician who sticks with Abbott will die the political death as well.

Even if Abbott did join with Cory, his role will not be that of Australia’s conservative leader. That role will go to a man with courage, conviction and the ability to act decisively.

If he seizes the moment that man will be Senator Cory Bernardi.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Bernard hopefully you and the ALA Kirrillie ,Kim Vuga ,George Christainson ,Pauline Hanson and 1 nation the Patriot groups and maybe even Jackie Lambie can get together and hash out and support the new AUSTRALIAN CONSERVATIVES PARTY ,There are millions of True Blue Aussies that will support Corey and this new party. God knows we need GOOD PEOPLE TO TAKE BACK AUSTRALIA AND RETURN TO THE MORALS VALUES AND CULTURE THAT OUR VETERANS FOUGHT AND DIED FOR . LABOR/GREENS AND THE LIBERAL PARTIES HAVE TOTALLY BETRAYED AUSTRALIA AND MUST BE TAKEN OF OUR POLITICAL MAP , THEY ARE TRAITORS.

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  2. The biggest problem here is our electoral system which is rotten. The idea of direct representation is a farce. It is undemocratic and it only favors the big parties. We need proportional representation to ensure everyone’s voice counts.

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  3. Cory has just made the announcement 7/2/17. This is a great moment for all Australians, even the leftists, because Cory has the good of all Aussies at heart and you can just tell when he talks the amount of passion he has for our country. Now conservative Aussies have a true conservative Senator and party to back instead of a try hard who pinches other party policies and uses sound bytes to try and fool us while working with minority groups, who only have their own agendas in mind, in the background. About damn time.
    Go Australian Conservatives!

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  4. If only Cory Bernardi was the Liberal party leader.

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  5. “United we stand, Divided we fall”. So long as the minor parties can see the value of this often and true quote Cory will be the ‘leader’ we have been waiting for.

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  6. Any new party or leader that wants to lay claim to the title ‘conservative’ needs to address the longstanding breach of the Social Contract. Australians have either given up rights or freedoms, or had them taken by force or deception. This is in return for an ongoing litany of broken promises of security and protection that the leaders are unwilling and unable to keep.

    We can no longer trust any government or most parties to deliver and it is time for Australians to face this fact and begin to reclaim our responsibilities. It will be interesting to hear Cory Bernardi’s views and see how he addresses this core issue.

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  7. Communicated with Cory before the last election and suggested some strategies to go after Labor and its lying electioneering and even suggested the catchcry …”Don’t Let Labor Bankrupt The Country Again”! Cory liked it and passed the suggestion onto the Liberal Campaign Office but it ended up in their waste paper bucket. Cory used it himself and he breezed in!! The Liberal Party is history – Go the Australian Conservative Party!

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  8. Please join Cory Bernardi’s party Bernard! Let’s get this country back on track before it is lost

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  9. At last there will be a party which emphasizes principles, not politics. Senator Bernardi has always impressed me as a man who is unafraid to take a stand for the most honourable and sensible answers for Australian issues. He never wavers when he’s inevitably under fire from the Opposition or the poll-driven career politicians within the Coalition. I admire the calibre of this man’s character and I appreciate his values. This is definitely the only viable party for me.

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  10. Wish I could see Cory alone moving to the crossbench making a real difference.
    Hoping I am wrong and that he can make this change work !

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  11. Thank God you’ve done it, we are behind you all the way. Big change takes courage and guts so go for it.

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  12. I have been waiting a long time for this to happen. I’m sure that you have a lot of followers Cori. Now go out and show all that you are the statesman we want
    Get rid of 18C and Halal Certification. Make Islamic Schools and Mosques more accountable.
    All the very best Cori. Please don’t let us down.

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  13. Finally, someone has articulated my apprehensive feeling about PHON and my reluctance to throw my time and efforts in their direction when ALA took a hiatus. C’mon Cory, Just Do It!

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  15. Hear Hear.
    As always Bernie you speak wisdom.
    Australia is at the stage that it needs Cory, George, Bernie and the other true conservatives. Forget Hanson and PHON, She has already proven herself to be a puppet for the LGBTI community and the candidates i have met are also not conservative and will follow whatever line Pauline spews forth. That shows them to have no courage, no fortitude and no will of their own, or at least a will that they are not allowed by Ashby to show. We need this strong party with a STRONG VOICE. Yahoo!!!

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  16. Very well said Bernie, GO CORY!

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