Iffaiyah Waazah-Llefte: Tuck Frump (or journalists are priests and voters too)

Today bernardgaynor.com.au welcomes a new semi-regular contributor, Iffaiyah Waazah-Llefte.

Iffaiyah Waazah-Llefte

Iffaiyah Waazah-Llefte is a progressive modern thinker deeply worried about the attack on fragile humanitarian world values today. She will be semi-regular contributor to this webpage. Please be nice.

Iffaiyah brings a new voice to this webpage: she claims to be a moderate, enlightened progressive. And in the interests of diversity I am proud to provide her a platform on this webpage. Never let it be said that we don’t cater for everyone’s views here.

Without further ado, here is Iffaiyah’s first piece.


Let’s get straight to the point. You don’t like me and I don’t like you. I am a leftie. In fact, I am more than that: I’m a progressive, secular, modern, empowered, Islamic feminist.

We do exist you know. And we are everywhere, all around you. You just have to check Twitter out to know that.

We may not all be Islamic. Or even women. In fact the former is just one small part of my life and the latter is nothing more than a binary construct devised by a misogynistic patriarchy to disempower the weak. I reject the notion of ‘woman’, even as I proudly call myself a feminist and I welcome my transgender sisters in our march for freedom.

There are thousands of us meeting in indie cafes in trendy suburbs all over this land, comparing beards and photos of gay nephews. All of us are desperately hoping that Malcolm will finally have the courage to legalise love and usher in a new era of empathy, equal wealth for all and cooler weather.

Furthermore, I know that even you climate-change deniers want some of that in the current record-breaking heatwave. You only have yourselves to blame. If you hadn’t kept feeding Holden with the taxpayer teat it would probably only be 25 right now.

I also want you to know this: I feel like I am dying inside. If this is not the end, it might as well be.

And there seems no one to turn to. Turnbull and most other world leaders are simply missing in action.

Let me explain what I mean. Democracy is dead. Well, at least the idea of it is. It was supposed to see great leaders rise. Statespeople who could unite. And now we have Trump. It is proof that you can’t leave things to other people.

Now many forward-thinking, progressive humanitarians are reaching the conclusion that we might need to rethink democracy. I will delve deeply into that moral dilemma in future, but suffice to say at this stage that democracy is frailer than we all thought.

If the majority want Trump then it is clear that the majority is wrong and cannot be trusted. So we need a new version of democracy: responsible democracy. That will only happen in the short term if we heed the call of our modern moral authorities and in the long-term if we recognise that education is far too important to leave to untrained and ill-prepared parents.

Hey, don’t blame me if you don’t like the message: I’m just saying what thinking people are pondering. And it’s your fault if you voted for Trump in America, or if you cheered him here in Australia. You’ve made the rest of us feel indignant and violated with your political bigotry.

However, until there is a revolution in our failed democracy, then all we can do is hashtag and hope. Hope in flawed Malcolm.

If ever there was a time he needed to stand up, it is now. We face a monster in the White House unlike any we’ve seen before in world history and it seems that the only person willing to stand up to him is that gorgeous bloke from Canada.

Our Prime Minister needs to take a carbon-neutral leaf out of his book. After all, Trudeau’s not lagging behind in the Newspoll. Turnbull wouldn’t be either if he just listened and acted like he has a sense of social justice or emotional intelligence.

And there’s no better place for him to start listening than with the progressive media. These brave journalists and commentators remain above politics. They don’t despoil themselves by allowing their opinions to be tested by a vulgar public vote. As a result they are free to speak as our enlightened, secular moral authorities.

And they speak with passion, conviction and force. Indeed, one of my close girlfriends is a ‘reformed’ Catholic. She’s simply replaced Sunday Mass with the ABC. It’s cheaper and more patriotic she says.

The message, Malcolm, is clear: if you want to be anointed by the High Priests of today, you must Tuck Frump. See:


It is clear from these Tweets, a mere glimpse of wider public opinion, that these righteous people are courageously standing up to injustice today. And they want you to as well Malcolm.

But if you don’t see the need for justice’ sake, I’ll put it more basely: journalists are voters too. And it just seems that they might not be voting for Malcolm in future. That’s probably why his Newspoll numbers are dwindling.

As a progressive, I urge Malcolm Turnbull to take on Trump. He’ll feel better about himself, we’ll feel better about Australia as it will provide us an opportunity to wash away the sins of the past, and the people will rally around Malcolm again…

PS – How ungrateful is Bernardi? Just after Malcolm donates $1.75 million to the Liberals he’s off rocking the boat. It is a perfect example of the loose moral fibre of conservative values…

Author: Iffiayah Wazza-Lefte

Iffaiyah Waazah-Llefte is a modern, secular, progressive Muslim feminist, deeply concerned about the loss of social justice and humanitarian values in today's deeply divided and fear-filled world. Embrace the love is her motto and it applies to all.

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  1. Iffaiyah brings insight into trying to be aware of the opposition’s world view. Well done.

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  2. Iffaiyah’s a great asset to the website. Great value. The Oz Deplorables will want to hear more from Iffaiyah on a regular basis.

    She should definitely go to the Antifa demos against One Nation and the new Conservative party with her pals. I can only hope one of them will be in a brqa

    And it be will be great to see some photo ops of her in that vagina get up or at least with those ears over the hijab. Whatever the Grand Mufti has to say about it will be hilarious. Maybe he will slap a fatwa on her. However the FNN reports it, it will hilarious. And if she does that lalalalala thing and gets uploaded to youtube, she’ll become a sensation – bigger even than Grumpy Cat.

    And she must be interviewed by poster Muslim, our very own Walid on The Project.

    The Deporables want to know: is she a WoDioHo (woman doing it on her own)? Does she have a couple of little mozzies who are jihading for the Leftoid agenda with mum? Her fans will want to know when little Moh beheads his first goat in the mosque.

    Naturally the Deplorables want to hear Iffaiyeh’s opinion about Malcolm, Trump and a range of subjects.

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  3. ‘If I was a Lefty’ I reckon I’d already be campaigning for Iffaiyah to be AOTY 2018. If you disagree with her getting the award on account of her being fictional, then you probably are are a bigot in need of re-education.

    Bravo, Bernard, for providing our Iffaiyah with a forum to express her views! If only there were more voices like hers on the ABC, for instance! 😉

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  4. I actually started to feel sorry for Iffaiyah, but then realised that she doesn’t actually look like Hillary Clinton – The pics are just for show… right?

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  5. Haha. Too funny!

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  6. There is a revolution happening alright, just not your type of revolution Iffaiyah. ?

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  7. Hmm….., Iffaiyah Waazah-Llefte can be grateful that Bernard and his supporters are passionate believers in freedom of speech. We may not agree with what you say but we respect your right to say it in a free and democratic society. Have a nice day, dear.

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  8. are you serious Bernard

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    • Iffaiyah’s very serious…;)

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