Navy sailor: ‘I’d spit on the flag and burn it’

Defence is currently prioritising women. Over capability.

And it’s prioritising indigenous Australians as well. Over capability.

And, of course, it’s gone political. Uniformed bodies marching down Oxford Street on Mardi Gras night with every left-wing political party in Australia is proof of that.

So how can anyone be surprised by this story in the Daily Telegraph:

THE Navy is investigating an anti-Australia Day Facebook post made under the name of a Cairns-based officer that included threats to spit on and burn the flag.

Micqaella O’Shane, also known as Micqaella Pryce, is understood to work at HMAS Cairns and the message appeared on January 26.

The message, which has been deleted, also featured a picture of her in a Navy uniform.

Sailor Flag

The post made on Micqaella O’Shane’s Facebook page.

It will be very interesting to see where this goes. Remember, I was sacked for my views on marriage and Islam. But I did not express them in uniform. And they supported extant Commonwealth law (the laws Defence is there to protect).

Micqaella O’Shane appears to have dropped a photograph of her in uniform on her Facebook page and used that to support her offensive comments about our Australian flag. But sacking her might upset the female indigenous recruitment pool.

What a quandary.

Welcome to New Age Defence, where PC recruitment plans, politics and plain-old hypocrisy see the Australian Defence Force reduced to a laughing stock at war with the flag it serves.

Meanwhile, here’s a question for you: if you burnt an Aboriginal flag how long would it take before an 18c complaint limited your freedom of political communication?

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Take heed of the last 7 words of your disgusting rant. If you had ant decency, you would resign.

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  2. She did the Defence Indigenous Development Program. She got pregnant during the course (as many of the females do) and the Navy waited for her to have the child then she went to Basic Training. I think this is extraordinarily ungrateful of her. Her family also spout this kind of nonsense yet they are the first to take advantage of such courses and the government money. As for the Indigenous Defence programs both Army and Navy, well they are looking for quantity over quality. It’s only a handful on these courses that are deserve to wear the uniform, I wish them well in their careers. However let’s look at the majority: trainees on the program have assaulted each other, fraternized with each other when it’s clearly forbidden – male trainees with pregnant partners at home impregnate and/or date female trainees and take drugs on leave and claim there drink was spiked. There is much more that I’ve not disclosed here. Most of them display lack of honour daily. Defence does nothing yet they know what’s going on. One incident on ‘pub leave’ had a drunken female trainee get her friend to assult another female due to jealousy over a male trainee, with a pregnant partner at home of course. They got the red carpet into basic training. How can you trust people who behave like this in a non stressful environment to act with integrity and honour on the battlefield? I should also add that people who have failed psych are let through via this avenue as well.

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  3. I wonder if she is any relation to Pat O’Shane the biased and agenda driven former NSW magistrate who eventually got done for .05.

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    • Yes she is related to Pat. Can’t you tell. Her grandfather, Tiger O’Shane would tear strips off her if he were here.

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  4. This country has only one flag that represents the whole nation. In other countries burning the national flag or doing anything that is disrespectful brings some very drastic penalties. But if I was to burn a racist banner which some claim to be a flag but is representative of only one race( Which makes it racist) I would be given all types of titles such as racist white dog, murderer,baby stealer invader etc. None of which is applicable to me.
    A dishonorable discharge after court marshal is appropriate as far as I am concerned. I woujldn’t trust her to blow her nose let alone stand beside me and fight.

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  5. Micqaella O’Shane,you are an attention seeking fifth collumist agitator and a product of the an over generous system you see fit to abuse.
    Your very small percentage of aboriginal blood does not entitle you to speak for anyone but yourself.
    ADF recruiting standards must be slipping badly.
    You are a member of a conquered vanquished race of losers.
    Take a leaf out of the book of the many races that have faced the same fate over the history of mankind.
    GET OVER IT AND MOVE ON. Be gratefull you were not put to the sword for dissent,like some our ancestors were.

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  6. Must have taken many years of brainwashing to become someone who hates their own freedom which is represented by our flag.

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  7. Using “indigenous” descent for rights and benefits. What’s new? Correction….. exploiting.

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  8. This whingeing wastrel needs to remember that she – quite obviously – has European ancestry as well as aboriginal ancestry.

    So she should have the basic honesty and decency to recognise ALL her ancestors, not just whatever there are in her aboriginal strands.

    And the inescapable fact is that if Captain Cook had not landed here – then she, personally and physically, would not exist.

    That’s right.

    If Captain Cook had not come here – she would not be here.

    She owes her very existence to the arrival of the Brits and everything that came with them and after them.

    It is an absolute joke to hear her sniveling, useless, “poor me” comments – particularly when she, as a serving RAN member, is receiving good pay and good conditions to serve her nation, under its flag.

    Which is HER flag, too – because no aborigines ever had a flag before the 1970s.

    If she has that much contempt for her nation’s flag – she should pack up and push off.

    Real quick.

    And if she won’t – she should be tossed out on to the street, on to her Gadigal clan, Eora nation backside.

    Where she can continue to whinge, whine, moan and groan at peace and in leisure.

    Poor little petal – poor little prancing princess.

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    • Let’s face it Jim from Boomba, if Princess Micqaella wants to live under Aboriginal Law she would not be here. Her Elders and Law men killed babies of mixed race. They didn’t believe in Multiculturalism and Diversity. And I don’t hear any criticism of them from the Leftoids, Cultural Sensitivity Trainers and Diversity Managers.

      It was those awful Whites, those hateful haters who were not OK with mixed race babies born to Aboriginal mothers being killed under their laws. So they took them and created a stolen generation for whingers like her to whinge about.

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  9. This person does not deserve to be in the Navy or any other defence force!!

    My eldest brother served in the Navy for 25 years and due to his love of the law and justice he became a Barrister a few years after he resigned from his post.

    He would have court martialled her by now if he was still in his role in the Navy.

    What a disgrace she is, not only to the country she has grown up in but to her aboriginal family and friends

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  10. What a disgrace. But she’s happy to wear the uniform and collect a pay cheque.

    Won’t be seeing this in the news will we??

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  11. This Micqaella creature would not be an exception amongst other indigenous RAN personnel, would she ?

    I mean, if she were they would have distanced themselves from her remarks by now, wouldn’t they have ?

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  12. This is disgusting. In this politically correct 18c climate i would not advocate anyone joining the ADF. Back in the early 90’s the Army was a great place to be employed even though we were training for the first gulf war. We still knew where we stood and that the soldier beside us could be relied on to the death if need be. Now our current soldiers have to worry about the soldier next to them, where do their true allegiances lie? What ideology do they follow and are they going to open fire on our own? This person joined the Navy to protect Australia, not spit and burn the very flag she serves under. Not even instant dismissal would be good enough for this non patriotic poor excuse for an Aussie enlisted personnel. The only piece of good advice in her tweet should be directed back at herself. ” Get over it”
    Remember ” We are Not Responsible For Our Ancestors Actions” so yes, GET OVER IT.

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    • Well said Bryan. I couldn’t agree more.

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    • i think she loves australia…. but she hates what the flag represents… as is her right..
      i thought we lived in a free land

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      • It’s not just the Australian flag that she is insulting but all the men and women that fought for her freedom that she has that is hurtful to Australians including indigneous people who also fought to keep Australia free. She ought to be reprimanded and fined as well.


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