What really went down


I was there on Thursday. At the most evil function ever held in Australia.

We know it was evil because the Sydney Morning Herald has told us. Not directly so, but in the subtext and the contorted reporting about the context.

The Sydney Morning Herald report starts like this:

“Let’s be honest, I can’t stand Muslims,” said Larry Pickering, cartoonist and VIP guest at the Q Society fundraising dinner held in Sydney on Thursday night.

“If they are in the same street as me, I start shaking.”

Then the cartoonist, who had donated for auction one of his own works depicting the rape of a woman in a niqab by her son-in-law, softened slightly.

“They are not all bad, they do chuck pillow-biters off buildings.”

Subtext: anyone who supports the Q Society is a racist bigot. Full stop.

Context: turn an off-colour, off-the-cuff comment at the end of the night into a serious statement and run it as the main event of the evening.

For the record, I heard Larry’s comment.

Was it funny? No.

Would I say it? No.

And, for the record, it went down like a lead balloon.

But for those who weren’t there, the Sydney Morning Herald has put what came last, first. It has changed the context of what was said by leaving out other things that were said. And the black and white text simply does no justice to Larry Pickering: he was clearly not advocating violence against homosexuals but was making a very poor joke.

I’ve always said that the Thought Police have no sense of humour. They are the Joke Police too. Eventually, in the PC world, smiling will be banned along with jesting. After all, jokes are un-PC. They poke fun at absurdity. And I’ll get to the absurdity shortly.

But back to Larry. After he made his joke he also said this:

“So it’s not Muslim that we should be against, it should be Islam.”

Now that quote did not make the ‘big’ story. True, the Sydney Morning Herald did quote it along with the entirety of Larry’s speech in another story, but it’s simply not the same thing.

And that statement makes it clear that Larry rejects Islam, doesn’t hate Muslims, and opposes an ideology that justifies throwing homosexuals from buildings.

The Sydney Morning Herald also left out another quote from Pickering in its accusatory piece. This one:

“I mean, I was brought up very religiously, so I, you know, I- not that I’m religious. I mean, I’m not. But, uh, you know, they made me read the Bible every night, and I thought it was a load of shit, to tell you the truth.”

And that’s just hypocritical of the Sydney Morning Herald. This failing newspaper rails against anti-Islamic sentiment. But it’s entirely silent about anti-Christian statements.

That’s probably why it’s failing.

The Sydney Morning Herald also had a crack at Ross Cameron for his speech. In my opinion, it was one of the funniest speeches I’ve heard. Witty, informative and interesting. And the delivery was brilliant.

Unfortunately for Ross, he made the mistake of failing to show due reverence to Emperor Hadrian’s homosexuality and affection for a young boy. Gay History Month is so 2012. It’s gotta be Gay Adulation Month now.

Plus Ross also praised Hadrian for building a wall. You know, the kind of wall Trump wants to build. That didn’t go down so well either with the progressive media. After all, a wall might stop Islamic immigration.

And we can’t have that.

Thankfully, the Sydney Morning Herald has given us all the last laugh today. It has Ross Cameron plastered across its front page.

SMH Front page

And buried deep down on its webpage (but not its print edition) is this little story:

Milad Bin Ahmad-Shah Al-Ahmadzai jailed for 18 years for gay nightclub shooting

It goes on to say that Al-Ahmadzai would not stand for the judge and that:

“A motive for the shooting has never been uncovered.”

Really. I wonder what Dumbo is running that investigation. I mean, even the Sydney Morning Herald went on to point this out:

“Al-Ahmadzai has been serving time in Supermax for unrelated offences, including threatening to slit the throat of an ASIO officer and ram-raids on ATMs.

He is alleged to be linked to a group of Islamic extremists operating a large terrorism network in Sydney.”

Luckily, the justice system cannot pinpoint any possible motivation for a gay nightclub shooting by an Islamic extremist who has threatened to kill an ASIO officer. But it will consider other more important details:

“Judge Bennett said his sentence had taken into account the fact that Al-Ahmadzai suffered from an inflammatory bowel disease that made prison particularly onerous for him.”

Thanks to the Sydney Morning Herald, we know that making poor taste jokes about the Islamic State’s threat to homosexuals is big front page news. But Islamic extremists actually blowing away homosexuals in Sydney is not a big enough story to even make the paper.

That’s so absurd, I might even call it a joke.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. More power to B.G.keep taking it up to them..

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  2. The Islamisation of Oz (aka Dar Al-Harb) proceeds apace. Not only does the FNN censor factual reports of Alahu Akbar hate crimes, Aunty Oz brings forth their poster Muslims for the Yada Yada breakfast programming to sit down with the expertocracy and lecture us from the MHG.

    This is a situation that causes the halal spam to rise.

    I was listening to A.M. Yada Yada on Aunty Oz this am at a café which had a large screen TV for the breakfast crowd. And the channel was turned to Aunty Oz when, who should appear in the J-screen, but poster Muslima – Susan Carlton. She was trotted out in her headgear to lecture us on the subject of badly behaved children in public.

    I did try to block it out. I went to the loo in hope that her seg would be over when I returned. Not a chance. It was impossible to resume my breakfast, so I took my blood pressure pill. I offered it up for the holy souls. … In the end I decided on direct action. I just called out to my fellow sufferers. ‘Does anybody else find this offensive?’ How enheartened I was when a chorus of voices responded. And there was also a polite show of hands. Embarassed laughter. And a rude comment from a bogan in the latte line. This triggered a Political Correctoid who complained about Islamophobia to the manager and vowed never to return to that establishment which tolerates ‘Islamophobia’. General laughter. He mounted his high horse and was riding out the door when our bogan joked to the staff – ‘ I hope you have a gender neutral toilet?’ General laughter. Aunty Oz was switched off

    Yes, my friends the Overton Window is shifting.

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    • Wonderful, Lynda, so refreshing

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  3. The Orlando Nightclub shooter admitted in the RELEASED FBI TRANSCRIPT WITH THE HOSTAGE NEGOTIATORS the motive for the attack was retaliation for drone strikes (he named the incident) and that he was ISIS. And of course his Imam said we [Muslims] need to kill gays… with love on videos that have been released.


    It’s mainstream news in America that the FBI delayed the release of the cold hard fact it was an ISIS attack on gays on American soil until after the election so Clinton could run with her “anti-Muslim” propaganda against trump. Say again the transcripts have been release and in 2017, FairFax have proved they are FAKE NEWS by claiming no motive has been released.

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  4. Why does Mark Latham hate Larry Pickering so much? He ranted against him on the Outsiders last Sunday making me doubt his (Mark’s) honesty. If it weren’t for Larry’s brilliant work against Gillard, Abbott would have not won so decisively. Larry’s research proved the Unions AWU were crooks. Is Latham still tied to them perhaps? He may have an agenda to drag a lot of the Unionists with him away from the ALP, but fairs fair, the cfmeu he attacks I think, but not the AWU??
    And not everyone knows that Larry Pickering is fighting cancer his way, without being reduced by doctors poison chemo. He’s a hero to so many that his jokes are understood by most people. Latham claimed it wasn’t funny and so do you. I wonder if you aren’t being sucked into the PC world view where you can’t say a joke without being pilloried.

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    • No, calling out jokes about rape and killing like these comments is not PC, just decency. Poor taste, regardless of political views, and the audience obviously agreed. If we are to fight this ideological war, it must be with none of that, and no personal attacks – media and radicals do that.

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  5. Seeing how our Government refuses to Label Criminals within the migrant communities as the Issue affecting us all…then they will cop the political backlash!
    We the people are sick of their self feeding corruption and want the Parties and their party puppets REMOVED/SACKED…from OUR PARLIAMENT!!!

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    • Thank you Bill Gates for saying what so many of want to say as well.

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  6. The reason the Q Society dinner was held in Melbourne was to raise funds to defend Kirralee Smith, who just happens to be trying to get Halal Certification banned in Australia. Of course, Islam will throw as much money as the Federal Government gives them as grants to bring this brave Australian warrior down. Halal Certification is nothing but extortion – and our Federal Government allows them to get away with it. Round up all these Islamists and send them back where they came from. They have done nothing but rip the Australian Welfare system off from the moment the first one stepped foot in our wonderful Nation. Multiculturalism is a crock of shit – and will never work while we have these thieving Islamists on our land.

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    • Quran 5:5 is all you have to read to realise the hypocrisy of Halal Certification.
      Why can’t Australias politicians read and understand it? Because they keep reverting to their simian state. Pay peanuts you get monkeys, now where have I heard that before?

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  7. Political correctness has killed off common sense and the main stream media is doing it’s damnedest to make sure no one is game enough to resurrect it…

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  8. They ? made him read the Bible every night, and what he thought of it ? now that could be an interesting point to his mental perspective, not to mention capacity.

    Sounds some what devious to reject Salvation in Christ, not to mention such an out look on life and the way such people can’t truly get a handle on what the Q society or ALA position is truly coming from or for that mater the true conservative perspective. as
    such a position just goes to show how naïve such people are that we are dealing with.
    Sadly such type comes across as constantly making such childish or deranged statements, or work to mislead by dog cunning, twisting the reality for just blatant lies.
    Can they truly see what they are doing or what motivates such disregard for reality or the truth or is it just malice, is it a disregard for reality as to why such have to embrace fantasy utopian objectives not to mention being such bigots about such all the time.

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  9. Thank you for your ongoing Service to Australia.

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  10. Very reluctantly do I ever switch on the FNN to hear what the media muppets and presstitutes have to say. But I had a bet with some friends that the March for Life held today 11 Feb 2017 in Brisbane would not get a mention on the FNN at 6 pm. And I will be collecting next week.

    This is them. A large crowd braves the heat wave to rally for a politically incorrect cause disdained by the Political Elite and it is censored in the FNN.

    What did get a lot of boo-hoo was the Q Society Dinner in Melbourne. The attendees were lectured by the Political Correctoids from the mhg: as kooks, haters, extremists. Then followed a quick take of the protestors who showed to prevent attendees trying to board the bus that would transport them to the function. The protestors were right out there with their opposition to the Q Society Dinner attendees exercising their right to freedom of assembly and freedom of speech. The protesters howled execrations. They were physically abusive. They were loud and determined to intimidate the attendees.

    Naturally, all of this gets a pass on the FNN. Clearly, the attendees attempting to peacefully board a bus are the haters and extremists.

    Post the 2017 Qld election, the FNN will be in full damage control to figure out how the conservative parties won so many seats. I hope Bernardi’s Party, One Nation and other conservative parties can stand candidates in every electorate.

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  11. Awesome reguttal of the fake news sydney morning herald. It is time consuming but every fake news must be corrected and shown for its lies.

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  12. Thanks for setting the record straight Bernie.

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