Iffaiyah Waazah-Llefte: Bigots will hate but progressives must do more

As a progressive, tolerant, Islamic feminist with a gay nephew in Nimbin, I have been speechless for the last week.

I. Just. Have. No. Words.

And I’m frightened too. What depths of bigotry has our nation sunk to when hate preachers can gather so freely? And how can there be hope when even progressives are casually racist?

I’m speaking about the Islamophobic, homophobic and racist Q Society gatherings last week. And I’m also referring to an unthoughtful marriage equality advertisement. Both were offensive: the former deliberately (showing the deep problems entrenched in this nation) and the latter carelessly (showing how far we still need to go).

Let’s start with the Q Society.

The fact that George Christensen and Cory Bernardi were even invited to speak at these dinners shows that they were hate events.

There should be laws to stop these so-called politicians from spruiking hate. And if Australians actually go out of their way to elect them it shows that we have a fundamental problem with racism in this country.

They are proof that some people (perhaps most people) should not be allowed to vote.

The only way to solve this problem is for a massive investment in government funding for educational programs to teach children about the benefits of diversity. Unless future generations are educated about things like the joy of homosexuality or the love of Islam, we will continue to have problems with those who embark on crusades to entrench the Christian patriarchy that has held Australia back.

And I want to make this very clear: it is not our diverse minorities who need to change. We are improving this nation and we should be accepted without question. It is those who think that Western values hold some intrinsic value that must change. This notion is simply an imperialistic crusading hangover and it threatens and intimidates anyone who wishes to open Australia’s doors to new ideas and cultures.

Diversity is impossible with this type of thinking. So it must be eradicated.

I am terribly disappointed that Bernard has written to support the Q Society. He even referred to the fact that the media covered the Islamophobic and homophobic hate speech at this event but failed to give the same coverage to the same day jailing of an allegedly Muslim man who shot a homosexual outside a gay nightclub in Sydney.

This is just irresponsible.

The truth is that the media showed great restraint. It was responsibly limited. Even though this man has links to terrorists, any educated person knows that there is absolutely no link between terrorism and Islam.

There is just no proof that this shooting had anything to do with Islam and jumping to unproven conclusions simply creates fear. More likely this incident was a result of mental illness, casual racism and the failure of ordinary Australians to welcome a stranger. It may even have been an act of self-defence.

However, as it seems many Australians unreasonably and obstinately fail to accept this, it’s better for society if the media simply does not report on these incidents at all.

But the media did rightly focus on the ignorance and prejudice of the Q Society. This is a good thing because it gives progressive Australians an opportunity to dispel a big myth: that the Islamic community does not support the homosexual community.

Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the truth is that the homosexual community is doing more than any other to welcome Islam into Australia.

Take marriage for instance. It is clear that legalising gay marriage will remove all legal, cultural and procedural barriers to acceptance of Sharia law polygamy in Australia as well. That is one reason why forward-thinking Muslims support the homosexual community’s push to redefine marriage and we applaud gay Liberal, Tim Wilson, for his advocacy to enshrine all forms of religious marriage in Australian law.

Unfortunately, there are some Muslims who focus on minor disagreements with the homosexual community. However, they are simply jumping the gun, so to speak. It would be much better for all if they showed restraint now to cement longer-term gains.

Another area of cooperation is immigration. Overwhelmingly, the homosexual community supports refugees, open borders and Islamic immigration.

There is no better example of this than Garry Burns, one of New South Wale’s most prominent homosexuals. His Facebook page devoted to removing all forms of discrimination has made it crystal clear that he opposes any curbs on Islamic immigration:

GB immigration

As a progressive Muslim, the Q Society hate-events were frightening and deeply hurtful. Muslims and homosexuals were both vilified by people who focus unreasonably and callously on truth over the feelings of others. But they are an opportunity to move Australia forward too. I want to use them to thank the homosexual community for its support of the Islamic community.

I just ask that the homosexual community continues its support with sensitivity. And this brings me to my second point: careless progressive advertising.

Recently, advertisements for marriage equality pictured a navy sailor with his medals. One of those medals was the Border Protection medal.

GM medal

This medal is profoundly hurtful to the Islamic community. It represents an attack by the Australian government on innocent Muslims fleeing to Australia. As such, it reinforces the casual racism that oppresses Muslims every day. It is this casual racism that leads some, in frustration, to lash out.

I am sure that no offence was intended but it has been taken. This advertisement is an example that even the most progressive sections of Australian society still have much work to do before they can truly be described as open, tolerant and diverse.


Iffaiyah Waazah-Llefte is a guest writer for bernardgaynor.com.au. Iffaiyah believes that every conservative has a suppressed inner ‘lefty’. She does her best to help them free by fully explaining, in a logical and coherent manner, the reasoning of progressive, modern Australia.

Iffaiyah Waazah-Llefte

Iffaiyah Waazah-Llefte is a progressive modern thinker deeply worried about the attack on fragile humanitarian world values today. She will be semi-regular contributor to this webpage, although you probably should not take her too seriously…

Author: Iffiayah Wazza-Lefte

Iffaiyah Waazah-Llefte is a modern, secular, progressive Muslim feminist, deeply concerned about the loss of social justice and humanitarian values in today's deeply divided and fear-filled world. Embrace the love is her motto and it applies to all.

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  1. “Diversity is impossible with this type of thinking. So it must be eradicated.”

    Isn’t this just a tad intolerant, coming from someone who is supposed to be, well, ‘tolerant’?

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  2. Is this a joke? Is someone taking the piss out of us? Can’t be real, surely.

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    • I’m with you Scavenger. I thought it was a gee up as it is a caricature of everything in “progressive” thought (except for climate change and renewable energy).

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      • Got me good Bernard. “If I was a Leftie”. Great name for a character. Nearly as good as Tim Blair’s “Furkan Derya”.

        Perhaps what was written was too close to being true leftist thought.

        Note to self: read more carefully!!

  3. Is Iffy a follower of Mohammad, his brother or Uncle’s side of Islam?

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  4. The sad thing is that people like “Iffaiyah Waazah-Llefte” really do exist and they are legion.

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  5. The degenerate is pointing out that people should not be allowed to vote, boy what a nasty little dictator.
    Not to mention how Intolerant of others point of views.
    I have never come across people who had hatred towards gays in Australia and they never cared what they did and even got on well with such people from what I have come across in 50 od years.
    Sure they did not look up to or indorse that life style but looked at it as one that was degenerate and harmful and nothing was respected about that point as such, but being more of a mental problem that ranged from that of X was a ok bloke to others that were far removed from his type lets say and it’s the same with just any person at all, that opinions are formed regardless of who or what they are and that the fact is, that will never be able to be change and anyone who thinks they can change what people truly think of another person, must be a moron or a lunatic.

    People have opinions of rich people lets say. what can we do about that, oh no, rich people are being offended !! and they don’t like being looked at in any other way but with the utmost respect regardless even if one was truly just degenerate grubby con-artist who’s actions are underhanded or deranged.
    No no don’t offend the rich man ! he is going to demand his rights and privilege against all who may oppose his life style, let’s hope no one is allowed to vote who does not agree with his ways ! and he is willing to walk all over anyone who stands in his way and if he sees in Political Correctness a way to control any opposition to shut them up with fear tactics.

    Political Correctness can be seen for what it truly is a act of war! on what is a healthy democracy, it’s a stand against Freedom of Speech and basically it’s just the dregs cunning working to undermine and pollute the minds of people, the same tactics were used in NAZI Germany and every Communist Nation.
    And they idolise there leader as God, because they have to, or you are as good as dead if you don’t.

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  6. Great to hear from you again Ifaiyah. Hope your nephew in Nimbin is doing well. I think he is the guy with the pet unicorn and the ecofriendly yurt. Long beard. Prayer rug/yoga mat. Sells Felafel with the local weed. Your nephew by any chance?

    Australians are interested in Muslim support for homosexual rights. It is the Islamophobes and the Homophobes who are attempting to fend off this advance from the rear upon Australian law.

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  7. Even if homosexual marriage becomes legal in Australia, it will just be a “label” that the government gives them by issuing them a “Marriage Certificate” and nothing more – it will never be considered legitimate because it is different to heterosexual marriage in every way possible (homosexual marriage uses the word “homosexual” to describe it and is sex-oriented whereas heterosexual marriage is just “marriage” and is family-oriented)…..and the way that the homosexual lobbyists have forced the whole thing onto the public using tactics like “overwhelm the opposition” on social media, name/shame/boycott opponents in public, emotional manipulation with homosexuals in movies, music, sitcoms, studies, media, schools, universities, sporting activities and even “church” to make it look normal and pretend that it is scientifically/historically/politically/economically advantageous to humankind (when the opposite is true) will never make homosexuality acceptable. They put forward children as “human shields” to avoid criticism (after all, who will argue politics with a child?) by getting children to parrot their propaganda slogans and tug at our heartstrings, but in fact, the children are just naive pawns in their emotive game – the activists themselves are adopting the petulant childlike attitude: “I want…I want…you’re mean…give it to me”.

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    • “it will just be a “label” that the government gives them by issuing them a “Marriage Certificate” and nothing more – ”
      That is the problem, it will not be just a certificate. It will then open the pathways for poligamy, child brides and paedophile grooming amongst other lowlife acts. I read recently that a professor thinks that paedophiles truly love the children they are abusing so if they choose to marry said child then they should escape imprisonment, and that was an Australian uni professor. Now that is sick and that is from the left. In Canada i believe, a wedding cake baker wouldn’t bake for a homo wedding so was sued. The safe schools/respectful relationships program will become enforced if marriage equality is achieved. If we allow the politicians to make the decision on the marriage equality problem then Australia will got to rack and ruin with so much PC and minority demands that it will no longer be the country we love. The lefties are already plastering the tv with their propaganda about letting the politicians do their jobs, so all i can say is;
      That is the message i will be pushing and pushing until these minority groups stop their tantrums and trying to demand the Australian public agree with them over every little thing. It’s their way or no way. Well guess what?

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  8. The homosexual activists steal the word “gay” to make their sodomy look innocent and fun, then they steal the rainbow to symbolise their sodomy as being bright and colourful and the word “marriage” is being stolen and redefined to suit their purposes in trying to make their sodomy acceptable….next they want to steal the word “adultery” to suit their purposes in breaking up their sodomy “marriages”. There is clearly a slippery slope with all of this leading down in to the social sewer of decadency and sexual perversion. There is nothing progressive about decadency and sexual perversion. It is damaging and destructive. That is why Australians don’t want same sex marriage.

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  9. 1. “Even though this man has links to terrorists, any educated person knows that there is absolutely no link between terrorism and Islam.”

    “Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya [poll tax] with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued. (9:29)”

    The scriptural basis for jihad, prior to scholarly consensus is such Koranic verses as:

    (1) “Fighting is prescribed for you” (Koran 2:216);

    (2) “Slay them wherever you find them” (Koran 4:89);

    (3) “Fight the idolators utterly” (Koran 9:36);

    and such hadiths as the one related by Bukhari and Muslim that the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) said:

    “I have been commanded to fight people until they testify that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, and perform the prayer, and pay zakat. If they say it, they have saved their blood and possessions from me, except for the rights of Islam over them. And their final reckoning is with Allah”;

    and the hadith reported by Muslim,

    “To go forth in the morning or evening to fight in the path of Allah is better than the whole world and everything in it.” (o9.0)

    Any person yelling Allah Akbar whilst taking life is an Islamic terrorist

    2. “a big myth: that the Islamic community does not support the homosexual community”.

    81. ‘Verily, you practise your lusts on men instead of women. Nay, but you are a people transgressing beyond bounds (by committing great sins).’

    Surah an-Nisa: Chapter 4: Verse 15; This verse is for men who commit the acts of sodomy:

    وَاللَّذَانِ يَأْتِيَانِهَا مِنكُمْ فَآذُوهُمَا ۖ فَإِن تَابَا وَأَصْلَحَا فَأَعْرِضُوا عَنْهُمَا ۗ إِنَّ اللَّهَ كَانَ تَوَّابًا رَّحِيمًا

    And the two men who commit it, (sodomy) among you, dishonor them and torture them (in public) both. But if they repent and correct themselves, leave them alone. Indeed, Allah is ever Accepting of repentance and Merciful.

    Sodomy and not homosexual feelings is punishable with harsh physical punishment in Islamic jurisprudence in accordance with this verse.

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