Defence at war with our democracy

The Australian Defence Force will be unlawfully marching in the Mardi Gras again this year. In doing so, it will also undermine our democracy and show very clearly that the push for ‘marriage equality’ is far more dangerous than most think.

Let me walk you through it.

The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras (SGLMG) website makes it very simple. All participants in the Mardi Gras parade must contribute to the political goals of the parade.

There is simply no denying this. It is spelt out in the section titled ‘What SGLMG expects from Entrants’:

The Parade is a protest and a celebration that is world renowned and belongs to a creative and vibrant community. All entrants are expected not just to take part, but to contribute to the artistic and political goals of SGLMG and help create an event that is world standard.

And there is also no denying the political goals of the SGLMG. They are spelt out loud and proud on page 8 of the 2017 Mardi Gras Festival Guide which details the theme for this year’s parade:

2017 is the perfect time to celebrate the progress that has been achieved in creating equality. But with the spotlight clearly focused on marriage equality, now is the time for us to work together to eliminate prejudice and discrimination in all its forms.

All parade participants are signing up to ‘marriage equality’. That’s all well and good if it’s just a bunch of private citizens exercising their democratic rights.

But it’s not. Numerous taxpayer-funded state and federal bureaucracies participate to show their support for a radical political agenda that ordinary Australians aren’t even allowed to vote on. With them will be the Australian Defence Force. It will be marching again this year, as detailed in the message below:

Page 1

Page 2

The Australian Defence Force will be marching in uniform, a potent symbol of military power. It sends a very clear message: the Australian Defence Force is prepared to join a protest on the streets against the law of the land and the government of the day. It also sends a very powerful and disturbing message to those Australians who might just happen to support this law: the Australian Defence Force is marching against you too.

This might sound dramatic. It is dramatic. But it’s also the truth.

Australia has had a long history in which the Australian Defence Force respected its legal requirement to refrain from interference in domestic politics. Those days are over.

Domestic politics is now very much a concern of the Chief of Defence Force. He has given himself the power to determine what political activity his soldiers can support and in uniform.

This is the wording of Defence’s new policy on political activity (found on page 349 of the document linked here):

1.9 In any political activity, unless permitted by the Chief of the Defence Force, Defence members are not to:

1. take a leading or publicly prominent position or part in the affairs of a political organisation or party where that role would identify any part of Defence with a political activity and/or impair their ability to adequately fulfil their obligations to Defence

2. take part in activities of a political nature on Defence premises unless all of the following applies:

(1) the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet has issued relevant Caretaker Conventions

(2) Defence has issued specific guidance

(3) the area has been set aside as a polling place on polling days in accordance with section 80 of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918.

3. use any information gained by, or conveyed to them through their connection with Defence

4. allow such activity to interfere with the functioning of Defence in the performance of its roles, or prejudice performance of their duties as Defence members

5. engage in conduct in such a manner as to identify Defence with a political activity, position or perspective

6. use their rank when identifying, describing, or referring to themselves

7. wear their uniform

8. publish pictures of themselves or other Defence members in uniform

9. wear party ribbons or emblems or other political badges while on duty or in uniform.

Needless to say, there is no lawful power or legal basis that permits the Chief of Defence Force to determine the political activity that can be carried out in uniform. This policy is itself unlawful. It was only changed recently in a desperate attempt to hide the fact that the former and current Chief of Defence Force knew that it was a service offence to march at the Mardi Gras in uniform.

Unfortunately, the government of the day has turned a blind eye to this. In effect, it is condoning military interference in domestic political activity and letting a very dangerous genie out of its bottle in order to avoid a rainbow backlash.

And it is also empowering a clique of officers who are utilising the Defence Force to pursue their own political goals. This clique is called DEFGLIS. It is so brazen in its disregard for the law that it is providing directions, uniforms and ‘orders’ to Defence members on its own non-government website.

This should come as no surprise. Once a military force engages in direct political activity against the government that controls it, it logically follows that a separate and unlawful command structure will also be established.

DEFGLIS also seeks to purge out Defence members who are brave enough to question its unlawful authority. I have the emails where it used its network in the hierarchy to do exactly that to me.

This is a very serious situation. The government must reassert its authority over the Defence Force and end its interference in domestic political activity. Unfortunately, there can be no confidence at all that the Defence Minister, Marise Payne, will do this.

And that means Australia will continue drifting towards a very dangerous place. The rainbow on the road was crossed in 2013. And for the last four years the current and former Chief of Defence Force have allowed the military to go increasingly rogue.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that there will be a coup. But I am saying that today the Australian Defence Force is knowingly interfering in domestic political matters.

Both are on the broad spectrum of military threats to democracy.

I’m also saying that we should be under no illusions about where ‘marriage equality’ is headed. It’s much more than a slogan and a rainbow. Behind it is the unapologetic expectation that political, legal, police and military power can be co-opted to ensure the eradication of all dissent.


As an aside, it is important to note that there are significant tensions within the hierarchy of the Australian Defence Force over participation in the Mardi Gras and other politically-correct nonsense.

Not everyone has signed up.

For instance, the former RSM of the Army, Dave Ashley, proudly marched in the 2015 Mardi Gras. He has also informed Defence members that he did not care that it was political.

The current RSM of the Army, Don Spinks, would have been under enormous pressure to follow in his predecessor’s footsteps. However, he has not marched down Oxford Street at all.

Consequently, Warrant Officer Don Spinks deserves a great deal of respect for doing what is right, rather than what is popular. If only we could say the same about the generals he works for…

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. 1.9 In any political activity, unless permitted by the Chief of the Defence Force, Defence members are not to:
    1. take a leading or publicly prominent position or part in the affairs of a political organisation or party where that role would identify any part of Defence with a political activity and/or impair their ability to adequately fulfil their obligations to Defence.

    DEFGRAM 024/2017 was signed by the Vice Chief of the ADF.

    Is that a breech of Protocol and was the Authorisation to March Legal?

    Also, subsections 1.6 and 1.7 have been patently ignored.

    1.6 Defence members who participate in political activities are to take all
    reasonable steps to avoid engaging in conduct that may bring the ADF’s or the
    Department of Defence’s political neutrality into question.

    1.7 Where Defence members engage in political activities, they are to take all
    reasonable steps to avoid giving the impression that such activities are being
    undertaken in other than a private capacity.

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  2. 23 years defence makes me qualified to state that the majority of defence members are sick to death of the gay rights infusing the majority rights of everyday servicemen and women.
    Lets call a spade a spade we want our defence personnel to be tough and be feared by any willing enemy, the defence force now under the pathetic left wing radical leadership is notjind short of a mokery and just shameful.
    The aussie charismatic soilder has been disolved in favor of gay parade dancing weirdos in dresses and makeup and I can only say god help us all when shit hits the fan and real men are needed.

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  3. Mobs as such they say they are all about love and people who oppose there ways are going to be despised and controlled by any means if they get there way.

    Well when I look into it all in depth, it’s about depravity not true love at all, not to mention they are intolerant poor perverted fools that will only lead others down the garden path.

    I believe with the workings of all this Political Correctness madness, that Such do not bear fruit but only sow the seeds of destruction and misery and they will only get more depraved down the track.
    Where does all this nonsense stop, it’s feeding off ignorance and it’s deranged madness power at play with such sodding clowns.

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  4. Bernard, I am happily married, heterosexual father of 2 daughters. If either of them joint the ADF and were gay and wanted to march I would have no problem with that. I served 26.5 years. I think there should be marriage equality in this country.

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    • Thanks for your input Troy. I’m guessing you’re not the hypocritical type and would be just as happy seeing ADF members march in uniform at rallies to preserve the traditional law on marriage as well. Hey, maybe even your daughters might want to do that one day? Would you still support them then?

      Please let me know…

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    • Troy,
      Your comment makes me wonder if you truly know and understand what Marriage Equality means or if you are just one of the supporters of the elites who are manipulating the system for their own political agenda. If you took just five minutes to have a look and see what havoc the changes to the marriage laws have really caused in the few countries whose elected officials have gone ahead and let this happen instead of just reading the lying leftist media. It will be disastrous if it happens here. Why try to fix what isn’t broken?
      I know current and ex service members and i urged my son not to join the ADF because it is now run by the PC hierarchy. What about the parents of their enlisted daughters who are appalled at having to share female toilets with male enlisted personnel just because that enlisted person decided at that time they related to the female gender.
      Next, If you are a grandparent of a cute little girl and said girl goes into a public toilet and there is a big burly “bloke” in a dress in there, what would your reaction be? If, going by your comment above, this happened then you would probably not have a problem with that which i see as seriously disturbing. Just because that burly bloke is in a dress doesn’t necessarily mean that they truly relate to the opposite sex. It could quite easily mean that that bloke gets his jollies from seeing little girls. Can you, Troy, tell the difference because i and many others sure as heck can’t.
      If the marriage act changes in this country not only will it help to destroy traditional marriage and traditional families it will also open the pathway to poligamy and child brides, because do you really think a certain ideology would let themselves be left out of the spoils, and what about the Australian Professor who reckons that paedophiles should escape custodial sentence if they marry the kids they abuse because ” they really do love the child”. That is just the start, there is so many disgusting and sordid things that marriage equality can lead to that it is frustrating that some people are so blind. If you want that then be it on yours and others conscience.
      Along with that research you will also find that a majority of the lgbti community are against marriage equality. Plus any member of the ADF, in my opinion, who chooses to march in the politically orientated mardi gras in uniform is not fit to serve this country. Aussies are a proud bunch especially with our enlisted personnel but that is changing rapidly.

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    • Any man can have their marriage registered with the state as can any woman, there is no discrimination. However while society has a vested interest in sexual relationships between two people of complementary sex it has no interest in sexual relationships between two males or three women. Sexual activity will occur with or without society. Between complementary sexual partners children will be produced and society needs well adjusted children to have a future as civil, productive society. Marriage is the vehicle to maximise the chances that on a macro level this will transpire. Also children are third parties to the relationship and society has a role in protecting its main asset, i.e. children.

      On the other hand as shown in societies where marriage has collapsed sexual activity between complementary sexes produces dysfunctional crime ridden society imposing huge costs on those sections of society which remain functional.

      In short society has a vested interest in encouraging sexual activity to occur within marriage for the benefits which accrue to society from that arrangement and to avoid the costs which accrue to it from complementary sexual activity outside of marriage. Either way society has an interest

      However sexual activity between same sex people is barren and produces nothing of significant intrinsic interest to society either way, in and of itself. Trudeau the Elder, when Canada decriminalised sodomy, famously popularised the saying that in these circumstances the state had no business getting involved in what went on in people’s bedrooms.

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  5. Sorry should read war not was

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  6. An ex SAS friend of mine is outraged by the “perversion” of the ADF where to be an Anglo Saxon Australian is frowned upon, whilst there is a concerted drive to recruit women, LGBTI and non Christians to dilute the core being of the ADF.
    He has studied military history and explained that in the advent of was, it has usually taken several years to flush the forces of the pretend soldiers and replacement with active and seasoned military personnel capable of defending us.

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  7. Those of us who have been protesting since 2013 about this absolute abuse of military convention – and who have been ignored, dissed and fobbed off by senior sirs whose only interest was to continue their stellar careers without rocking the boat and offending the uber-big bosses (CDF and Service Chiefs) – will one day see justice prevail and all these grand poo-bahs brought to account.
    Their day will come.
    And they will be made to account for the abuses they have perpetrated and the offences they have committed.

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  8. Totally agree but we have a group of politicians who on the whole lack the moral fiber (generally known as “balls”) to rock the perceived left-wing/greenie boat … pathetic bunch.

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    • Dear Bernard.
      This is what the Australian H RC have been doing for FIVE years!
      18c is a side issue.
      They have been EMBEDDING the UN Political Correctness directive of ” diversity and cultural inclusion” not only into the armed froces, but security forces, ASIO, Satte and Federal Police, All major i stitutions, Universities, Education centres major Corporations ( eg Telstra) and the public broadcasters ABC and SBS.

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      • Helen, totally agree. Folks should have a read of the UN Agendas 21 AND 30. Scary stuff.

        These two documents are very much about ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT…..BUT BY WHO ????
        Before you can build a “New World Order” you must first tare the old one down. Our society is built on the family unit, clearly defined differences between men & women. Destroy the role of the alfa male & destroy the society the male built. Confuse the women what about they want to do & create conflict within themselves & between the sexes. This is what 3rd wave feminism is about & it is toxic.

        The last thing these Gender & Social Justice Warriors want is a harmonious society.

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