A difficult week

Apparently, life wasn’t meant to be easy. And I’m finding out the hard way.

I’ve received notice that both the State of New South Wales and Garry Burns will be seeking leave to appeal to the High Court and challenge our recent win in the New South Wales Court of Appeal. I remain very confident that we can defend this win and put an end to the tyranny being wrought by the New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Board (ADB). However, it is slightly frustrating to have to go through the process again.

For those who are not aware, the ADB believes it has the power to prosecute anyone anywhere in Australia and at any time if they happen to express the ‘wrong’ views about marriage. I was facing up to $1.6 million in fines until recently when some sort of sanity prevailed and the New South Wales Court of Appeal ruled that the ADB had no power to pursue complaints against non-New South Wales residents.

You can read the judgement here.

Unfortunately, if you do live in New South Wales then you are stuck with the Thought Police. Tread warily, lest you be caught in their traps.

Like me.

Because even though I’ve already won in the Tribunal, and won again in the highest court in the state, the Thought Police roll on.

It’s almost like they have absolute contempt for court orders.

Here is part of yesterday’s hearing list for the Tribunal:

NCAT Burns

You’ll notice it contains one complainant extraordinaire. And it contains a number of victims. Every single one of them lives outside New South Wales.

The New South Wales Court of Appeal ruled over a month ago that complaints cannot be prosecuted against non-New South Wales residents. And yet there I was incurring costs again yesterday as a result of a serial complainant and an out of control Kangaroo Court.

So now I have to go back to court again to put a stop to this farce.

Of course, this irritation blackened my mood but not as much as the decision handed down by the New South Wales Court of Appeal earlier this week. It ruled that I am not entitled to any costs for my win. And it also ordered that I pay part of Burns’ costs as well. You can read that judgement here.

This is the second time that I’ve been ordered to pay Burns’ costs even though I actually won the matter.

It’s a good life for a homosexual activist. It’s not so much fun if you’re a straight guy who likes to serve the nation and also feels like he should have the same rights to express himself as others.

Because you’re just not allowed to do that.

On Wednesday, the Full Court of the Federal Court decided that the Chief of Defence Force’s decision to terminate my appointment was lawful. It also ordered me to pay costs.

As a reminder, after Defence started marching down Oxford Street (in uniform) with those who viciously mock my Catholic faith and a bunch of political parties and lobby groups all calling for open borders and homosexual marriage, I expressed my unhappiness.

I also pointed out that Defence policies expressly prohibited uniformed attendance at political events, or support of political and religious vilification, or support of inappropriate sexual behaviour.

Just so you know, much of the Mardi Gras is so inappropriate that it can’t be displayed on Defence IT systems. Instead of upholding these policies and the political neutrality of the ADF, the Chief of Defence decided it would be easier to sack me instead.

And then he promptly changed the policy to allow uniformed political activity – as long as it met with his approval. Now the legal system has decided that there’s not a problem to see here.

You can read the full judgement here as well.

Fortunately, normal ordinary Australians aren’t so blind. Nearly 15,000 have signed a petition in the last week calling on Defence to restore its apolitical status. And I will be taking this matter to the High Court if leave is granted.

The fight goes on as it must. If you wish to assist, it would be greatly appreciated. Click here to donate.

That’s been my week. It was the first full week in Lent. And to cap it all off, it’s ended with my car transforming itself from something useful into a large paperweight out the front of our house.

It has reminded me of the famous story of St Therese of Avila:

And while Teresa’s spirituality was a deeply reverential one, her humor also evinces a kind of playfulness in her relationship with God. Once, when she was travelling to one of her convents, St. Teresa of Ávila was knocked off her donkey and fell into the mud, injuring her leg. “Lord,” she said, “you couldn’t have picked a worse time for this to happen. Why would you let this happen?”

And the response in prayer that she heard was, “That is how I treat my friends.”

Teresa answered, “And that is why you have so few of them!”

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. So much insanity… So few good people.
    Thank you Bernard.
    I grieve for our Nation and hope for many more men like you to rise up.
    I pray that the cowardly fence-sitters will find their courage to support you and others in this fight for national sanity and one just law for all Australians.

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  2. Yes, the cup runneth over – the cup of assured troubles to be had in this world. The Jolly Swagman is going to have to drink deep.

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  3. Clearly there is an argument that Mr Burns is a vexatious litigant with way too much time on his hands. As for the Judges decision on costs I would suggest that somehow you may have annoyed him hence the unjust & ridiculousness of you having to subsidise the indulgence of a parasite who was using a law which had no jurisdiction on you in the first place – so why pay costs – why did you even show up at all ?

    Australia is a Federation of 6 sovereign states. The NSWABD going after you is like being issued a court notice to appear in Khazakstan because somebody over there didn’t like what you said about Borat.

    The NSWADB clearly thinks it can do what it likes where ever it likes but unless it has some cross border powers – which the NSW court of Appeal clearly does not believe then they’re wasting everybody’s time. But what they are doing is trying to send you broke by using the power & tax payer resources of the state without the consent of the people.

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  4. Hi Bernard, it is truly a sad state of affairs, the world is becoming increasingly evil where people now look at good being bad & bad is now good their mindset has now been so distaughted they can’t even see what’s truly going on. Things like the safe schools program etc are just another deception leading this generation to nothing but a dead end I truly believe that these foundations are being set in place for a more sinister plan & that is a one world government. Please keep fighting we will add you to our prayer list as I’m sure you will know your up against some powerful forces who don’t want you to succeed . God bless you & your family ??

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  5. The lazy and overpaid Marxist pigs are milking the system so they can live in the inner suburbs of Sydney and pretend to be Chardonnay socialists. Let’s hope we get our Trump soon. The swamp is everywhere and it really needs draining. Hold out, there is always light at the end of the tunnel!

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  6. We have to be very careful that we don’t end up like a type of Nazi Germany or a Communist Nation the way the cards are being played nowadays.

    Bernard Gaynor has done nothing what so ever wrong, but just point out the very position letter of the ADF rules as a mater of fact and being in his position at the time he must do as such, so if there is any contradiction he as such must point such out without any fear.
    This is the ADF we are on about not a bloody Humphy B Bear show!

    When people fear to stand up to all such cunning devious game play that Bernard has had to deal with since, you want to have the conviction and courage of a Saint, as you will have to contend with the workings of such a mob of degenerates and there malice.

    Anyone who understands History knows that as soon as cunning degenerates start to stand over people in such a way that Bernard has had to deal with, all hope is gone of a healthy democracy, because the rot has set in and the ruthless yellow spineless thugs only get even more and more daring.

    We have to stand up to such degenerate low life little grubby pricks or we will lose our rights of freedom of speech.

    Bernard just pointed out the facts and the degenerates came at him with razer blades and lemon juice.

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    • “We have to be very careful that we don’t end up living in a Soviet style state”. It’s way tooooo late we are already there Komrad.

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  7. Keep fighting the good fight, we support and pray for you from UK!

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