Welcome to random certainty (or don’t mention Islam)

It is madness.

Absolute madness.

I’m not talking about the London attack. That is as predictable as the religion that spawned it. I’m talking about our response. Or, more appropriately, lack of it.

This morning four people died and another 40 were injured after another ‘incident’, this time outside the UK parliament.

According to the ‘experts’ on ABC radio, it is too early to say anything about the motive or, indeed, the mental state of the person involved. All we know is that the vehicle he was driving lost control and then the knife he was wielding also lost control.

And then four people lost control of their lives and another 40 lost control of their health. It’s all very regrettable really.

On September 11, the world was shocked. It was the attack no one saw coming.

Today, no one is startled by a random ‘incident’ that has nothing to do with Islam. Indeed, Fairfax Media’s most read story on the incident that we all saw coming started out just like this:

“London: This is an attack everyone saw coming.”

Just as everyone knew that this attack was coming, so no one can be the least bit surprised that an article pointing out the predictability of the attack could also, predictably, go on to claim that the motive for it is entirely unknown and unknowable:

“At the time of writing this is not a confirmed terror attack. The motives, state of mind, background and mental health of the attacker have not been publicly reported.”

And therein lies the madness: we now accept that attacks are ‘certain’, even as we state with certainty that they are ‘random’.

There is no doubt that four people died today as a result of a person following the example of Mohammad. And there is no doubt that tomorrow a bunch of politicians will claim that Islam is not only peaceful, but an integral part of the Western world.

These words are a lie and they hide the problem, obfuscate it, confuse it, and even promote it.

It’s also important to note that there’s nothing like a bit of bloodshed to get the MPs into the mosques. It kinda sorta seems like these ‘random’ acts of violence certainly do something for Islam after all.

After the politicians slip their shoes back on they’ll get to work ‘protecting’ us. A whole bunch of effort will be put into mitigating the effects of the ‘weapon’ that was used instead of dealing with why it was used. Get ready for a conversation, not about whether Islam should be banned from our cities, but whether cars should be banned from them.

A sane world would acknowledge the truth: the key enabler of Islamic terrorism in the West is an Islamic community in the West.

You don’t get the former without the latter. And when you have the latter, you have the former as well. Plus, in a deal that always has more, you get a newspaper ready to write about the ‘randomness’ of ‘certain’ attacks thrown in for free too.

Unfortunately, we don’t live in a sane world. We live inside the asylum where confusion reigns supreme. So nothing is done to change any of this.

In the last decade and a half Islamic terrorism has not been defeated in the West. Instead, it has been normalised by governments too afraid to act.

Only two things have changed since September 11, 2001.

Firstly, back then no one knew what Allahu Akbar meant. Today, none of us would be surprised if we were to realise that ‘Allahu Akbar’ were going to be the last words we ever hear.

Secondly, the mitigation and security efforts have done nothing to address Islam and everything to reduce general freedom across society. We all put up with metal detectors and bollards on boulevards and bans on free speech because the government thinks that it’s easier to cage us than Islam.

So if today’s attack allows for knowing heads to nod wisely and say, ‘I predicted this’, let me issue one more prediction. And anyone with half a brain can see this coming too.

If the official insanity continues for much longer, ordinary average people will give up on the idea that the government is looking out for their safety and they’ll start taking the law into their own hands.

We are headed for blood on the streets. Much of it will be Islamic. Retaliatory violence is just around the corner.

It will spell the end of Islam in much of the Western world. But it will also spell the end of the institutions that have provided civilisation in the Western world as well. That will not be a good thing.

It will result in complete chaos. And there is only one rule in chaos: might is always right.

I don’t want my children to live in that world and that is why I will do everything I can to restore sanity now before it is too late.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Hijrah is being shoehorned into all Western nations by the (((Political Elite))). The idea here is to replace the majority demographic, especially the majority demographic of the nation itself as in French people whose nation is France.

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  2. Bollocks.

    Half a dozen self appointed people cannot be taken as representative of the 1.3 billion Muslims in the world. Tally up ALL the Muslim “terrorists” from the last 20 years and it is probably less than 1,000. Still not representative. Any more than the IRA were representative of the Catholic church.

    Stop buying into their marketing, because that is what is going on. You – the Media – are providing a free marketing and branding service to a gang of thugs, cowards and murderers. By branding them you legitimise them, romanticise them, recognise their “cause”. Stop. Don’t give them what they want.

    EVERY religion has it’s zealots. Except maybe Bhuddism. There are people doing things in the world right now, today, in the name of Christianity who use Christianity only as a justification. They are no more Christians than the cards perpetrating terror crimes are Muslim. They are all tarred with the same brush, their faith is weak, their self esteem low, their purpose ill defined. So they lock onto a “cause” that allows them to vent their frustration. That does NOT make that “cause” wrong (imagine if these attacks were being done in the name of the Red Cross), what it does is allow the media to sensationalise it and, in doing so, reinforce the brand.

    Stop it. Call them thugs. Call them murderers. Call them cowards. Do not call them terrorists. Do not legitimise them.

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    • Naive.
      Hitler was one.
      Took the armies of most of the western world to stop him.
      No amount of burning candles and making hearts in the sky would have stopped the march of the Third Reich through Europe but that’s what people think will save them from Islamic terrorism.

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    • Absolutely deluded…
      Your argument lacks data and is riddled with speculation and conjecture.
      Firstly there are 1.6 billion muslims worldwide.There have been almost 27,000 islamic terrorist attacks since 9/11 that have killed 28,328 people.There is no other political or religious ideology that comes even close to those figures in that time frame.
      Now, imagine(if you can) a group of concentric circles – the middle circle represents Jihadists – people willing to kill in the name of their religion, the next circle represents Islamists – those who are actively trying to establish sharia law and the worldwide caliphate. Those inner 2 combined represents a very conservative 20% of all muslims. That’s 320,000,000 people. A population the size of America.The next circle are ‘moderate’ muslims, people that agree that what the jihadists & islamists are doing is just & right and follows the teachings of the qu’ran, hadiths & sunnah. This group is the largest and represents 65% of all muslims or 1.04 billion people – More than the population of Europe!The last circle represents muslims that are non practicing – 15% or 240,000,000…

      It is ridiculous to claim that by calling them anything but what they are will help the situation and it is abhorrently sickening that you would try to blame the labeling of an action for what it is as the reason that it occurs… Calling someone a terrorist won’t make them go out and blow up a bus but calling an act of terrorism nothing more than thuggery only opens the door for more terrorism.

      No one could possibly imagine the red cross committing terrorism because terrorism isn’t an integral part of the aims of the red cross unlike Islam which encourages terrorism as a means of spreading islam. This DOES make their cause wrong and if you can’t see that you are part of the problem and the blood of the innocents is upon you.

      THEY ARE TERRORISTS BY DEFINITION! try looking it up sometime, while you’re at it try doing some actual research – you might just wake up in time to prevent more deaths.

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    • Aunty Pete, you are a fool. It’s people like you who will be amongst the first to convert and likely denounce your fellow Australians.

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    • Aunty Pete, yes do not call them terrorists but jihadists for that is what they are in terms of Koranic and other Islamic ideology. The Koran is the source of legitimacy for jihadists, not what filthy kafir like you or Bernard might say or not say. They will slit your throat all the same as you gurgle your last words whatever you call them.

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  3. Another terrorist attack, what do politicians do, upgrade their security. Lol

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  4. Cynical, but justified. I regret it is time to plan for this likely chaos. I wish I was better prepared.

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  5. Sooooo well written Bernard xx

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  6. __ On September 11, the world was shocked. It was the attack no one saw coming.__

    At some point, Bernard, you’re going to have to acknowledge that Building 7 was not hit by a plane, but came down nevertheless.

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  7. Politicians are vile and opportunistic pip-squeaks who are easily intimidated . Time for a solid presidential system.

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    • You mean a dictatorship, similar to Singapore and Lee Qwan Yu?? What we need is a strong prime minister with balls and the ability to command his party to follow in his footsteps.

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      • My sentiments exactly along with so many others, Mr Michael Flanagan.

      • Mister Lee has been dead for a generation. The world is a different place. If you want examples of modern or current dictatorship you need to look at Cuba, North Korea or Venezuela. Left wing dictatorships. Mr Lee was a right winger and if it hadn’t been for him, Singapore would be an island off the coast of Malaysia.

      • Exactly that. Some one like Lee Qwan Yu, you can have that or the current pip-squeakocracy.

  8. Only 2.2% of the Australian population are Muslims. The “Muslim vote” is not strong. You claims are patently incorrect.

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    • How come we have halal certification for everyone then if we have such a minority of Muslims?

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      • Well said granny some people are leaving in the closet doors get out and smell the air

      • Well Granny, it’s like this. Many companies have halal certified products so that they can be exported to Muslim countries. The cost of certification in minimal (<1%) and is absorbed by the company. It makes no difference to you at all and is not really a matter for the government

    • Do you struggle to comprehend what you are reading?
      They concentrate in marginal seat areas where they can make a difference in a tight election. Just in case you didn’t get it the first time around. Or is there some other reason nobody has thought of why both sides of politics are doing four fifths of nothing much to protect us from a horrible future?

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      • What horrible future do you mean Chris? Our society is not going to be controlled by Sharia law, even Arab countries aren’t). We aren’t going to catch Muslim even though Pauline says that we must be vaccinated against it.

    • The 2.2% was 5 years ago. Take into account the yearly immigrations numbers and the fact that muslims average around 6 children. I have seen them go up to 12.Then the multiple marriages, child brides. I saw a number recently that was 6.4%.

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      • I saw today that the number is about 500,000 or 2%. Many families (unfortunately) have too many kids and multiple wives is banned in this country so it is not allowed in Islam

    • There has got to be more than 2.2% here. Of course their vote is strong. They are infiltrating our govt departments, our state & federal govt, our local councils. It’s people like you who think nothimg is going to happen. Australia is not a safe place anymore.

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      • You forgot to mention that Australia’s Private Security firm’s employees are mostly Muslims who all carry guns!!

    • No worries, 1 in 4 of Sweden’s women will be sexually assaulted is the projection from Sweden having almost no sexual assaults before the inundation by Islamic’s began some 20 years ago.
      Currently Islamics are 5% of the Swedish population. We have much to aspire to.

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    • For now! They are little by little inter grating into our policital office, who cares if they are only a 2.2%. That is obviously too much of a percentage! Do you want to end up like the UK? Grab a brain and wake up!!!

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    • That is not correct. Centerlink does not record your religion so no one knows

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    • Last year a spokesman for the Islamic Council of Australia stated that the muslim population was near 6.5%. The Government suggests 2.2%. If you google Islamic institutions and mosques you would have to conclude the ICA is closer to the truth. We all know how the government cover up and lie. ROD.

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    • Put half of 550,000 Muslims in two electorates and you have two safe Labor seats at State and Federal level.
      Labor will do everything to keep that vote.
      Libs will do anything to get it.
      That’s called concentration of force.
      It’s powerful voting bloc when elections are won and lost in the cross benches.

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    • Your data is Patently incorrect! 2.2% was the muslim population in 2011… Your logic lacks the analysis of population demographics – most muslims congregate into enclaves where they ARE the voting majority.

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    • Uncle Tom has no idea. The Muslim vote is concentrated in a few specific localities and rather than being 2% of the population might be 30% in those seats. With seats being held or lost by swings of 5% or 10% that 30% can determine who gets elected in the seats where Muslims concentrate. With governments having slim majorities even just a few seats being kept or won by a party can make the difference between which party governs.

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    • Uncle Tom, that figure of 2.2% is from the 2011 census and is out of date. No one knows how many mohamedans we have in Australia now because the government won’t release the figures. The moslem vote is strong in some electorates. And those electorates have sitting members without a spine.

      Britain, France, Germany, Holland and other Western European nations once had an islamic population of 2.2%, look at them now.

      Islam is incompatible with western democracy. Get your head out of the sand, breathe and become aware of what is happening.

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  9. The reason that politicians are reluctant to speak out is that the Muslim vote is now strong and getting stronger as immigrants concentrate in what becomes key electorates. Neither of the two major parties are keen to upset the Muslims for fear of losing their votes in a tight election.
    The end result is that Muslims are free to flog the welfare system at the expense of the average tax payers.
    We now have to face the fact that Islam is close to running the country from a minority situation.

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    • Well said, Burnie. Pity the Politicians did not have Australia first in their brief. We are the taxpayers who pay their wages,They are supposed to be our servants. Not the minority who are making the most noise and demands and do not want to assimilate or probably work.

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    • Here’s an interesting conumdrum. The Muslims, supposedly, want to take over and get rid of all the infidels. With the majority of Muslims living off the welfare system, how are they going to exist if they get their way and the country is populated by Muslims? If no-one’s working and paying taxes, where does the welfare come from?

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      • Dhimitude!!

      • That’s when they start killing and eating each other……

      • That’s when they continue to massacre each other and then have to eat each other due to lack of infidel produced tucker……

      • They move to the next best country to free load off.

      • Phil , it all comes from oil money , Saudi Arabia , they fund the mosques , bribe councils to get permits to build mosques set up sharia banking , halal certification scams ,force Aussie workers out of abattoirs , huge presence security firms , stand over tactics , it’s all pre-planned . Invasion by stealth & we are the frogs being slowly cooked in the warm eater.
        Adelaide is the next target , building the largest mosque outside Saudi Arabia … so where is the funding from ? Follow the money trail , if you can , they seem adept in obfuscating to the govt. with how their school grants are spent .
        Govt. threatens to withhold funding , big announcements ” we are tough on those who rort the system” & within 2 weeks , a small piece appears say funding is restored.
        Can’t upset the moslem voters.

    • So why then aren’t the major political parties afraid of those voters who are abandoning them for minor parties like One Nation, and the ever growing support for Cory Banardi’s new political party, or the political group that Banard Gaynor belongs to. I think it’s much worse than just the votes from Moslem held electorates, because they are only just a few compared those seats not controlled by Moslems. That is just too simple a reason to be true, it’s much more evil than that I feel.

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    • And the stronger the Muslims become and the more votes they hold the less country the British will have. Sheer numbers of Muslims will make a Muslim country and all that brings with it. Britain and Europe are the first to fall. It won’t be long until freedom is a thing of the past.

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    • The only key electorates are in concentrated enclaves, invariably in the Western suburbs. That means that they are also concentrated in limited economical constituencies. They will have limited scope for influence until they get the wherewithal to move into the more affluent suburbs. Good luck with that. It costs money to outbid the Asians. Most of these in-breds can barely speak English let alone write it; so the odd are against them. 😉

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    • Great comment. What makes it more insane is that in WA just before the elections recently the WA Imams sent out a memo to all muslims that the only way they will get what they want is for all muslims to vote greens and labor. This just strengthens the resolve that we, as conservatives, need to get rid of the greens, labor and those others whose ideology we dare not speak. To do this ALL conservatives need to get on the same page and vote correctly. This means to look solidly at how the compulsory preferential voting system works and how your votes will be exhausted in the next election and vote for the real conservative candidates. As such PHON are far from conservative with the dictator leader smoothing up to an LGBTI advocate and journo in QLD and i notice this same leader had absolutely nothing to say about the changes to 18c no matter how little the changes were to be,no mention forcefully against safe schools and certainly no comment on marriage equality that is being forced upon us by the minorities even on tv. It is all well and good to cut and paste another parties policies and hard work to get the vote for an election but when all you do is announce sound bytes and then not do anything to follow up or actually achieve any of those ideas then that is just popularity lameness. We are going to need to vote for solid conservatives. The word is that even the ON candidate for a Regional Qld Gold town is worse than useless and that most of the conservative vote will be going to LNP. As i know both of these candidates then i can say with all honesty that that is probably true as to outcome. In saying that some Qld ON candidates are trustworthy honest and yes, conservative.
      Now, also it is not just the marginal seats in the big cities that are going to be grovelling for the islamic vote, Sunshine Coast is in the process of a planned mosque being constructed, lets just hope that no Australian builders will be silly enough to tender a quote on any of these new mosques. Hervey Bay Islamic population is growing and we are ever aware of a possible mosque application there and Gladstone is in the middle of a fight against a mosque development application with council. Now with the North Burnett Mayor offering and pleading to take thousands of refugees then that will make Gladstone a huge islamic hub should the council allow the mosque. These are the things we need to fight and it is not just the people in those communities that need to fight, it is all Aussies. Stand tall and Stand together people. The councils still have to listen to objections no matter how far and wide they come from. All this is happening worldwide due to certain people believing a little man from the seventh century that was probably the very first documented case of schizophrenia and a warlord and murderer to boot. How silly is that?

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    • It would have to be a tight election. The Australian population is about 2% Muslim, and most of them wouldn’t be of voting age. You need to make certain that your bias is not showing

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