Waleed Aly no longer believes in the halal certification bunny

I’m not one to wantonly praise Waleed Aly. However, every now and again he does a work of public service that deserves recognition.

And, to be fair to Australia’s coolest Muslim, last week he did just that.

He proved that halal certification is a scam.

I’m not sure that’s what Waleed Aly intended to do. I think he was rather more intent on smugly and condescendingly trolling ordinary Australians who simply want to buy an Easter egg that celebrates Easter rather than funding Islam. Considering Easter is a Christian celebration, it’s really not a strange request.

I am well aware that many Australians have taken their business from Cadbury and instead moved to Lindt as a result of Cadbury’s decision to pay for halal certification. So, on prime time television, Waleed Aly attempted to give these people the finger by eating a Lindt bunny.

Good for him. All it proves is that the entire halal certification industry is costly and pointless and that the ‘product’ it ‘sells’ is worthless. Muslims don’t need a halal certification logo as Waleed so emphatically demonstrated.

It was all a bit of a laugh for the cool brigade that tunes into Channel 10’s The Project. But at the end of it all Waleed Aly was literally left with egg on his face. And it was not halal certified.


Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. I only found out about Halal Certified food a couple of years ago, so I wrote to the Minister for Agricultural about the where and why.. ( The current deputy PM Barnaby Joyce) and his reply was that in 1983 an enquiry was held into the food/meat industry.. no mention of who asked for it.. and in 1985 Halal Certification began…In another letter, he or his office seemed amused that I complained that manufacturers/producers weren’t made to label NON-HALAL products, thus depriving consumers of making an informed decision on whether they wanted to buy Halal or NOT… His office made the observation that ‘I had an abiding interest in this matter’ and could not explain how the incompetents at that time
    ( and I don’t care if it was Labor or Conservative ) why we are not given this choice…
    So much for the ‘rights’ of the 97% of us who aren’t muslim…

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    • The 1982 Royal Commission found that halal certification was established with Saudi funding in Australia in the 1970s. The purpose of it was to raise money for the Islamic community. And it has done just that.

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  2. Hala certified food is just part of the muslims taking over .The left will be happy when women have to wear rags on their heads and under go genital mutilation

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  3. The bee in my bonnet is the Halal certification of army ration packs. The army wants to (appear to) placate the Muslims in the army… all 100 of them. My last posting we had 2 Muslims. One was a white Australian that converted after marriage to an Indonesian, the other was Iraq born and came here as a 2 year old. I asked them both about halal food. They both didn’t give a rat’s ass because they knew what they could eat because they read the ingredients!!! So no need for army to ‘pay’ for certification. However, now-a-days I do check the back of packaging and avoid Halal certified foods on principle.

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  4. Dam it – I bought my cat because someone said it was halal !!!! What would would you call dog food that was halal ??? Halal-pal…..Pal-halal….Halalapal…lt’s all too confusing.

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  5. Our favourite Poster Muslim, Waleed is just too cool for skool.

    I saw that segue on The Project. It was preceded by the report on the national Poster Phobe: Pauline Hanson.

    She was pointing out an important fact to Oz. Most people think that Halal is about permissible food for the Muslims; it’s about religious tolerance – ‘some people eat Halal’ just like some people eat fish on Friday; it’s about a fair go for Muslims who need to know what they can buy in Australian supermarkets.

    Not so, says Pauline. Halal is about certification that food producers pay for and then pass on as a cost to consumers. It is a religious food tax. And if you don’t want to pay a religious food tax, then don’t buy Halal certified.

    All over the nation, you could see people going ‘uhmmm’ and making that face you make when you know someone is taking the piss out of you.

    Waleed to the rescue. He promptly seizes the high ground and consumes the Lindt chocolate telling viewers that all Halal means is that it doesn’t contain pork. The Lindt bunny doesn’t have pork so, as a Muslim he is perfectly free to eat the Lindt bunny whether it is certified Halal or not. And he bit the bunny.

    So now it is about how Muslims can eat whatever they want (as long as it doesn’t have pork). And how are they going to know that? That bunny may well have contained pig fat. (qed – the need for Halal certification).

    This is a typical weasel move by Poster Muslim, Waleed. A program that very easily could have become a fact based discussion on whether or not Kaffirs (non-Muslims) should be paying a religious food tax on common grocery items becomes a Halal event about how tolerant Muslims are when it comes to eating non-Halal. See, Kaffirs: what’s the fuss???

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    • You obviously do not understand that the cost of halal certification is paid for by people who buy food products that have a halal tax included.
      I do not support terrorism and I do not buy halal certified foods. It is all a lot of B —S and Australians have been conned by the masters of deception.

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