Lest we whatever

Tomorrow is Anzac Day.

We will see politicians blather on about freedom. We will see ‘community leaders’ drone on about its importance to the current generation.

And we will see the day high-jacked by a uniformed LGBT clique to send a political message that even Anzac Day needs to be re-imaged in the rainbow.

All will nod their heads wisely and mouth platitudes about remembering, even as they forget everything about this day’s history.

As a nation, we are not just forgetting the sacrifices of those from a century ago. We’ve even pressed CTRL + ALT + DEL on the efforts of the past 15 years.

Consider this. The Gallipoli campaign was a military disaster that was still supposed to have been worth it because Kemal Ataturk, the bloke who organised the Turkish eviction of the Anzacs, eventually became the President of Turkey, promptly killed off the caliphate and set the foundations for modern Turkey. And just last week Recep Tayyip Erdogan set about restoring the caliphate while denouncing the West’s ‘crusader mentality’.

Lest we whatever.

Also consider this. A century ago large numbers of Australian men were engaged in the brutal and bloody work of defending France and Belgium. And this week France finds itself utterly divided and in the middle of a presidential election that has brought to the surface a horrible truth: there are more than 16,000 people on the French terrorism watch list. There have been more than 25 Islamic terrorist attacks in France since 2012.

Lest we whatever.

France and Turkey might be on the other side of the world. Australians are not responsible for slow-motion train wreck playing out over there. But a close look at our own backyard should remove any smugness.

To put it bluntly, over the past 15 years Australia has been fighting an enemy while welcoming it in. We’ve been sending bullets and Arabic-language Centrelink information sheets to the same people.

Like I said, lest we whatever.

Tens of thousands of Australian men and women have served in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001. More than 40 have given their lives. Hundreds have been wounded. And in that time Australia’s Islamic population has doubled.

This community has repaid its debt by sending its sons off to the same wars. They’re just fighting for the other side.

More than 70 Muslims from Australia have died fighting for the Islamic State. This is from just over 2% of the population. To put it in perspective, if the rest of Australia suffered casualties at the same rate as our Islamic community, we’d have lost about 3,000 soldiers on operations over the past decade and a half.

There is going to be a lot said tomorrow about PTSD and suicide among veterans. I don’t profess to be an expert on this issue, but I can say that it can’t be good for the mental health of veterans if they feel betrayed and that their military service was worthless.

I also don’t profess to speak for all veterans. But I reckon I speak for a few.

And I can say this: we have served and we are angry. The government has betrayed our sacrifices. Each soldier deployed is asked a question: are you prepared to give your life for your country?

That’s what military service entails. Thousands have answered that question to protect Australia from Islamic violence.

Unfortunately, cowardly politicians in Canberra have sent our soldiers off to die while allowing the enemy in the front door.

There is no clearer proof than this: in 2001 we were chasing Osama bin Laden across Afghan Badlands whereas today Hizb ut Tahrir uses council libraries to hold meetings in Sydney and call for laws that allow the execution of Islamic apostates.

Osama might be dead but we are not winning this war. That is plainly obvious.

Not to worry, tomorrow the Defence Gay and Lesbian Information Service (DEFGLIS) will lay rainbow wreaths to commemorate ‘the silent’, even as they take active steps to drum out of service anyone who dares to speak contrary to their ‘tolerant’ worldview.

It was the DEFGLIS chairman who had me investigated for ‘racism’ for my views on Islam and then lobbied Defence hierarchy to have me punished and/or sacked.

I think it’s fair to say that if we do lose this war, it will be due to self-inflicted wounds…

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. So right Jim from Boomba!! The West is lost!! And thanks to our feckless pollies.
    They ALL KNOW that Islam is the problem but they are political hacks and too PC.
    We are glad we are old! Sad for the rising population.

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  2. The numbers doubled post 9-11. I will say this, in 1996 there was barely a single fundamentalist roaming Sydney’s streets. What the hell happened? It is funny that the numbers of Islamist’s increased under the Howard government. Point is both major parties are just as bad as each other.

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  3. The Cultural Marxist curricula of the Australian schools does not cover historical events like the invasion of Europe by the Umayyad Caliphate (661-750 A.D)through the Iberian Peninsula under the reign of Roderick (d712 A.D.)the Visigothic king of Hispania.

    The European War of the Crusaders for Reconquista lasted about 700 years. It’s history, however, is censored in Australian schools in favour of white privilege edjoomacation and multicultural political correctness for kaffirs together with the appropriate obsequies mandated toward minority groups whose entitlements are charged with the social engineering of the majority demographic in Australia. No. Not multicultural gender queers of the kumbaya religions of peace and tolerance. I refer to the population of white European ethnic heritage, post Christian, heterosexuals. That population.

    Demographics is destiny. And in this consideration, this demographic is the obstacle to the Long March through the institutions of the Australian state and society, just as the Visigothic population of the Iberian peninsula was the obstacle to the exploitation of its wealth and resources by a hostile elite which used the Muslim invasion as a means to consolidate its power.

    The preface to the Muslim invasion of the Iberian peninsula is, as one might expect, the growth of a hostile (((elite))) in Visigothic Hispania and Septimania, an elite that was subversive to the Lex Visigothorum of Kings Egica and Roderick and grown wealthy by traffick, especially Christian European slaves out of Europe to the caliphate which had extended its reach into North Africa. Young Visigothic women [saqaliba] were the special prey of this mercantile elite because of the prices they fetched in the Eastern bazaars.

    It was a foregone conclusion that this hostile (((elite))) would be instrumental in the Muslim conquest of the peninsula.

    From God’s Crucible by David Levering Lewis –

    “The Capture of Seville” begins with the “entry of twenty cavalry units into Cadiiz. A rendezvous at Toledo with Tariq was the ultimate objective, but reduction of Sevilla, the principle city of Roman Iberia, was a paramount priority. The Muslim army, appears to have encountered about three months of resistance from remnants of the Visigothic army…Once the city finally capitulated, sometime during the winter 712-13 A.D., the Muslim invaders followed Mughith al-Rumi’s precedent at Cordoba. Musa left the Jews to run Sevilla with the help of a small detachment of muqatilla…Their strategic value in the consolidation of Muslim rule had been enormous. From the first contact, the Sefarad had collaborated with the Arab conquerors…[in ways] that had been crucial to the Muslim success.”

    Before the Islamic invasion, Visigothic Spain had undergone the subversion of its institutions and law by that predatory (((elite))) now famous for having opened the Gates of Seville to the Muslim invasion. They were instrumental in consolidating the power of the caliphate over the conquered peninsula and in organising the tribute of its wealth and slaves to the Umayyad.

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    • Good posting.

      Here’s what I reckon:

      Muslims should live in muslim countries and not in Western countries.

      Where they can slice and dice each other to their hearts’ content in the inevitable smothering blanket of corruption that is a permanent reality wherever islam rules.

      No good will ever come from an islamic presence in Australia.

      And – as long as there is an islamic presence in this country (or, in fact, any Western country) that is more than minuscule – there will be never-ending violent attacks made by muslims from within that community on other citizens who choose to be different. Those attacks will be made in the name of Allah.

      Muslim populace = jihadi attacks.

      No muslim populace = no jihadi attacks.

      And that, folks, is just the way it is.

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  5. What are you talking about ? We’ve lost the war brother, the enemy are in our midst, traitors run our institutions, we have an Orwellian Thought Police (e.g. the NSWADB, HREOC, etc) which is enshrined in law that prevents us from challenging their dogma.

    Every time the ‘moral majority’ get ever so slightly organised it gets undermined – or haven’t you noticed ??? The first time the “Establishment” had poo seriously scared out of them by Hansen she ended up in Jail on trumped-up electoral fraud charges. She was a political prisoner plain & simple. Remember the bombing of the Canberra offices of the Christian Lobby – this is war.

    Socialists / Closeted Communists & modern Feminists & rabid LGBTI community are too stupid & retarded to realise that when the Islamists finally takeover they will be murdered (i.e. LBGTI & Socialists/Commo’s) or taken into sexual slavery (i.e. rabid feminists). Who is going to scream Islamaphobe then – NOT ME !

    Lets face it, this is a brutal world & life will only become more thuggish. The rest of world looks up Australia as a quarry populated & governed by morons. But this wasn’t always the case. Will Australia go down the tubes ? Lets change the system (lynch a few current & ex-politicians) & see what happens.

    Have a nice day 🙂

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  6. I’m an ex service man a proud member of the 2/4 Battalion Royal Australian Regiment never had to deploy overseas but trained for that eventuality ( sometimes with boring repetition) however served with many who saw action they never much made a “fuss” of that fact I must say I somewhat agree with your sentiments! disappointed with the politicians of today not sure how we can change the way the media plus politicians run our lives ! still open to anything you or your friends can come up with.

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  7. Thanks for the ‘heads up’…
    It had not occurred to me that there would be a Gay/Lesbian contingent included in ANZAC DAY Commemorations. I’ll watch the TV coverage this year as I will not be marching myself.
    I wonder to what extent there will be a contingent from the local mosque?
    That might seem harshly biased but the simple fact is, the war against Islamic extremists in Islamic lands is still under way and I feel we would just be surrendering again to 5th columnists in that regard also.

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  8. Never better put

    Keep batting on!

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  9. Congrats on this piece! I am equally as frustrated as you.
    How devious are our politicians as they put on a show of expectations tomorrow only to return to appeasing the ‘enemy’ by welcoming them with open arms!
    Lest we whatever……

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  10. what was my service for ?

    To protect the rights and freedoms of all Australians regardless of their race, colour, religion, political beliefs or sexual identity.

    Freedom for all Australians to live without being harassed threatened or insulted by narrow minded ignorant little cowards.

    The freedom to be different and stil be accepted as an Australian citizen

    Unless our laws are broken, every Australian must be entitled to equality and freedom.

    What freedoms do you consider important Bernard ?

    Freedom for everyone, or just freedoms for those people you agree with ?

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    • Doug,

      If you don’t mind I will try & answer that one from the perspective of a recent Veteran (who did a couple of serious tours) with 3 decades of unblemished service to the nation.

      I had my career terminated due to injuries suffered on deployments – plural – & was the victim of bullying on return by one of these “narrow minded ignorant little cowards” to whom you refer. SHE is one of those LBGTI loving narrow minded cowardly morons who insulted & demeaned my service & experience. The “Sisterhood” closed skirts & illegally protected her from my official complaint & now that pig of a woman is promoted.

      Doug, from the way you write my guess is you’re a new breed of SJW junior officer AND A TROLL. GO HOME AND GO BACK TO YOUR MOMAS TEAT.

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    • Doug,
      Our laws are being broken, Sharia law exists here, child marriage exists here, arranged underage marriage and FGM exist here and all perpetrated by the same minority with the powers to be turning a blind eye most of the time. You can see this even by recent news stories. If you cannot see what is clearly happening then i am sorry but your service, is appreciated but you clearly do not hold the same patriotism as many Vets.
      A shopping centre in Victoria that is owned by islamists have openly denied the sales or promotion of anything RSL or ANZAC. That is disgraceful the power these minorities are wielding. The Nambour RSL will not even display a donated photo of the first diggers to head overseas in WW1. It’s an iconic image that is displayed on a wall in many RSL clubs, Nambour being one of the few exceptions.
      Our whole way of life is being changed for the worse just because these minorities, including the lgbti and marriage equality activists, are bullying and intimidating Australians to follow their beliefs and ways, even in the defence force.
      I am an Aussie. I took an Oath when i joined the Army and i will follow that Oath until i die. I will not be intimidated, I will not allow myself or others to be bullied and i certainly will not bow down to the cowards allowing this to happen. I am an Aussie. I am proud to be an Aussie and to follow the values and traditions this country was founded on and i as others will always fight for these values that we served for. Lest We Forget.

      ***Great piece Bernie***

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    • Freedom, Doug, for those who won’t spit in your face for serving, who won’t steal your sweat to live, who won’t take away from you the freedom you served and for those who won’t condemn you or harm for practising your own faith.

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  11. Our politicians and senior military officers are treasonous. They cowtow to Islam.

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  12. https://youtu.be/MAZMQZkxw5o

    This song is dedicated to those that came home.
    At this time of year we all remember the soldiers who fell in battle.
    This song commemorates those who returned and could no longer fit back into society.
    Unable to forget, unable to adjust and unable to work .
    These are the forgotten soldiers. The soldiers that no one wants to talk about.

    I agree with all the points you have raised. Our fathers would be shocked / stunned!
    Our current serving must be demoralised and fearful.
    The world has gone mad!

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  13. I’d like to see them try and lay a gay reef at our local service.
    My ancestors who served would roll in their graves.
    Try it. Just try it.

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    • WTF is a gay reef?

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      • That’d be a wreath,if that helps.

      • The Reef is probably “gay”, too!

    • Another excellent article, Bernard…Not sure where the accompanying pic was taken, but some years ago, a protest near Circular Quay had it’s supporters holding up similar signs… As an Australian, I found these signs OFFENSIVE…. Was anyone charged over this disgrace?? I note that Woolies were selling T-shirts with an outline of Australia on it, and the words: Australia:: love it or leave it::
      Apparently it ‘offended’ some people and they protested about this T-shirt, and it was withdrawn from sale… I found out about this after it was withdrawn, otherwise I would have bought one……Need I say more ??
      By the way, Bernard.. where’s your occasional contributor, Affaiyah Irrelevant ?? Another who apparently lives in Australia, but denigrates it.. I miss her biased articles !

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      • Thanks Colin – Iffiayah Wazza Lefte will return…

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