Coming soon: A closer look at halal certification

Kirralie Smith has interviewed Senator Cory Bernardi, George Christensen MP, Debbie Robinson (Q Society & Australian Liberty Alliance) and myself regarding halal certification.

The documentary about this industry that even Labor Senator, Sam Dastyari, has described as full of shonks and scammers will come out soon.

Here is a sneak preview:

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Why was it allowed in the first place, it’s just a criminal act and a hidden tax that’s pushed on all others with such total nonsense.

    My mum has payed big dollars for all her old home country’s flash imported food that she loves for 60 years and I have never seen her claim any special privilege for it.

    The Moss rats can go whistle for it.

    But the thing is who let such a stupid thing happen here in Australia, someone is getting a underhanded deal out of it all, to be sure to be sure, I would say and all this type of crap needs the public to wake up to such cons, that we are forced to swallow.

    The Liberals and Labour party’s are taking us Australians all for fools, but some of us are standing up to the derelict’s, but sadly the media works against Australian interest as well, only working to cover it all up, not to mention claims made about anyone looking into it at all, as just some 3rd rate low life too even question anything about such things.
    The People have every right to know totally everything there is to do with this crap and if some bastard is responsible for such money going to support terrorist, there should be hell to pay ! for any bastard who pushes that stupid underhanded moronic hidden bloody tax.

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  2. I only found out about this halal-certification some 2 years ago… If my info. is right, it was done via the Commonwealth Dept. of Agriculture.. In 1983, an enquiry was held into the meat/food industry ( and I wonder who prompted this enquiry ! ).. and in 1985 halal-certification was introduced.. The current C’wealth Dept. of Agriculture Minister is Barnaby Joyce, and he couldn’t tell me if there was a Press Release about this certification… He/his Office couldn’t tell me why legislation wasn’t passed requiring manufacturers to also label their product NON – Halal.. So much for freedom of choice for consumers ! ! !…
    Some people use the words Assimilation, Integration when mentioning the followers of Mohammedism.
    It works like this… The host Country must do its best to assimilate/integrate with the wishes/beliefs of the minority, who, despite wanting to live in a First World Country, cling to ‘ superstitious beliefs’, ‘practices’, ‘customs’, ‘traditions’ which have no place in the 21st. Century..
    Simple, really…

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  3. I refuse to support a religion I do not believe in and I have not bought any Cadbury chocolate since I found out it was Halal certified. My big concern is that the Halal logo is either very small or not at all on the products that are Halal certified. Why is this so? are the people that support Halal are to frightened to advertise Halal because of the back lash of people that do not support it?

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  4. This is the list of Cadbury Halal-certified products.

    This is the list of Cadbury Kosher-certified chocolates.
    (“We do not have any Kosher-certified products”)

    We are each paying for the Islamisation of our country. The entire halal industry is a scam.

    I have rung Cadbury (1800 250 260) and told them that my family and friends will never buy any of the products while Cadbury is halal.

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  5. Mohamed and the Quran state that if you sit down to eat and the food is not Halal, all a Muslim need do is to say a prayer over the foods and it is then permissible or Halal. So why not just have Muslims everywhere pray over tehir meals before they eat and it will then be Halal. How did Muslime years ago eat when there was no Halal certification. HOw to Muslims in poor countries who don’t have Halal Certification eat. This is a scam plain and simple.

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  6. Finally, someone who will stand up for common sense. It’s been too long that minority groups have disproportionately influenced the test of society and been supported by politicians along the way.

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  7. Hi, In the documentary, do you make the connection between the halal surcharge on all our food and the Jizyah tax for non Muslims because that is essentially what it is but implemented surreptitiously?

    That is my opinion anyway.

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  8. Great work to expose any level of corruption. Reality is it should be a very small fee and not linked to sales volume in any

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  9. EXPOSED at last!! Thank you!!

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  10. And still our government do nothing this PC ministers have to go we have to vote in political parties will to stand up for our values and our causes not Mohammedan causes as Islam has no LOVE for the Kafir

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  11. Finally some words of wisdom. I stand behind you to help others realize and get educated about this and to help put a stop to this unnessecary jihad tax.

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