Choosing to be news props again (or this time it’s Manchester)

It’s all rather surreal. One minute you’re a gay bloke posing in front of your naked barbie doll, all a-flutter over an Ariana Grande concert.

And then, the next minute, you’re the first person in the world to tweet out today’s new normal.

Like I said, it’s all rather surreal.

It’s left many confused and questioning what the hell is going on:

It may seem difficult for some to grasp, but the answer to all the ‘WTFs’ is simple: Islam.

However, not all who asked liked the response:

How did we get to this point, where reality is so clear yet so wilfully ignored? I’ll do my best to explain.

The West has forgotten what we were. So we don’t know who we are. In the confusion a standover merchant muscled on into the cultural vacuum.

It’s called Islam.

And, like standover merchants generally, Islam does not play nice. Hence the attack on gay men and school girls at a concert in Manchester. Submission to Islam is lacking.

In a nutshell, that’s what has happened.

If September 11 represented something ‘new’, it’s getting pretty long in the tooth now. It took place before Facebook, before Twitter and, for those who think it is all our fault, it even occurred before the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

September 11 might have occurred this millennium, but for most millennials, it’s the way things have always been. So it might as well be something from the last millennium (which, by the way, it actually is – the first September 11 occurred in 1683 when Islamic armies tried but failed to capture Vienna, right in the centre of Europe).

For most of us, the news is a form of black entertainment; the bad stuff that happens to other people.

Unfortunately, in the post-September 11 world, there is an ever increasing chance that the 6pm news won’t be about other people. It will be about ‘us’. The ‘us’ in Toronto. Or London. Or Brussels. Or even in some sleepy backyard rural Queensland town hosting a ‘French’ backpacker.

And now the ‘us’ in Manchester.

Unfortunately, we don’t only see ‘that shit’ on the news anymore. It is all around us.

Take the attacks in Sydney. Or in Melbourne. Many, many Australians have wandered through Martin Place or caught a train at Flinders Street Station. Just like in Manchester, we can sense the attacks and see the scars they have left, not just on others but on our own cities, streets and lives.

The ‘them’ on the news might just as easily have been you or me. That’s because the targets symbolised us. They were nothing more than ordinary people doing ordinary things. That is precisely why they were the targets.

Islam, as an ideology, is at war with the ordinary. It always has been and it always will be. It demands the right to replace every ounce of ordinary with Allah’s extraordinary and totalitarian dictates over all aspects of life.

There is no point trying to change this. Mohammad was not a phlegmatic hippie and that is why his religion does not reflect the mood of one. Rather, he was a warlord who believed he had divine backing to use force to impose his will on all others as he increased in power.

Hence the reality that Islam tends towards violence wherever it is growing in strength. The key difference between ‘moderates’ and ‘extremists’ is not over whether violence is moral; rather, it’s simply a disagreement over whether the legal (Sharia) conditions to justify the use of force and coercion have been met. The ‘extremists’ say yes; the ‘moderates’ say not yet.

Add in a liberal dose of violent internal disagreement over ‘authority’ and you pretty much have an understanding of everything that Islam is.

So, if there is no point trying to change Islam, the solution to the violence must found within ourselves.

Are we ready to defend ourselves? Or, like many nations, tribes and kingdoms throughout history, will we succumb, submit and kiss civilisation goodbye?

Will we let the Allah replace the ordinary?

The answer to that question is far from certain.

While borders remain open and governments fund Islam, I’d say that the answer will be no (and today’s news is that the Commonwealth has handed over $45 million to illegally promote Islam via education grants since 2000 – at just one Islamic school). This situation won’t change unless Western men put away their dolls and find something worthwhile defending. That would be our Western Christian civilisation.

It is worth defending. Doing so would make good news. However, if we are merely content to meander along from shattered concert to shattered concert, we will instead simply be the props on the next bad news story.

And given Ramadan is just a few days away, a betting man would expect to see a lot more of us on the ‘news’ in the coming days…

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Yes, WTF is going on? Co-incidence theorists, have a look at this code.

    Norway Attack 22 / 7 / 2011
    Woolwich Attack 22 / 5 / 2013
    Brussels Attack 22 / 3 / 2016
    Munich Attack 22 / 7 / 2016
    London Attack 22 / 3 / 2017
    Manchester Attack 22 / 5 / 2017

    Minions who are able to run Nash equilibrium – do the math. What are the chances?

    And then, to really rile the Brits (you know those Islamaphobic, racist haters who are the real ethnic British) – we have the FakeNN slobbering all over the helpful Muslims, the rescue the lost children Muslims, the thoughtful, sensitive and respectful of ‘our’ diversity Muslims. Think of our own Waleed on steroids.

    This from the FakeNN organisations that tidied up Savile and covered for him for over a decade and censored British child victims of the Muslim Rape Gangs roaming free across the north of Britain for over fourteen years. Sickening. Just sickening.

    Rot in hell FakeNN.

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  2. What needs to happen to fix Australia ???? Well an awful lot & none of it is pretty. We can cry & ruminate all we like but nothing will happen without action. The big questions are, WHAT ? HOW ? WHO ?

    None of the patriot types are willing to do what needs to be done because nobody wants a knock on the door from the Feds & disappear down some mine shaft for being able to mount a credible challenge to vested authority. Nobody is willing to risk their pension.

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    • left wing politics and main stream media will stop Patriots and anything asociated with Australian family heritage values (lest we forget)

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  3. We ought to be selling Intel and weapons to the loosing mohomedan side of the month. Let them anhillalate themselves. You have only the bad guys and the bad guys here! We ought not to be sending the cream of our young people overseas to support either the Sunnis or the Shite factions of this abomination of a doctrine. We ought to close our borders all possibilities to this insidious infection, inoculate and educate the public to it’s real dangers, while rooting out and expellying that which has already taken seed on our soil.

    This cult mahomedism, is based on the teachings of a man responsible for mass murder, polygamy, peodophillia, a thief, a liar and a coward. His devotees consider that his life was divinely led and inspired. He is acclaimed as having led the perfect life and is held up as a perfect example of how to live. The strategic goals laid down by him 1400 years ago are being persued diligently by the application of his tried and proven tactics right up to the present day.

    If you want to know what it will be like to live in this (dhimmitude) society…stay tuned… nothing, and doom yourselves and your decendants to the reality of mahomedism.

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  4. Bernard, what do we have to do so that politicians get the message?

    I remember internment during the last war. It worked then and I suggest it will work again. How about promoting the story of internment in your website?

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  5. the main stream media has tight grip on what they want the public to hear and know, they are in control of these situations even more with the power of internet,they are not interested in how many innocent lives are slaughted (marted)Why?left wing ideology rides with Islamic principles.
    get rid of the msm and promote independent fact finding organisations with non biased factual reporting .

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