ASIO boss has already forgotten Lindt lessons

I hate to tell the ASIO Director General that he’s wrong. But he’s wrong.

And he’s not doing his job.

That means he’s not protecting the people he’s supposed to: Australians.

In news that is as unsurprising as it is concerning, ASIO Director General Duncan Lewis has informed parliament that:

“I have absolutely no evidence to suggest there’s a connection between refugees and terrorism”

You can’t make this stuff up. The day before Lewis waffled this rubbish at a Senate hearing, the New South Wales Coroner released his report into the Lindt Café terrorist attack. This is what he found:

“On 18 November, Monis applied for a protection visa, claiming to be a political refugee. He was granted a bridging visa while this application was considered.”

Whatever Duncan Lewis is doing as ASIO Head Honcho, he’s doing it wrong. That organisation is in serious need of a shake up because its mistakes allowed Monis to walk into the Lindt Café with a shotgun – just days after ASIO assessed 18 complaints it had received about Monis.

The complaints were dismissed after a preliminary assessment. It found Monis was not a threat.

Even the ABC is reporting what Lewis will not: terrorists attempted to infiltrate Australia’s 12,000 refugee placements from Syria:

More than 500 refugee applications were rejected on security grounds last year – about 5% of the nation’s total refugee intake:

The Federal Government has refused entry to more than 500 Syrian and Iraqi refugees over the last year because they failed security checks.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said the Government used intelligence from security allies, including the United States, to make the security assessments.

Some of those rejected were part of 12,000 Syrian refugees being resettled in Australia.

And then there’s this from Manchester – remember, the place where kids were blown up earlier this week?

Suicide bomber Salman Abedi is believed to have travelled to Syria and become radicalised before returning to the UK to cause carnage at a gig in the city where he was born.

The son of Libyan parents, who reportedly fled their native country and sought refuge in the UK, he is thought to have come back to Britain from Libya just days before the massacre.

In more comforting news, Duncan Lewis also informed parliament that 1 of the 12 thwarted terrorist attacks since 2014 was from a ‘right-wing extremist’ and that, as a result, not all terrorist attacks were by Muslims.

How nice. But we still have a long way to go before we cut through the burka ceiling and become an equal opportunity terrorist nation…

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. If the Government of Australia is run as a corporation, which looks correct from what I have discovered)There could be a class action law suit against the corporation and its head people. That could cost them millions of their own dollars to pay out for victims AND those who are fearful of further attacks, causing undue stress. (Undue because of lack of obvious action to correct the problem).

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  2. Duncan LEWIS was basically an accessory to MURDER in the Lindt Cafe siege and should of been held accountable along with the JUDGES who let him out on bail for his other convictions. I had reason to make a complaint to ASIO about one of the officers, was just given the short shift, I also wrote directly to Duncan LEWIS and surprisingly never received any acknowledgement. As far as I’m concerned they are just another corrupt government organization.

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  3. Can we not organise a petition to get him fired. Who appointed him?

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    I do not care who you are. I do not care where you are from. I do not care how old you are, your gender, your religion, your political persuasion, your sexual proclivities, what you eat, how you dress, nor thousands of other things about you.
    However, when I am expected to change my way of living because you have come to live in my country, be assured, there will be discord between us.
    I will strive to be as tolerant as possible for as long as possible, but you will one day learn that my good will and tolerance is finite.
    Keep in mind that YOU came HERE – for whatever reason – so the onus is on YOU to assimilate with me…not the other way around.
    If you do not like our laws, customs, politics, religion – or any other thing, you are more than welcome to leave and return from whence you came, however, so long as you strive to live harmoniously, in this, your adoptive country, I wish you no animus.
    However, should you threaten me, my family, my friends, my way of life, my liberty OR my country…I will use all means at my disposal to protect and defend them – up to and including taking your life!

    © ME!

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  5. He is another over-paid wanker. This is blatantly obvious. What does he care about the rest of us? He resides in the safety of the People’s Republic of , us plebs be damned.

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  6. Lewis is either an idiot, a traitor, a muslim, a Left Wing Ideologue, or a drug addled hippie to make such an obviously wrong, negligent & false & misleading claim. If another Australian loses their life due to another Monis, I would like to have a friendly face to face conversation with Mr Lewis.

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  7. Mr Gaynor,
    This is a post I placed on Senator Hansons’ FB page.
    Although I may be drawing a long bow with this concept it may be of interest for you.

    Senator Hanson, as a former NSW Police Officer, I had a duty of care for people I arrested, assisted in accidents and basically anyone I had contact with throughout my duties. Surely politicians, magistrates, other govt bodies, eg the ones that permit illegal immigrants to stay when they have been ordered to leave the country, also have a duty of care to their constituents. As Australia grapples with continual Islamic Terror and more illegals are allowed into the country and with over 300 persons on the AFP Terror watch list as confirmed by their own office. It is reasonably foreseeable that Australia will be victim to another Terror threat in the future. If a person or persons carries out the unspeakable terror threat and that person or persons was on a terror watch list or was permitted to stay in this country after initial reports state that they should be deported or they are here in Australia illegally, then the government body is responsible under a Duty of Care. Any person who has been victim of a terror plot in this country or may be a victim of a terror plot in this country in the future under any of the above circumstances is the victim not only of Islam but also a victim of the negligence of the authority or authorities who permit the deed to happen, “….. Duty of care is part of the larger legal concept of negligence. Negligence is said to occur when damage occurs to another person as a result of someone failing to exercise reasonable care…” “….Duty of care requires that an acceptable standard of care that is reasonably practicable be provided to ensure the health and safety of those at the workplace and also TO THOSE AFFECTED BY THE WORK THAT YOU DO”

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    • Great comment Paul. It is about time that the politicians who do keep letting these scumbags into the country are held personally accountable. Not only do we have terrorists operating here, we also have documented cases of FGM, Sharia law being conducted, arranged child marriage with the pedophilia involved, as in the media recently where the pedophile was not charged, and multiple wives but the Government is still turning a blind eye to all of this. Why?????? Are the Government gaining from all this somehow or are they just plain stupid?
      Only problem is that you sent this letter to Pauline. Pauline has had so many chances to front Turnbull with possible solutions to the problem. Sure she sometimes says the right things to the media but she is only full of sound bytes. She says things that interest the public and then, so she doesn’t have to act on them, she goes straight onto another topic altogether. To this point in time she has achieved absolutely nothing other than trying to claim credit for other peoples hard work and policy pinching, oh and being the most controversial party in the country at present whom can’t seem to get their stories straight. There are other credible parties and candidates who are truly conservative and don’t just claim to be to get votes. The Australian public are just starting to learn and realise the extent Pauline and Cashby will go to deceive not only her candidates but the public in general.

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      • I have it on (reasonably good authority) that The Govt of Australia and that of the USA) are formed as corporations and if that is correct would come under corporate law. Perhaps a massive class action could be launched against it(Aust). That would make the corporation clean up its act, especially if its head people are sued for millions.

  8. According to the AFP, they have stopped twelve major terrorist related situations since 2014 so someone is pulling their pud. That equates to one every three months

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