Can we all throw up now?

Eleni Glouftsis can’t bounce a football.

I think that’s why she has become the first female umpire.

And now the AFL, in order to prevent further embarrassment, is considering removing the bounce altogether.

Which leads to the question: if females are allowed to throw up at the footy, can we all do it too?

This woman has done more to revolutionise Australia’s game than anyone before her. So much so that it’s likely she’s killed off the much-loved feature that sets this sport apart from any other. And she’s done it in just one game in which she didn’t even play.

Well done.

Just let it be known that at the rate things are going, I’m probably going to switch off from the AFL shortly. I might turn towards that game where they throw a massive cheese off a cliff and suicidal maniacs race it to the bottom.

But on the way, I’ll have a whinge.

I just don’t care about female footy.

I don’t care about the women’s competition that finished earlier this year. There is more skill at a country Div 3 game.

I don’t care about female umpires. They are unable to do what male umpires have been doing for over 150 years.

And I don’t care to hear from female commentators. I’d rather listen to an ex-player than a female talking about the groin injuries suffered by such and such a player during the first quarter.

Let it be known that I long for the days when the AFL was an all-male affair. You know, the days when the players were blokes, the umpires were blokes and the commentators were as well.

Back in those days goal umpires wore cool hats, coats and sunglasses. ‘Professionalism’ has killed that right off. Now we have AFL diversity officers and a make-believe team called GWS. Give me a break.

Some might claim this is sexist, racist or bigoted. But so is everything these days. So I don’t care.

More importantly, the AFL has decided that it has a voice in arguing for all-male marriages. No one claims this is sexist, so I don’t see why all-male AFL games should be sexist either.

And on this point, I make special mention of Kevin Sheedy. His promotion of AFL-backed gay marriage came with this cracker of a line:

“The great thing about gay people is they’re beautiful human beings who don’t do the crap that heterosexuals do.”

I’m not exactly sure what Kevin (whose Wikipedia page makes reference to his ‘devout’ Catholic parents) means. There is only one thing that heterosexuals can do that homosexuals can’t: conceive a child.

If you don’t understand how all this works, then it’s clear that you probably suffered through State Sex Ed 101, had your logical faculties lobotomised and were then granted a PhD in Safe Schools. That would make you a well-adjusted imbecile.

Sorry. But it’s true.

Anyway, I’m not so sure that I’d describe the power to create life as ‘crap’, but then again I’m not a gay marriage advocate like Kevin Sheedy. No doubt his devout Catholic parents would be proud of his contribution to this debate and his description of how he happened to come into this world.

Oh, by the way AFL, I don’t care for your views on marriage either. Your entire ‘industry’ revolves around grown men chasing a ball. Like most humans, I have a soft spot for stupidity which is why I watch it.

But an industry devoted to stupidity and pretty much staffed by ‘athletes’ who get paid a motza to tattoo their entire bodies is probably not well placed to enlighten humanity on its basic social foundation: marriage and the family unit.

Now that I’ve got this whinge off my chest, I’ll heap ‘faint’ praise on Eleni Glouftsis.

Amidst all the frustration this week, she also made me smile. With this quote:

“The AFLW was so fantastic to show everyone that women can be involved in all aspects of the game, and that it should be a game for everyone in Australia. Now with women players and hopefully more women umpires at the elite level, hopefully we can show them that women are just as capable as men.”

I love it when things are so fantastic. You generally know at that point that people are just making things up, the world’s about to end or the bad guy in the movie is about to kill everybody.

Fortunately, Eleni was just making things up. Women are not involved in all aspects of the game. And they are not just as capable as men on the footy field.

That’s why not one single AFL team has drafted a woman – not even the best one from the women’s comp. They just can’t cut it on the footy field. The AFL might talk ‘diversity’ but its teams want to win. Hence the reason they are sexistly all-male.

This should not be taken as criticism of women. It’s just the truth.

And anyone who wants to see courage should visit a maternity ward. It’s on display there every single day. Unfortunately, female courage in that field is pretty much held in contempt these days, along with the courage of mothers who then give up everything to devote their lives to their children.

But when it comes to footy, it’s a man’s world. It always will be.

The AFL might be stupid but its teams still want to win. So much so that they have not yet succumbed to politically-correct experimentation.

But if that’s what you’re after, I suggest you try the Army. It’s just set 25% recruitment quotas for women and, unlike the AFL, there’s clearly no requirement for it win a physical contest…


Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. For the mandated diversity – just add trannies. Say good-bye to women’s comps. Even with the oestrogen shots they still have enough testosterone to exclude strong and athletic women from their games and comps.

    Where the politics of games and sports is going with the PC – if a man says he’s a woman, or a transitioning boy says he’s a girl then he’s a woman or a girl and the deplorables had better get his pronoun right or the club is in court.

    This is going to get very nasty and it would be good if the girls and young women who play sport could play in their clubs and their right to their sport could be protected. Good luck with that.

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  2. ahh wait I see, you’re annoyed at Eleni Glouftsis

    her comments probably are odd, I don’t know what she means by women showing they are “just as capable as men”, however, this is just one person’s opinion so its most likely not representative of everyone else who watches football or wants to play

    Its my understanding that women just want the opportunity to play

    as for standards, I don’t know why anyone would compare men with women, they have different bodies and asking any gender to meet a certain ‘standard’ is odd.

    Like asking an orange to win an apple contest. Or an apple to win an orange contest.

    That said, I’ve enjoyed watching the women play in their competitions, and I’ve also enjoyed watching the men play theirs

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  3. Yes ok, sure
    I wasn’t aware people were saying it was the same.

    Women’s AFL is matched against women’s teams isn’t it? So whatever difference you might think they have in strength (men and women) should be evened out by an all-female competition?

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    • The only way it could be ‘evened out’ is if the female competition reaches the same standards as the men’s. It won’t.

      So, by all means females can play in their comps. Just don’t pretend the competition is the same or as deserving of the same attention.

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  4. This is just another one of many other sporting bodies on this planet that will say anything and do anything- no matter how debatable the subject is, just to make a quick buck and cheap soundbites for the presstitute MSM to glorify over. Whatever the status-quo and SJW virtue signalling crowd tells them what to do,they righteously bend over backwards just to appease the PC-narrating, pseudo-intellectual trendies.

    I am glad that I do not watch AFL anymore, the social engineering has only intensified since I last
    followed it(in 2009)and it is not going to go away anytime soon.Once the AFL herd has been
    conditioned, rugby league and cricket(two other sports I do not watch)are next to be bludgeoned with the enervate stick.I can only offer advice to people who do not want this to happen.
    Contact your NRL/AFL club/Cricket Australia that you follow;hurt them where it hurts them most…with your money.Tell them you want nothing to do with it. If they refuse, don’t support them.

    Kevin Sheedy is just a paid off shill who in his own senile mind thinks that his opinion should
    be treated as gospel.He should just live the good life and quit wasting his(and others’) time barking with his silver tongue.

    If these vested interest,cultured lynch mob want gender equality in pro-sports, put the female AFL players against the males and lets see which female player gets to be in a neck brace and carried off on a stretcher or in an ambulance first. To prove my point:use this URL.

    PS. Keep up the good work Bernard.

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    • Why shouldn’t women be able to play AFL?

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      • I didn’t say the couldn’t play it at all. I just said I don’t care about the competition. By all means have it, but don’t pretend that it’s the same things the men’s comp.

        However, to show that I am all for gender diversity, I thoroughly support non gender-based recruitment. Clubs should be able to recruit as many females as they wish. I hope Collingwood does…

  5. sounds like you’re nervous we’ll get better than you 😛

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  6. All footy is just a kids game to me and as soon as the money come involved in any sport, the more money that’s involved the more corrupt it all becomes.

    When I started working, it was instant dismissal to play footy, the boss could not afford childish nonsense like that. work was everything or nothing.
    Playing games was not looked up to at all.

    But nowadays it’s aspired to become so idolised that such people are revered as ultimate role models, heroes, but when one gets caught out doing something wrong the media comes down on the poor buggers, they are only simple people for crying out loud, that should not be idolised or any such expectations made of them, but for out on the field.

    The problem is that the evil powers of Political Correctness is at hand here as well, working there magic so as to brainwash people and there is a method to their madness in all they do, using such games and idols to exploit, just to achieve there own ends agendas, so we see all this crap that goes on nowadays with promoting all types of dribble causes, supporting of any activism in there task of enslaving us under there powers to try control our thoughts.
    Such cunning mind manipulations happened under Nazi Germany and Communist Nations, so as to get too control peoples thoughts and then they gained the power to come down on anyone who was out of line with there PC views.

    PC works on every angle it can to achieve there ends of enslaving all so they can dominate over all like a mongrel dog. we see this bastardisation driving a wedge between everything, man and woman, Marriage, etc etc you name it the proof is in the pudding, This Satanic dribble is at work leading all astray.

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  7. Nah Bernie! Mr Sheedy was talking obout the differences in “crap”….The difference is so physically obvious…..There is a distinct counter sunk, concaved tuck in the end of the “gay” variety!

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  8. AFL may not be your code, Viking, but don’t let that keep you from noticing what the social engineers are up to.

    Stay tuned for more attempts to inject soy/estrogen compounds into the culture of male sports and games. It is all part of the larger offensive by our social engineers and their PC programmers.

    In the end they want a population that could be collectively described as a de-caf soy latte with a luv heart.

    That is why their PCbots, globalist widgets, change agents are at war with the traditional norms of marriage and family, gender and heterosexual norms, traditional religions and cultures – of which football codes would be example. In short all European ethnic identity and heritage.

    Football – its codes and cultures – is a happy hunting ground for those who oppose masculine gender expression (and all those who validate it. They want to instrumentalise those games and cultures for their agenda. Female umpires, pink shoes, pink ribbons, breast awareness, staged racism guilt trips on the clubs etc is all part of the deal.

    This is why they continually bang on with the PC about marriage equality, white priviledge, white guilt, Christian intolerance, poor victimized peace loving Muslims, 60+ gender choices etc.

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  9. Nice one Sarcastic Viking however, it appears that the Rugby Union players in Australia can’t hold a pencil of late.

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  10. Sorry dudes, AFL doesn’t cut-it, nor does does soccer (we used to call it W*g ball north of the border). They’re not the sports of Empire or of men. Watching a bunch of angry lesbians running into each other is a hoot when sinking a beer with some mates. But you can’t take it seriously, like watching a cat fight.

    Rugby Union is the game of Kings played in heaven & consecrated on earth. Rugby League is permissible for those who write with crayon.

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