Eyes On Brisbane: Inala’s Islamic ghetto

There are some people who cling to the belief that the Liberal and Labor parties are different; that they have different ideological perspectives on things like protecting Australia’s Western Christian culture.

But these people are wrong.

And Brisbane City Council has just proven it. Again.

Take the ‘debate’ over the proposal to establish an Islamic ghetto in the suburb of Inala.

The plan involves turning an Islamic school into an Islamic enclave, complete with a mosque (for Muslims), units (for Islamic people), business centre (for Islamic businesses), childcare centre (to raise future Muslims), medical facilities (for wives who have been beaten in accordance with Sharia law) and an aged-care facility (for those who haven’t detonated themselves in a celebration of Islamic domination).

The local councillor is Steve Griffiths. He’s from the Labor Party.

And he has made it clear that he is in favour of the mosque, the expansion of the Islamic school and the Islamic childcare centre. But he did lodge an objection against parts of the development on planning grounds.

At the most recent Brisbane City Council meeting he also asked the Lord Mayor, Graham Quirk, if he supported the plan.

The Liberal Party’s Lord Mayor gave a quirky response. He said he would need to have a look at the history of the site before commenting. So Steve Griffiths asked him if he would allow the application to be debated fully and transparently by the Council.

Graham Quirk’s response was to insinuate that Labor’s Steve Griffiths, a man who supports the mosque and much of the Islamic development, was racist. I guess that means there will be no debate.

In a nutshell, the Liberal Lord Mayor of Brisbane is berating a Labor councillor for ‘racism’ because he has not supported an Islamic development enough.

Now, tell me again, is there any real difference between the Liberal and Labor parties? Or are they simply arguing over which of the major parties provides Islam with the most support in Australia?

I’ll keep you updated as this proposed multicultural disaster unfolds. In the meantime, this is from Today Tonight:

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Open letter to the Lord Mayor and Councillors

    Office of the Lord Mayor,
    GPO Box 2287.
    Brisbane QLD 4001.
    24 May, 2017

    Dear Lord Mayor Graham Quirk,

    It was with horror that we all watched the carnage of young, free and happy festival goers in Manchester yesterday at the hands of a lone terrorist.

    If one person can create so much havoc in so many lives, deceased, injured and all their families, can Australians even imagine what will happen when we have the Bendigo Mosque, the Melbourne Mosque, the Maroochydore Mosque and the Durack Mosque with all their villages and ancillary buildings in close proximity to the densely populated areas of the suburbs?

    We know already the effects of creating the enclaves of Lakemba, Bankstown, Auburn in the greater Sydney landscape and the predominantly Sudanese Apex gangs of Dandenong.

    People in Australia are WORRIED about their children’s future.

    Politicians are NOT LISTENING to the people’s voices.

    The regular Police force is AFRAID to ACT in Muslim areas and school children are fed platitudes by their Left leaning teachers.

    Are you, Mayor and your Councillors also afraid to refuse the introduction of Sharia Law in these devisive enclaves where people of Islamic persuasion hold POWER?

    Let me explain a little further.

    In the 1990 I was a resident of Inala. I was a teacher who, at one stage also taught English as a Second Language to immigrants. Being of Italian descent myself I was deemed to empathise well with those of other cultures.

    When I moved out of my home I was able to rent it out and I worked together with Noel Pearson to provide my house to an abused mother and son of Aboriginal background.
    For two years they were examplary tenants.

    At 13 years of age, the son, now in high school met up with unsavoury characters of other ethnicity. Through these new friends the abusers of the family from the past were able to access my property and the mother was once again subjected to the violence of the past. I too suffered vandalism costing me more than any rent that I may have received.

    Since the 90’s that area of Inala, Durack, Redbank Plains, Gailes has had more than its fair share of crimes and now we don’t need to see our disenfranchised youths come under the influence of RADICALISATION particularty where Judges, already swayed by Political Correctness, do NOT impose suitable sentences for offenders. Then let them out on bail against the recommendations from Police. Eg. The Burke St. massacre.

    The Mosque and mini city proposed for Durak will create a “no go zone” where the Christian, Budhist and other communities will be excluded. A “no go zone” that will practise Sharia Law where the Police will be barred from entering. Cast your mind back a few months when French Police raided 70 Mosques in various parts of France after the attacks in that country and found caches of weapons and ammunitioon as well as much literature for the radicalisation of young people. Propaganda designed to brainwash children of low I.Q. due to consanguination. (The interbreeding of generations that create offsprings with low I.Q.s and are as a result not as intelligent and more susceptible to indoctrination.)

    1. Another enclave will be created designed to alienate, not assimilate.
    2. Multiculturalism is divisive!
    3. Political Correctnes is divisive.
    4. It is NOT racism to want to protect one’s own family from Islam.
    5. Islam is NOT a religion but a political ideology cloaked in the guise of religion.

    Please familiarise yourself with a word from the Qur’an –
    Taquiya: meaning religious deception: Deceiving Governments and people in order to advance Islam.

    Ref: ‘The Story of Mohammed‘– Islam unveiled by Harry Richardson

    An independent Social Impact Study must be carried out as part of Council’s due diligence BEFORE any approval is issued for the construction of any Mosque anywhere.

    “Dr. Frank Salter, an Australian urban anthropologist and ethologist, has done some interesting research on ethnic diversity.”
    See Dr. Salter’s findings on

    “Jan 28, 2015 – Dr. Frank Salter has been a critic of the progressive social project in Australia for at least the past several decades. It is rare to find an academic … “

    Finally from the last page of my book, – I “DO” based on J.F. Kennedy’s speech before he was assassinated –
    “Ask not what your country can do for you; Ask instead what can I do for my country”

    Disclaimer – http://www.lidiakardos.com

    “This book ends on a sombre note. I hope I am wrong in fearing the worst, while hoping for the best of outcomes!
    Many of these political comments reflect my thoughts and feelings about the potentially dangerous situation within Australia. They resonate with many concerned citizens who have been following global events and who are disenchanted with the EU and the UN because these organisations seem to have no control over the corruption of leaders in countries besieged by high birth rates and famine. Wars and takeovers. Or human life!
    A scandalous percentage of the aid given by Australians end up in private pockets.
    E.g. The continent of Africa has many of the greatest mansions and shopping malls in the world yet has a large number of the poorest countries in the world and in the UN.
    Nowhere could I find ANY recommendations for containing the population explosion in these poorest countries. The world’s population increase by 200,200 a DAY and is already at an unsustainable seven-and-a-half billion people!
    According to the Best 10 List, uploaded May 11, 2016:
    “1. On the basis of per capita GDP, Qatar is undisputedly the richest country in the world. Its per capita GDP sat at a whopping $146,011.85 in 2015.
    Qatar religion is Islam, and Sharia (Islamic law) is a main source of legislation.

    10. Saudi Arabia per capita income: $56,000.
    Saudi Arabia has an oil-based economy with solid government …
    Islam is the state religion of Saudi Arabia and its law requires that all citizens be Muslims.”
    Rich Muslim countries do NOT accept Muslim refugees, but give $$$$$$ for the construction of Mosques worldwide.”

    I hope, Dear Lord Mayor and Councillors that this letter will make you assess this application in the light of Dr. Frank Salter’s extensive Social Impact Studies and decline the application to build the Mosque and mini city in Durack. (or anywhere else)

    Yours Sincerely,

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  2. If Christians wanted to build a similar place they would call it a KKK venue.

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  3. We are under an Islamic colonisation of our country..Our leaders are much more concerned about trade ,trade with Indonesia,Malaysia…and are prepared to sacrifice our Western values in favour of trade…

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  4. Is there an online petition so we can protest this?

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  5. I think it will only at to the already sigma of Inala we have one of the highest unemployment in Queensland, the people who have Islam as their faith do not mix with the rest of community it will draw attention to Inala most of the people in Inala are a close community as a long term resident of Inala and growing up in Inala we had many cultures in Inala all mixed together I do object to this Development going ahead there is only one way into the site and who will pay for the roads for the Site it will cause much more traffic on a very busy ro9ad

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  6. When I came to Australia 30 years ago, (yes, I am an immigrant too), I was under the impression that Australia was a multicultural country, where all cultures integrated and assimilated…. how wrong I was !!!
    Building this islamic enclave, is a direct insult to every Australian !!

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  7. England had been dancing with utopian ideals of multiculturalism….largely successful until. the immigration of Muslims ..The people of Britain were warned and didn’t listen….similarly France….where over 100 people have died at the hand of Muslim extremists…

    Right now, the close nit people of Manchester are badly hurt at the betrayal after the recent bombing….by a Muslim extrmist. Right now in Australia there are 196 Mosques operating and over 60 Islamic schools….Pandora ‘s Box is well and truly open…with now,700 000 Muslims in Australia….thanks to a series of Immigration ministers who frankly, had no,idea what they were doing…

    It may be true to,say we have an enemy within.

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  8. It a bloody disgrace. Our government need to learn from THEIR LAWS and make them use our laws or get out. Because that is what they would do in their country to us RIGHT. !!!!!

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  9. Can you imagine the hue and the cry, the public opposition, the FakeNN frenzy that would ensue if there was a proposal for a Christian enclave before the Brisbane City Council? I guarantee there would be robust public debate at the very least. If it was something like a traditional Catholic enclave, the libtard/leftoid axis would just shit itself.

    But the Muslim enclave will be rolled out without all that unpleasantness. We certainly don’t want to give Islamophobia a platform in the public fora. Feelings might be hurt.

    If this project goes ahead, they will enforce Sharia Law against Australian Law in their enclave. They may well even have public stonings, halal slaughter and medibank funded clinics for FGM and God knows what else. The prayer sirens will be heard all over the surround. It will become a no-go area for the police.

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  10. People who support this support the death of you and your family. Why is such scum allowed to advocate for another moslem invasion and still be allowed to buy groceries or even walk out in public?

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  11. Stop this invasion of Islam throughout Australia! We, the citizens of OUR country, don’t want them or this cult infestation spreading over OUR lands developing an enclave over OUR cities!

    Their intention is to segregate, never blend in but to dominate, disrupt & take over OUR country. Why are our so called ‘authorities’ submitting & surrendering OUR freedom to this barbaric cult?

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  12. So glad I don’t live there anymore. I just don’t understand why our politicians are so against the Australian public . Are they scared of moslems? Moslems should be deported immediately, as they will never assimilate to the Australian way of life and our politicians should be charged with treason.

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  13. The beginning of the end for Brisbane, Under a bend over backwards Mayor
    This enclave will be a sharia law area , after a while . Dis-Bloody- gusting

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    • Time to stand up look what has happened in other countries. Learn from other countries.

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