Has Qantas jeopardised safety with its gay marriage push

New media (such as this webpage) is undermining the monopoly of traditional mainstream media outlets like never before.

Two programs that I recommend are Mark Latham’s Outsiders and Dave Pellowe’s Church and State.

The latter has gone relatively unnoticed since it launched earlier this year. But Dave’s interviews have been explosive. Really explosive.

He’s got the ability delve into the beliefs of prominent members of society and bring them to the surface.

One such example is his interview with the editor of the Sunday Mail, Peter Gleeson. It brought out this cracker of a line on Malcolm Turnbull:

“He’s picking on everyone. And the last Liberal politician who picked on everyone was Campbell Newman. And you saw what happened to him.”

Malcolm Turnbull really should tune in to Dave’s program. He might learn something.

Another example is this interview with Dr Stuart Ballantyne, CEO of Sea Transport Corp regarding Qantas and its support of homosexual marriage.

Just one segment is below:

This is part of what Stuart Ballantyne had to say about Qantas’ decision to promote homosexuality and run an airline into the Middle East:

“Here’s Qantas pushing the gay homosexual banner while flying into the Middle East. And even around here, we’ve seen acts of terrorism around the world from offended Islamic believers.

I believe that they’re setting, they’re jeopardising their safety.

Qantas are jeopardising their safety by saying, ‘Yeah, yeah we’re for the gays, we’re for the gays’.

Yes, I know there’s a lot of gays within Qantas and that doesn’t concern me. But pushing the barrow does concern me…

…I don’t want to be sitting at 34,000 feet or 36,000 feet and explode.

So I’ve said to Qantas, ‘I’m out’ because to my view they are jeopardising the safety of that airline.”

Stuart Ballantyne is not a nobody. His company’s decision to boycott Qantas has cost the airline $500,000 to $700,000 per year. You can read his open letter to Qantas on Dave’s website here.

And, you know what, I don’t want to be on a target with a Rainbow Kangaroo painted all over it either. Neither do many other Australians.

So I’m guessing Stuart Ballantyne and Margaret Court aren’t the only people taking their business elsewhere.

If you get a moment, check out Dave’s other programs: he’s interviewed Pauline Hanson, George Christensen, David van Gend (and myself).

And there’s this insight into Safe Schools as well.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. ANZ is another one that openly advocates the same. Check out their Facebook page.

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  2. I agree with most comments and the main man himself, I would boycott quantas too, Alan joyce is a Disgrace for grubbing the name of Quantas. Anyone who is not gay might also like to ponder the likelihood of being shotdown in foreign lands. Cant wait for sharia Law as 85% Of Aussies are to dumbed down or scared to stand up to islam ,the pedop parasites of the religion of hate , so bring on sharia the gays will love it , to bad hey , glad I’m not gay and don’t have or want any gay friends at all ever ,it is immoral ,and they want rights at the expense of children go to hell as far as I am concerned . Good to see Margaret Court is a legend both on and off the court . The Gay agenda must be destroyed .

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  3. Bernie, the real enemy are the mohomadans, they breed like flies and they are going to overwhelm the world. It is their stated strategic goal.

    The LGBT communities are hardly breeding at all. They are an abboration in nature and a dead end in the evolutionary process. They are simply not worth your efforts and scorn.They ought to be treated as a tolerated weakness and deviancy.

    The greatest enemy of these people are the followers of the prophet Mohamed. Islam will show no tolerance to these people and will kill them all under Sharia Law. If ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’? Which will you choose as your ally? The one with global evil intent or the one who could be tolerated as a terminal illness?

    Rather we ought to be highlighting how the LGBT community will fare under Sharia. The LGBT practically own the media and the Campuses. Give them a real cause to stand for. Survival! Maybe it would even distract some of them from stupid causes such as marriage equality and scare a few straight!

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  4. Gay marriage is inevitable. When the day finally comes, I’ll be coming right here to read the meltdowns written by you cretins. I am literally trembling with anticipation!

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  5. DISGUSTING and YES, it may well have a negative effect on flight safety with gay hatrid top of the agenda for islamic moslems

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  6. Qantas has no business pushing any social policy beyond aviation industry standards, public safety, customer service and business efficiency.

    Weighing in for the Gaystapo on marriage ‘equality’ (ME) is to no purpose except to attract the 65+ creative gender categories who want to fly the rainbow skies. As the majority of people get turned off and take their business elsewhere, the term ‘a Qantas flight’ will probably take on a whole new meaning.

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  7. I am sick of being labelled for not getting on board with SSM.
    I have nothing against SSM, but I do take offence to publicly listed companies involving themselves in social debates.
    Unless every shareholder has agreed to this public policy position, then a company should not endorse any social stance.
    All I want is fairness, Margaret Court’s opinion as a religious leader is as valid as the people that support SSM. Attacking people if they dont agree is not debating issues, its shutting down the debate.

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  8. Lloyd,sorry to steal your words” Marriage is a sacred institution between a man and a woman for the purpose of procreation. The love of a woman I can’t say is better or worse than the love of a man, but marriage in my mind is not an option for the LBGT community”. However i agree with them wholeheartedly. Joyce should drag his ass back into the closet

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  9. I think you are talking rubbish Stuart. I don’t think Qantas’ social beliefs are anything to do with safety.

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    • I agree with you John. It is completely far-fetched to compare the pushing of some social justice bullying narrative with the compromise of safety. The reaction of this issue
      is almost just as hysterical when Joyce grounded the entire Qantas fleet in 2011. What Joyce
      did was simultaneously right and wrong at that time.He was right to ground the fleet because,the militant TWU were making unreasonable and unrealistic demands however, he did not have the right to ground the passenger international fleet which left passengers in jeopardy of overstaying their permitted stay and risking fines and bans.

      This PR move of a pro-homo-trans-sexual marriage agenda has made me very discouraged in paying for a service that I am unwilling to go with. As the saying goes-“If it ain’t broke,
      don’t fix it” comes to mind, why are they getting consistently good scores and reviews in
      terms of safety and quality of service; why change a successful business model with a
      liberal political agenda?

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    • John – you are is Disneyland if you ignore the warning from Mr Ballantyne……
      Read the news – Terrorism has become the new Communism…..in order to
      keep the mob on their terrified toes….

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  10. It is a fact of life that there homosexuals, if that is their way so be it, but I don’t want it rammed down my throat that they should have the same right to marriage as heterosexuals. Marriage is a sacred institution between a man and a woman for the purpose of procreation. The love of a woman I can’t say is better or worse than the love of a man, but marriage in my mind is not an option for the LBGT community. A union of uniqueness maybe but NOT marriage. I also think that the share holders of Qantas should inform Joyce he is out of line.

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  11. We were so proud of Quantas, but now this push for Gay marriage sickens me! It’s his personal agenda! And who ever made up the name of marriage equality is leading people astray!
    All people are equal, but try being equal to the Union of a man and women !! What are you trying to do?
    Stop everyone from producing! Stop family where the children have a right to have their mother and father! Do what you want but leave our society alone !
    Shame on you Quantas! Your not my airline or Australia’s any more!
    Untill you stop harassing people to your beliefs and just be a business to service the people!!

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    • Good one Ruth. I agree with you.

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  12. Good point there from Stuart.

    Another aspect of the Qantas public endorsement of so-called same-sex ‘marriage’ is that it allows for the perception that Alan Joyce, in homosexual relationship with his partner, is unethically using his office as Qantas CEO to promote policy which promotes his private benefit.

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  13. game now companies so we can boycott them too

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    • I have already cancelled my Qantas membership + refuse to fly with them or use any other company that’s afilliated with Qantas

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