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This petition was successful. The Defence imam is gone.

All details can be found here.


The Defence Force imam, Sheikh Mohamadu Nawas Saleem, has backed Hizb ut Tahrir and called for Sharia law. He was a key member of the Australian National Imam’s Council when it opposed Defence operations against the Islamic State and criticised laws that prohibit the advocation of terrorism.

Yet he has been appointed to increase Islamic recruitment into our Army, Navy and Air Force, even though more Muslims from Australia have signed up to fight for the Islamic State than the Australian Defence Force.

He gets paid over $700 per day to do this.

For more information, see my previous posts:

Ben Fordham has covered this debacle on 2GB and also discussed it with Mark Latham:

And now the Daily Mail is onto this issue as well:

The Australian Defence Force’s chief imam signed a petition protesting against a push by former prime minister Tony Abbott to ban Islamist extremist group Hizb ut-Tahrir.

Sheikh Mohamadu Nawas Saleem added his name to this petition in February 2015 after Mr Abbott proposed to prohibit the group, which campaigns for a global Islamic caliphate based on sharia law.

Now, federal Attorney-General George Brandis is again rejecting a call for that group to be banned, despite its recent calls for ex-Muslims to be killed and its advocacy of domestic violence.

The Defence imam’s views are dangerous, his position is untenable and he must go.

Sign the petition to have him sacked today.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. The continent of Africa has many of the greatest mansions and shopping malls in the world yet has a huge number of the poorest countries in the world and in the UN.
    Nowhere could I find ANY recommendations for containing the population explosion in these poorest countries. World’s populations increase by 200,000 a DAY and are already an unsustainable seven-and-a-half billion people!
    According to the Best 10 List, uploaded May 11, 2016:
    “1. On the basis of per capita GDP, Qatar is undisputedly the richest country in the world. Its per capita GDP sat at a whopping $146,011.85 in 2015.
    Qatar religion is Islam, and Sharia (Islamic law) is a main source of legislation.
    10. Saudi Arabia per capita income: $56,000.
    Saudi Arabia has an oil-based economy with solid government …
    Islam is the state religion of Saudi Arabia and its law requires that all citizens be Muslims.”
    Rich Muslim countries do NOT accept Muslim refugees, but give $$$$ millions to fund new mosques worldwide!

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  2. Sorry People’s. I Fear it is already way too Late to Save this Once Great Country of ours. The Governments, the Do Gooders (Ignorant Maniacs),and the overtly Stupid have all led this Country to the edge of the Pit’s of Hell.I suggest that all Females get used to Wearing Burqas and being Treated as 3rd Rate Citizens and Children need to get used to being Sex Objects to these Low Life Arab Scumbags and all Males need to get used to wearing Un Trimmed Beards.This is why that Howard took our Weapons off us so that we could not Defend ourselves from the Perals of islam.They dam well knew what was coming.

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  3. We ,as Australians are fools !! We allow these people into our country ,and give them sanctuary when they came here to change this country into the same s*** hole that they could not wait to get out of , and we collectively allow them to agitate for it . They will never be Australians ,just vermin living here with their hand out for everything they can get instead of working to advance the standard of the country our forefathers built . To all the good hard-working migrants who have assimilated and become true Australians , –WELCOME!!! . To all the others –IF YOU DON”T LOVE IT —-LEAVE !!!!

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  4. Winston Churchill had the right idea !! He had all terrorists buried, soaked in pig’s blood and terrorism stopped immediately . DO IT AGAIN !!! THEY DESERVE NO LESS THAN THAT.

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  5. Warfare and the defense of Australia is a serious matter – a deadly serious matter of life and death. It should based on careful logic, strategy and science – the antithesis of any deistic religion, including Judaism, Christianity and Islam. However in Islam, religion is just a minor component. It is an all-encompassing ideology – including social, legal, economic and military, which is directed against everything that Australia and every democratic Western nation stands for. To have purveyors of such an enemy ideology, deeply embedded within our defense force is suicidal.

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  7. Love your page and what you are doing. The ASIO idiot needs to go. His is a blind fool. He has no idea what he is doing. Apart from the fact that he has lied. Watched the Senater challenging the ADF/ Navy Captain. And I totally agree, Shindy should have been Court Marshalled and those who assisted in covering this up, and covering her but and their should be imprisoned. They should pay for what they have done. This Government and those before them are weak, and they need to rule with a heavier hand then they are now. People need to obey the laws and not break them and if they do they should feel the full force of the Law, no matter who they are.

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  8. I dont much about our defence force setup, but can someone tell me why the heck we have a Muslim imam in our defence force? Do we that many or how many or % are Muslims in the force?

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  9. There is a particular absurdity in the position of Defence Iman. For a start Imans are shias who only represent 15% of Muslims worldwide. The rest are Sunnis who reject the concept of Imans because they hold that no man can come between Allah and the faithfull. Shias support Iran and the teachings of the Atollah Khomeni as well as supporting Hizb ut Tahrir. I would have thought these things would be reasons not to have the enemy within.

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  10. Using the term “Radical Islam” is a form of denial.
    It is simply Islam , and it’s currently in a war against all of us in The West .
    So who on earth is running our Armed Services ?
    Wake Up !
    We are being white-anted !

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  11. I am a true blue Aussie as have been all my family over the years in the Navy, Army and Air Force…I myself serving ten years in the ADF….unfortunately my age now precludes me in re enlisting. However should we bring back DAD’S ARMY I will be the first to Don The Uniform once again…GOD BLESS AUSTRALIA.

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  12. This Defence Force Imam “thing” “blows my mind”. Our Government needs to sack this gentleman before the sun goes down on another day. The rank and file of Australians want the truth and if this truth were presented to them, then all but those who openly or secretly embrace radical Islamist causes would call for this man’s immediate sacking…..and those calling for his sacking should include every Muslim in Australia who rejects radical Islam. About time for those Muslims in Australia to go public (consistently public) with their concern about those who claim their religion yet want to kill, maim or injure others in the name of that religion. Enough of weak Aussie Government tolerance for this Head Imam. Time to show this man the door of departure from the Defence Force.
    And I hope our Government knows what it is doing in attracting or allowing Muslims into our Defence Force. Can our Defence Force recruiters tell who the Jihadists and Isis sympathisers might be from among the broader number of Muslims?

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    • No Muslim is allowed to critasize another Muslim, that would be called blasformy. That is why you never see Muslims demonstrate in our streets against the militant Isis people.

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  13. I hav never heard anything more ridiculous. Islam is a fascist, Satanic ideology. It is neither a religion nor a race. What next, witches and scorcerers for those the believe in witchcraft?
    It’s letting foxes into the henhouse. These people are here to invade definitely never to assimilate, they can’t, their Quran, Hadith and sura will not let them.
    Get all this PC absolute nonsence out if the armed forces. Let the defence be just that…our defence, with no Islamic spies inside. We are afterall at war with Isis, which is Islam.

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  14. Just A question? Who the hell put this person in such an important position. By all means sack him/them as well as this imam. Also, DEMAND ALL the money that has been paid to this “infiltraitor”. And any others that have crawled in ti positions of power. DO IT NOW. JS

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  15. I’m a U.S. citizen–and a protestant. In the United States, I’m not persecuted or prosecuted right now for being a protestant. Presumably, I wouldn’t be persecuted or prosecuted in Australia for being a protestant.

    In the past, however, there have been countries in the world where protestants were considered “public enemies”. So my questions are as follows.

    In those places, should protestants have been persecuted or prosecuted for their beliefs? Or should they have been marginalized (or worse) only if they violated civil laws that had nothing to do with religious beliefs, religious practices or religious prohibitions?

    Is that a principle that should apply in western nations today? Should people be persecuted or prosecuted for their beliefs–religious or political? Or should they be marginalized only if they violate civil laws that have nothing to do with religious or political beliefs?

    What constitutes “support” of the attempt to create an Islamic caliphate?

    There are people in the United States who call themselves Christians and who say they would like nothing better than to create a theocracy. Should they be marginalized for their beliefs? Should they be marginalized for promoting the idea of creating a theocracy? Should they be marginalized for voting to use civil government to enforce their religious prohibitions?

    Or should they be prosecuted only when they discriminate against people whose lifestyles they abhor?

    I have what I consider to be rational answers to these questions but I’m more interested in encouraging people to think these things through. How can we encourage the beliefs and practices important to us while still treating others as we would like to be treated if the situation were reversed–if they were in the majority and we were in the minority?

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    • The answer to your questions is simple Roger. Protestants don’t make a habit of blowing people up, or cutting their heads off, or demanding a change to the basic rule of law, and so on. Your hypotheses that somehow Muslims equate to Protestants is rather ridiculous.

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    • Roger, Catholics also were persecuted in the past for their beliefs, especially in the early days of Australia’s settlement. But persecution of Catholics or any Christian, on the basis of their religious beliefs alone is always wrong, because Christianity is the basis of western liberal democracy. Islam, however, doesn’t appear to be compatible with such a democracy, because its adherents are loyal first and foremost to Sharia. Islam also allows its adherents to lie, which unfortunately means that we can’t trust their promises or commitments, or form honest relationships with them.

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    • Absolutely right ! As soon as you Protestants start throwing Gays off roofs,blowing innocent children up,follow your holy book to the letter or else get killed for Apostesy,condone marriage to 6year olds and force your women into 2nd or 3rd class human beings… out..I’m out to get you….!

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    • This is because Oz and U.S. were founded on Judeo-Christian principles (not Muslim, Hindu, or Roman Catholic principles).

      There is only one truth and that is from Almighty God, Jahweh, the god of the Jews and Christians. As such that is what we did build our nation upon. And that foundational philosophy allows the concept of freedom of speech as well as freedom of religion. Many kingdoms have done so as well.

      If you are a Protestant then you believe in the God that says “do unto others as you would have done unto you”, and “love your enemies and pray for them”… not the god that says “kill the infidels” and “behead those that do not accept Allah” and call it OK to crucify the men and boys and enslave the wives and daughters of those who are against you.

      Islamic imams are out to see this become a reality in our nation. We know this to be true because it has been repeated time and time again over the centuries – and it directly consistent with the Koran and Hadith.

      Australia has had Muslims living peacefully within our borders for 100 years. They were invariably refugees *from* Muslim nations, both Christians and Muslims alike. There was no activism to change Australian values or way of life to theirs. Indeed they assimilated and prospered – as we have benefited from them and count them as one of us.

      They have not been discriminated against – and apart from ethnic bullying that has happened amongst all immigrants (by other immigrants as well) they have not been persecuted.

      I don’t see Theocratic Christians taking other people’s lives in the process of attempting to establish their views. I don’t see theocratic Christians declaring a new gospel which incites murder, mutilation and enslavement. In any event if successful a theocratic Christian would be more likely to support the freedoms that we hold dear.

      So you are not comparing apples with apples – either ideologies nor situations. No other religion wishes to massacre or enslave all others who don’t accept their God, and it is only militant Muslims and activist Islamics who are pushing fro Islam and Shariah Law to be accepted.

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  16. What has an Imam got to do with our government or defence?. It is laughable that anyone who represents Islam has anything to do with these departments. Islam should be banned from Australian society. It does not represent us in any way shape or form. Islam is a threat to our existence in Australia. If the government cannot see this they are more delusional than I thought

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  17. If he is a follower of Mohammad,and a believer of the Quran,then he should be sacked from his position. He is a traitor to Australia,His loyalty is not to Australia,it’s to radical Islam. We don’t want this in our government departments.Especially not in our parliament,any one in a government position that follows the Quran should be stripped of their position instantly,with no pension!!!!!!??????????

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  18. get rid of all these people .we dont need there carrying on .

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    • Islam is the real CANSER to our world

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  19. Our VOTE surely counts next Federal Election. Liberal support islam, labor has 2 moslems in their party. islam is the worlds number one enemy. We can see it BUT why can’t our politicians. We MUST spread the word and get these two party’s either reduced a huge number or out of politics.. OUR Grandchildren Will thank us in the future…

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    • So true. I Agree
      I really fear for our future generations to come.

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    • Why is he paid $700 a day? The government can’t pay pensioners a decent living $ but can give these people a high income.

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  20. High ranking Traitors. Who side is the Australian Government on?

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  21. Chief Imam ? Then there’s subordinate imams meaning that there’s Muslims aplenty already in our armed forces.

    They all gotta go, or when Indonesia invades, our soldiers will be shot in the back.

    Do they have Palestinians in the Israel Defence Forces ? Silly question. Right ?

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    • They do have Palestinians in the Israeli Defence Force.

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      • Of course not, Israel is not as stupid as australia

    • NOW – This might upset any touchy feelies who might inhabit Bernard’s site, but … whilst she remnants of free speech remain in this once fine nation………

      To help stop the rot, it is necessary to identify and nail the apologist bastard (absolute traitors) worms within the system.

      Most people have no idea that Islam has been at war with the Infidels / Kuffurs (Derogatory Muslim names for YOU and ME!) for centuries – we are living through one phase.

      Because it is commanded in their workshop manuals, Muslims are fighting a ”holy war” that hasn’t stop since Roncevald, Poitier, Spain or the crusades.

      The Qur’an, The Hadith, The Suras – Islamic reference books (workshop manuals) prescribe submission and taxes or death. Simple as that.

      Purity of existence is a central component of Islam. Believers are exhorted to engage in struggle or ‘holy war’ to defend the faith.

      “Fight against those who do not believe in Allah nor in the Last Day, and do not make forbidden what Allah and His Messenger have made forbidden,” declares sura 9:29 in the Qur’an.

      Those who were involved in the steps to infect this nation with an entity which primary aim is to see us destroyed – MUST BE DESTROYED.

      THAT is what one must do to ones foe!

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      • I wonder how many realise that our Liberal Federal government are following in the footsteps of Barack Obama and the untrusted Hillary Clinton. One often reads in the American media or hears or views how rotten is Donald Trump.
        Even now no matter the form of the Australian media they all depict the ideals of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama who have sold their souls to the Islamic hordes now running loose across the World. The Australian media has derided President Donald Trump prior to and since his comfortable win in the USA election over his cheating crooked vote-rigging opponent Hillary Rodham Clinton.
        Ironically there is now a lesser threat of Muslims taking over the controls of America, why, Donald Trump is not a closet Muslim.
        So if we pay heed to our Australian media we must now hate and detest President Donald Trump.
        This became the news in Australia that Donald Trump was a nogoodnik opportunist who knew nothing about the dishonesty and intrigue that sits atop the very highest pinnacle of politics in this World.
        Fancy that our Prime Minister of Australia was playing into the hands of Obama and Clinton and the Muslim fundamentals that they have been found to espouse.

        When the time comes Hillary Clinton has secured a bolthole in a Muslim country Obama will do the same.
        What has happened to the land of a fair go, the Country of Australia?

        Let not the leaders of the Muslim World cast their false cloak of acceptance upon the masses of those who choose to dwell outside the Muslim world.
        Sharia Law is abominable, so are the persons that impose their will upon the true Australian people.
        Our future will depend on the Australian people to disendorse the entirety of all Muslim character, religion, its women abusing laws, then its unwholesome imposition into to every person’s daily life.

    • A One Nation Government will put an end to this garbage. First, we elect a One Nation Government in Queensland at the next election…this will then give the other states the belief that they can follow suite. We will then have in place the supporter base…in every state, to elect a One Nation Federal Government. Following is a link to the online policy booklet

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      • Hear, hear!

    • I am afraid, Michael, that you are extremely naive. Islam is an instrument or “battering ram” which is being used by other interests with internationalist ambitions to destroy Western Culture not only in Europe but in Australia, the United States, Canada and elsewhere. Do you know nothing about Cultural Marxism–of its origins and strategy? If you really want to survive, you had best become informed on the origins, nature and strategies of World Revolution. Your political parties, institutions and educational system have been thoroughly “white-anted” or infiltrated with internationalist ideology while your society has been blissfully somnolent. Start your research by looking up Barbara Spectre on YouTube.

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      • I would suggest that Read the Koran is the real start. After that you may grasp the nature of the “Snake” we are dealing with, however I agree, our leaders and Lefties are so naïve they think, like the industrialists who supported Hitler, that they can control the beast. Control is not an option, utter destruction is what is required, nothing less will do. I am puzzled as to how we as taxpayers, have been duped into paying anyone $700 per day, wonder what the troops think of that when on active duty overseas!

    • Not a like for like comparisons. Muslim is a religion not a nationality. And yes Israel does have Muslims in their army, in fact very high ranking Muslims. However they are all expected to wear normal uniforms and follow the Israeli military code.

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      • That being said, Islam is as much a political and economic ideology as it is an ideology built upon the Moslem belief. There is actually no real comparison that can be made here though. It’s one thing to pay someone who has knowledge of the enemy to provide insight, but it’s another thing totally to invite the enemy to promote it’s ideology from within your own ranks, AND then give them a public platform to promote that nationally.

        But such is the insanity of the world we live in today, that our leaders hate our own country’s foundational ideologies and history so much that they are willing to openly conspire with them to instate the ideology of the enemy. We used to call that treason but now we call it multiculturism, tolerance & inclusion.

      • Islam is not a mere religion – it is a complete way of life, an all embracing social, political and legal system that breeds a world view peculiar to itself. There can be no separation of church and State with Islam. To accept an Iman into the armed forces to “minister” to armed forces personnel who are Muslim and who can be indifferent is a naive piece of stupidity.

    • Why stop at sacking the Imam, why not find the responsible persons that got him there and try them for treason?
      What about the port of Darwin given into the hands of the Chinese, and approved by the NT

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    • Major Nidel Hasan of the US Army (Medical Unit Psychiatrist)had similar views to the ADF Imam, that worked out well…….

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    • Whats going on in our Country? – Why are we just letting this happen? Are we fools, or WHAT? Damn the Govt and Damn the system that just turns a blind eye when so very much is at stake. we Must revolt. We must be in charge of our Country. We have a bad swamp and it must be drained asap.
      We MUST take this seriously and NOW – Get with it people!

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