Even Keysar Trad won’t support the Defence imam

Keysar Trad is not the most moderate Muslim going around.

As is well known, he’s appeared Andrew Bolt’s show and defended Islamic teaching that allows physical violence against women (if a bunch of flowers doesn’t lead to discipline):

Last night Keysar Trad was a guest on Mark Latham’s Outsiders. And he asked about the Defence imam, Sheikh Mohamadu Nawas Saleem, and his support for Hizb ut Tahrir.

This is what Keysar Trad had to say:

“I know the imam in question. I’ve met him before.

I am surprised of his statement with respect to Hizb ut Tahrir.”

If Keysar Trad is ‘surprised’ about this farce then it’s fair to say that most Australians are outraged.

And if Keysar Trad won’t support the imam’s stance, then it’s hard to understand how the government can either.

Caleb Bond was another of Mark’s guests and he summed up the average Aussie’s view on this issue quite well:

“if you’ve got someone in there who is effectively working for, working with Muslim members of the Australian Defence Force and has those sort of ideas, it’s very dangerous, it’s very troubling.

You want someone in there who is avowedly Australian.”

Caleb Bond is just 17 years old. He’s more in touch with the nation than Malcolm Turnbull and the Defence head honchos.

See the discussion for yourself (it starts at the 25 minute mark) and the full show (including Mark’s interview with Cory Bernardi) here.

And please sign the petition below to have the Defence imam sacked.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Ok folks, today (04/6/17) we hear of the latest terror attack in Europe; it’s about time we rounded up the known threats & exile them to one our remote overseas territories…Heard Island is the most appropriate place.

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  2. The PC from the political class, the FakeNN and the claques is all coming from the same teleprompter. Racist and Islamaphobic minions must get that thought right out of their bobbleheads there is any link between refugees and terrorism. The very idea.

    Everyone knows that these Allahu Akbar acts are committed by ‘youths’ with ‘mental health issues’.

    Well we aren’t talking about starving Venezuelans seeking asylum from their failed state or South African Whites fleeing the White genocide in SA. We are talking about Muslims –


    Am I missing the kumbaya here?

    Unless you are paid to unload the prolefeed on the minions (like the poster Muslims on the FakeNN – yes I am referring to you, Waleed) , I think IS flags, demands for Sharia Law and threats to behead people do tend to make one think of terrorism. And what group is out there with all this crap? The Buddhists? The Greeks? The CWA? But ASIO apparently can not join the dots. Malcolm sees nothing Islamic or Muslim about the IS flag at these Sharia Law demonstrations. noooo. Nothing to see here – move along.

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