Senate estimates and Captain Mona Shindy

The scandalous saga of Navy Captain Mona Shindy has come before the parliament.

During Senate estimates hearings earlier this week, One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts questioned the Minister for Defence, Vice Chief of the Defence Force and Chief of Navy about this affair:

For the record, I don’t believe that Captain Shindy supports terrorism or the Islamic State. There is simply no evidence to back that assertion. Rather, she has publicly stated this about the Islamic State:

“The barbaric nature and ideology of these groups has nothing to do with Islam and we should work to limit their appeal to vulnerable Muslims, preventing the use and advertising of ‘Islam’ in their name.”

However, as has become clear in the last few days, it is now accepted by ASIO, the ADF, the AFP and the apparatus of state at large that there is a link between Sunni Islam and terrorism. Unfortunately, no one in any position of authority seems prepared to clarify exactly where that link starts and where it ends.

It is clear, however, that Shindy’s line that the Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam is entirely discredited.

As such, it does concern me and many other Australians that Captain Shindy’s statements – made in her official capacity as a Navy officer – deny that link and lay much of the blame for terrorism at the feet of Western attitudes towards Islam. She has also used her official position to advocate for the government promotion of Islam across society.

Many Australians would believe that the kind of ‘victimhood’ mentality these statements create does foster the growth of terrorism within Islamic communities.

I am not suggesting that Mona Shindy deliberately sought to do this either.

But her statements reflect a world view that is entirely at odds with our cultural norms. Our institutions and values are rooted in Western Christian beliefs and Shindy wants this to change.

There should be no surprise in this at all. You would hardly expect an Islamic adviser to do otherwise.

But there can be no denying that it is divisive. It is just one example of countless others demonstrating that the push for ‘multiculturalism’ is the cause of the rapidly increasing social tension that Western nations face today.

On the one hand, Western nations are promoting those who want to radically alter our way of life. And on the other, these same nations are pretending that this can occur without a reaction, tension or even a change to our social fabric or culture – even when the bombs start going off.

In a nutshell, this entire affair is the entirely predictable result of insane attempts to pretend that Defence can promote Islam as part of some equally insane diversity push without facing any backlash at all.

And here we come to the real scandal of this entire affair.

It has undermined public confidence in the ADF at a time it as at war with Islamic groups.

And it has exposed blatant hypocrisy within the ADF.

Diversity means protection of some. And execution of others.

The criteria for reward or punishment is no longer based on performance, but political and religious belief.

That’s why Captain Shindy was not punished after this scandal but was instead sent off to complete a masters in politics.

Meanwhile, other Royal Australian Navy sailors have fared very differently, as reported gleefully by the ABC:

The Royal Australian Navy has dismissed several sailors for the inappropriate use of social media.

Reports emerged in January that the Navy had launched an internal investigation into the fact some sailors engaged in Operation Sovereign Borders had been posting anti-Islamic comments on social media.

The reports claimed at least 20 of them were members of the Australian Defence League, an anti-Islamic group affiliated with the English Defence League, which has often led violent street marches in the UK.

One Navy member who was under investigation had responded to a Facebook post critical of asylum seekers, from someone who claimed to be an ADL member, that he was “about to head out today to deal with these f—–s”.

A statement released today by Chief of Navy Vice Admiral Ray Griggs says that while no serving member of the Navy has been found to be a member of the Australian Defence League, a number of personnel have been found to have made inappropriate comment on social media or to have an affiliation with different social media groups that are not consistent with Navy values.

Captain Shindy was not punished at all for her statements criticising the government’s border protection policies on an official Navy social media account.

Other sailors have been sacked for stating in strong colloquial language that they are going out to enforce this policy.

It is disgusting double standards. And it’s no wonder the admirals questioned by Senator Roberts looked so uncomfortable. It’s the first time they’ve been called to account for their blatant and indefensible double standards.

For the most part, all of this has occurred under a so-called ‘conservative’ government. Heaven help us all if Labor gets back in. This is how Labor Senator Kim Carr responded to Senator Roberts’ questions:

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. The problem lies at the policy maker level of government. Key portfolios are riddled with people who want to keep Australia weak & disorganised.

    The malaise at the top of the ADF is a good place to start. Nonsense Gender, Equity, Diversity, Multicultural, PC nazism, Risk Management overload policies that are endless & destroy morale & efficiency. This is before we get anywhere near equipment acquisition (which is really capability) bungling.

    No body or organisation can be this incompetent for soo long & not understand, not realise what it’s doing & not care….no nation can be so stupid and survive…there can be only one explanation, this is deliberate sabotage of our armed forces by those who do not want Australia to be able to defend itself.

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  2. Islam is only for war against anyone who is not Muslim. The Koran teaches that anyone who is not a Muslim is an infidel and must die.

    The fact that this woman Mona has gained her present position and continues to lie about everything which Mohammad sanctions in the Koran if it will further his agenda. Mohammad is dead but his demonic teachings are still alive and infiltrating everywhere. Islam is not a religion of peace….no way! It will make war and kill any and all who do not agree with it and support it 100%. Death to the Infidel who is anyone who does not believe in Mohammed and Sharia law.

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  3. Typical Govt Department thinking ….oh there is a problem, what is their grade, oh we cannot have that, lets move them sideways, give them a payrise, send them somewhere like University for a while for when this all blows over and we can ring them back ….. OR, …oh you are rating/aka pleb, you will resign now or be dishonorably discharged

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  4. Is our government truely that blind that they didn’t realise this is how most Muslims feel? Death for apostasy, death for infidelity, death for homosexuals, death for blasphemy… Oh but paedophilia is ok, it’s all in the Quran.
    Islam is an evil COULT that needs to be reformed and monitored

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  5. Did she wear that dizzy rig when she first joined the Navy? When did she become so overtly muslim?

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  6. I still think you should run that contest for most vomit inducing Poster Muslim of the month. The plebs and kaffirs should get loud and ‘out there’ with what we think about the Poster Muslim where-ever he or she is trotted out.

    Mona is a classic example. She has been permitted to speak for the Australian Navy in an unofficial capacity. (A permission denied to her fellow service men and women). And she is on message with the denial of any link between Islam ‘the religion of peace’ and ISIS.

    Diversity is not our strength and that is a lot of halal baloney. Stick it in a falafel and serve it to the political correctoids in Canberra. Malcolm should get a double helping.

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  7. So if there are only 100 muslims in the Navy out of approx 15000, why do they need a special advisor???And why wasnt she courtmartialed over her vile comments. AS you saw, the command is a spineless pack of pussies too scared to punish a muslim. How many hindus or buddhists are in the navy???

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  8. The CN read every post this Muslim advisor tweeted. They were too scared to sack her cause she is Muslim !!!!! If a normal sailor tweeted that vile SH_T they would be courtmartialed and sacked.Senator Carr is a vile piece of work to commend this act of double standards!!!!!

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  9. What arrogant and gutless leadership we now have in OUR ADF. When I served there WA NO distinction, if you broke the law (DFDA) YOU WERE CHARGED and PUNISHED. However as is the norm with Officer rank they will protect their OWN to the death no matter the incompetence.

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  10. I wrote to “Captain” Shinty asking how she justfied her behaviour, whether she believed the Koran was the unalterable word of God, including the passages about killing non-believers, and whether she believed Jerusalem was part of Israel etc, but of course received no reply. Poor old Navy, whose uniform I was once proud to wear!

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  11. You can’t attack captain shindy firstly because she is a woman and second because she is Muslim.the adf leadership, are pathetic, and we spend billions on defence so these clowns can act like this. Give me a break

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  12. the adf and its so called chief of staffs are nothing more than glove puppets looking after their own jobs and healthy retirement payouts.. you have mona shindy saying what she she bloody well likes and is protected by these fools and the imam who dictates to the armed forces and payed in huge sums of money .. wake upi you losers before you and turnball totally destroy austyralia

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  13. There is only ONE speaker in that tape who inspires Respect and who makes me feel safer – and he is not one of these islamophile clowns representing the “upper” echelon of the Australian Defence Force, but the One Nation Senator, Malcolm Roberts.

    I dont know if there was/is a romance between the outrageously fundamentalist Islamist Navy Captain Mona Shindy, but if the valiant defender of her outrageous insults to AUSTRALIA was concerned about the security of the Australian people and their brave soldniers, he would not so scandalously keep such a muslima , obviously a millitant for Jihad (ie fighting or converting Australian non-Muslim soldiers), in the ranks of the ADF. The metaphor of “nursing a snake at one’s bossum” comes to mind,

    As a woman I was outraged and offended by that in-your-face, ostentatiously propagandist attitude and islamist dress of someone who is supposed to protect the Australian people exactly from the dangers that Islamic Fundamentalism represents.

    When “the chips are down” I have no doubt on what side that Sunni Muslima would be, and I can just hear her shouting “Allah-u-Akbar”, when the time comes.

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  14. Funny how we never had a problem till muslims came on the scene,,, so someone please stop the crap and lay out the facts. Or are we just another nation like this?

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  15. And these befuddled commanders are supposed to defend us? Hahahaha I’m guessing if ASIO / Federal Government/ the RAN actually did its job a Muslim with an obvious conflict of interest wouldn’t be a captain of a RAN ship !

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  16. Islam is a religion of peace, diversity is our strength.
    Kim Carr is a walking, talking emetic.

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  17. This quote from Arch Bishop Chaput has never been more apt. “Evil preaches tolerance until it is dominant, then it tries to silence good”

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  18. Odd that the Navy considers it an advantage to have muslims on board when fighting ISIS muslims in the Middle East. Would they consider it an advantage to have Germans on board when fighting Nazi’s, or Koreans on board when fighting Koreans? The whole thing just reeks of virtue signalling and appeasement.

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  19. It would be interesting to see where Muslim members of the ADF were ordered to fight overseas where fellow Muslims constituted the enemy e.g. if ever we were to fight in Indonesia. Perhaps our sensitive admirals would make sure they were kept in Australia and let the infidels fight the good fight.

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  20. Wow denial the problem will make it worse never been so ashamed of a government.They think we are stupid and we do not know what is going on the treat the Australian people like s*** to pay for the looser in Australia from the United Nations For the ONE WOULD ORDER.we are a wake up to you idiots. clean you house or you will have civil war on you hands.we will not go quietly

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  21. The appeasing by the Admirals is sickening.

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    • The agenda is to get into places of power and change things. MP’s and people in power are too stupid to see what the future holds to allow moslems into our defence service. When push comes to shove, we have not defence at all.

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      • Couldn’t agree more.

  22. Anyone that condones and follows Mohammad or the Quran is a traitor to Australia ,they should not be allowed a position in our armed forces. They only swear alegence to Islam.This will not be tolerated in our country.

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    • Of God, so called Senator Carr just made me want to puke. How far can he bend over.

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    • how about the islamic politicians, they take oath on the most devious blood thirsty book, the koran, and get to have a say in the running of our ( christian ) country

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  23. I feel sorry for those serving in the ADF now-a-days
    for their leaders , leave much to be desired. Allowing Muslim advisers
    Were supposed to fighting them, Mind bloody boggling , Eh ?
    Also allowing gays, lesbiens & transgenders to serve with ‘straight’
    people, bloody ridiculous ,unsafe & probably unworkable

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  24. This is the navy chief who keeps Ramadan to be linked to his support for Moslems in his navy. Biased to say the least. When are these boofheads going to stand for our traditions which they so readily trash. Attack one group in navy for expressing free speech and looking the other way when one who is a Moslem and a female are ignored and go on unsanctioned by the Chief of navy. Disgraceful idiots in control.

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    • Bernard I wrote on the video on Utube on this not realising you had a web address also. Senator Malcolm Roberts asks precise and truth seeking questions and without fail he is shut down each time by the opposition every single time, as i have watched a few of his videos today as I have yours. The Naval officers are clearly complicit and quite frankly alarminingly pro-Islam. I listened to their viewpoints however I still come away feeling they are covering their butts. Mona should of been fired. She herself posted the remarks that caused the backlash and vile remarks that they speak of? If she had not of remarked then how would people of chosen to reply? Why then is the Senator cut off and replaced for starters and then not allowed to continue to an outcome, which to our minds would be those two Naval officers are fired along with Mona Shindy. Why is there an allowance of 1 Moslem imam who today in actual fact called for hatred against Australia given a role for only 100 Moslems in the ADF when ALL other religions are given 1 body to suit all? It is clear and blatant Pro-Islamisation and it has to stop! Why are we all not able to combat this occurring, where is our say and how do we go about all this pls. Kristy Perth WA.

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      • perhaps there is too much of oz already own ed &in thrall toislam, & the government, whether its labour or liberal, just have to do as they are told?

    • Its Navy, the step child of the ADF. They are always the first to do the most embarrassing and stupid stuff. Google the Domestic Violence statistics. They are the smallest service yet have the highest rates of sexual harrassment in the workplace. Its poor leadership plain and simple. The hierarchy have spent their whole careers doing very little in command and push discipline to the side.
      They failed to deal with Mindy appropriately, she breached the protocol for the use of social media. Any other service would have dealt with it appropriately, not Navy.

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