The truth has hit the fan

Well, I guess it’s fair to say that the truth has hit the fan over the last week.

And it had everyone ducking for cover.

It all started with a euphemistic question about refugees and terrorism from Pauline Hanson.

I say ‘euphemistic’ because we are not allowed to mention the elephant in the room when it comes to terrorism, which is Islam. So, instead, we talk about other things, like refugees (which still causes PC tut-tutting) or Western racism (which is much better).

During Senate estimates, Pauline grabbed a big, fresh and steaming pile of truth dropped by the unacknowledged elephant and pitched it at the ASIO boss, Duncan Lewis, under the cover of a euphemistic lie, asking:

“Do you believe that the [terrorist] threat is being brought in possibly from Middle Eastern refugees that are coming out to Australia?”

Lewis, recognising with profound clarity that the question about ‘refugees’ was really a question about ‘Islam’, parroted the catechetical PC response to this modern day heresy: he flat out denied the elephant.

As he squirmed in his seat, Lewis stated:

“I have absolutely no evidence to suggest there’s a connection between refugees and terrorism.”

What Lewis really meant was that there was no link between Islam and terrorism. And everyone trained in PC knows it.

But that’s not what he actually said. His black and white, hansard-captured words denied the link between refugees and terrorism.

Effectively, Lewis mishit Pauline’s veritable lump of elephant truth straight into the whirling blades above.

Only 24 hours earlier the New South Wales Coroner had released a detailed report into Man Haron Monis, Australia’s most famous refugee-come-terrorist. Hundreds of words and at least 9 paragraphs detailed exhaustively how Monis fraudulently claimed to be an Iranian refugee. He eventually obtained his Australian protection visa as a result of an assessment process that included input from ASIO, the organisation that Lewis leads.

This was just one example of a link between refugees and terrorists. There are many more, as detailed in the Daily Telegraph yesterday:

“AUSTRALIA’S most high-profile terror incidents were committed by jihadis who had entered the country on humanitarian visas – a fact that was behind the Government’s tough new citizenship laws.

As ASIO chief Duncan Lewis defended denying a link between refugees and terrorists, The Daily Telegraph can reveal a worrying pattern where at least eight terror plots were hatched by migrants on humanitarian or refugee visas…

…The teenager who killed Sydney police civilian Curtis Cheng, Farhad Jabar, was of Iraqi Kurdish heritage and came to Australia through Iran on the refugee program in 2006.

Abu Omar, real name Mohammed Ali Baryalei, travelled from Sydney to Syria in April 2013 to fight for Jabhat al-Nusra before joining Islamic State, had come to Australia from Afghanistan as a refugee with his family around 1988.

Melbourne teenager Numan Haider, who stabbed two police officers in 2014, had also come to Australia as a refugee from Afghanistan with his family a decade earlier.

Lindt Siege Cafe terrorist Man Haron Monis arrived in Australia from Iran on a one-month business visa in 1996 but was granted asylum.

One of the three men convicted of a terror plot on Sydney’s Holsworthy army barracks, Saney Aweys, arrived in Australia from Somalia when he was 15 on a refugee and humanitarian visa.

Mohammed Kiad, who was charged with plotting to execute a terrorist attack in Sydney on 10th February 2015 using a knife and a machete, alongside Omar al-Kutobi, was born in Kuwait and was in Australia on a family and spousal visa – he was not an Australian citizen.

Terror cell leader Abdul Naser Benbrika, known as Sheik Abu Bakr, arrived in Australia from Algeria in 1989 on a visitor’s visa with a friend who had also come from Algeria.

Australia’s most senior man in Al Qaeda, Abu Sulayman, was from Egypt and then was given Australian citizenship, arriving here with his family as a baby.”

It was all rather embarrassing for the ASIO boss. If he failed to ‘clarify’ his comment, people may uncharitably think that he was incompetent or, more charitably, simply conclude that he had lied.

Either way, it was not a good look to remain sitting still as the pachyderm package was being minced over him and then flung unceremoniously in all directions. Large chunks of it were hitting Lewis fair in the face while others, such as the AFP Commissioner, Andrew Colvin, were caught in the crossfire.

So Lewis did three things. One was predictable, one was doctrinal and one was right out of left-field.

He firstly ran to the ABC. Predictable.

He secondly denied that he had denied that there was a link between refugees and terrorists. Denial of what one has said is the stock standard and doctrinal response of bureaucrats who say stupid things.

This is what Lewis told the ABC (in an article deliciously titled ‘ASIO boss maintains there is no link between Australia’s refugee program and terrorism’):

“…and a very few of them have become subjects of interest for ASIO and have been involved in terrorist planning. I’m not denying that.

I’ve not said that there are no terrorists who are, who have not been refugees or not been the sons and daughters of refugees born in this country.”

Putting aside the last sentence which appears to be a very clever triple negative and hence entirely incomprehensible, it’s pretty clear that Duncan Lewis is simultaneously standing by his original comments while also denying that he ever said them at all.

And then Lewis did a third thing which no one could have predicted a week ago when he was desperate to avoid linking Islam with terrorism.

He linked Islam with terrorism, stating:

“The reason they are terrorists is not because they are refugees but because of the violent, extremist interpretation of Sunni Islam that they have adopted.”

Yes. He actually said that. And no one, not even the ABC, called him a racist, Islamophobic bigot.

Of course, Lewis’ words here are (mostly) true.

No one is pretending that refugees are actually terrorists because they are refugees. Ordinary Australians know very well that Islam is the cause of the terror threat. The refugee and immigration programs are the reason that threat has been imported to Australia. It’s a problem in its own right, but it has become the focus because we can’t talk about the cause of the problem.

Lewis was able to get away with speaking the truth, not because it was true, but because organisations like the ABC were so keen to defend his first statements that they didn’t realise the implications of his second statements as he blurted them out.

Basically, every moralistic ‘it’s-not-Islam’ do gooder in Australia was so embarrassed about the state that Lewis had managed to get himself into that it overrode any of the normal PC BS about Islam and terrorism.

After Lewis managed to eke his words linking Islam and terrorism out, there was a collective sigh of relief. We could all avoid staring uncomfortably at the dripping mess the ASIO boss had become and instead look at something interesting: an elephant.

I think this process is called lying one’s way to the truth.

However, regardless of how we got here, we have arrived on the other side of the rainbow, or the mirror, or in Kansas, where things make sense because they are upside down.

Two years ago Duncan Lewis told us it was blasphemy to question Islam. Last week he told us that ASIO does not make assessments on religion. And now, after the elephant incident, it’s entirely ok to blame Islam for terrorism if it takes the attention away from bureaucratic stupidity.

And while insanity can be fun at times, I am going to burst the bubble for a second.

Now that the ASIO Head Honcho admits there is a link between ‘extremist’ ‘interpretation’ of ‘Sunni Islam’ and terrorism, it would help us all if he could explain exactly how he worked that out.

  • On what basis does he conclude that the rest of Islam has no link with terrorism?
  • On what basis does he conclude that the ‘extremist’ interpretation of Sunni Islam is not the proper interpretation of it?

Essentially, at what point does a Sunni Muslim became a terror suspect? Is it like gender-theory, where all Sunni Muslims sit on some scale of terrorism, just as we’ve been told that all blokes sit on some scale of same-sex attraction?

In that case, they’re all terror suspects.

Or is there some line that needs to be crossed, like expressing support for a radical Sunni group like Hizb ut Tahrir? Or is it going to a mosque?

Who knows?

But it would help us all to report ‘appropriate’ incidents of extremist interpretations of Sunni Islam if Lewis gave us a hint. It might also help the government refine its refugee program to weed out Sunni Muslims. That would save us (and ASIO) a headache in the future.

I have no doubt that Duncan Lewis’ gasping attempt to raise Islam to deflect attention from his comments about refugees will have profound consequences that not even he yet realises.

The Islamic elephant in the room has been acknowledged by the ASIO boss. He might as well start describing it in detail for us.

That’s what happens when the truth hits the fan.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. National Suicide? What else could it be entitled? One has to ask how the deniers are supposed to benefit from this infiltration of the Nation? I have mulled over this for months and found I was just being too rational with my thinking. They don’t have to benefit in any Earthly fashion. Islam has convinced out Leaders that they too, if they toe the line, have a direct path to Paradise (and numerous Virgins) through Allah, if they simply turn their back on every civilized principle they have ever learned in their lives. Most of those Leaders were brought(I believe)up with Christian values, which have not returned the riches and pleasures they were told they would. . . . simple!

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  2. I suppose Yacqub Khayre was not a refugee either Mr Lewis?

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  3. I’ve said all along. There are two types of moslems.
    Radicals, and moderates. The radicals want to cut your head off and the moderates want the radicals to cut your head off.

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  4. Lewis has succeeded in drawing the attention of the minions to the elephant. Was that intentional? With someone who uses a triple negative to brazen out his denial of the obvious and thus put the media spotlight on the elephant – I would not, at this point, rule it out intentionally.

    It is the objective fact of the elephant, the wind of its flapping ears and the large, steaming piles of elephant reality which has forced a guardian of the official delusional system to use the triple negative when he has to deny what is obvious and apparent to everyone.

    Of course Lewis isn’t actually in denial of objective facts. If he were – one denial would suffice. He is bureaucrat tasked with maintaining an official schmoscreen in front of the minions who are not permitted by the political class to think that there is a link between the Islamic population being transferred into this country (as refugees) and terrorism. The spy chief has his brief.

    Minions are simply not permitted to think this way by their betters. Therefore, when compelled to speak on the subject of his reality denial, Lewis must preserve the schmoscreen. He must preserve it intact. That is part of his job. So he either falls on his sword or stands by his denial. Given the nature of the beast, difficult to imagine that he would just brazen it out. But. He did decide to brazen it out. He weaponised his speech to jam the thought process of the minions on the subject of his denial and brazened it out. And in so doing he ignited the conversation this nation must have on the subject of the elephant itself. Intentionally?

    The spy chief isn’t your usual standard issue kleptocrat.

    Behind the schmoscreen there may even be a hope that he is an Australian patriot with the interests of Australia at heart against the abiding foes this nation – that would be the Owners – those who own this nation as an asset of their financial cartel. These are the people to whom it is blasphemy to question Islam.

    Maybe with the spy chief, what is needed is to de-code him.

    There is a reason why minions must be edjewmacated in PC rather than in grammar or math where the triple negative equals a negative. So Lewis didn’t actually lie. A standard issue would have just used standard nonsense or PC when it fell to him to front the public spotlight as a reality denier – in the spy chief’s case, twice in point of fact. It is just possible that Lewis intentionally put a knife through the schmoscreen on this one. As I said, he is not standard issue kleptocracy.

    While the minions are having our much needed debate, the Sith Lords will be thinking about the rent in the schmoscreen. The Great Eye turns to ASIO – keep us posted Bernard.

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  5. Duncan Lewis has his head up his b,,, and should not be in the job he holds, !!!??

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  6. How an anyone feel safe in Australia whilst we have idiots guarding and running our country.. Knowing what is happening in other countries due to the Muslim influx, why are our politicians refusing to take a stronger stance against so called refugees.. Is it that dollars are blinding them to the effect that they can not see the problems they are creating for their children and future generations.

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    • Dollars is all our politicians can think about,that is dollars in their pockets not yours

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  7. Very well strung together Bernard. Were all the named persons of the Sunni group? If they weren’t then that opens it up wider. I just wish wr had closed borders so we can deal with what we have already.

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  8. I learned that Australian defence has an imam as well. Don’t you have enough in your scull? Muslims are no patriots. On first sign of danger, they remove their shoes to run faster in opposite direction. Look back in history in 1967 all muslin countries tried to back stab ISRAEL. Many shoes been left in Sinai desert by so called muslin soldiers.
    Foreign legion where worst scum of the earth is accepted in service, not accepting Muslims.
    To solve the problems Americans created, bring back Sadam, Gadafi and some other despots.
    Nothing else will help.
    Our politicians are good for mudslinging, innuendoes and debating behind closed doors where they untouchable but in real life they not bright at all.

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  9. The truth is like oil in water, it always comes to the surface. It was amazing to hear his utter lies about the refugees having no connection to Islam. Is there also a connection between Wahhabism and terrorism in Australia and other western nations? Thank you for a well written article.

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  10. Sunni or Shia it all comes from the same book, that cursed koran. This is a full ideological brother to marxism that’s why they work together in the USA. Between them they bring down nations, and they will try this with our’s to if we let them. Our God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ has serve us well and he has made this country what it is today we are very blessed, why annoy any more,God Bless Australia. Amen

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  11. So I’m still confused since most of the fighting between muslims regards their interpretation – thus falling into two broad schisms, Sunni and Shi’ite. Do we only import Sunni muslims, or are Shi’ite muslims who come here not muslim or never terrorists? The ASIO boss doesn’t seem to have much of a handle on his subject and clearly demonstrates his ignorance. It would be good for Australia if he actually spoke as though he knew what he was talking about!

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  12. You bloody bewdy! I was amazed when I heard Duncan Lewis make that infamous comment “The reason they are terrorists is not because they are refugees but because of the violent, extremist interpretation of Sunni Islam that they have adopted.” You Bernard have made the case brilliantly. Well done. A big step forward for Australia.

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  13. Remember the Turnbull Coalition members agree “nothing to do with Islam” lie!
    Don’t be “sheep to the slaughter”
    ALWAYS Vote oligarchies Coalition, Labor, “Greens”, Derryn Hinch
    *LAST*, Federal State and Council!
    Or you are voting for Islam and Sharia.

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    • Harry Rennecks. Labor Greens are communists along with Turnbull who is a leftie. type in you tube ann bressington agenda 21 exposed and one former honest pollie will tell you the truth.

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  14. Although I see this as a minor win , I think the thought process of segregating only one part of the elephant as a threat is quiet irresponsible . Its been historical noted that the sects will fight constantly with each other in there home land , but will band together to fight a common enemy.
    So when you gaze upon the elephant it is complete yet it can evolve in very short periods.
    its my opinion that the people that can live without the elephant , to achieve a better life for them selves and family within our society should do so ,the others should ride there elephant back to there home land.

    Thanks for your work Mr Gaynor.

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  15. Brilliant article Bernard.

    Labor and MSM were warned in 2012 from on obvious islamophobe, racist and bigot who had very personal experience with the floatilla of Labors ‘chosen ones’.

    He confessed his concerns as to the legitamacy of those arriving illegally by boat. He was even forced to take action against and BAN certain groups from prayers at the Christmas Islsnd mosques because of their disruptive and disrespectful behaviour.

    This islamophobic racist, is the Imam on the island, Imam Abdul Gaffer ISMAIL.

    He spoke to The AUSTRALIAN in 2012 about his concerns about the type of people arriving claiming to be refugees.

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  16. What is Duncan Lewis’s religion?

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  17. It is absolutely outrageous that the head of ASIO whose job is to protect us is so week.
    I think he should be sacked. What religion is he?

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  18. Australia needs to leave the UN…Put a close on our boarder..our PRIME MINSTERneeds to VOICE up that in Australia there will be NO SHARIA LAW…

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  19. Our Politicians are led by the nose by the Muslim Dominated UN , simply we must stop Islamic immigration and drop out of the UN while we sort out the trouble already imported !

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    • Totally agree with you Peter

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    • We have to sack these Politicians that have lied to us about the refugees and terrorism,As they are going to get australians killed, Stop all muslims coming into Australia, deport the ones on any of the list, get out of the UN and EU, These Muslims that have committed a crime that these judges have let off get deported for the crimes,In doing so the people that have been violated by these Muslims get justice

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    • As we slowly identify our real enemies, the fifth column from within should soon implode. But instead of disappearing in a poof of smoke, they’ll no doubt splinter and fragment into a ‘Not Me’ name blame game as they run for cover to disassociate themselves from the insidious disease of Political Correctness.

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    • We really need to get out of the Paris Accord! It is costing a lot of jobs and doesnt do anything for nature! The Asio boss is a fraud! He should stand down!

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    • On more problem with this is that Man Monis claimed he was a Shia Imam

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    • How can we leave the UN when our minister for Foreign Affairs just gave some 40 or 50 $ million to get herself elected to the Chair. Shame on you Julie Bishop – another traitor. As for the Paris Accord The Paris Climate Agreement will cost at least $1 trillion per year, and climate activists say it will save the planet. The truth? It won’t do anything for the planet, but it will make everyone poorer–except politicians and environmentalists.
      Bjorn Lomborg explains.

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    • Agree Pter…no argueent from the majority (silent though they may be)

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    • I agree, we need to stop all Islamic immigration before we end up in the same situation as the UK & France.

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    • Christian Australians must be allowed to defend themselves from violent attacks from any eastern type person .. simple ..Australia shoot back

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