The triumph of dumb

I used to think it was cowardice.

But I’ve changed my mind. It’s actually sheer stupidity.

That is the key character trait displayed by Western leaders attempting to deal with Islam.

The unholy mess we now find ourselves in is not the result of some elite conspiracy, carefully orchestrated by evil masters with evil minions possessing the virtues of discipline, foresight and self-sacrifice to a heroic degree.

Nor are we here due to paralysis and fear.

We’re at the point we are due to the enduring power of human stupidity. Ignorance, combined with a liberal dose of stubborn pig-headedness and the unexplainable desire of most humans to simply follow the crowd off a cliff, explains our predicament.

The UK has seen three terrorist attacks in under three months. And the most significant thing that has been learnt in this time is that there is actually an army of terrorists living in Britain. More than 23,000 jihadis have formed a massive wolf-pack over there.

This wolf-pack is growing by the day and is nearly the same size as the entire full-time Australian Army.

Our generation might think of the spitfires and hurricanes when we hear the words ‘Battle of Britain’. Our children will hear those words and think of knives, mosques and suicide vests.

You’d think that this unprecedented situation and the impending British election would open eyes and become a powerful antidote for fuzzy thinking.

But, as I’ve said many times before, you’d be wrong.

The British Prime Minister, Theresa May, just four days out from the election and only hours after the latest attack, laid the blame for it on Facebook.

Yes. You read that right. Facebook.

This is what she had to say:

“We cannot allow this ideology the safe space it needs to breed.

“Yet that is precisely what the internet – and the big companies that provide internet-based services – provide.”

Three men ploughed their vehicle into pedestrians on London’s most famous landmark and emerged to slit the throats of pub-goers while mouthing off in support of the Islamic State and the British Prime Minister decides to bemoan the internet.

It seems this all could have been avoided if Facebook had gender-neutral emojis and a ‘dislike’ button.

It is sheer stupidity. Utter looniness. Insanity on steroids.

And it’s catching too.

Our Prime Minister chimed in with a similar thought bubble from the other side of the world. Here is what Malcolm had to say:

“I would say that I think that the British Prime Minister has put her finger on a very important point, that there is too much tolerance of extremist material on social media and that, ultimately, requires cooperation from the big social media platforms, in particular, Facebook and Twitter.”

One thing is clear. Neither Theresa May nor Malcolm Turnbull have ever posted an ‘anti-Islamic’ meme on Facebook. If they did, they‘d know full well that this internet giant responds to such ‘extremism’ rapidly and consistently.

When it comes to the internet, the social media ‘Thought Police’ are already out in force, making it a safe space for Islam.

To highlight the idiocy on display over this call to close down safe spaces for extremism, one need look no further than the British government itself.

It is led by a woman who stated shortly before becoming PM that many Britons ‘benefit a great deal’ from Sharia law.

I kid you not.

Britain has Sharia zones enforced by Sharia courts. It is the ultimate safe space for ‘extremism’ of the allegedly non-Islamic kind.

Theresa May should close these courts down rather than setting in motion a chain of events that will only result in the further removal of freedoms for ordinary citizens. I can guarantee you that they, rather than Muslims, will feel the effects of any internet crackdown.

And she should look at the welfare funding (provided by hardworking Britons) that sloshes through the Sharia safe spaces.

Just over a year ago, the British government decided to pay men with more than one wife an extra £317.83 per month, per wife. The government is going to pay out, even though men with more than one wife are actually breaking British laws.

It is just another example of many demonstrating that the British government is not helping. It is hurting the British people.

If it won’t crack down on illegal marriages but will instead hand over great wads of cash to Muslims who break this law, why on earth should it expect this community to have any respect for any of Britain’s other laws, like the one that prohibits murder?

The biggest provider of the ‘safe spaces’ that allow terrorism to flourish in Britain is the British government, led by Theresa May. She might like to reflect on that.

However, the truth is that the cause of Islamic terrorism has nothing to do with ‘safe spaces’ or the internet and everything to do with Islamic ideology. And Islamic ideology stems from the ‘messages’ sent by Allah to Mohammad and his lived example.

Let’s sit through a short multiple choice test to help connect the dots for those who are too thick to comprehend this.

Mohammad was a fighter and a lover of his enslaved concubines. He went to war, beheaded entire captured tribes and preached that all should convert to Islam, cough up the dough if they chose not to, or die.

Muslims believe that Mohammad was the most perfect man to have ever lived and that his example must be followed.

Consequently, it is logical to conclude:

  1. Islam is a religion of peace.
  2. The internet is responsible for terrorism.
  3. The requirement for non-Muslims to pay protection money to stay alive is proof that Islam is tolerant.
  4. This test is offensive.
  5. Devout Muslims are prone to violence.

If you selected any of the first four answers then I have some good news for you. The British Prime Minister is no doubt hiring ‘experts’ for a new massive homeland security department that will keep Britain safe from the internet.

You’ll fit right in. I suggest you send your resume right away and cease reading this webpage. It may give you cause to report ‘extremism’.

If you chose the last answer then you’ll understand why stupidity is reigning supreme today.

Congratulations on owning a front-row ticket to a re-enactment of the end of the Roman Empire. The barbarian hordes have just emerged from stage right.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Two words, ‘Political Correctness’.
    And that’s why we have all the problems, people are not stupid, especially the ones who promote PC, they have an agenda, just like Hitler did and the Communist did, they used PC for there ends to dupe the people.
    The thing is people do not comprehend what PC truly is and that’s why PC becomes idolised as the be all.
    PC is a big bag of tricks that’s played on fools, people become puppets, PC just pulls the strings and watch the poor buggers dance to the tune, such people have no control, not to mention it’s Satanic, as it leads all astray and only true Christians can see it’s workings for what it truly is and such then sticks out like dogs balls.
    People can’t see that we are going to be enslaved by all this PC crap.
    Get rid of PC and all the problems can be dealt with, but supporting PCness and all of the problems we face nowadays will only get much worse.
    All this insane madness crap going on nowadays is only the tip of the iceberg too what is coming.

    In the way one of our Senior-Constables just got shot dead in cooled blood, by a full on total moronic bastard that should of never been out on the street for crying out loud and it’s all due to PCness nonsense because crap like this would never of happened in the first place, it’s no excuse at all.

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  2. I disagree that the political class is stupid. They are bought and paid for by those who own the Australian state as an asset of their banking cartel.

    The ‘diversity is our strength’ mantra and the multi-cultural Marxist policy is being imposed on the entire Western world (that would be the White nations).

    This presupposes central organisation. And it just so happens that all Western (White) nation states are owned by the same banking cartel – which issues their currency as debt to the cartel.

    Except for Iceland. After the GFC they put the banksters on trial. And surprise, Iceland doesn’t have a multi-cultural agenda. They think that Iceland belongs to the Icelandic people. Good for them.

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  3. PS – Islam is an extreme ideology that breeds “extremists”.

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  4. A particularly galling line in May’s speech after the latest attack in London.

    “It is an ideology that is a perversion of Islam and a perversion of the truth.”

    She can’t really believe that. What hope is there? Why is the West infested with so many quislings like this who are not up to the job of leading?

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  5. Wilful ignorance, wilful blindness, Groupthink, call it what you will. We can hypothesise until the curtain finally falls – & it’s about to on Britain.

    How did it come to this ???? It’s not just Jihadis, our civilisation has been crumbling for a while now & the current Islamic assault on our weakened civilisation may just be the beginning of the end. The fall of Britain is just the start of a process which may take a few short decades or it may take a century. Consider the following quote.

    “It is startling how many people—and particularly how many media, academic, and political elites—fall for bad ideas. The trouble is, their lies become institutionalized as truth, and we all suffer as a result. How;

    •How rabid anti-Americans simply parrot the delusional claims of a few gurus

    •How the environmental movement, spawned by a “scientist” whose doomsday predictions are almost always wrong, has bred fanaticism, stupidity, and dishonesty

    •How the hero of the animal rights crowd is a crank who promotes infanticide and euthanasia

    •How a scientific fraud—and pervert—launched the sexual revolution

    •How abortion rights activists ignore (or cover up) the fact that their matron saint advocated eugenics and concentration camps

    •How our universities have become hothouses of leftist ideology

    •How historians and journalists have airbrushed history to turn a racial separatist into a civil rights icon ”

    Daniel J Flynn. 2004.

    Intellectual Morons: How Ideology Makes Smart People Fall for Stupid Ideas.
    Published: (Crown Forum)
    ISBN 1400053552

    This isn’t an advert but a history of how the western world got to be where it is today.

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  6. just makes me so sick… no words…..

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  7. Spot on Berie. Except for the last comment about the Roman Empire.

    At it’s demise the empire had split into two. The Western Empire based in Rome and the Eastern Empire Based in Constantinople. After the collapse of the West the Eastern Empire held sway from Greece right around the Med to Tripoli. This empire was Christian and was known as the Bysantium Empire and was the natural inheritors and repository of all classical Greco and Roman knowledge of arts, war, medicine and science. It held for several hundred years after the collapse of Rome itself as the Christian example of Roman culture.

    It was invaded by the Mohomedans and totally distroyed by them. This was known as the Dark Ages. The efforts by Chrisindom hundreds of years later during the Crusades, are incorrectly recorded as acts of aggression. Apparently turning the other cheek constantly did not work then! (It probably will not work now!) The Crusades were initiated as a concerted push by Christendom to reclaim that which was taken by bloodshed and violence…….Mohamed’s way!

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  8. Where did I read? “I don’t believe in conspiracy theories, people aren’t that clever, but the devil is and he has lots of useful idiots.”

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  9. Where did I read? “I don’t believe in conspiracy theories, people aren’t that clever. But the devil is and he has lots of useful idiots.”

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  10. I think they are also cowards, and political opportunists. They are frightened of media abuse, and possible personal attack, and they don’t want to risk losing a Muslim vote.

    They would be satisfied seeing Britons (and Australians)murdered, as long as they stay in power.

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