Eyes on Sydney: Sharia finance

Islamic jihadist attacks during Ramadan across the Western world become so ‘ho hum’ sometimes.

So, in an effort to lighten things up, I bring you the latest update from Eyes on Sydney. This was snapped in Western Sydney a few days ago:


Islam is not just about terrorism. It’s about Sharia finance as well.

The good news is that when we have all become dhimmis and payed our jizya tax, there’ll be a halal certified and Sharia compliant banking institute to take our cash.


If you wish to contribute to ‘Eyes On Sydney’, drop me a line at personal@bernardgaynor.com.au. ‘Eyes On Sydney’ will report on the growing Islamisation of Australia’s first city…

Author: Eyes On Sydney

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  1. The Government must stop Sharia Law, only secular man made laws welcome in Australia

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