It’s happening…

It is happening.

The retaliatory violence.

I warned of this almost four years ago to the day, writing on 5 June 2013:

There will be three types of violence in this country.

Firstly, the Islamic community at large will harbour those who will threaten, injure or kill Australians because they are not Muslim.

Secondly, within the Islamic community there will be sectarian war. This will make the bikie wars of old look like child’s play. Much of this conflict will be driven by arguments over who hates us the most.

Thirdly, some Australians will take the law into their own hands and retaliate against Muslims.

None of these forms of violence are in the interests of the Australian community. But unless Islamic immigration is stopped dead in its tracks, they are all inevitable.

We have not seen the third form of violence erupt in Australia (yet). But as I have also written many times before, we will watch it unfold first in Europe.

And that is exactly what we saw today. It appears that a man (possibly with others) deliberately drove his van into Muslims outside a mosque in London’s north. At least one person has been killed.

This attack is morally reprehensible. It is politically stupid. And it is utterly illegal.

But there is a but. This attack was also entirely foreseeable and predictable. And, just like Islamic terrorist attacks, it was also easily preventable: all it would have taken is a government with the intestinal fortitude to halt Islamic immigration.

Islamic immigration has created a volatile social cocktail. It is ready to explode. And this dangerous environment cannot be rendered inert with PC indoctrination. In fact, PC indoctrination is simply increasing the pressure and raising the lethality of the inevitable spark when it comes.

Western governments have acted entirely irresponsibly for decades, welcoming in a community that is at war ideologically, politically and, all too often, physically with Western values.

This truth is obvious but it cannot be spoken.

To point out how obvious this truth is, one need only look at this attack in London today: it was a direct copy of multiple Islamic attacks across the Western world. And it targeted a mosque that has a long history of association with violence.

The Finsbury Park mosque was previously led by Abu Hamza. As The Australian reports, his sermons inspired the failed “shoe bomber”, one of the 9/11 plotters and one of the suicide bombers who blew up a number of buses and trains in London in 2005.

And the attack comes only hours after this protest in London, where the flag of Hezbollah, a terrorist organisation, was flown brazenly in front of watching British police:

Islam has brought the violence in. And Islam is actually teaching those who wish to retaliate violently how they can do so.

The only thing that is surprising about this whole situation is that it took so long for someone to retaliate.

I cannot emphasise too strongly how dangerous this situation is. It is getting past the point of control for the British government.

There can be no doubt that this attack will be used to inspire additional Islamic terrorism. And there can be no doubt that each new Islamic terrorist attack will increase the likelihood of further retaliation.

We are watching the start of the downward spiral into civil war…

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Who are the real terrorists ????

    Is it the nutters who cary out the crimes ? Is it the manipulators who con the nutters ? or…….

    Is it the enablers of internal home grown threat of Political Correctness peddled by Leftist media & interest groups who nurture the lunacy of extremism ?

    My guess is it’s the internal threat which IS THE MOST DANGEROUS which should be dealt with first & foremost. Those people are dangerous ideologues who are every bit as unreasonable & unhinged as an Islamist & deserves no more care or pity than any other combatant on the battle field. We see in the USA the Leftists are calling for violence & are arming themselves, the UK isn’t far behind & neither is Europe.

    In any conflict – especially one which may become kinetic – it pays to able to identify & prioritise your enemy & get to know how they operate.

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  2. You have to look to Saudi Arabia for all this Islamic invasion they are financing it, may have a lot to do with UK and America selling billions in arms and training to the Saudis, this could be part of the arms contract, take in as many as possible, don’t worry about your own people. The king of Saudi Arabia wants Sharia Law all over the world, its called global domination. Watch the documentary ( Saudi Arabia uncovered ). Eye opener, Britain already have sharia courts. So bad luck now it’s virtually too late to go back to normal.

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  3. Just sitting here watching the start of Parliament Question Time and already i am disgusted with Turnbull and Shorten.
    Turnbull mentions all Islamic Terrorist attacks recently in Europe (including a new attack on a police van in Paris overnight- the only person killed was the perpetrator who was on a terror watch list, unlike the father from Wales) but neglects to mention the Islamic attack on our very own soil.
    Then Shortens reply on indulgence, well what a crock.
    All Shorten can talk about is the single solitary person who drove his van into the people outside the mosque in London. He made mention that all the victims were muslims , all of faith and just going about their business and going home after prayers. Nothing about that this 47 year old father of four from wales may have just gotten to the stage where he may have mentally cracked after all the islamic terror attacks on westerners all over Europe. Apparently he had Muslim neighbours that he got along with.
    This incident should in no way be condoned but some people can only take so much and when you see week after week minority groups protesting and vowing that non believers should be slain and along with the terrible viscous attacks perpetrated by muslims in this persons own city then honestly you can understand that some people will crack. When muslims crack in Australia it is very often called ” attack by a mentally ill individual” by the officials and most media but when it is a westerner cracks it is definitely an act of terror. I was disgusted with the muslims that the media recorded after this incident. If only we were allowed to carry on like that. Instead we would get thrown in front of the Griggs and her band of humorless snowflakes.
    Things need to change right across the western world and in Australia we need to stop Islam spreading, Stop the scourge of safe schools and all its derivatives and by heck STOP the notion of Marriage Equality.
    Its great to see the Australian Chinese community forming a Not for Profit organisation against safe schools and marriage equality. At least they have common sense and are prepared to act. Its a pity many other patriotic Australians don’t get off their backsides to stop these leftist activists and organisations destroying our values and way of life.
    I, for one am thankful to Bernie and Cory and all the other TRUE conservatives that are fighting for our freedoms and i will back them all the way.

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  4. Unfortunately I agree with the above statement. We are heading toward a civil type war. This is the only way because of the number of islamic people living in western society. The worst thing about it is that so many innocent lives will be lost.

    A major issue id that do many people are ignorant of the facts. We want peace and cling to anything that may offer that peace. Islam is not peaceful. Islam is a way to control others and islam will not stop willingly until all arr under the control of allah (satan).

    Our modern world is naive and foolish as we have lost our focus on God. Without thid focus of and knowledge of God, many people believe that God and allah are one and the same.ĺ

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    • Allah and the Christian God are not the same. This was put to the test in a court trial in Malaysia. The imams took Christians to court for using the Arabic term allah in the malay translation of bible. Article was in malayonline.

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  5. Could not agree more, there will be blood in the streets and heads on Pikes along the river banks. The conservative Right Wing in all Western countries has had an absolute gut full of Islam forcing itself into our lives, and the PC of the Governments and Left Wing snowflakes which deny us our right of protest will be the one’s to blame when it erupts in the streets.

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  6. Yes i have thought the same it is only a matter of time muslims kill thousands and then gets angry when only i of them is killed the goverment will do nothing about the problem in australia because they see no problem they keep saying we are the most successful multiculture in the world maybe true for some migrantes her but not the muslims they need to simulate with us aussies not us simulate with them their religion will never be compatible with the western world

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  7. Oh, but you are denying our unworkable dogma as the most successful multicultural nation on earth! What will Bill, Dick, and Mal say?

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  8. How many more of these attacks overseas will occur before our Government realises exactly what you are saying,” We are watching the start of the downward spiral into civil war.”

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    • One hundred percent correct Ron Ssndilands.

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  9. Its not rocket science it is totally predictable. It’s human nature. Governments all across the Western World seem to be blinkered to the reality. Who are they really listening to?

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  10. Western Governments have created the environment of alleged terrorism and the beginning of retaliations. Western Government’s failed Political Correctness and National Security and forced unsuccessful integration of a anti Democratic Religious Ideology on its own peoples have led to mistrust in our once trusting and open Western Societies.

    One has to ask are Western Governments just stupid or is this a bigger picture involving the NEW WORLD ORDER eventually forcing all peoples to accept their solution to the problems they have created.

    The way the Australian Government has treated Australia or lack there ,there will be no need for Police cars soon just Military style tanks, APCs and assault helicopters. Might as well throw in a few unmanned drowns to fire missiles on its own citizens to I guess. Ahhh my peaceful Australia I will miss you

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  11. Downward spiral due to governments with hidden agenders? and an inevitable revolt by citerzens to defend western values and selves

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  12. Your words are so true, I can’t for the life of me understand how western governments are letting the inevitable happen, it also saddens me that we see what’s happening in Europe yet the government in Australia seems to think it’s not going to happen here,but it’s already started , the mind boggles.Do something to stop it and do it NOW.

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  13. Ayatollah Khomeini…I can’t believe that the British have let this march take place….the British police are letting a march take place that calls for the death of Israel and all Jews living there if they don’t leave, and protecting the marchers from the protestors, Jewish of course, why would they be happy about a march calling for their extermination?. But they are not allowed to protest, just pushed out of the way by the police, what the hell has happened to England? If this is not intolerant, racial and religious hatred, stirring up social trouble, what the hell is? Wow…looks like I’ll be making fake English address to send emails to 10 Downing street again…for what that’s worth. This just takes the cake, just when you think things can’t get worse they do. “This is not the worse, when one can still say, this is the worse.” The Bard. British police and the Mayor of London supporting the PLO…God Give me strength.

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