Money over morality

The Catholic Church packs a powerful political punch when it wants.

That much is apparent with its fight with the Turnbull government over school funding.

It’s a pity this organisation can’t do the same when it comes to marriage. Or abortion. Or euthanasia. Or even Safe Schools.

In fact, one could easily form the view that the people leading the Catholic Church in Australia are more interested in money than morality. No wonder so many pews are empty on Sunday mornings.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Catholic schools are entitled to funding. But the funding model is not in the bible. It’s not in a papal encyclical. And Gonski has not been declared a saint.

I and many other Catholics would prefer it if the Church simply focused on moral issues and stayed out of the political fight over government cash. And while I am no great fan of Prime Minister Turnbull, I do offer this advice considering the Catholic Church is engaging in politics.

He should make it clear in no uncertain terms to the bishops that he is giving them a choice: they can back a party that will give all Catholics a say on marriage, or they can back a party that will fund them like any other government department and force them to ‘wear it purple’, like any other department as well.

That should cause some division within the Catholic Church and blunt the political attacks.

And for those of you under the mistaken belief that Catholic schools would never be rainbow ‘Safe Schools’, please think again.

This is from a ‘professional development’ slideshow titled ‘Rainbow Network’. You can find it on the Kildare Ministries website – a Catholic educational order that runs numerous schools across Australia:


It peddles the myth that upwards of 15% of people are members of the LGBTQIWHATEVER community.

And Edmund Rice Education Australia has just released material into 52 Catholic schools that is praised by the Safe Schools Coalition director in this way:

The design of the program is very similar to ours.”

I think what he meant was that the Catholic version of Safe Schools is pretty much the same as the version developed in a university department led by a bloke who is on the record as describing paedophilic relationships as akin to the love of a parent for a child.

For your information, Edmund Rice Education Australia runs the schools that were previously staffed by the Christian Brothers. They haven’t come out of the child abuse royal commission with glowing colours. But it’s hard to see how implementing this program is going to decrease the likelihood of sexual abuse.

It’s an absolute joke. Maybe the government should cut funding of these schools until they start teaching facts instead of fiction.

In fact, if Turnbull really wanted to throw the cat among the pigeons, he should consider having Catholic schools investigated by the ACCC for false advertising. Any school found to be providing a non-Catholic education to its students should be forced to repay the government funding it obtained under false pretences.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. We will be homeschooling our two girls next year so they can get a real Catholic education!

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  2. St Mary Mackillop also did not take government funding for the schools run by her teaching order: Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart. The idea here was uncompromised Catholic education and in those days the catechism was in the schools.

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  3. Bernard, it’s a pity you found my previous offering on this topic a bit too harsh to post. So I’ll tone it down a bit & give you some background.

    One of my cousins who was also a practising RC (much older than I) was a Victorian Detective many years ago & had the distasteful job of investigating a priest in Mildura (Ftr Day) & found the unsayable. However, my cousin ran up against the Vic police establishment who was staunchly Catholic & protected the priest & made my cousins position untenable so he left the force.

    Many years later my cousin wrote (& was interviewed by 7:30 report) of what he discovered during his investigations. I understand The title of his manuscript is, “Fools for Christ’s Sake”. As hard as my previous criticisms were, I stand by the essence of what I said.

    7:30 Report transcript here:

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    • Don’t tone it down too much Angry Viking. It is the Australians of European racial and cultural heritage who can not get some steam going on these issues who have me frankly worried.

      Poland is leading the way for Europe and the entire (((Western))) world – that would be the former Christendoms to be more precise.
      Poland’s PM on Migrants 24 – 5 – 2017 March for Europe 2016 V4 The Allied of Christian Europe

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  4. Hi Bernard,
    When I went to a Catholic school in Queanbeyan, St Gregory’s Catholic school in the 50s Father Green would not take any money from the government because he knew if he accepted the money from them they, the government would insist the school teach whatever they wanted taught. Sure we went without a lot of extras but we learnt the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic which has been very helpful in my life. Thank you Father Green.

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