Malcolm Turnbull’s Liberals are not conservative

Malcolm Turnbull’s Liberals are not conservative.

It’s a bit like acknowledging that a circle doesn’t have three sides. Everybody knows it but sometimes the truth still needs pointing out.

Two separate statements today from commentators on the left and right side of politics confirm just how far the Liberals have fallen.

Firstly there was this exchange on Brisbane’s ABC radio between Steve Austin and Bernard Keane:

Bernard Keane: “If you look at the economic policies this government is pursuing, they are significantly further to the left than even the last Labor government. And that I think reflects a widespread shift right across the Anglophone world and Western Europe…”

Steve Austin: “Forgive me for interrupting. Just say that again? That this Liberal or coalition government has shifted in terms of economic policy, or neo-liberalism, shifted further to the left than the previous federal Labor government?”

Bernard Keane: “Absolutely.”

Bernard Keane writes for Crikey. He is no friend of conservatives and likes to issue tweets like this:

Bernard ‘White-Men-Are-Scum’ Keane says the Turnbull government is absolutely to the left of even the Rudd and Gillard governments. What an endorsement that is.

Meanwhile, Andrew Bolt hit Turnbull from the opposite side of the commentariat:

“The Prime Minister has destroyed the Liberals so completely that I now fear even Tony Abbott can’t save them. In fact, the question is no longer whether the Liberals will lose the next election but whether it will split as well.

Why would Liberal supporters keep giving money and votes to a party trashing Liberal principles and fighting for Labor ones instead?”

It’s a good question.

This Turnbull government of so-called ‘conservatives’ has given us the nation’s highest ever debt. We now owe more than half a trillion dollars.

It has continued with disastrous programs like the NDIS and thinks that the solution to our educational crisis is to simply borrow more and spend more. A proper conservative government would solve the real problem by addressing the curriculum.

And it is locking us all in to higher power prices with an insane pursuit of expensive and unreliable energy production. Even if climate change is real, Australia’s efforts will still do diddly-squat to change the temperature of the planet.

But there’s no proof that we are heating up the world and the nightmare predictions are entirely speculative anyway.

On the social issues, the Turnbull government has been even worse.

It did not sack Gillian Triggs. It did not scrap the Human Rights Commission. And it did not replace her with a hard-nosed fighter. We are set for more of the same from this mob.

It pranced around the Safe Schools program and, after nothing more than a little cosmetic surgery, pretended that it done the right thing by kids. Nothing could be further from the truth. They are still being taught queer gender theory. This idea has been normalised under a ‘conservative’ government when it should have been scrapped entirely.

On halal certification, the Turnbull government has done absolutely nothing, even after a Senate inquiry determined that the industry was full of shonks and scammers.

And when it comes to security, this government might as well be led by the Greens. It has overseen a Defence Force that now employs ‘diverse sexuality’ advisors and supporters of radical Islamist groups. Worse, it has sat by and watched as the head of ASIO claimed during Senate estimates that there was no link between terrorism and refugees, just 24 after the Coroner’s report into the Lindt Café terrorist attack confirmed that it was carried out by a refugee.

Everyone knows that Malcolm Turnbull is not conservative. And he’s not even popular either.

France has just seen the two major parties wiped away. The British have shown that they have no desire for a fake conservative government. America has given us Trump.

Voters across the world are increasingly unhappy with the political elites.

And conservative voters no longer have a home with Turnbull. Watch Cory Bernardi’s Australian Conservatives. This party is likely to grow its base very quickly…

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. I would like to know the percentage of Conservatives in Australia. Does anyone know?

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    • In this household, conservatives make up 100%.

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  2. If Mr Keane hates himself so much he is welcome to disappear up his own a*** never to be seen or heard from again.

    M. Turnbull is a classic example why we should never have a lawyer running the country. The legal profession produces nothing, invented nothing, innovated nothing, designed nothing that tangibly benefited humanity. It has only been responsible for injustice, obfuscation, delay, deceit, greed & trickery.

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