There are no rainbows in homosexual behaviour

WARNING: This post contains some graphic clinical quotes from about the nature of homosexual behaviour.

If you are easily offended by the truth then I suggest you do not read any further and instead go and draw a rainbow-coloured heart. It’s what the homosexual activists do because even they do not wish to actually describe their behaviour publicly. It’s simply too shameful.  


Back in simpler days, society used to understand simple things. Like the birds and the bees.

It’s not so simple today. We prefer to complicate matters with ‘nuance’. And so we don’t even understand the basics of sex or marriage or gender anymore.

It’s led to a fake debate about ‘marriage’ that is based on a lie.

The debate is obviously fake because only one side can speak without fear of legal action, public assault or even being able to fly from one city to another. And the side that can speak is so afraid of losing anyway that it’s also opposed a plebiscite on marriage, despite simultaneously boasting that society overwhelmingly supports ‘marriage equality’.

So there is no debate. Instead we have indoctrination. And it’s based on a lie.

The lie is called ‘marriage equality’ or ‘equal love’. It deceitfully claims that homosexuals and lesbians in Australia cannot get hitched.

That is simply not true. As exhibit one I give you Tony Abbott’s sister, Christine Forster.

She did walk down the aisle. She did say until death do us part. And she did get married.

She also claims to be lesbian. So a lesbian can get married and Christine Forster has four children and presumably a surname to show for it.

As exhibit number two I give you the Marriage Act. Nowhere in it will you find a clause that makes it illegal for a homosexual or a lesbian to tie the knot.

They can get married in accordance with the law just like any other Australian.

In fact, the only demographic group of people in Australia who face a blanket prohibition on marriage are minors.

They are the only people who face ‘marriage inequality’.

So if the homosexual marriage argument really is based on removing all marriage discrimination, it’s also an argument that logically leads you to removal of the age of consent. And we really don’t want to go there.

And this, unfortunately, brings us to the other lie of ‘equal love’. It’s a claim that the current marriage laws discriminate on the basis of love and that no love should be denied recognition.

It’s a strange claim considering the word love cannot be found anywhere in the Marriage Act.

And it’s also strange, considering where this argument logically leads as well. People involved in incestuous relationships claim they love. So do those involved in relationships with minors. And so do those involved with multiple partners.

The logic of equal love again leads to places where we don’t want to go.

So the catch-phrases ‘equal love’ and ‘marriage equality’ do not express any logical reason to change our laws on marriage. And the LGBTQIWHATEVER activists cannot outline one single argument to support their case that those who engage in same-sex behaviour should have their relationship recognised by the state.

In contrast, I can give you a very good reason why it is different for heterosexual relationships: they lead to new life and evidence overwhelmingly shows that children thrive when they are raised by their biological parents.

The future of the state rests on these relationships.

That’s why they deserve state recognition.

The truth is that the homosexual marriage movement is not about love or children. It is about enforcing a moral worldview that homosexual behaviour is legitimate; as legitimate as the life-forming power of heterosexual activity.

It is not.

And it is at this point that I quote from Lifesite News. Yesterday it published an article that graphically explains why:

“When a man and a woman make love, the miracles of conception and birth are possible. When two men attempt the same, the most glorious result possible is an anal discharge of semen mixed with fecal matter.”

Those words were written by Doug Mainwaring. And before you blast him as a bigot, know that he should know what he is talking about.

He goes on to say:

“I am same-sex-attracted, and I once walked away from both my marriage and the Church and lived as a gay man. “

Mainwaring’s words are biologically true. And they point out the truly disgusting nature of homosexual activity.

And that is why no one in the homosexual marriage movement actually wants to talk specifics about such behaviour. Instead, they have covered it up with rainbows.

That is quite disgusting too. It is a perversion of one nature’s most beautiful sights.

The homosexual marriage movement is nothing more than a desperate attempt for moral recognition. That is what it is all about.

Homosexuals cannot find moral peace within. This, rather than ‘heteronormativity’, explains the unhappiness, the suicides, the risk-taking behaviour and the drugs.

In contrast, if the government scrapped the Marriage Act, you would not find heterosexual couples falling into despair. They would simply continue their lives and they would continue to refer to themselves as married.

My wife and I, like any other married couple, know that we are married. The state did not make us married. We did that all by ourselves.

Homosexuals know they cannot do this. Hence the frantic campaign to find moral legitimacy in Canberra.

Good luck with that…

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. During high school a boy must begin his transition into a man. A girl must begin her transition into a woman. During this period the young people are vulnerable, experimental and must suffer some of life’s most cruel blows and learn some of nature’s most severe lessons.

    And the LBGTQIetc agents, curricula and ‘support’ is right there waiting to get a hold of them and interfere with their process.

    Teenage boys and girls need role models and mentors of adult men and women supporting them. They need to see these men and women in a variety of social and familiar roles. They need to experience their hierarchies and their group dynamics through participation in social undertakings with the adults.

    During high school what will take place (either well or dysfunctionally or badly) is the formation of the child’s convictions about the fundamentals and ultimates of life in religious belief and spirituality (or absence thereof), ethnic heritage, culture and race of their ancestral nation/s of origin, Australian values and citizenship and social mores, sexuality of gender and gender role and its extension into community.

    June 27, 2017, Henry Makow has posted a letter from a high school boy writing about how ‘Trans’ pressure is being applied through his high school. This is being applied to the boys and girls struggling with their formation. “The Transgender Boondoggle”.

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  2. Fact: God created Man and Woman so as the species could continue.
    Fact: Man and Man cannot create anything.
    Fact: Woman and Woman can create something with the help of man.
    Fact: Trans-whatevers cannot even get their sex right.
    There is no such animal as a trans-whatever, they are just confused attention seeking morons looking for the easy way out of life’s problems.
    Gay marriage is a joke and a half, just more sexually confused deviants stirring the pot too see who they can insult and alienate. What happens if they get the right to same sex marriage, what will be the next showboat issue? bestiality/pedophilia. The line has to be drawn somewhere.

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  3. Im quite apathetic when it comes to the whole marriage debate- like most I’m just sick of hearing about it basically. I will just point out that many many heterosexual couples have sex with no intent of procreating and they also engage in the act that results in the rather graphic outcome as quoted above it’s not just gay men that choose to take the alternate route so to speak. Awkward but true

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  4. The rainbow is just the bridge to an overtherainbow state of affairs. In fiction this place is called Oz – the Land of Oz. The Emerald City, it will be recalled, is free of afflictions like anti-Semitism, racism, feminism, bourgeoisism and the phobias: Islamaphobia, xenophobia, homophobia, LBGTQIetc phobia. In Oz the people have the equality of good old proletarian democratic socialism; they are all the same and enjoy the same lot on the global plantation. And the Owners sit and eat like the effendis.

    Right now we are on the rainbow bridge. We are following the happy unicorn and ridding ourselves of anti-rainbow thoughts and behaviours.

    Therefore, among heterosexuals, when confronted with the actual or graphic realities of homosexual behaviours, that experience of the inner eeehhh is to be firmly suppressed and a happy affirmative expression must be substituted. Assume a PC virtue though you have it not.

    How refreshing then to encounter the Mexican soccer fans (known in the US as ‘Beaners’)Yes they are rowdy, they are loud and their collective methane is off the chart. But the Mexican fans are nothing if not defiantly heterosexual in the face of the Owners of the Game and their correctoid demands.

    The Mexicans have a strong inner eeehhh of robust heterosexual opprobrium against homosexual behaviour. In fact, the national ‘eeehhh’ has pride of place in the Mexican chant against a goal by the rival soccer team. And they have repulsed all efforts by their own soccer stars, the coaches, World Cup organisers, FIFA honchos, lawyers for the honchos and organisers, whining libards, punitive gaystapo victim schticks etc to tidy them up, fine them, make them pay and make them stop expressing themselves.

    The US rival soccer team experienced the national ‘eeehhh’ of homophobia at full throttle at the recent World Cup qualifying match at Estadio Azteca when: “Each time the goalie for the United States picked up the ball to punt it, the crowd began to chant ‘eeehhh’ drawing out the sound like a long musical note on a crescendo. When the goalie finally kicked the ball, the Mexican fans yelled ‘puto’ with one voice.” (puto is a male prostitute and…see above post for the biological description)

    Oh dear. What are the FIFA libtards in charge of the World Game going to do with this? Well. Don’t imagine they are going to accept that the Mexicans are entitled to their national ‘eeehhh’. They going to get this in hand so to speak. FIFA is going to set up fancams all over the stadium ahead of the Confederations Cup. They are gong to hand out fines, they are going to have fanspies and dobbers among the Mexican fans. They are going to get security onto any Mexican yelling ‘eeehhh’ and ‘puto’ when the rival team scores a goal.

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  5. The good old days when;
    Gay meant HAPPY
    Rainbow was a beautiful wondrous sight in the sky and
    Pansies were flowers

    Oh what a world we now live in.
    I am sick of every day hearing about gender bending, gaystapo, feminazi, lefty islamic bullies imposing their derelict will on everyday Australians.
    What is happening to all the Aussies who don’t want or believe in these ways?
    Why aren’t they jumping up and down to show they are sickened to the stage where we have to vocally show our disgust?
    It is a sorry state of affairs when good hard working Aussies are forced into submission just from their fear of the left and then choose to stay silent even though they are as disturbed as the rest of us in the direction our country is going.
    Todays news stories about the rally by patriots in Melbourne showed that it is the left that cause the violence.
    It was the left that crashed a peaceful patriotic march.
    it was the left that are cowards and that they had to hide their faces.
    It was the left that turned up explicitly to cause trouble.
    Just like they did with the Q society meeting, an LP function that Margaret Court was invited to, Geert Wilders Australian meeting and many other such events that the leftist scum have imposed their will with violence, bullying and vitriol.
    The people of Australia need to understand that if we all stand united we will win our country back from the socialist scum that want gender neutrality, Fictitious marriage equality, the total and final stop to free speech.
    If we don’t then we will soon be communist nation with traditional families and traditional marriage rapidly fading into extinction. Oh what a world we now live in.

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  6. We totally support what you are saying, and as a married couple of nearly fifty years, we deplore that the perverted minority seek to assume the moral high ground.
    Sadly there is collateral damage to our society where mateship is a core value, we now find that to show friendship to some of your same sex mates can be construed as being “Gay”.
    Slowly this perverted faction seeks to destroy our society.

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  7. The LGBTIQ people do not want a plebiscite for two reasons. One is they fear it would fail. The other is that they do not want the hetero-normal majority to voluntarily agree to debasing the concept of marriage. They want thew majority top be forced to accept it and be sanctioned with legal and financial penalties if they do not, much as they are already sanctioned with abuse, intimidation with threats of violence and public ridicule as far right extremist bigots.

    As to the behaviors Mr Mainwaring yes indeed. All that the spermatoza will find at the far end of the rectum is the broken down waste of last night’s dinner in which to bury themselves before being dumped into the toilet. That’s the reality.

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  8. This forlorn quest is not just about: “I’m as good as you”. It is also about: “Do what I say” and the exercise of control over men and women who are psycho-sexually mature. The message here is that the normal men and women do not have the right to their heterosexuality in a way that is exclusive.

    The LBGTQIetc. and the Gaystapo are all about ‘inclusive’. And this translates into imposition.

    What has been (up until very recently) regarded as a developmental disorder is now being imposed upon heterosexuals through PC dicta. Much of the ‘gay bashing’ and ‘bullying’ that the Gaystapo has politicized is actually a heterosexual rejection of sexual advances by the gays and their attempts to impose their disorder.

    In a very controlled environment (such as a high school) how this often works is a gayboy develops a crush on a heterosexual boy who is successful in his studies, his social life and in sports. The gay makes advances to him and the normal boy rejects these – as he probably also does the flirtations of girls to whom his is not attracted.

    The less favoured girls have to learn one of nature’s most severe lessons in terms of human sexuality: alpha males are attracted to and go after the alpha females. The gayboy on the other hand has comeback. He can pull the levers of his totalitarian society and punish the object of his attraction with political correctness.

    Growing up is painful enough without the Gaystapo. In the schools the LBGTQIetc Agenda is going to get ugly for normal boys and girls. It will become especially ugly for the most successful and attractive males and females.

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  9. Well said, homosexuality is not normal, deviant come to mind, defiantly not moral to normal standards in all living things.

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