The Royal Australian Navy is advertising for ‘devout Muslims’

The Royal Australian Navy is now advertising for devout Muslims:

Devout Muslim Navy3

It is so desperate to secure their services that it is even kitting out mini-mosques on every base for them. Presumably, they get space at sea to pray as well.

Devout Muslim Navy2

This pro-Islamic attitude is far different from the one shown towards Defence members who are Christian.

Here is an excerpt from a letter sent to me by the former Chief of Defence Force, Lieutenant General David Hurley, about my expression of my Catholic faith:


This much is clear. The ADF hierarchy will sack Defence members for expressing Christian beliefs regardless of whether they are on duty or in uniform. And they will actively recruit Muslims and set aside work spaces so that they can pray.

It is a blatant case of double standards and hypocrisy.

That is bad enough.

But this politically-correct endorsement of Islam is also dangerous. That’s far worse.

We have already seen one Australian soldier go AWOL and end up fighting in Syria for jihadi groups. And we have seen a US major go postal at Fort Hood and kill 13 US soldiers dead. Prior to this he even handed out business cards announcing that he was a ‘Soldier of Allah’.

No one said anything lest they be accused of racism. Or bigotry. Or even bigoted Islamophobic racism.

That happened in 2009 and it is by no means an isolated example. There have been numerous other similar cases and even Islamic French SF soldiers have signed up to fight for the Islamic State.

No doubt, all of these people claim they are devout Muslims.

One would have thought that the ADF might have learnt from its previous embarrassing mistakes promoting Islam.

For instance, the Guide to religion and belief in the ADF used to have a link to a website that promoted the page

And this website has the very helpful question:

“What is the ruling on Muslims serving in the military of non muslim country ? What is the evidence for its permissibility or prohibition?

And lastly, what is the status of a Muslim working to help those in the military to fulfill their obligations to Allaah while serving in the Army, Navy, or whatever?”

It’s a good question. Are Muslims allowed to serve in non-Muslim militaries?

Well, the answer is yes, provided it benefits the Islamic world. And learning the secrets of non-Islamic militaries is one way that such service can benefit the Islamic world.

See the full response below:

Praise be to Allaah.

We put this question to Shaykh Muhammad ibn Saalih al-‘Uthaymeen, may Allaah preserve him, who answered as follows:

“Praise be to Allaah, the Lord of the Worlds. Military matters are problematic, because they involve helping these kuffaar to wage war against the Muslims or those who have entered into a treaty with the Muslims. If no such thing is involved, it may be advantageous for Muslims to work in these armies so as to learn their secrets and be aware of their potential evil. In other words, if working in these armies could be of benefit, it may be permissible, otherwise it is not allowed.”

On this basis, if a person works as a preacher or daa’iyah or imaam or muezzin, serving the Muslims and calling non-Muslims to Islam, then there is nothing wrong with this.

This was brought to the attention of the ADF by Michael Smith. It refused to respond to him. It also refused to learn from its embarrassing mistake.

Instead of assessing the suitability of the ADF’s promotion of Islam, the hierarchy instead removed the link to this website from the Guide to religion and belief in the ADF.

This whole approach is known as burying one’s head in the sand. It’s what people do when they are too afraid to address danger, or too incompetent to understand danger.

Either way, it leaves danger free to roam. And that always causes harm.

We are headed for a situation where members of the Australian Defence Force will be harmed by its promotion of Islam. When that happens, the responsibility will lie entirely on the shoulders of our senior generals.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. 52 Comments out of 24 million people We are so screwed

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    • I know exactly how you feel Jan. But my wife and I just discovered this website and the disgusting news about what ‘our’ navy is doing. We stand with you and, Cory and Bernard, along with our five children. There are many cases where, though vastly outnumbered, armies have prevailed-e.g. perhaps look up the Winged Hussars on badarseoftheweek site-it gave me a rare laugh in all the gloom.

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  2. As an ex-serviceman I’m disgusted and concerned.
    What do the people in charge really think the result will be?
    History tells us what to look forward to.
    For Australia’s sake stop the stupidity now.

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  3. All this business in the ADF has to start at the top, and the top is the Prime Minister and the Minister for Defence. The top brass in the Services these days, I suspect, have had very little or no battle experience and have got where they are by being in Canberra for years.

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  4. Devout as a positive concept has to be re-evaluated by the Australian Defence force as well as our security forces. As being devout in one culture does not I repeat does not have the same behavioural altruistic outcomes for Other cultures, in fact some cultures can and do inform systemic sociopath behaviour against Other cultures regarded as positive-altruistic behaviour by their own secular or religious cultures.

    Being devout, significantly for Muslims is not I repeat is not connected to pro-Other altruistic in fact the reverse. Islamic religion-Muslim culture is not a positive for Other cultures the anomalies with this paradigm, which I refer to rightly as the Mincer Paradigm, are so significant historic and current as to determine in a mind open to actual evidence a change in assumptions is urgently required.

    “..Killing them all is a holy act.”

    “..children raised in religious households, who are perceived to be more empathetic and sensitive to justice, are in fact less altruistic to their own classmates…. children from religious households also differ in their ratings of deserved punishment for interpersonal harm (F(2, 847) = 5.80, p < 0.01, h2 = 0.014); this was qualified by significantly harsher ratings of punishment by children from Muslim households than children from non-religious households (p < 0.01). There were no significant differences between children from Christian households and non-religious households.".
    The Negative Association between Religiousness and Children’s Altruism across the World, November 05, 2015

    "..meta-analysis summarizes 113 research reports worldwide (121 cross-sectional and 7 longitudinal studies) on age differences in ethnic, racial, or national prejudice among children and adolescents. Overall, results indicated a peak in prejudice in middle childhood (5–7 years) followed by a slight decrease until late childhood (8–10 years)."
    Development of ethnic, racial, and national prejudice in childhood and adolescence: A multinational meta‐analysis of age differences, T Raabe, A Beelmann – Child development, 2011

    Dutch Intelligence Agency Warns of Child Jihadists, By Associated Press, February 16, 2017

    "Women of all ages typically outscore men on most measures of religiousness (e.g., Benson 1991). … Most of the women did perceive inequality but coped with it by cognitive restructuring. Themes of relationship were far more prevalent than themes of individuation, suggesting that women are willing to cope with inequality in part because it is peripheral to their faith experience."
    The Power, but Not the Glory: How Women Empower Themselves Through Religion, Elizabeth Weiss Ozorak, Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, Vol. 35, No. 1 (Mar., 1996), pp. 17-29

    "Analyses provided support for a direct influence of maternal hostile attributions on the development of child hostile attributions and aggressive behaviour."
    A Longitudinal Investigation of Maternal Influences on the Development of Child Hostile Attributions and Aggression, Sarah J. Healy , Lynne Murray , Peter J. Cooper , Claire Hughes & Sarah L. Halligan,18 Nov 2013

    Also given prejudice is already heightened for the devout Muslim compounding that with the very process which supercharges aggression, in women free male only environments, a Mosque or similar gatherings which has as its sacred reflection source a terror-genocide construct of Other being acted out exactly as dictated or analogised from it right across the globe before our very eyes, not only once but five times a day reflecting on such ethical-moral constructs is a dangerous act for in time it will deliver terror into whatever Other institution decides to be so idiotic as to follow such a course.

    On-own-side attacks by Muslims have to be sourced from an ethical-moral-behavioural-motivational cultural source utilising not only the categorisation of Other contained in the Quran and exemplar (messianic) template of Mohammad, but crucially a cultural process to reinforce and generate the emotional-cognitive drive to carry out these on-own-side attacks. Seriously no one has worked out these all male five prayer gatherings of reinforcement-alignment are not generating, enabling the organizational means and mental force to cross the thresholds required? And you want to build more Mosques your putting our Other soldiers in mortal danger by such idiocy.

    " Hundreds of other men watched, holding their phones aloft to try to get a glimpse of the violence, but never making a move to intervene. Those standing by included several police officers.

    ..then the enraged men below her picked up poles and planks of wood, and hit at her until she lost her grip and tumbled down.

    Her face bloodied, she struggled to stand. Holding her hands to her hair, she looked horrified to find that her attackers had yanked off her black hijab as she fell. The mob closed in, kicking and jumping on her slight frame….
    Children’s voices are heard “Defend Islam don’t be an infidel”
    Men deliberate “What to do with the body.
    Overturned Verdict
    “If it’s violence, who is responsible for this violence? The guy who started the episode and encouraged the people to hit her? The guy chanting slogans who encouraged the people? Was it a blow from a stick that killed her? A stone? Was it that she was burned, or was it the car running over her?””
    Flawed Justice After a Mob Killed an Afghan Woman, New York Times, by Pulitzer Prize winner ALISSA J. RUBIN, DEC. 26, 2015

    Islam construct of Other and the Muslim development process inclusive of the prayer rituals worshiper mob in central Kabul as hundreds watched and filmed by their silent participation killed Farkhunda Malikzada, a 27-year-old Muslim woman falsely accused of burning a Quran, thousands past and to come. We know it to be true but still we allow the Muslim culture with their violent constructs of Other to develop and inform the same increasingly in our Western streets. Even providing the resources and institutions to inform another generation of terror-genocide.

    “..organization is going to affect how conflicts are handled. .. The organization by the way it is structured, by its policies, by the way it is managed, by the culture that develops, the relationships it sets up among its members, all of that structuring and context, will have a great influence on how members behave when they’re in a conflict.”
    The Art of Conflict Management: Achieving Solutions for Life, Work, and Beyond, Professor Michael Dues, 2010

    "Religious thought does not exist in a vacuum; it both shapes politics and is shaped by politics."
    Understanding Japan: A Cultural History, Professor Mark J. Ravina, Emory University, 2015

    "Without the ceaseless pulsating heartbeat of our "categorization engine, we would understand nothing around us, could not reason in any form whatever, could not communicate to anyone else, and would have no basis on which to take any action.
    "every culture constantly, although tacitly, reinforces the impression that words are simply automatic labels that come naturally to mind and that belong intrinsically to things and entities"

    "We find that aggression is generally not a maladjusted reaction typical of the socially marginal; instead, aggression is intrinsic to status and escalates with increases in peer status until the pinnacle of the social hierarchy is attained. Over time, individuals at the very bottom and those at the very top of a hierarchy become the least aggressive youth. We also find that aggression is influenced not so much by individual gender differences as by relationships with the other gender and patterns of gender segregation at school. When cross-gender interactions are plentiful, aggression is diminished. Yet these factors are also jointly implicated in peer status: in schools where cross-gender interactions are rare, cross-gender friendships create status distinctions that magnify the consequences of network centrality."
    Status Struggles, Network Centrality and Gender Segregation in Same- and Cross-Gender Aggression, Robert Faris, Diane Felmlee, American Sociological Review February 2011 vol. 76 no. 1 48-73

    “Norms-shared ideas about proper way to behave-are clearer, more firmly held and easier to enforce the more dense a social network. (If a social network consists of n “nodes”. People, firms or other social units, “density” is the proposition of the possible n(n-1)/2 connections among these nodes that are actually present.). This argument is one of the oldest in social psychology; for instance, see the classical account of Festinger, Schachter and Back (1948). It rests on the fact that the denser the network, the more unique paths along which information, ideas about proper behaviour are more likely to be encountered repeatedly, discussed and fixed; it also renders deviance from resulting norms harder and harder to hide and thus, more likely to be punished.” (Granovetter, 2005)

    Australian Defence for and Security institutions stop putting your employees and fellow citizens in danger utilising dangerous false assumptions which research determines as flawed, as well as goodness sake the actual burning buildings, broken bodies and lives Muslim culture being devout or otherwise continues inform even now in our Australian streets as it has with circumscribed lulls only in certain geographic spaces and times.

    How many bloody anomalies and Muslim own-side do you need to change this failed Mincer Paradigm-apparently many more than one.

    Byzantine State and Society remember it, have a strategy based upon a short-term vision having the enemy culture already attacking you from within and without, take up positions in your military and security is wisdom or given the endgame is already scripted repeatedly before us dangerous idiocy.

    "The time has come for us to be honest with ourselves and indeed each other." Uhuru Kenyatta, Kenya's president, 2015

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  5. Wonderful news that the Imam has been removed. Is the Australian government insane? Putting PC agenda re Muslims ahead of our national security? I feel betrayed by this.
    Congratulations to Bernard Gaynor for pushing for this outcome. Stand for PM, Bernard – we need you!

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  6. Here we go again!
    Let our potential enemies do damage from within our own defence forces.
    If these radicals, who look just like anybody else, can kill 83 beautiful and peaceful Aussies in a Bali bar as payback for our military fight against the Muslim Indonesians in gaining East Timor independence, then they can sure kill many more of us with our own weapons and munitions.

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  7. keep up the great work, you have my full support along with all my family and friends

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  8. The French word for such behaviour is “chienlit”. Textually: shitting in your own bed.

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  9. Since when is Islamic culture Australian Culture?

    A Mosque is not apart of our culture. There isn’t an abundance of Muslims in our Defence Force. Why on earth do they get this treatment? Its a waste of tax payers money and also a alarming flag to find within our own country.

    I am Indigenous and I even thinking this is bonkers, I don’t expect any special treatment at all. Yet we have the charade of victim & Identity politics everywhere.

    This is demoralizing for everyone within our Tri-Service. This country is really digging a hole for our own people, quasi political advocates shouldn’t have a say in what we do. Feminists are cancer and so are any of those “social rights” advocates.

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  10. The old saying “Nip it in the bud”. The Prime Minister is the head of the Country, correct ?
    Lets address this to him and the cabinet, how disgusting to have an enemy in our Forces to wreak havoc from within. I Pray for the leaders to have their eyes open (not their career interests to please the ones that make the noise – Islamists) God is good, Allah is from Hell.

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    • Yes. This is exactly the reason why this is happening. This Plan is being downloaded into all White nations and states like Australia which, together with its social order, is the creation of White European people.

      Every ethnicity and their religious/cultural traditions in their nation/states are permitted respect for heritage,law and identity. If they don’t receive it – then conflict ensues .

      Those of European ethnic origin with its Christian religious / cultural traditions and heritage, however, are required by the (((Owners))) to be inclusive and multicultural in their societies and nation/states – even with groups whose law conflicts.

      Do Muslim states and societies ‘include’ Europeans? Do their grant European people and their Christian traditions and cultures rights and entitlements?

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  11. The RAN is to be commended for thinking ahead. They will need some of those devout mohammedans to translate for them when they surrender to a mohammedan adversary.

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    • Interestingly, the weblink to the page for Nicholas has gone down. Hopefully something’s clicked in the minds of the hierarchy but I’m thinking it was just too controversial for them, so they took it down to save some reputation. The policy and plan would still remain, though…

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      • I stand corrected. The website is functional. It doesn’t disclose much, but I can see Navy trying to embrace the ‘diverse faiths’ notion to their advantage (recruitment has been tough for them lately). I’m not sure this is the best way to go.

  12. The absurdity of this recruitment campaign doesn’t need to be underscored…rigth? I mean…I’m hoping that this is just government lunacy and that Australian citizens recognize it for the VERY DANGEROUS pandering to Muslims that it is…Talk about shooting yourself in the foot!

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  13. Do they intend carrying a length of timber aboard the ship so these ISLAMIC SPIES can walk the plank.

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  14. Devout Moslems want you either converted to Islam, or persecuted, or dead. If not, THEY ARE NOT DEVOUT MOSLEMS. What part of that is too damned hard for you Aussie jarheads to understand? If you need more people, start an ad campaign and give young families better tax breaks for larger families. Don’t hire the enemy into the heart of your national defense, that’s a stupid USA type of mistake.

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  15. Have they EVER advertised for devout Catholics , dedicated Buddhists , devoted Protestants , pious Jews , fervent Sikhs ,ardent Hindus or committed Atheists ???. My guess would be ” NO ” . I wonder why islam is singled out and what is the agenda here???.

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    • the agenda of the ‘devout muslims’ is too easy to suspect. Infiltrate. Lie to the teeth – as it is encouraged by the Quran to benefit Islam. Get all the secrets. Strike and destroy from within.

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  16. I think this lunacy will go ‘ on ‘ and only get worse ‘ until perhaps a moment in time is reached when one of submarines. goes Missing’ and all hands have been lost’. And when it has been realised that it ‘ has been sabotaged by an Islamist jihadi’ who has been in the Navy as a sleeper’ soldier of Alalah’ for 10 years who had been waiting and biding his’ time until the opportune moment came when he’ could do the utmost Damage’ and kill as many of his shipmates as possible… perhaps then it will be understood that its not a good Idea to allow Muslims access to a billion dollars worth of deadly weaponry?

    I just hope to god that a Jihadi NEVER get to fly an armed f 17 over the skys of Sydney’ as The opera’ house full of patrons could very easily go up in flames’ or the Harbour Bridge full of traffic might go down in flames into the water…

    I pray nothing such as this ‘ shall ever happen.. BUT … If I can think of it ‘ then so can The Enemy ‘…

    Good on you’ Bernard ‘for being a patriotic voice of reason ‘ I only hope the decision Makers in Canberra’ are listening…

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  17. I am a strong supporter of special prayer spaces in the RAN. Since adherents of this vile ideology like to give arrogant shows of their strength and numbers by kneeling in city streets blocking traffic, I am all for them doing the same on the open seas, in VAST numbers, blocking shipping lanes. Oh wait… submarine lanes 😉

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    • Ha ha im glad they protest
      It will make the radicals easier to pick off and set on fire enmass

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  18. Our culture is too docile and apathetic. All these bureaucrats know the truth, however, all they care about is going home and spending their pay check. This is the awful truth. Our political apathy has meant we have been taken over by dangerous leftists. Let’s hope that at the ballot box we wake up and cease voting for the same two treacherous mainstream parties.

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  19. Our leaders are traitors. They are not serving Australians.

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    • You’re not wrong there, mate!

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  20. The benefits of Australia’s immigration policies have been numerous – from adding needed skills to the enlargement of the national youth ratios to offset our ageing population;
    we have added wonderful international cultural diversity in food and fashion; multi-culturalism has been a grand addition to Australia.
    Immigration has encouraged racial integration and assimilation of all peoples and their cultures. This is the ideal of an open, liberal and secular society.
    Islam, however, counters this multi-cultural ideal – Islam stands against diversity and multi-cultures!
    It, Islam, is an un-controlled religion – it is written so as to be responsible to nothing, and has never gone through the stages of Reformation, Renaissance, Enlightenment and Industrial revolution which domesticated religions and required ALL peoples and ideologies in the modern world to temper their divinely-inspired arrogance and control mechanisms and to respect the new laws of the lands based on human rights and proper jurisprudence.
    Our ‘western’ religions have been domesticated ie they have been trained to obey and to respect the laws of the land.
    Islam has yet to go through any of these changes and fights determinedly to reject these concepts.
    No, to Islam in our defence forces.

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    • The historical reality is our law stems from older traditions and the Church’s ecclesiastical courts and legal canons.

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  22. Sink or swim.I would rather sink it than be part of it.

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  23. In fact unless you’re able to swear the Oath or Affirmation of allegiance to the Queen her airs & successors you have no business being in uniform. Ergo – NO OATH CAN BE TAKEN OTHER THAN THAT WHICH IS CHRISTIAN. The Queen is the head of her own church.

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    • Well said *Angry Viking*, A point that everyone, including the defence hierarchy, seems to be missing, “or avoiding deliberately”…

      If I was still in the Submarine service I would refuse to go to sea with this impost hanging over my head, much akin to constantly “looking over your shoulder through lack of trust”, a threat to cohesive crew teamwork in a fighting fleet unit…

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  24. Keep up the good work and information being told
    The new X FILES of our day

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  25. This sounds like a mandate. They don’t come anymore devout than Sheikh Taj El-Din Hamid Hilaly. He was the Mufti in Australia 1988 and retired in 2007. The Sheikh is an authoritative voice of Islam for devout Muslims. It should be recalled that he defended convicted gang rapists.

    Here is a trip down memory lane for those who remember the Sheikh who taught us a lot about Muslim devotion to their Law.
    Ex-grand Mufti insults Australians

    Devout Muslims are cut-outs of the Mufti. This is not acceptable in the Australian armed forces

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  26. Thats identity politics and racist, why should religion be an issue. Why are our defence forces playing now playing the racist game.

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    • And what “RACE” might Islam be, Jeff?

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  27. It is indicative of the apparent leftist bearing of the ADF heirachy. This move is insanity to anyone who hasn’t had their mind sanitised by PC ideology. The ADF is on a very steep downward slope. The current RAN bears no likeness to the RAN I served in.

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    • Hear hear, glad to have retired

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  28. I cannot believe the idiosity of the defence force. Which side will the Muslim take when he is fighting against his brothers. I know and also blind greedy knows, its a absolute disgrace. The world has gone mad.

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    • Bang on…. Good to see everyone isnt an idiot out there. Wake up world… We are at war

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  29. Right beside you bro!!!

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  30. Bernard, Keep up the good fight mate. This ROT must be challenged. Our national leadership and Defence leadership are lost! This swamp needs draining. Can anyone imagine Defence EVER advertising for devout Christians?, Seikh’s? Hindu’s? Making a special case of Islam is highly discriminatory and offensive to the vast majority of defence personnel and civilian supporters of our defence community.

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    • Keep up good work they are infiltrating into all of our forces, changing uniforms e.g hijabs. . Now asking for and getting special areas to pray. They are not suitable . Imagine if in the process of engaging in fighting they decide its time to go and pray. Also you cant trust them to fight against their prople if required. If there is enough of them they will turn on us. ..cant be trusted.

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      • This is an extremely dangerous and foolish idea. There are many areas of military service where devout muslims will suffer inner conflict between their beliefs and the orders that they are required to follow. A group of devout muslims that are ordered to carry out actions against their beliefs will quite easily unite in common cause and turn on those that issued the orders.

        Devout muslims feel bound by duty to their faith in the first instance. For the ADA to even consider that duty to the service will over ride their faith is begging for trouble and shows a frightening lack of understanding.

      • Out of 24 million Australians only 13 thousand cared enough to sign the petition, that is a very poor effort on our part.
        About 50+ years ago when I was an apprentice and before PC was in fashion a leading Sydney news paper had as its front page headline ( The next major war would be between the Muslims and the Christians )No body took much notice then and look what is happening now and still the majority of Australians don’t care enough to even sign a petition.
        One day when the shit hits the fan and it will happen in our time and our Children ask “Who let this happen” who will we blame, our leaders, sorry there is only one person look in the mirror it the one looking back you.
        Wake up Australia, but I feel it may already be to late

    • Give me a decout Sikh any day!!

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    • The ADF is a national symbol, along with all those non-military symbols that represent our nationhood. If any symbol is undermined by allowing a little variation here, a little variation there (as with allowing Islamic religious symbols to become part of the ADF’s uniform) then the meaning of the symbol is corrupted. And then the question arises as to where the “little variations” stop. Do we set aside prayer areas for way – out- there quasi Christian sects to attract their members into the services? Do we allow orthodox Jews to wear black hats instead of slouch hats if in the army? And after a while do we abolish uniforms altogether because, even if modified to suit the desires or whims of who or whatever, they are seem as excluding someone or some social subset? Do that and we are back to having war bands reflective of the Dark Ages.

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    • I support your comments has anyone in Defence advertised for devout Catholics yet-what a bunch of wallies-what are they after Queens Birthday awards?

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      • No because we can’t be relied on to plan our own genocide can we?

    • Spot on. Discrimination to the EXTREME.

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    • By “Devout Muzlim”do they mean the ones who wholeheartedly believe in the Koran?That same Koran that calls all “Devout Muzlims”to kill Infidels[that’s us,the people of Australia,whom the ADF swears to defend?]
      That same Koran that considers women to be of lesser value?How does that sit with the equality tilt the ADF is pushing.Gays off rooftops,in or out of uniform?
      To the General Staff of ADF:that thing your gripping so tightly may not be your rifle.

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