As the Liberals fund Islamic AFL & talk gay marriage, Bernardi swoops again

Over the weekend Malcolm Turnbull went out of his way to celebrate the Islamic festival, Eid. He also promised another $625,000 to fund Muslim-only AFL jobs and a competition open only to Islamic schools.

It’s called diversity.

A short distance away, his right hand man, Christopher Pyne, was telling ‘moderates’ at the ‘Black Hand’ dinner for Liberal wets that they had gained control of the party and would soon be moving to deliver homosexual marriage.

And the ‘conservative’ government was celebrating its success in selling education, electricity and economic policies that all looked, smelled and tasted like they had been formed in the bowels of Labor HQ.

Even if Labor isn’t in government, Turnbull Liberals are delivering Labor policies. All of them.

To top it all off, this is all occurring even though every poll shows that the Liberals are stuffed. They’re not just delivering Labor policies, they’re delivering the Labor Party control of the government as well.

It really is the irony of ironies.

Bill Shorten is likely to become this nation’s next PM because Turnbull is acting just like him.

The only way the Liberals can hope to win the next election is to engage in a self-destructive game known as ‘Assassinate the PM’. It never works but it does keep politicians amused for a while.

The Liberals are also increasingly likely to implode over policies and direction. The truth is that the only thing holding the increasingly divided party together is political self-interest. But with an electoral defeat looming, civil war seems more fun a sham political marriage.

Fireworks are likely.

Meanwhile, Cory Bernardi quietly went about his business today. The Australian Conservatives now have over 10,000 members and have just picked up their fourth MP in four months.

Victorian MP, Rachel Carling-Jenkins, has left the DLP to join Bernardi. She is likely to bring much of the party membership with her and joins Family First and Kirralie Smith (former ALA senate candidate for New South Wales).

As I wrote back in April, Cory Bernardi is uniting conservatives across Australia in a way that no one else can.

This train is steadily gathering speed and heading towards the fractured Liberals.

If Cory times his run right, his train will arrive just as civil war erupts.

This will cause tremendous damage. Not because Cory’s train will knock the Liberals out. But because half the Liberal base will hop on and urge him to leave as fast as he can.

And if that happens, for the first time in a long time, the Labor Party will face real political competition…

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. “It really is the irony of ironies.”
    The only irony here, Bernard is to recall that Bernardi was a member of a Coalition government with a range of policies written when Abbott was PM and that haven’t changed under Turnbull.
    You (and Abbott) are attempting to rewrite history.
    It won’t wash…..

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  2. The Labour Party were once a Conservative Party until the 70’s until the Socialist gained power and got control of it.

    The Liberal Party did once have Conservative values but the Socialist have now gained control over the Party.

    I believe it’s the New world order that has control over our Nation’s Politics and the people of Australia’s Voting power have become next to worthless under there control.
    Abbott talked the talk but when it came down to it he failed to walk the walk, he totally failed and crashed because he had no true solid conviction.
    Turncoat Turnbull is a Socialist and always was before he joined the Party and the Liberal Party is not the Liberal Party that it once was at all, it’s now an imposter of that Party but it’s just going under the same name by stealth.

    The thing is with the new age Liberals is that they are Socialist but is still held together by the extreme greed driven ones.
    The far Right Wing has joined or married into the far Left Wing, fact is when one truly comprehends that both of these extremes in history have controlled all the game play power that’s been at play, although small in numbers they are, but now they have joined together as one now against the Centre where the majority of people truly are but the Central Voting people are not aware of the power that the extreme play there cards.
    Them radicals have no moral compass at all and are as cunning as a shithouse rat, they work to bastardise and control all, there tactics are to implement Political Correctness as a god, this is to be worshiped above all, it’s in fact a tactic that was used by the Communist and Nazis so to gain there total control over all the people and if you did not follow the party line you then became an enemy of the State. One is not allowed to think for ones self, the party controls all that, not to mention what’s right or wrong and that can change at a whim as it has no foundations to speak of.

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  3. As long as there is preference voting and direct representation, things cannot change and people will simply swing from one big party to the next. Result: the catastrophic duopoly goes on!

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  4. I wish some of the people who stand for parliament/s would work for the country, instead of their own ambitious selves. I have been voting for many years and nowadays I find it hard to decide who belongs to what party – and I find all this discussion of “lefts” “rights” “wets” and even “left of right” and “left of left” is beyond me.
    As far as I am concerned the Labor Party was for the workers and the Liberals were for the employers. The Country Party was made up of people who didn’t like either of the other two and were also dull dogs (all except darling Kay Hull): Now I hesitate to vote for anyone, as I can’t seem to identify any group with an intelligent grasp of what is required to run a country. They don’t govern, they fill in time working on the next election.

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  5. Three cheers for Cory Bernardi. I am one of those 10000 members and I believe he is the one to save us and get us out of this mess. Hooray for Cory. I had been a member of the Liberal Party for many years but when John Howard went they couldn’t find another leader to impress me. I was a great Malcolm Turnbull fan but not now. I am a Cory Bernardi fan.

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  6. The Liberals without their conservative members will look exactly like a sausage when all the substantive, meaty contents have been removed from it.
    Highly unattractive, somewhat revolting and completely useless.
    And, having no spine whatsoever, a thing that stands for absolutely nothing at all.
    Which is exactly the Liberal Party the likes of Christopher “Prancing Poodle” Pyne and all the other Liberal wets shall inherit, once the conservatives within the party cut their wasted losses and move elsewhere.
    Best of luck to Cory Bernardi.
    Australia needs you.
    Very badly.

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    • Bernard Gaynor, a party like the Cory Bernardi conservatives need people like you,I became disillusioned with the Australian Liberty Alliance party, i felt like they’re flogging a dead horse,it seemed no one knew what they were doing,I know they had a problem being sued for the Halal defention, but i feel that you are the man to enhabce the conservatives, God bless

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  7. For a light hearted read & Bernard do you think this would fly ???

    Being somewhat to the right of Gengis Kahn myself here’s the big policy I would sell to the Australian public.
    Now we are in the age of high speed NBN there’s absolutely no reason for Canberra to exist in its current form. There’s no reason or advantage to co-location of the FED GOV. The various Departments should be scattered around the country where they would function more efficiently. For example, relocation of ASIO HQ next door to the Lakemba mosque.

    As for what’s left of the ACT, turn the housing over for public use & relocate all the dole bludgers there from across the country. This will reduce crime & improve property vales in capital cities.

    For employment opportunities & to give the dole bludgers something honourable to do, relocate EVERY prison in the country to the former ACT. This would create an economy of scale & make the former ACT a centre of excellence in rehabilitation. I would also tear up the Federal & Barton Highways & the rail line & make the former ACT air access only so that none of the dole bludgers or prisoners could easily return.

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  8. Hi Bernard,
    I, like John Wilson above, would like to know a bit more about yourself and A.L.A. and your intentions at any future election. I attended a function at Gatton where you spoke before the last federal election, and I was hugely impressed. I have been tossing up about actually joining a political party, something I have never done before. Bearing in mind on reading the A.L.A. manifesto that a person cannot (or should not) be a member of more than one party, and the fact that I am also very impressed by Bernardi, I have not yet joined either party. I somewhat like Pauline Hanson, but she is not articulate and is surrounded by idiots. It is my firm belief that she and her other members got in at the last election riding on the back of all the good work done by A.L.A. Do you think A.L.A. is a spent force and that Bernardi is the “real thing” we should throw our support behind?

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    • Hi Michael,
      I was an ALA member and worked very hard promoting them for the last Federal election all at my own expense. It was not a cheap exercise but i believed in what they were standing for. What made me disillusioned with them was how quickly they decided to throw everything on the backburner after the election to fight the Halal court case. In my personal opinion that court case was a Q Society issue and ALA members should not have been put on hold. There were so many ALA members who wanted to stay and fight and in Qld we had such a great support group structure that it was a shame to see so many members move on because they didn’t want to sit around and twiddle thumbs.
      Now to Pauline, I have watched Pauline and One Nation carefully and have come to the conclusion that Pauline has not yet accomplished anything in Parliament. She has had every opportunity to go into Turnbulls office and call him out on his decisions with regards islam and marriage equality, but she has done nought. Everything she has spruiked about has been off the backs of other party and other peoples hard yakka. When she says something that she knows will get attention but she is not capable of successfully completing she jumps to another topic so people start thinking of that topic and forget what she didn’t get done before. Today i think she was talking about working on the food labeling issue, yet another project of someone elses hard work. She has proven that she is incapable of running a party properly and efficiently and is useless at choosing competent staff. One Nation is in no way a conservative party, ask what their policy is on marriage equality and safe schools. Pauline will follow lefty Malcolm to hell and back to stay in his favour with the Senator pay packet.
      As for Australian Conservatives, It has been many many years since i have seen a new political party take its time and work methodically through the processes to ensure they get it right. This is what AC are doing and they are gaining support from so many true conservatives. At the moment i think the membership is growing at approx 2500 per month so it will not be long before AC will truly be a force to reckon with. ALA went to the last election, to their credit, very quickly but planning was lost on haste. One Nation won positions due to disillusionment from LNP voters and the pity vote from those who believe Pauline was wronged in the past. Pity vote will never last long. True she has her die hard supporters but many of them are not true conservatives either.
      I believe Australian Conservatives under Cory’s leadership is the only true conservative party on the Australian Political Spectrum now and will support them in any way i can and i urge other conservatives to do the same.
      I too would really like to see Bernie join Cory because unlike most pollies Bernie has proven he sticks to his principles and morals and there is not enough of that in the world today. Too many socialist lefties telling us what we should think and feel. Not for much longer hopefully.

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      • I was a member of ALA – am now a founding member of Australian Conservatives. Totally agree with you regarding ALA halting everything after the election to concentrate on court fights. Felt really let down after ALL the work, effort, energy & money that went into the campaign. Was more than happy to support Bernie by travelling between Brisbane & out west to Roma – because I believed in him & ALA. I still believe in him & I am grateful for what he continues to do for the people of Australia & their freedom of speech. I believe that if Bernie has not already joined Cory Bernardi’s team, it won’t be long before he does! Bernie is a champion for the Conservatives!

  9. Why muslim only footy all this does is devide its not like they cannot join a footy tean i am so sick of of helping this muslim and that muslim you know still waiting for my invitation for xmas luch at the lodge considering turnball last year had muslims at the lodges to celebrate end of ramadan but wont hold my breath just thought i would let you know about that also i support you i have not voted lnp or lp for a couple of years i am thankfull you came along

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  10. I’m 38 and have voted Liberal all my life, last election for One Nation, even Tony Abbott leans too far to the left for me.

    And Abbott supports Adani. Another worry.

    He had his chance and did absolutely zero about banning Hizb ut Tarhir and 18C
    yet know he talks like a winner.

    Labor and Liberal are the same party; laughing at all us peasants.

    There’s too many lefties in the Liberal party and I doubt it can ever be saved.

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    • Hi Gaynor
      How do you sit with the ALA now as you seem to be supporting Cory

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      • I am no longer a member of ALA. I was proud to run with the party and remain very supportive of Debbie Robinson and the team but believe Cory Bernardi offers strong leadership for conservatives.

    • I can see the Libs replacing Tony Abbott before the next election, if they do Tony will either remain as a independent or I hope will link up with Cory. I am just sitting on the fence for now but I am definitely not a happy Liberal.

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      • Tony Abbott is a treasonous criminal who has said nothing about privatised central banking and it’s devastating effects, which in a nut shell amounts to the ruination of our country and the lives of every future generation, which is why he said nothing about Lima and agenda 21. He said nothing about the connection between sticking crap in yours and your children’s mouths, big pharma and medical insurance – otherwise known as the sickness industry. He is a criminal gangster who sat back and copped his handler’s donations sweet – all for the good of his disgusting unaustralian criminal gang. He never stood up for the One True Church he says he belongs to or any of it’s Divine Traditions.

        Tony Abbott offered his entire country as a sacrifice on the alter of hollocaustianity, which is his real religion and that of those before and after him – all because he thought he was on the winning team. Being able to stand a pecometer taller than the current republican lunatic does not make him worthy of the vote. He belongs in pwithen.

        Don’t take that personally, Kevin. I wish you well.

    • Tony Abbott has admitted he made mistakes and with acknowledgement I believe he will come back stronger. After all no on is infallible and all have made mistakes along the way, but if your heart is in the right place and Tony’s love for his country puts his heart in the right place.

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