Eyes on Sydney: Martin Place

I was travelling with Eyes on Sydney earlier this week and we happened to drop by Martin Place.

And there we saw, in all its glory, a monument to diversity, tolerance and the ‘religion of peace’.

Have a look for yourself:

Martin Place2

I think it’s called ‘cultural enrichment’…

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Love the Caliphate cobblestones Malcolm, keep bringing Muslims in and you will need them in your drive way and blast proof fences around your house!

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  2. Are they supposed to stop someone driving a truck through?

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  3. Continue to live normal lives, people. Don’t let them intimidate or change your behaviour!

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  4. Yet another hidden cost of Islam being paid by Australian tax payers.

    When will it stop?????

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  5. Anything except tackling the real problem!

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