Just how much is made up?

Something seems a little fishy when it comes to the history of Aboriginal Australians.

For instance, we’re told that there were about 750,000 Aborigines in 1788.

And we’re also told that there were 400+ Aboriginal nations in 1788.

If both of those statements are correct, it means the average Aboriginal nation had a grand total of 1,875 citizens.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a nation with 1,875 citizens.

That’s not a nation. It’s barely even a crowd.

And if the answer has to be wrong while the logic is sound, then the ‘facts’ that lead to the conclusion must be wrong as well. Either there weren’t 750,000 Aborigines in 1788 or there weren’t 400+ nations.

So, how much is made up?

We know a lot is.

For instance, Adam Goode’s infamous ‘war dance’ was entirely made up. It doesn’t stretch back 50,000 years. It doesn’t even make it back to 1788. Its history goes back to 2009 and a footy trip to PNG.

Australians with aboriginal heritage can and should rightly be proud of the contributions that they have made to this nation.

But it’s a real hard sell asking them (and the rest of us) to respect a history that seems more mythical than actual.

We’re supposed to be voting on changes to our nation’s constitution shortly. And while ever these changes are predicated on day dreams and a victimhood mentality, Australians are unlikely to vote for them.

However, that won’t stop another divisive and pointless debate and allegations that Australia is populated with a multitude of racists simply because they don’t give in to the latest PC push…

Aboriginal map

This ‘map’ promoted by the ABC claims to show the various Aboriginal nations in Australia prior to 1788.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. yeah i agree mate this is a joke lets take our country back

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  2. My grandfather was a European pioneer of farming land still held within my family. He was a just man and respected the Indigenous ‘tribe’ of about 25 – 30 individuals who moved through his property on an annual basis, camping for a couple weeks. He’d shoot a couple of roos or wallabies and take them some tea and sugar as a gift and ask them to kindly not touch his livestock.
    He forbade any worker from going near the aboriginal women on pain of instant dismissal, not only because he wanted no trouble, but because he said any half breed children were treated very badly. Boys became outcasts and girls ‘wives’ to old men. This is early 1900s …
    ‘Domestic violence’ wasn’t exactly uncommon among the ‘natives’ either he said.
    Probably won’t read about these social quirks in the history books though …

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  3. I am English, Scottish and Irish, descended from convict on the first fleet, and also an Aboriginal grandfafher. I could demand the UK say sorry to me for sending my ancestors on the first fleet and depriving me of an unknown life in the UK. I could demand retribution for my Grandfather taken from his birth mother. I dont bother with either possibility becauze today I am a grown up person responsible for myself, and if I cant hack it because of the suffering of my ancestors, I would be shaming them for being so piss weak.

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  4. I want to know is why are Australians of today still being blamed an expected/told to say sorry to past aboriginal peoples crimes against them, test it was wrong an sad, but no one today did it, my daughter was given an exercise to do at school few yrs ago which involved her having to do a essay on saying sorry to aboriginal people???? My kids didn’t do anything to aboriginal people, neither have I.

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  5. Can I identify with a group and claim eligibility to quotas in Universities, government jobs, free stuff galore and my own Laws ? Besides, I thought our indigenous came from India.

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  6. Here’s a few uncomfortable truths the Lefty Love media & the pathological liars of Faux Aboriginal industry don’t want you to know.

    Tribes used to predate on each other, steal each others women, do murder & the like. There was no harmony between tribes.

    There was no native written language or records as far as we know. So that sinks a few narratives on native customs, wisdom & history.

    As for stewardship of the ecology. The practice of burning the under growth over thousands of years DESTROYED the original ecology of Australia so what the mainland is left with is thin top soil, margin farming land & the rubbish of highly volatile Eucalyptus forests.

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    • You hit the nail on the head, I am sure you will get some negative replies but what you say is true.

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  7. I think that you are right to bring the “nations” and “treaty” issue up for debate. The map is pretty accurate and is based on the original drawn up by the famous SA anthropologist Norman Tindale some decades ago. It has been modified to correct some errors and as new knowledge emerges. Many of the supposedly different tribes or “nations” are in fact very similar in terms of ritual and main language spoken. The true number of “nations” is probably far less than the map indicates as some of the “nations” really only differ in terms of dlaiect. The broader point that you raise, however, is about who the government makes a treaty with. This is a very serious question, and if you take the pronouncements of some Aboriginal people at face value, then there would be dozens if not hundreds of treaties with different groups. In my view, that is ridiculous. An even larger question is what is going to be in each of the treaties? I have no idea. How will they be negotiated? With whom? Impossible, in my view. I should declare that my genetic history is some Aboriginal (3 generations back on mum’s side), and the rest Irish. I was raised by my Irish grandparents, and I see myself as an Irish Australian. I acknowledge the bit of me that is gentically Aboriginal, but it does not make me Aboriginal. Quite a few people like me call themselves Aboriginal and don’t acknowledge their other origins. Back to the treaty argument. My Aboriginal ancestor’s tribe/nation contains only a handful of descendants who identify as part of that tribe/nation. Clearly, it is pure fantasy to have a treaty with a dozen people. Finally, I am not sure what problem a treay is going to solve. I personally feel that participation in the mainstream economy is the way to go rather than the dependancy of welfare. A treaty is not going to put food on the table or send the kids to a good school.

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  8. Re Bernard A background of Military Intelligence. Many of my military mates have said that those two words contradict each other. Hence the term SNAFU

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  9. A couple of questions about the push by aboriginal Australians for there to be a treaty between themselves and the rest of Australia.
    1. Given that almost 100% of aborigines now have European ancestry as well as aboriginal ancestry – who do they actually make a treaty with?
    2. And when “Sorry” day comes around – do they apologise to themselves as well?

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  10. I haven’t heard anything I considered accurate on the ABC for years.

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  11. Once they get what they want they will continue to push their apartheid agenda and deny non indigenous access or historical fact on their lands granted under a Trusteeship. I have all ready witnessed this and need permission to lay flowers on my grandfathers grave who is now buried in a cemetery handed over to indigenous Trustees for the benefit of aboriginal people and aboriginal people only! . What do Aboriginal people require a white mans grave for ? .

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  12. The word Aboriginal is about the indigenous people.

    Full blood are Aboriginal and any other is not.

    I find that the game play that is mainly at hand walks all over the rights of the true people who are truly Aboriginal.

    The whole menagerie of breads of mixed races claiming to be Aboriginal is just a joke nowadays, it’s just got to stop.

    Anyone can get on the bandwagon and claim anything with PC running the show and sadly such types have an agenda and they push the true Aboriginals around for their own grubby ends.

    It’s become a game play that’s become a joke with white smartarse claiming every right that a true Aboriginal should have.

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  13. I am an aboriginal Australian.

    As an individual I have my roots in and from Australia. I am completely native to that land. I was conceived and born in Australia by parents who were conceived and born in Australia. Their parents were conceived and born in Australia as were their parents and their parents…….. Their parents were conceived and born in England.

    I am 67 years of age. I served as a soldier for Australia for 25 years. Let no 66 year old Australian or younger Australian believe that they are more Australian than me based on their skin colour. For I am native and Aboriginal to no other land but Australia.

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    • I agree Butto. I too was born in Australia of Australian born parents.

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      • Well I wasn’t born here and came as an immigrant at the age of 7 in 1950. This is my home and my nation and I have no other allegiances. So even though I wasn’t born here, I have been here longer than most others who were, and consider myself no different from other Australians, black white yellow brown or any shade in between. My children and my grandchildren and hopefully in the very near future my great grand children are all born here. People who claim some sort of special privilege or belonging to this nation because their ancestors were born here too are makes not one iota of difference to my relationship with this land, and I do not acquiesce to their demands for any kind of special treatment.

    • You are so right. I am a 5th generation Australian. I do not give a rat’s about the colour of one’s skin. I am almost 71 and no one my age or younger has been in this country longer than I have. Those Australians with dark skin have added a fabulous part of the history of this nation. All races have bad members. The greatest “purported” crime of our aboriginals is not being understood by our governing elite, who have lost contact with all Australians.

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    • Butto you are not an Aboriginal at all, you are an Aussie.

      True Aboriginal people are the ones that were here before Cook and they have a different perception to all others about the Land and what it truly means to them and it’s not what others think.

      The True Aboriginal people have been insulted from when Cook came to this land and even nowadays it’s no different.

      The Australian Sorry claim was just BS made by a total ignorant Labour bastard who made a claim that he in fact had no right to say, so such a statement is truly hollow, as it tossed out the baby with the bath water.

      Liberal Party Howard had the integrity to only speak of what he himself actually could and did not go beyond the bounds of intelligence, like Labour did, as no one can truly make a claim of Sorry for another person, let alone another generation, for that is just a sick hollow statement made in ignorance, but such is typical of cunning Socialist to make grand statements of spin, just to win the hearts of dilettantes.
      The majority will swallow anything if it’s made to sound good.

      As I have pointed out that the true Aboriginal people will have nothing in the future as it will all be swallowed up by a menagerie of people who will not give true regard to the true full blood Aboriginal people.

      I believe that the game play is at hand to diddle the true Aboriginal people, there is a working hand of Satan at play, by the cunning of the PC Socialist.
      Such a menagerie will not work for the true position of the true Aboriginal people, it will become derailed by the Socialist cunning down the track, in 20 years or so with a stroke of a pen.

      The full blood Aboriginal needs recognition in their own right.

      This game play of the recognition of the first peoples is just typical PC socialist BS and I am not supporting some clown who claims to be part spook over a Aussie when in fact if we sat down and worked it all out, I could in fact be more true Aussie history then the bloody spook.

      The Governments claims are of comprehension of the first peoples is a menagerie of races having some degree of Aboriginal blood line and not to mention others who are not at all in fact. it’s a joke !
      So I don’t swallow that crap, as my rights are being violated, not to mention my forefathers fought in WW1 and WW2 for this land and I resent my rights as a Aussie to be undermined by Satanic underhanded socialist cunning game play that only works to undermine and divides our nation.

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      • Yeah CS, you are probably quite correct!

        Find me a living Native of this land born pre -Federation of the States of Australia, then I will champion this individual’s right to all the gravy they want and will willingly admit they are more Aboriginal to this land ( Australia) than me.

        Meanwhile I reiterate. I am what I am. Not what my ancestors were, Otherwise the Norman Dogs who invaded my ancestor’s land can jolly well give it back to me……

    • Well said. If you are not an Australian, who is? Unfortunately this is a factor that is overlooked by the radicals, left wing bleeding hearts and those with their own agendas.

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  14. It’s regressive, racist & undemocratic. Check out what @LestWeForgot has to say on the twitters. They can take down all the plaques on our bases. That’s ADF land.

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  15. So much hype, generated by part Aboriginal people, if those that maintain that they are genuinely Aboriginal,were willing to submit to D N A test with a cut of point of their Aboriginality, I would not be surprised if most were various other nationalities predominantly!??

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    • How does it make a person Aboriginal when they are s quarter or a sixteenth. Bloody ridiculous. I’m Australian and my Grandfather was born in England, there is Irish and French and who knows what but I don’t say I’m French

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  16. The whole migration agenda has to be stopped now

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    • 1. Stop migration completely as we are losing/have lost our australian identity.
      2. give existing muslims a choice a. go home b. compulsory castration
      3. all muslims to assimilate by dressing as an australian failure to do so results in deportation
      4. warn all muslims there are nil virgins available for 50 years as they have deleted all stocks.
      5. Muslim mosques are to have pig abattoirs installed either side of the mosque.
      6. pigs blood mixed with milk to be given to all school children.
      7. all prison inmates including jailed muslims to be given a pork only diet 1 week out of three.

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    • The Aborigines of today are boat people also, who migrated here in boats from Sri Lanka (Ceylon) They in fact hunted down and decimated the Negritoes, a small Papuan Race who roamed this land prior to the Aborigine we see today. This land belongs to those who cherish it and see it as their home, who would protect it with their life if need be. This Land belongs to all Australians, regardless of skin colour who love this land without reservation. Those that push the agenda of Identity Politics are enemies of this country, and the distinction of skin colour is abhorrent and bigoted. The aborigine does not own this land and must refrain from making such fanciful claims.

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      • Very well said – that is the history I believe too.

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