Despatches from the Field: Homosexuals run amok in the Vatican

It has been reported in yesterday’s edition of The Australian that police in Italy have raided a homosexual orgy at an apartment belonging to the Con­gregation for the Doctrine of the Faith:

Vatican police broke up a homosexual orgy last month in an apartment belonging to the Con­gregation for the Doctrine of the Faith — the department charged with, among other things, tackling clerical sexual abuse.

The occupant of the apartment is alleged to be the secretary of cardinal Francesco Coccopa­l­merio, head of the Pontifical Council for Legislative texts and a key adviser to the Pope.

Cardinal Coccopalmerio is said to have recommended his aide for promotion to bishop, but those plans are likely to be disrupted by news of the orgy and by a period spent recovering from a drug overdose in a Rome hospital and another in an Italian monastery.


This article highlights something that conservative Catholics well understand, which is this: homosexuality within the Church has done enormous damage to the Church.

The fact is that the vast majority of clerical sexual criminality that has come to light over the last few decades has been pederasty – that is, a variant of homosexuality where a man lusts after young boys.

There certainly has also been equally-condemnable abuse against young girls, but the rate of offence against young girls has been much less than that of pederasty.

The point is that all these criminal priests and religious completed their studies – six years, in the case of seminarians – without their homosexual tendencies being detected and addressed.

How could this occur?

Often because, throughout the early 1900s, seminaries around the world were infiltrated by a wave of active homosexuals, who abused their positions to ensure that seminarians of that persuasion were subsequently identified, encouraged and selected – which in turn led to the explosion of child abuse that occurred in the second half of the 1900s.

Pope Pius X warned of the dangers of modernism over 100 years ago.

He was right.

And all the horrors that have been revealed in recent times came to pass, as we have so sadly seen.

Countless criminal prosecutions around the world over the last 30 years have seen hundreds of deviant priests and other religious exposed for the criminals they were. They were accordingly both removed from their official positions and jailed for their appalling crimes of sexual abuse.

The vast majority of whom were homosexual.

But homosexual activity within the highest levels of the Church continues to cause scandal and great damage – such as this report of homosexual orgies occurring right inside one of the highest offices within the Vatican itself.

The Pope certainly has many pressing responsibilities that demand his attention and earliest action.

Identifying and removing active homosexual brothers, priests, bishops and cardinals who remain within the Church, including within the Vatican itself – homosexuals who continue to so gravely damage the Church and its faithful – is one of the most urgent.


Jim from Boomba will contribute to this website on occasion under the title ‘Despatches from the Field’. His focus will be to poke a little fun at the insanity unleashed by the Left…

Author: Jim From Boomba

Jim from Boomba is a grumpy, old, white man and contributes to with 'Despatches from the Field' - regular contributions that poke fun at the insanity unleashed on the world by philosophers from the Left...

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  1. The Church has been infiltrated. I’m sure it’s not an accident. May have been a plan hatched decades ago to weaken the culture.

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  2. I am a Franciscan and I have never heard Pope Frances mention Jesus Christ in any speech that I have heard yet, he only mentions god and said that Islam’s god is the same god that he Pope France claims to follow and he sadly never publicly mentions Sin.

    Jesus Christ is ‘Emmanuel’ God with us, the Son of God the Father, now the Commandments especially the first most important one that all the others revolve around, points out not to support or idolise any strange gods.

    Islam is a Political Correct fundamentalist dictatorship ideology, it’s of mans works that such only enslaves man, it certainly is not under Gods Grace at all.

    Sadly the New Age agenda that the Marxist peddle is truly a Satanic Political Correctness one world order view in fact and they make a point of peddling that everyone is equal, now why is that ?

    Fact is that only Slaves could be truly considered equal right ?

    Surely only such Equals are then only all nobody’s without hope, how can such have a Shepard, if all are equal ?
    Holy Moses worked to free people from being enslaved and his God was God the Father.

    When people are categorised as equal as New Age PC Marxist peddle, it only works to create a ideology of the lowest denominator and this sets a grubby low life degenerate standard that all people are measured by, that no one can aspire above or you will be kicked back into line.
    even sodomites are given equal footing as anyone in the community and in such a Satanic system, this bastardisation works to erode any hope of healthy freedom of speech, so such an depraved idolatry of a system can dominate over all, due to such depraved degenerate morons given over to strange gods, who are possessed by demonic influences.

    So we have Sodomites controlling not only the churches but everywhere in government and all positions of power who endeavour to dominate over all, so that all must follow what they peddle without question.

    Satan works are very cunning in creating elusions.

    I agree Ian Felton is correct in all above.

    All this child molesting filth in reality has not been truly addressed at all, the Royal Commission was a joke and right in front of our face we have The Safe Schools program peddling degenerate filth, trying to bastardise kids created by sodomites, no they have truly only moved into top gear and in the future we will only see ten fold the problems that the government are now creating.

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  3. For decades the Catholic Church has had to deal with sexual abuse accusations, and Paedophiliac molestation charges. There has been Commissions of enquiry, numerous court cases and cover-ups. At the end of the day the Catholic Church will carry the legacy of perverted child abuse for many generations to come. Society spoke out in disgust and put the Catholic Church under the microscope, for protecting and condoning the disgusting grooming and practice of Paedophilia.
    The fickle mind of man changes rapidly, when in pursuit of their own beliefs. Now we have The Safe Schools Programme, ostensibly set up to counter bullying in schools, on close perusal of the programme it gives the appearance of having the traits of Paedophiliac grooming, at a young age children to be confronted with gender issues, self sexual identification, homosexuality, gay and lesbian issues, role playing, all promoted under the guise of preventing school bullying. What a load of Croc Crap.
    The Safe Schools programme is full of material that promotes by subversive brainwashing, ideas and persuasions of certain Lobby groups, who have successfully been able to infiltrate Parliament to promote their agendas. The Safe Schools programme is a clear and open programme of Child grooming. Confusing in all respects to many young child who, quite frankly, is satisfied with who they are, and actually want to go to school to learn, and not be force fed variations of their sexuality
    The only ones to gain from the Safe Schools programme are the lobby groups who see the long term benefits of their pre-pubescent Child grooming. Where are the voices speaking in outrage? The Catholic Church, who have been exposed should have learnt from the past, and be vocal in opposition to this perverted practice, apart from a few Politicians the programme appears to be accepted in general.
    In the past society trusted our Government and Politicians to financially and morally protect us, no more, our Government and Politicians have deluded us and let us down.
    Who is to blame? Yes Society, yes you who declared war on the Catholic Church for the very same thing your silence promotes, yes you who are deluded into thinking the Safe Schools programme is all about bullying.
    Hopefully your silence is the right decision, and your Grand children will thank you in future generations.
    Ian Felton

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  4. Thank you Jim from Boomba for this ‘Despatches from the Field’.

    The scandalous problem of homosexual clergy within the Catholic Church has been an open secret for many years.

    And while the Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse has canvassed all sorts of ’causes’ for the Church’s problem, including the seal of the confessional and celibacy, it seems that no one is prepared to look into this problem.

    This is even though the Royal Commission itself has found that the vast majority of victims of child sexual abuse were males and of an older average age than female victims.

    The Royal Commission even heard evidence from one bishop that he himself was abused by clergy (although as an adult).

    It makes perfect sense to me that an institution that requires celibacy, condemns homosexuality but that also turns a blind eye to ‘secret’ homosexual networks within the ranks of its leadership will fall victim to crimes of scandalous sexual conduct.

    That is exactly what has happened to the Catholic Church.

    If the Catholic Church dealt with homosexual clergy properly the issue of child sexual abuse would also disappear…

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    • read peter damian 11th century saint and this very problem rampant at the i presume it never stopped.

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