I have joined the Australian Conservatives

Many readers have asked me over recent months about my political party membership.

I am pleased to announce today that I have joined the Australian Conservatives.

I remain very proud to have contested the last election with the Australian Liberty Alliance (ALA). I continue to call Debbie Robinson and the leadership of the ALA friends. Debbie has been very supportive of me and I thank her for that.

I wish the ALA all the best for the future and I have no doubt that we will continue to work together to prevent the Islamisation of Australia.

However, despite incredible efforts and hard work, the ALA struggled to gain sufficient public attention at the last election. It was also unable to unite the large number of conservative groups in Australia.

Cory Bernardi has a profile that appeals to a much broader segment of society. He also has a unique ability to unite conservatives. This was seen with the merger of Family First with the Australian Conservatives and the decision by Victorian MP and former DLP member, Rachel Carling-Jenkins, to join the Australian Conservatives.

I have worked with many people across various minor conservative parties since 2010. I am now finding that they are increasingly united within the Australian Conservatives.

That is a good thing for Australian politics. It is a better way.

While I hold no position within the Australian Conservatives and am simply one member among thousands, I will do all that I can to support the party grow (especially in Queensland).

And if you do live in Queensland, Rod McGarvie (former Family First senate candidate) has been putting together a tour for Cory Bernardi. It has been very encouraging to support Rod (with a number of others) as the planning has unfolded.

Come along if you can to hear from Senator Bernardi –  I’d love to see you there. But you need to book fast. Tickets are running out!

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Good to hear Bernard, I felt ALA was not able to adapt well, too rigid.

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  2. 1/How do you find out more about this organisations ( i.e- Australian Conservative Pary) policies & objectives etc?
    2/ How do you join in Sydney nsw state?

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  3. Congratulations and good luck. I voted for you for the Senate – let us hope that in the upcoming election, you will be successful.

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  4. Just wondering if Cairns can be added to the Townsville leg. We are a springboard into Asia.

    There is much untapped wealth here

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  5. Bloody great decision Bernie. Welcome from another Queenslander who supported your ALA campaign. This news is like getting an extra present for my birthday, today. I’m sure Cory will be able to utilize your drive and military experience to develop a stronger campaign for the forthcoming elections.

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  6. Good move, Bernard. Cory Bernardi has a much bigger media profile than Kirralie. Maybe she should bring her Q Society memmbers over to join The Australian Conservatives.

    OK there are differences but surely the goal should be to ignore the small differences – at least for now because basically we’re all on the same page – and unite to form a formidable conservative voice.

    I’ll revise my comment. Kirralie’s commendable goal is to expose the halal rort, but she’ll achieve that quicker by belonging to a larger conservative group with more political clout such as the Australian Conservatives than with the relatively unknown ALA.

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    • Hi Maryanne – Kirralie is already a member of Australian Conservatives.

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      • Bernard. You have made a great choice. Maybe see if the ALA can unite with The AC? Cory is speaking, as he says “Comkon Sense” and being a Liberal Popiticoan for decades prior to his disillusionment of the LNP. He has outspoken for years (in “their” eyes) but has taken the plunge, is cognisant and politically professional.
        As mentioned previously on one of your blogs, I fwd your views to him in an Email. I believe you should put your hand up and run for a seat as well. The AC would be better for having you run and more in the Public Eye. Well that is my belief anyway ?
        Good Luck Bernard ?

        ARMY – ’83-’03
        Med Discharged
        DVA Dispondent..!

  7. Great to have u. Loved u at ALA and what u did there.

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  8. Well done mate. I was hoping that you would join and I just saw that great news on facebook!

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  9. Fabulous, we need strength, it doesn’t serve us, having all these small minority parties with same agenda, collaborative force is needed.

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  10. Good for you Bernard..I just wish the rest would join Cory as well so the party can have a real impact..I, like you have gone to the Australian Conservatives..I was the person that sent you a personal gift..lets hope things have gotten easier for you and your family..God Bless..Julie

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  11. It’s so good to see some hope building among the more mature and integral politicians. Australia really needs you. I love both Cori and Bernard. Glad you will be working together in trying to stop the corruption which is growing in parliament.

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  12. Congratulations Bernard. You are a LEGEND!! I was hoping you would do just that, Go Queenslandander!!

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  13. Great to see you make the move over Bernard.
    I also moved over from the ALA for much the same reasons. Alternate Conservatives need voices & representation in our parliaments & as much as I loved the policies of the ALA it became evident to me, as to many others, that Australuan Conservatives will become the platform we need to move forward.

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    • I also moved across from the ALA following formation of the Australian Conservatives.

      I remain supportive of the ALA, but for me the Australian Conservatives seemed to be a better fit and I am hoping to see AC do well in the coming years.

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  14. Welcome aboard from a fellow member in Western Australia!

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  15. We will all be stronger for your joining The Australian Conservatives Bernard, full steam ahead ,everyone !??

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